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  1. William Ford guns I have come across were very well made. Yes an underated maker imo. As for Holloways, Gunman might know better but anything made by Holloway for the trade had a number stamped under the barrels prefixed with an H. (H*****) It will also have the "makers" (retailers) number on the guard and usual places. Any gun I've seen with this number was always a very well shaped up, engraved nicely and overall a nicely made gun. I had a beautiful Dickson BLE I believe was made by Holloway. Sold it. Doh!
  2. Fil


    That's right. Assuming he has left off the 12-76 off the end of the numbers given. So 13030159110 would be stamped 13-03-01591-10-12-76 on his gun. 13 is the maker (Lanber), 03 is the type of gun(shotgun), 01591 is the gun number, 10 is the year of manufacture (2010) and the last two are obviously 12 bore 76mm chambers. Earlier Lanbers had a serial number followed by 12-70 as in those days they were 70mm chambers and no requirement for makers code, country of origin code or year of manufacture incorporated into the numbering.
  3. Fil


    For Spanish built guns up until 94 there is a letter code as part of the proof marks. there will be a letter next to a number. After 94 the date is the last two numbers of the four part serial number. I have owned no less than 5 of the early Lanbers and have a lot of spares. I still own a one off custom Lanber (my first) that I refiled the action, and re ribbed the barrels including Purdey fore end fins during lunch breaks when I was at H&H. Great guns. Sadly spares pretty much obsolete. A couple of specialist suppliers still have some. None at GMK anymore. Sorry I'm waffling but some
  4. I worked on one of those Ford chamberless 12's. The chap brought it to me to get through proof. It was near 20 years ago. I prepped the barrels and gave it a tighten. I asked Geoff (at London proof house) what do we proof it for as it has no chambers. He said "for the biggest 12 bore load there is". A 3 1/2" proof load it was then! It passed.
  5. Fil


    Did you find someone Gman? PM me if you didn't. You do know me and it's what I do for a living. I am very busy at the moment but happy to help out.
  6. Lincoln's are very underated. They are great guns mecanically. Far better than the Turkish stuff. Proper steel and made well. Sadly they are a bit expensive new in my view nowadays to compete with with the budget guns and for what they are new one can buy a second hand Browning or Beretta. I never get them in the workshop broken.... I lie... last one was a pair of broken strikers after years of abuse from a game keeper 15 years ago. And the fore end cocking tang broke in one a few years ago. As already said, some balance well some don't as well but I'd go for it. Spares easy to get a
  7. Being it's a Parker Hale it could be any thread that was cut on it as it certainly would not have left the factory with one. I've cut many threads on BSA and Parkers over the years. I would have agreed it does look like 1/2" unf. That was the go to thread for 99% of guns that were after market screw cut. I prefer the 1/2" unef (1/2"x 28) on anything over .243 so your not cutting as deep into the wall thickness. And it looks neater too. Being 12mm it is small to be 1/2" but the thread and pitch certainly looks like it. Perhaps it was not cut to spec but to fit a certain moderator. Best of luck.
  8. You obviously found one of those "fancy having a go at gunsmithing gunsmiths" and not someone who spent 5-9 years being trained as a gunmaker like Gunman or myself. So I will thank you for not tarnishing all gunsmiths with the same brush. Next time do a bit of research better and be prepared to to travel to find a properly trained gunmaker. Do not take it to your local gun shop or an "RFD" who sub contracts. Talk to the person actually doing the work. I agree with you on that one. "I'm also an engineer, I don't take bull excrement as an argument. I know when I see a good job,"
  9. I'm glad you're thinking this way. Way too much misinformation out there. One article some time ago said steel will kill off all side by sides out there. And we wonder why side by sides are declining in sales. I can't believe the c rap that idiots write in magazines. As if they really know what they are talking about. No it won't kill off side by sides. It would only be wise to have your barrels looked at by a barrel maker or a competent gunsmith to advise on whether the chokes/barrels are suitable to accept steel.. that's all. And maybe ultimately get it steel proofed if you're that concern
  10. I can vouch for them. I sell quite few. I regularly shoot game with an American Parker Bros. VH Grade in 16 bore. Especially walked up or rough shooting. Lylevale cartridges go well. I've even taken it clay shooting just to annoy the "you can't shoot clays with a sxs" brigade. Best part was it only cost £50.00 because the chap he didn't want this crappy American non ejector..... more fool him.
  11. If it's a push rod fore end it'll have a long coil spring in the fore end around the rod. If it's a Deeley catch it'll have flat spring in there behind the catch.
  12. My guess a swivel gun due to the swivel for the "rollock"
  13. He/she wasn't shown around the gun and how things work by the dealer/seller?? With snap caps in the first barrel (doesn't matter which one selected first) should fire... snap caps or cartridges. The second barrel relies on inertia so you will need to give the butt of the stock a whack with you hand or gently tap it on a mat to set second barrel. Or put safe on then off again will set second barrel.
  14. Yes you are quite right on how sleeving is carried out. If you truly mean new mono block barrels then that is very interesting and a fantastic bit of gunmaking for a one man band if that who the gunsmith that did the job is. Yes I do count modern mono block barrels as new sleevers despite the breech block being new as well which is also why it bugs me dealers say sleeved barrels de value a gun and that's the sort of topic that can go on forever. I made some of the new mono block barrels for Boxall and Edmiston and felt they were every bit as good as chopper lumps but half the work!
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