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  1. Another poor soul seems to have taken his own life RIP
  2. In certain areas they still eat their young, Big Market springs to mind
  3. How posh have you got to be to have a set of knives specifically for grapefruit!! I never realised Geordies were that sophisticated 😘
  4. Its not just women,try tolerating someone who uses the tear strip on a pack of biscuits instead of cutting through the pack 6 biscuits down leaving a nice cap to slide back over the packet, his way we end up playing dodge the soggy biscuit, grounds for murder let alone divorce
  5. Obviously a very intelligent young man. he drinks Yorkshire tea, nuff said
  6. Only some other unfortunate with the dreaded isar/esprit2
  7. I don't spec them,I just fit them lol
  8. either the expansio vessel or the flex to the exspanison vessel, easy test, isolate one radiator and drain it completely, open valves re pressurise the system DO NOT BLEED THE RADIATOR and fire the system up, the empty radiator acts like an expansion vessel,if the system runs fit an external pressure vessel, less than 30 quid at screwfix, however the isar is a pile of poop ,look at replacing it when finances allow
  9. Heres a boiler installation I did.......................doesn't really cut the mustard in the beauty stakes though
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