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  1. Fantastic opportunity mate pity I’m in Northern Ireland I’m astounded 😮 nobody wants a great opportunity like that
  2. Just of a side note Of topic I just won a skeet competition in are local Wildfowling club using a Aya no3 magnum side/side beaver tail fore end and pistol grip 👍👍
  3. Country side have fantastic video on YouTube regarding steel shot older guns just a thought
  4. Regarding the original post there’s been a lot of debate over steel shot regarding chokes barrels etc I HAVE USED a aya no3 magnum made 1979 for Years with steel shot plastic wads With no ill effects on both barrels
  5. Sorry to hear Rob you had a bad experience I’ve bought a couple of guns of Gordon and he’s been pretty good to work with he actually sorted out the barrel threads on my 222 in which I bought the moderator of a dealer near downpatrick who told me the moderator would fit if I ordered of him when went to collect it didn’t he would not send moderator back so I drove up to Gordon and he put wee machine on barrel then and there couple turns it was sorted no problem Getting back to your original post as Scully points out standard steel will be ok for your Yeoman
  6. Rob you can use standard steel through the yeoman it’s only a problem if you wanted to use high performance steel shot which you don’t really need i take it your chamber is 2 3/4 if your shooting waterfowl within a reasonable range I also use a aya but mine is the number 3 magnum with 3 inch chamber I got my full choke opened to 1/2 Contact Gordon newell Hollow farm comber he and he’s Son fantastic guys to deal with Good luck 👍👍
  7. Agree 100 percent the A400 fantastic guns for clays pigeons or waterfowl you won’t regret buying one ☝️
  8. I have a beretta Xcel sport you should have no problem with 2 1/2 inch cartridges they have fantastic gas valves
  9. My friend done the exact opposite he had land the farmer had deer he wanted controlled he done DSC1 got he’s rifle now he’s joined a rifle club
  10. Agree 100 percent 👍👍If you Miss using a wooden stock Gun you miss with style 😃😃Plastic Polymer not for me
  11. Fantastic 👍👍Looks like a proper mans rifle my 22lr and 222 both wooden stocks I do hate black plastic rifles Sorry 😐 for mini rant But I love wooden stocks
  12. Have only ever seen one Chesapeake working on a inland lough I used to shoot A big male who was probably the best fowling dog I’ve ever seen retrieving ducks and geese The guy who owns it was a very good dog trainer Speaking to him at the end of flights many mornings he told me that the Chesapeake was a bit harder to train than labradors And he’s did not take well to working with other dogs I myself thought about buying one many moons ago but decided to stick with my fox red labs A lot more forgiving good luck if you decide to buy a Chessie I’m sure if you put the time in you’ll get a fantasti
  13. Look 👀 more like a Winchester Sx3 Haven’t seen any on shelf’s with shops shut Couple American reviews on YouTube
  14. Yet again Big Al great video the dogs doing well Good to see the semi auto getting a run out 👍👍
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