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    I am 23 looking to learn and improve and gain more knowledge on the sport / game / hunting ! i was a keen shooter with my co2 Rat catcher at aged 14 supervised by my dad, i gave up when we lost the house with a big enough garden for me to feel an acheivement while hitting the targets, any closer realy would have been dull, also we didnt have the same relationship with the new neighbors like our last at our old house.

    Now i am older with my own 1 bed and i have a little boy of my own on the way, i thought id get back into the hobby so when he comes of age i can maybe bond with him over it like me and my father did.

    I am unfortunatly fresh back into the hobby and do NOT have anywhere to shoot, no farm land, just 30 feet in my back garden literaly 10 yards (again not challenging nor hunting!)

    So if anyones local to me or not to far and has a pair of wheels, im in milton keynes!

    Other hobbys,
    Snow boarding,
    PC Gaming dabble with ps4
    Writing lyrics and rapping
    Spending time with loved ones
    And being creative in any shape or form!
  1. Hey bruno22fr totally missed this mate, im allways up for a meetup with anyone, to have a shoot, i take it you have some where we could shoot!? Regards, Matt.
  2. Hey andy, Unfortunatly not, ive found the MK air rifle club up near hanslope but thats about it so far! :( - need to get insured! regards, Matt.
  3. hahah sorry was extremely tired when posting and im new to all the terms for them, only just learn break barrel haha !!!
  4. Thanks mate, made this post a while back actualy my first post, had that answered in my other posts, still - appreciate it! Regards, Matt.
  5. if you have a under side cock instead of a break barrel its less trouble with a catridge, but i see your point there Regards, Matt.
  6. Just spet £200 on a stoger x20 suppressor ! shame if i had known earlier Regards, Matt.
  7. I am 23, i have always lived 5 minutes from central walk or car. so i bike most places within distance on my gary fisher sigle gear, but since i was on my travels with a friend, who also doesnt drive we decided to bus it, Regards, Matt.
  8. see never seen a slow worm before thats kool ! - never seen an adder in person neither, yeah that stuff stun!k!!! regards, Matt.
  9. I understood you posting on the first one... to come to this.. bit pathetic, Could have at least been thorough and seen i had changed the back drop to marine ply wood.. lol. Again my neighbours on one side are fine with me.. and so was the ones from previous but not that you'd know i havent had any more complaints or visits. - not that this topic has anything atall to do with it. Back to .. what was it.. under leaver springers with cartidges worth buying ? Ta bro Hey neil thanks for the info, we had a great afternoon down there and met some nice chaps Yeah i think martin gave me a lift home with my mate, They have stopped all bus services from milton keynes central to hanslope on a sunday. ridiculous spent 20 pounds getting there and alot of hassle haha! Baught my mate and me two dailys then after reaching city to find none going to where we had planned i called a mate who gave me a lift when he heard my predicament, All in all met some lovely guys had a go on some lovely rifles!... He said he had one for sale but i thought it was somthing else, could be wrong! Regards, Matt.
  10. I posted a pic - wasnt aloud wrong formatt, couldnt find the rules about formatt :(! gave up :? Regards, Matt.
  11. This is a lovely big 5 and a half foot grass snake which shot stinking anal fluid onto me on my journey through the woods!, hissed alot but didnt strike although it made some pretty convincing positions coiled up looking like he would attack, and me being a nature noob wasnt sure if it was venom i got shot at me from a adder .. no once i looked it up i see what it was ... anal fluid .. nasty and realy does stink to high heavens (id stay away from these little ******* unless you want to smell like absoluty nastyness for a while). Regards, Matt.
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