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  1. As I said NorfolkAYA if your father in law wants one he should buy it I was only telling you about my friends experience Hopefully he gets the gun he wants 👍👍👍 Me personally I don’t like camo guns I don’t like camo clothes either but I’m old fashioned lol 😃😃
  2. Not hard to comprehend AT ALL !! You posted on a open shooting forum you will get replies some you like or don’t it’s only individual advice RIGHT OR WRONG if your father in law wants camo gun then he should buy one Good luck to him
  3. I didn’t want to offend you either but my 2 friends I hunt with 1 bought a Lincoln O/U AND the 2nd friend bought a Winchester pump within a season the camo was pilling of around the tips of the barrels and fore ends both guns Just there experience My view is I don’t see the point of camo guns Especially for ducks as most of the duck shooting is either early morning (dark) or evening (Dark)
  4. Agree anyone who I know bought a camo gun only had problems with the camo coming off after a time
  5. Not disagreeing with you LB But my experience is different Me and most of my friends who hunt are from inner city Belfast we eat everything we shoot apart from crows which are usually fed to my friends ferrets I’ve beaten on big estates we’re rich Toffs from the country side hammer the pheasants and don’t take them home with them It’s all about marksmanship for them So guns not taking game is everywhere
  6. Yes top of the super solway name stamped on top of the barrels with 32inch barrels Most SS had sling studs on them
  7. Yes you should have no problem 👍
  8. I’ve used gamebore ,hull and the odd box of Eley 32inch no4s I’ve also put plenty of 3 inch gamebore through the gun with no effects on the barrel wall These guns mentioned are very well built you should have no problems
  9. Agree I clean my 222 barrels after each foxing outing Maybe don’t need to do it all the time but I’m just fussy better safe than sorry 😐
  10. You’ll not go wrong with the solway or Aya no3 magnum fantastic guns and the prices are very good for a good 2nd hand model Barrels choked at 1/4 1/2 safe enough for 3inch standard steel 👍 Unfortunately here in N Ireland the season hasn’t really happened with this dreadful virus but hopefully get one last Saturday out for duck if the restrictions get lowered 👍👍
  11. If you can’t get a Super Solway Then But a aya no3 magnum I bought one with the same intentions of using it as a novelty fast forward a few years I use it for everything my beretta xplor sits in the cabinet The no3 magnum fantastic gun for the price 3inch Steel through it no problem Plenty of duck,crows,pigeons can attest to it You won’t be disappointed
  12. 250 bullets the barrels should be like new if your only going to be firing average 50 bullets a year You should get years of service out of the rifle Side note if your buying 2nd hand rifle use the extra cash to buy the best scope you can afford
  13. Very interesting video You would Think in this day and age with technology cartridge companies have this would not be happening
  14. Think Scully just putting he’s opinion on forum just like yourself If you don’t like other members replying to yours then you should not post
  15. Agree 100 percent if I didn’t Enjoy shooting winged game from wildfowl to crows I’d give up the sport 👍👍
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