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  1. How much do you have a picture
  2. Hi iv been offered one with steel breech . Stock . Different front end pump bit . Extended probe and all the original bits to .. For 120 is that a good price or not ??
  3. Idontknow

    Crosman 1377

    Hi all . Looking for a crosman 1377 .........or if not the 22 Standed if possible Not sure on what they go for 2nd hand so message me with whT you have and a price Thanks craig
  4. Is mine good condition very accurate . Hopefully some one will want it
  5. Sorry very green to this sight .... You all love it reli
  6. Hi all I'm on other forums but for id give this one ago as well . More into air rifles than anything. Else Thanks Craigo
  7. Idontknow

    Wanted ad

    Hi . Is there anywhere I can post a wanted ad for a air rifle I want on this site ?? Thanks
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