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  1. Hi all contento e 12g . nothing fancy works faultless . barrels are not blued . There matt been on since I got it 5 years ago . iv used it for clays . Can prob hit more with this then my sporter . perfect for a new shooter / shooter on a budget . Or even a rough back up gun £80 location hampshire gu35 thanks
  2. Hi all . Smk Xs38 .22 underlever . Pretty much brand new . come with 3-9x40 scope . Nothing fancy but is clear . £140 . Inc postage .
  3. No worrys . Think he about 10 min away from me.
  4. Ye I’m im Gu35 . Must be 10 min max away .. send me a picture of the rifle . Please
  5. Hi all . Looking for cheap air rifle smk ? Co2 or springer . Pcp xs78/79 … or Smk 19 .. etc that sort of thing rats again . thanks most prob need it posted
  6. Idontknow

    Ata venza

    Hi . I’m hampshire Gu35 postcode I’m not to bothered if I just have the black one . As i will wood hydro dip the stock . Any ways do you like it ?? Does it eject the light clays rounds ??
  7. Idontknow

    Ata venza

    Hi all Any one got one before I go down then new gun route
  8. Ye I don’t shoot games … my 1100 was a game Guna and that worked him on clay loads. … he also say one choke which is the skeet choke .. you shoot game it’s that
  9. Oooo .. will it cycle clay loads for def ??
  10. 7 hour round trip …. With baby due
  11. Idontknow

    Ata sp chokes

    Hi all seem to have lost my chokes for my ata . any one selling . Before I buy the teal flush ones . ( standard/ extended) Thanks
  12. Hi . Bud . Sending you a pm
  13. Have messaged said hopefully be more tomo …
  14. Agree is my norm go to . But out of stock on the clear one
  15. Hi all any recommendations on clear stock oil . links welcome thanks
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