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  1. chris1961

    Bsa mercury s

    I have a mercury challenger in 177 had it over 20 years
  2. Very interested in drippers to make 7.5 shot  how much posted to sheffield

    1. Does any one on here make them
    2. chris1961

      Cutting offs

      Both sound good
    3. chris1961

      Cutting offs

      Any one selling any
    4. Count me in I'm in Sheffield would gladly join a club
    5. Pictures will follow as soon as I get time
    6. Count me in I have a Robert roper 1890 sxs hammer gun with Damascus barrels
    7. Thanks that's great news it's from Sheffield not travelled far it's still in Sheffield it is engraved rrs company ltd but rfd had it as roper in their book
    8. All guns discounted at Sheffield are great they normally knock money off the ticket price they prefer to sell a lot and make a small margins on each gun rather than sit on expensive guns for months at a time hoping someone will buy them
    9. I know it was made in Birmingham there are no serial numbers on it any where any one shine a light on it it has Birmingham proof mark crown and bp under it can't find any more info on it so would like any info would be much appreciated
    10. I'm after the little cup that holds the eject in place mine shot off can't find it
    11. You don't by any chance have any lanba spares do you                        

      Cheers chris

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