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  1. tikka6mmbr

    6.5 x55 once fired brass/ dies etc

    There is dies and brass for sale on stalking directory 👍
  2. tikka6mmbr

    RWS 7x57 brass

    Hi All looking for RWS 7x57 brass once fired or new please thanks paul
  3. tikka6mmbr

    Wanted please - Lanber chokes for 12G over under

    Ok no problem just tossed the new lambert choke in the bin atb
  4. tikka6mmbr

    Wanted please - Lanber chokes for 12G over under

    Hi I have a brand new in packet replacement Teague 1/2 choke (exstended ) 12 bore send me a £5 to cover postage and it’s yours pm me
  5. tikka6mmbr

    BSA cf2 trigger

    Thanks they don't advertise they have any for sale but will ring them on Monday to see
  6. tikka6mmbr

    BSA cf2 trigger

    Looking for a bsa cf2 trigger thanks
  7. tikka6mmbr

    Apel swing off mounts

  8. tikka6mmbr

    Apel swing off mounts

    £160 posted now
  9. tikka6mmbr

    308/7mm moderator

    Thanks all now sorted
  10. tikka6mmbr

    308/7mm moderator

    Hi alli am looking for a 2nd hand 7mm/308 moderator with 1/2in thread , rifle will be threaded for the new modto go on a 7x57 will need it rfd to rfd not unless your close to berkshire my top choice would be a pes/mae T12but if offered other types/makes ,I will do some research on these as not familiar with most of themthanks
  11. tikka6mmbr

    7x57 Competition Seater Die

    Bump please
  12. tikka6mmbr

    RWS 7x57 once fired

    Bump please
  13. tikka6mmbr

    S & B 3-12x50

  14. tikka6mmbr

    S & B 3-12x50

    Picks sent Rio
  15. tikka6mmbr

    Apel swing off mounts

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccny3cgrrq3247q/Photo 12-02-2018%2C 17 35 53.jpg?dl=0