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  1. I’m not gonna name gun dealers but your right there’s been a couple of dealers here in NI That stayed open after Boris declared none essential shops should close I Think all of us have to listen to the advice from Government and stay in doors when possible Getting bk to original post I think there will be a right few bargains about when hopefully this is all sorted I think s/s shotguns will be cheap as a lot of dealers main shotgun sales were O/U Before this Pandemic So il be keeping a eye out for another AYA 🙏👍
  2. Can’t get shopping here in N Ireland all the gun shops closed
  3. I bought a CZ 222 2nd hand few years bk Great piece of kit for targets and foxes Tikka great rifle also
  4. Thanks mate as I said my 1st post was not meant to insult anyone on forum I understand tensions are high at the moment all over the uk And Ireland Re job losses and unfortunately people dying over this virus I’m just holding out a bit of hope that every hunter on this forum has something to hold out for September 1st And hopefully this virus 🦠 gets under control we All can have a great season Good luck 👍👍👍👍👍
  5. I am getting a grip that’s why I’m asking views on duck season because if this gets as bad as people are predicting then wel have nothing to look forward too I agree as well people are worried about jobs myself included But hunting a big part of are lives Great for your mental health etc And if the game season cancelled then there will be more jobs lost Sorry if offended anyone My post wasn’t meant too 👍 👍
  6. Yes mate I’ve paid my club insurance but there’s been no membership meeting as off yet due to this virus I hope by September 1st it’s under control 👍👍👍
  7. Hello lads just wanted opinions I know jumping forward a bit but with no sign of this C-19 getting any easier on the population Any thoughts on the new season being cancelled I know us Fowler’s shoot wild game on foreshore loughs etc And usually alone But Worried about the season starting
  8. Lovely deer and rifle old school at its best 👍👍👍
  9. Looks like my dream holiday 👍👍👍
  10. Lead ban won’t cause me too much hassle if it comes in been using steel for years wildfowling never damaged any my guns I’ve been using It in the guns who shoot high pheasants might have a problem regarding chokes
  11. I think the general consensus is that wildfowling hasn’t been great this season my season was a complete disaster to be honest compared to previous seasons I just don’t think the weather this year was not cold 🥶 enough and not enough strong winds
  12. Lever action shotgun or bolt action rifle converted to 410 shot one at clay ground years ago and thought it was brilliant
  13. Well said I totally agree us as true wildfowlers sometimes aren’t allowed to express our views by other members of the shooting fraternity Who lets be honest look down there noses at wildfowlers Myself would rather walk miles in shore mud and maybe get one shot than shoot dozens of birds inland But each till there own 👍
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