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  1. Hi does anyone have Fenny's phone number and is able to give him a bell? We are booked to shoot with him tomorrow and one of the guys had to drop out due to covid. I told Fenny and he is aware but another mate has said he would love to come so I want to check if Fenny still has an opening for the third gun. Ive messaged him but nothing back yet and was hoping someone might be able to give him a nudge so I can let matey know if we are all golden. Cheers.
  2. Yes exactly. You can sometimes end up with the cross hairs at one extreme of the screen so a few thin slithers of aluminium between the scope and the mount sorts things out.
  3. Selling my Pard 008 LRF, going thermal. This is in great condition and has been well looked after. The only criticism I would have is that the buttons edges are a little worn as can be seen in the pictures. This is common on the Pards after 5mins of use. The scope comes with mount, case, screws and a few thin aluminium shims. If you know the 008 you will know all about the shims. This is the laser range finding model which is so invaluable when shooting, no second guessing ranges and makes for humane dispatch that bit easier. A lot of foxes taken with this scope. Have more pics if needed. £720 including special delivery.
  4. Is this a Helion or Thermion
  5. Yeah you need an enclosure and an all metal hot end. What printer you running?
  6. Go for ASA, its easier than ABS to print, its weather resistant and can be left in the car in summer.
  7. If its PLA plastic don't leave it in your car on a hot day, it will melt and deform. Plastics such as ABS, ASA or PETG would have been a better choice as they have a higher glass transition temperature.
  8. did you ever sell the marko magnun only just heard about it

  9. I am selling my Primos gen 2 shooting tripod which includes the v rest and a 2 point rifle rest. About a year old and in very good condition. Located in Sandy Bedfordshire, asking for £100. Message me with your email address if you want some pictures. Collection preferred but could post though I have no idea what postage would be.
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