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  1. Gerry78

    Browning Tbolt 17hmr

    Had wooden sporter years back the trigger was terrible on the TBOLT but the rest of the rifle was fine Sold it when went back to the 22lr
  2. Gerry78

    Too warm ... ?

    Think we all have to accept that the UK in general is getting warmer season on season not great fowling weather
  3. Gerry78

    Shakespeare switch Rods ???

    Thanks lads for your replies i agree Henry lota anglers i fish the rivers with for trout and dallagan [lough neagh trout] here in n ireland have said the same salmon angling expensive not enough fish for the time spent on the bank 👍
  4. Gerry78

    Shakespeare switch Rods ???

    Cheers lads I was talking to the gillie who looks after the river I intend to fish next season for salmon he’s opinion is that a 11ft 8/9 weight switch rod perfect for me starting salmon angling I’ve been trout fishing for over 10 years (Rivers) so fancy going after there big brothers Atlantic salmon I think anything above 13 or 14 ft would be to much punch so it looks like a switch rod 👍👍
  5. Gerry78

    Which and why. .17hmr

    Yes JABB your original post no mention of 22lr thought you were looking just for a rim fire Just giving you my opinion that think 22 lr better for bunnies but apart from that I once had t bolt 17 hmr accurate rifle but the trigger not great on browning good luck
  6. Gerry78

    Which and why. .17hmr

    My advice would be go for a 22lr
  7. Gerry78

    Shakespeare switch Rods ???

    I know the season end not far off was thinking of buying A Shakespeare switch rod rated 8/9 for next year as I’m gonna be fishing for salmon more Anybody any views regarding using Switch rod ??????
  8. Gerry78

    Steel Brands

    About the post lads I forgot to say I use 32g 4s with good success on ducks I just posted on trying a different brand as the chart above shows Just looking a different choice than gamebore I don’t reload so my options are what the gun shops stocks thanks again for your opinions 👍
  9. Gerry78

    Steel Brands

    Cheers lads for the opinions Marsh man your right i tend to blame my cartridges when i miss lol Ive always seem to go back to gamebore 6X5X55 I didnt like eley either when me and the mate patterned them on steel plate between 30/40 yards through 1/2 choke never tried RC. Stonepark thanks as well your right gamebore velocity in the middle IM Gona try the RCs for a change see what results i get I once tried HULL STEEL Shooting wigeon over decoys in a fresh water lough through my aya magnum and had a great morning but the local gun shop never brought anymore in stock I suppose its what where all happy with cheers again👍🦆
  10. Gerry78

    Steel Brands

    Interesting post on shooting website regards different brands I use gamebore anyone any opinions Should I just stick to what I usually use or does anyone think there’s better brands than gamebore
  11. Gerry78

    Goretex Jacket and trouser outfit

  12. Gerry78

    Should have listened to Father

    6x5x55 just getting your grandson interested in wildfowling is a success story SO Any experience he gets out at the geese is great well done mate wither you shot geese or not
  13. Gerry78

    Jack's game

    Love watching Jacks Game I was a kid when they were on years back recently watched the wildfowling video Brings you back to a time when shooting was made simple dogs side by side shotguns and a pocket full of cartridges Just brilliant the rest of the videos are great as well 👍
  14. Gerry78

    Duck flight

    Very nice Salmo same thing happened to the mate at he’s flight pond birds where coming in at the end of the night as there labs were picking the ducks up 👍
  15. Gerry78

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    Gun fit more important than any choke open or tight chokes My aya no3 fits me perfect with pistol grip beaver tail fore end and double triggers but it took me some time when I first bought it to get used to the sight picture but I stuck at it and I’m glad I did it’s the first shotgun outa cabinet semi auto gathers dust now lol One thing I do find sitting in duck/pigeon hide its easier to load than a o/u or semi everyone give u advice mine would be Gunfit all the way mate it’s half the battle Chokes are important but if you can’t mount the gun right and shoot in the general direction of the game then doesn’t matter if you had Solid gold chokes screwed in