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  1. I have an earlier one but it a hammer black powder bit of history between us from sheffield
  2. Interested if not already gone
  3. chris1961


    Wanted any reloading bits powder shot wads in short anything including cutt offs
  4. I have a Robert roper was called the hallamshire sxs hammer needs sorting tried to find anything about it but drew a blank
  5. I have the magtec version cracking little guns and acurate to boot
  6. How many more rapes murders will it take for people to wake up these people are from a culture that belongs in the dark adges
  7. Are they still for sale if so I'm intrested
  8. Engine hoist needed to fit new engine into my shooting truck (freelander) in or around Sheffield only need it for a couple of days cheers
  9. I have a mercury challenger in 177 had it over 20 years
  10. Very interested in drippers to make 7.5 shot  how much posted to sheffield

  11. chris1961

    Cutting offs

    Any one selling any
  12. Count me in I'm in Sheffield would gladly join a club
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