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  1. I’d love a Maxim, money negotiable depending on what is offered etc. Brens are available from 775 from DWSUK. I was just posting this out there as I always prefer to buy private rather than go straight to dealers
  2. Thanks for the offer - it looks like you have a couple of interested parties but for me personally I’m looking for a large MG
  3. Looking for a deactivated maxim or similar MG for the man cave. Drop me a message to discuss
  4. Im looking for a replacement receiver buffer for my SPAS 12. Im aware that these are available from US @ spas-12.com etc but no one will ship due to ITAR. Failing this, anyone with a SPAS 12 who may have the improved receiver buffer and could send me some dimensions - I could then have one/some machined or 3D printed from flexible material TIA
  5. I have the side folding stock adapter for one of these, fits between the body and the stock. Obviously this would be a collectors item only as fitting would mean you're under the 40" OAL. PM if interested (either owner or prospective buyer). PS great gun for anyone looking at buying this - I loved mine!!
  6. Strike industries COBRA trigger guard in FDE never fitted (project never came to be) Taylor Freelance AR-15 PMag extension in blue. test fitted but never used £25 each including P&P or 45 for the pair
  7. Brand new, never fitted CMC flat blade trigger 3.5lb single stage. Ideal for any AR build, especially for minirifle for quick crisp follow up shots. One of the best money can buy (see link from brownells below). Only selling as the plan to build a custom mini rifle has never happened £105 including p&p SPECS: Hammer/Trigger - Steel, blued finish. Housing - Steel, in-the-white. Fixed pull weight is not user-adjustable. Includes two (2) Chicago-style center pins. Fits AR-15 (or AR-308 that uses AR-15 trigger) with .154" diameter trigger and hammer pins. https://www.brownells.
  8. How do I get to the flash sale? I cant see those in the bin ends etc. Cheers Found it, but looks like I missed out 😞
  9. Just wondering if anyone in West Yorkshire has any paper case cartridges kicking about that they are happy to sell on (lead shot only). Im not wanting thousands or looking for antiques, just wanting to be a little more authentic while dusting some clays with my Winchester 1897. Cheers
  10. Hi, if this is still available would you split? I don't need optics or a mod. Thanks
  11. Hope this is ok to post in here, I have a single barrel cooey which was previously my slug gun/project and as such has had the barrel cut to just over 24" and had a picatinny rail welded to the top. This was previously fitted with a Hawke Slug scope which gave great groups at 100m (but a very sore shoulder due to it being so light weight) I have not touched this in a while and would like to pass it on to someone who would complete the project (barrel needs rebluing or cerakoting - currently painted with engine paint, and probably could use a muzzle brake! O
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