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    First of all im very pro gun and would love to see pistols and slr's returned to civilian use,Im into all types of guns and shooting and been doing it since i was 6.I collect g98 and kar98k mauser rifles so if you have anything to trade/sell then drop me a message.apart from shooting i love keeping physically fit through weight training and calisthenics now that im not boxing anymore and apart from that i like reading,art,military history,cooking,and keeping the missis and 2 girls happy! :-)

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    Spot on. Let the 3rd worlders deal with their own problems.Im of the opinion that the UN is a waste of time and we need to leave it and that we should stay out of the sand box and focus on building our own countries up.
  2. My doctor wanted 80 quid. I changed doctors and was charged a tenner.
  3. Signed.We need less legislation not more.
  4. I bet none of these wastes of space wear leather,use make up etc etc and lots of other animal products.
  5. I've got some mini shells that are probably about 30 or 40 years old.Some say bb on the overshot card and others aren't marked so could be anything in there.They were amongst my dad's gear and they're the only minis I've ever seen so I've kept them as a bit of a curio.
  6. Good shooting! And as the saying goes it's a poor workman that blames his tools.
  7. Well this thread has me hooked so I've just bought one!worth a try for what it's cost.
  8. If he's illegal then he's illegal but surely there must be some room for common sense somewhere seeing as we take in all kinds of the world's garbage in without this much fuss.
  9. Depends on what the stock is but I mainly use boiled linseed oil on my mausers and sheratons beeswax wood balsam on my enfields and winchester.Never heard of dubbin being used.
  10. If your near the chesterfield end of derbyshire then there's thurnscoe rifle club just over the border in Yorkshire that I'm pretty sure does practical shooting.Try googling them bud.
  11. I've put birds down stone cold with a 9mm garden gun at 10 paces with 9 shot.
  12. The army issue Hi tec silver shadow are a good neutral trainer and not expensive.As for training it's always good to learn a skill while exercising so id recommend boxing and calisthenics.
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