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  1. My dad used a Winchester under lever in .30-30 on the Whitetails when we lived in Canada. A very capable round. I think perhaps over here in the UK it is possibly deemed old fashioned? Especially with it being an under lever as Fen tiger said. And go into a gun shop and see if they stock the ammo. I have a model 94 trapper in .45 Colt and is excellent fun. One day I'd like one in .30-30.
  2. Beretta did do early 28's on 20 bore action but not for a long time. They have been on dedicated 28 actions for some time now. Call GMK and said already give serial No. and can help better. This came apparent to me when I bought a stock for a 28. I was asked by the workshop what action was it. So yes there was some with 20 bore actions.
  3. +1 And the gun shop couldn't tell you??
  4. Fil

    223 mod

    I've fitted Hausken MD45's to quite few rifles. No complaints. Lightweight and fairly short. Cheap too.
  5. ATA's are fine for the money imo.. but if you have the funds go for a second hand Beretta...always.
  6. LMAO.... It's not just me then!!
  7. I replaced one twice on a guys gun. They burn out and the ring gets burnt up. He shoots it a lot though but personally I feel it's not good.
  8. They are loctited on. A bit of heat and they unscrew. I convert them all the time for people who get a slot on their fac.
  9. The proof requirements are that the magazine is crimped for the chamber size... in your case not to allow more than 2 3.5" cartridges in the magazine. The fact it holds 3 2.5" cartridges is up to you whether you wish to put them up there. A policeman might have something to say like 3 in the magazine is sec. 1 but it is crimped legally for that chamber/cartridge. Don't know if anyone has been caught out yet.
  10. Got a stock sorted now guys. Thank you for all your offers and help. Phil
  11. Hi there, I'm looking for a stock to fit the Remington 870 wingmaster pump action. Anything considered as long as its in 1 piece and serviceable. ie: I don't mind having to refinish it. Thanks. Phil
  12. Field stocks are smaller in dimension (height and width at toe and heel) than Sporter stocks. Whenever I order OE butt plates or pads off the boys in the work shop at GMK they always ask because of this. So you will have either a Field or a Sporter 687. Assuming it is all original.
  13. Fil

    FAC to 3 shot

    Exactly. Well put. After Hungerford (1987) a lot of gunsmiths did many, many mag restrictions. I still have my converted pipe cutter and still do one every now and then. Some still come in that have slipped through the net from private imports from the Forces and elsewhere. I am near Newbury and up until a few years ago I still had people with pumps not even proofed, let alone mag restricted coming in where someone from Greenham Common air base sold their gun and went back to the States. I even have had a gunshop try to sell a new FAC one but then decided to crimp it as some one wanted it on a S2. It's easy if you're willing to wait a few weeks and spend a few pounds.
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