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  1. Set of Shooting glasses as picture, little use and in unmarked condition, included is an optical eyepiece for spectacle wearers if required. All supplied in fitted case. Lenses are current with safety requirements. £20.00 posted.
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    Hi Dave, here is advert again
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    Dave Here is the advert again.
  4. Sorry for you to hear that, I miss Rosie still but forever in my heart. All the best to you.
  5. Pipe cleaners (pipe smokers), cotton construction and excellent for getting drops of water from awkward areas.
  6. Hi Phil, we spoke some long while ago about Chapuis guns. Mine has a button on the top of the standing breech a la Beretta. Closing the gun activates this small button and should you wish to move the top lever with the barrels of press the button to centralise the top lever. Gun is a Super Orion. Hope the dog did OK with the Orvis lift you purchased.
  7. As above used once. £26.50 posted.
  8. As above £27.50 delivered
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    £425.00 ?
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    Well, I will try again to advertise my Shotkam. A senior moment DOH! My Shotkam for sale after giving me some great improvement after around 7 times of use. Bought 2020 and has wi-fi built in connection and in as new condition. Comes with case, charging lead and plug, fitting wrench, spares pack, owners manual and a new, unused Shotkam cap. Different calibre mounts are available fro Shotkam. Lots of tips, both set-up and shooting, analysing your videos are available on YouTube. ShotKam price £579.00 My price £450.00 including insured delivery. Any question please ask.
  11. I understand that Beretta Mobil chokes will fit the Chapuis range of guns, could any please confirm this please? If so, where is the best place to buy from? Thank You
  12. HI thanks, cycles 28g with 70mm cases no problem. With autos its generally the case length that decides it. Just leave alone 65mm cases.
  13. HI This is my gun, photo is on view the full article above. I can send better photo if rquired. Thanks
  14. Ha Ah, the beautiful aroma of the old 303, oil. Miss it🤔
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    Parole Board. **** for brains.
  16. Some time ago I got a call and a foreign sounding name said ''Could I please speak to Mr King'. I answered, suspecting a scam and I advised him that there was no Mr KIng here and never has been. 'Could you please tell me who you are?' Yes I replied 'Ned Pump now sod off' Couple of hours later the phone rang again, yes, 'Could I please speak to Mr Pump' This went on for about 3 days, until the guy must have either engaged his brain or just got fed up.
  17. My 400 Xplor Unico won't handle 2 !/2" but maybe its because it has the 3 1/2".
  18. Thanks Guys for your thoughts. Problem now is replacing her, now that the silly price times has arrived.
  19. My old Springer had got very lame and we were having a struggle with steps and the car and we were advised by the Vet to consider the above. Sadly she became very ill and we lost her last week. The lift had been used jut once. I have enclosed some pics and had she lived I believe it would have come in very useful. Size large is 22kg - 34kg Further info at https://www.orvis.co.uk/p/dog-lift/2h9z RRP £49.00 price now £25.00 posted.
  20. If the suspected scam comes through on Email, click the senders email to see it in full senders email. You may see something like this DVLA.GOV.UK immediatley followed by the email bobscam@aol.ie. I had this one saying my car was untaxed and on giving my details to get legal, give us your account details and all would be forgiven.
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