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  1. Gerry78

    Ear protection for fowling

    Have to admit i only use ear defenders when on the clay range i know i should use them wildfowling but id miss the Magic of hearing the lough or marsh waking up But forum right we should protect our ears
  2. Gerry78

    Hilderstone shoot

    Good job mate yous put in the work yas deserve the returns
  3. Gerry78


    Brilliant mate great to see some old fashion shooting living in a world of semi automatics and all the latest shooting gadgets 👍
  4. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    What views is that ? He might not be in the EDL according to him 🤔but he’s history shows what he’s all about
  5. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Fair enough but doesn’t change the fact that he has right wing views
  6. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My apologies but was he not a founding member
  7. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Totally disagree Motty regards tommy Robinson although racist is a hard word to call someone I do think he has far right agendas being in the EDL and I think he brings it on himself with some of he’s antics regarding Islam and Jewish people as well
  8. Gerry78

    What would do this?

    Badger 🦡🤔
  9. Gerry78

    Michigan Nylon Waders

    Big Al the mate uses these out pike fishing I know I can’t comment regarding using them for hunting but he loves them for keeping him dry and at that price mate you can’t go wrong 👍
  10. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I’ve read these posts and although I don’t pretend to be a expert on brexit as I’ve had my say on posting on Northern Ireland I believe some people on this forum need take there heads out of the sand Certain people blaming foreign nationals who lived in the UK on voting to leave and actually blaming the EU itself naming certain countries Lads people yous need to blame the people who sit in the Houses of Parliament your own Government who the people in your country voted into power There the ones who told the population lies now there panicking with the deal UK will probably get
  11. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Lol 😆 nice one ☝️
  12. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Yep bazooka NI is part of the union and voted to stay u said it Rewulf point is there’s a lot of people in NI want independence from uk but until there’s a border vote that won’t happen I’ve excepted brexit The people who voted tories and voted to leave need to except it as they put the tories in power We all knew brexit was on the horizon Had my say sure brexit debate will continue
  13. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Rewulf no one is holding anyone ransom over NI do you forget that the tories needed The DUP vote for power promised them everything then went back on there word 12 gauge they won’t call a refurendum on rejoining Ireland some politicians over here are calling for a border vote others don’t want it That’s the political religious politics of NI All debates a side Old Man I agree Theresa may is a idiot well said 👍👍
  14. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Of course I get it Majority wins we all know that my point being NI not like rest Uk regards politics and geography of being connected to the Irish Republic I Think yous are the ones who don’t get it yous created a Frankenstein in the tories who told all the voters vote leave and Now look what’s happening So just deal with it
  15. Gerry78

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Think your wrong bazooka joe politics in NI has every thing to do with it that’s why there’s been a sectarian conflict going on over here near a 100 years 1st as I said half the population class themselves as Irish citizens 2nd NI has a border with Irish republic u cannot compare Scotland to NI And yes NI is still part of the union Same as Scotland and Wales Majority voted to leave in the Uk Majority voted to remain in Northern Ireland That’s why certain politicians want special status for NI As for London it’s not a country like NI SO you can’t compare it to NI so as I said we will just have to deal with it Complaining about the Tories who the English people who put them in power doesn’t make sense either Like the Americans complaining about trump and they were the ones who voted him in Brexit happening wither you agree or disagree