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  1. Bit far for me living in Belfast would love to go and bring my aya no3 magnum S/S enjoy lads anyone who’s thinking of going
  2. I’m over 6”2 in height I’ve tried 26-28-30 inch barrels from clays to Wildfowling I always shot better with 30in barrels every one is different I was told by a old wildfowler “it’s all in the mind “if you think you shoot better with a longer barrel then buy a gun with a longer barrel
  3. Scully I buy standard steel cartridges usually gamebore or eley or what ever is in stock I’ve never bought a box with the High performance stamped on The packaging my friend who uses a modern auto bought it few years back We were flighting a tidal foreshore and he’s HP Steel made no difference as I knew were we could intercept the duck I’m making the point there seems to be a macho image of HP steel Long distance shooting which I totally disagree with I’ve lot of older guns which a gun dealer told me when the lead ban came into force that they would be useless Thou and behold I’m still shooting most of them with no ill effects on The barrels or chambering using standard steel You make a great point if people want to push out to greater ranges and I’m talking a Wildfowling view then bye all means maybe a 10b way to go #Side note# some of the guns I’ve put standard steel through have been choked 3/4 full
  4. I’ve said this before on this forum il say it again What is this obsession with HP steel Been Wildfowling years using standard steel With clean kills on ducks and geese Before anyone reply’s HP steel for more distance then from a Wildfowling perspective there Not decoying properly or getting under the flight line right If this was done correctly then there would be no need for longer range shots Just my thoughts
  5. Thank you I have contact details online I really wanted to know was there any members on the forum who have been in the comber club
  6. Anyone from NI on the forum have any information on the above club I know they have access to Strangford lough shore and are BASC Affiliated
  7. You do make good points oowee which I find it hard to disagree but the more powerful the Chinese ruling elite become the harder it will become for them to be overthrown I agree that China human rights have a lot to be desired regarding the treatment of some of There people I do think if they decided to attack Taiwan the west would be powerless to help I know there supplying Ukraine with weapons and Aid at this moment but I honestly think they would think twice helping Taiwan
  8. Could have been worse if it was a old girlfriend you were getting back 😊😊I know how u feel years bk sold my Winchester o/u always regretted it
  9. I could not see that happening in my personal view forget USA,GB,Germany etc to me China is the number 1 global super power Economically ,Militarily not to mention the amount of everyday stuff we take for granted that China supplies Medical supplies for example China provides 90% of the west antibiotics Agree with Mice Taiwan would be lucky to last a month against the might of the Chinese military My friend works in the mines in northern Australia the last 30 years the Chinese have been buying up the iron ore For There economy just a example of There society building
  10. Cheers lads all good advice i put 1/2-3/4 in this morning out of 60 DTL 3 lines on my average score I shot 51 i was hitting them as best I could straight out of the trap I was using lynevale english 7 1/2s cartridges I’ve been smitten by the clay bug after years of Wildfowling What I have realised you don’t be too long going thru the cartridges 😊😊
  11. I found going around the stands I was hitting the end stand clays easier than I was the very middle stand with the clays going out in front of me I was tending to shoot underneath them I was told they were the easiest but maybe my arrogance got the better off me Taught me a lesson in humility 😊😊😊
  12. I’ve The chokes changed to 1/2-3/4 so give it a try 👍👍
  13. Tightchoke you advising to shoot slightly more open chokes the clay loads are 7 1/2s True a hit is a Hit 👍
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