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  1. Pm me what they are ? . Also how far away
  2. Hi all looking for a cheap side by side within a 30 miles of Gu35 postcode . Brought one tryed it once . Did rubbish . But now thinking that I should of givin it more time . Thanks
  3. Ha no is very good . You took it to a different level
  4. the 300 gets compaired to the hw99 iv had both . Obv not as good as the 99 but for the money it’s great . The trigger Isn’t very nice but apart from that all thumbs up . Sold mine for £150 about 2 years ago . Soild . accurate . Compact gun
  5. Il sell you one £35 😛. Il prob make the other one in the next week or so will take pics as I go along and leave you to work out how it went together might try o/u . Or keep it super simple with a rifle
  6. Now my niece wants one so will be making another. Will try to remember to picture it as I go along building it . Very simple and took less than 2 hours to make .
  7. So the other day I brought a new shotgun and when I got home my brother and his 5 year old son were there waiting for me . The 1st thing I get asked is there’s a gun in that box isn’t there ? Right out of the blue . So I showed him with my brother s permission . However he was most upset when I wouldn’t let him touch it and pull them trigger. I said i will get him one of this own . So I made him his own sbs rubber band gun . . He is is more than happy with . But the little ****** won’t stop shooting the dog .
  8. Still haven’t cut it yet . Think going to try the electric carving knife
  9. Hi yes I fort about the hot wire . But it’s more like sound proofing sponge material. Not foam. All the hot wire say foam only . ?
  10. Hi all any one have a good easy way to cut the foam/sponge that in hard cases . Basically to cut around the barrel and stock thanks
  11. Is good can do slow mo and other bits of you good with computers . Pretty clear videos . My one a hero 4 but I think there a 7 out now that does even more and better image quality . Main thing is you need to have a recoil keeper otherwise the camera will shot back and forth with every shot . The best cam i have seen is the shot cam but very expensive. There a vid on you tube compairing both .
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