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  1. 308/7mm moderator

    Hi alli am looking for a 2nd hand 7mm/308 moderator with 1/2in thread , rifle will be threaded for the new modto go on a 7x57 will need it rfd to rfd not unless your close to berkshire my top choice would be a pes/mae T12but if offered other types/makes ,I will do some research on these as not familiar with most of themthanks
  2. 7x57 Competition Seater Die

    Bump please
  3. RWS 7x57 once fired

    Bump please
  4. S & B 3-12x50

  5. S & B 3-12x50

    Picks sent Rio
  6. Apel swing off mounts

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccny3cgrrq3247q/Photo 12-02-2018%2C 17 35 53.jpg?dl=0
  7. S & B 3-12x50

    Picks sent John thanks
  8. Apel swing off mounts

    Selling a set of Apel mounts for a R.E.M. 700 action 30mmIn good condition and have never lost zeroOn my unmoderated 7x57Pm me for picks on Watsap or email £200 postedThanks
  9. S & B 3-12x50

    Selling my Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 30mm tubeMade in West Germany Duplex type reticule Glass is in excellent condition and the scope worksAs it should 100%The scopes black paintwork is quite badly Scratched in multiple places ( like this when I purchased it)It's been sat on my 7x57 and has never once lost zero Pm me for picks via Watsap or email £475 posted but am open to sensible offers
  10. Bushnell elite tactical 4.5-30x50

    Hi looking for a 2nd hand Bushnell elite tactical 4.5-30x50 or similar target turret scope with min x20+ mag or could maybe push to a NF nxs thanks all please pm me what you have as it will come to me via my email as don't get to look at this site while at work
  11. sorted thanks

    hi all SORTED NOW THANKS looking for a good quality la picatinny rail & screws for a rem 700 either 0 or 20moa not stainless thanks
  12. Stud dog - Springer spaniel or small lab

    Not exactly what your after but I have a large strong 3 yo working cocker with papers atb paul
  13. Tikka 595 mags

    Hi mr Roberts I have used this company many times for 595 mags ,I see they have some 3 shot plastic ones in 308 http://www.defendor.eu/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=56&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=4&lang=en all the best
  14. 7x57 Competition Seater Die

    Wanted 7x57 Competition Seater Die please pm me with what you have thanks
  15. RWS 7x57 once fired

    As title wanted rws 7x57 once fired or new pm me if you have any thanks