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  1. HI skinny, Speak to John Morrish at shotgun reloading Southbrent.I believe he is a member.Good Luck
  2. Hi Raty,Have you spoken to John Morrish at WWW.ShotgunReloading.co .uk He is based in South Brent .Johncrow
  3. Wanted 26 or 28 inch raised rib barrel,skeet,1/4 or 1/2 choke,for browning twelvette/double auto, must be in very good condition no dents or pitting.
  4. Hi Folks The Browning Twelvette seems to have good following and it is a very good gun,but I still have not found anyone who knows or has seen the modification Browning mention in their original manual that would enable the gun to fire 55mm cartridges,so if there is someone who has seen it or knows where I can find the information about it please let me know.
  5. Hi Fronty61 Yes his name is Stuart Rankine at www.gun repairs.co.uk he owns several DA`s and is very knowledgable about them.Hope this is of some use, sorry for the delay in replying but my computer was on the blink.
  6. Hi Swinton, I am afraid I cant get the web site to load on my computer if you have another address for this I would be very grateful
  7. Thanks for the picture and info Matone .I am still hoping that someone out there has a gun with the modification installed or at least a picture of it so I can make a copy.These guns enjoy a great following in the USA and I am sure that somewhere there has to be a record of this.
  8. Thanks for the info Fronty61 I will have to try that.The reason I was trying to find the original part was to keep the gun as true as possible,In my part of the world,Devon, most clay grounds are fibre wad only, and an awful lot of fibre wad clay cartridges in 21/24grm are 65mm, Many of the lighter fibre game loads 28/30grm are also in 65mm cases, So I would really like to find the part to keep the gun original and because I am curiouse as to how Browning modified the gun, If all you had to do was lengthen the push plate why did not Browning make the gun like that giving a greater choice of ammunition,seems odd.My quest to find the part goes on if anyone has any useful information or contacts on the subject please contact.
  9. Thanks for all the info lots of which I did not know.Chris @stevepages.com spoke to Browning America for me and they advised getting in touch with some of larger gun shops in the states, which is ok for info but very difficult to purchase from them.Fronty 61 is spot on when he says theyoffered "a thicker push plate" this was an adaption that I believe could be ordered as an after market item.This is the part I am trying to find or get the tech drawings for so I can have it made .All this is just an interesting hobby for me as I have recently retired an purchased a twelvette,great gun, facinating development by Val Browning so if any has any more info on this gun or where I can find the part I am looking for please contact me by the way my twelvette will fire 70 and 67.5 mm 21grm loads but not 65mm.
  10. Hi everyone,I have a Browning Twelvette and am looking for someone who knows what the modification was that Browning offered in the original manual to enable it to fire shorter cartridges.It states in the Browning manual on Randy Wakemans site that it can fire 55mm cartridges but this is possibly a misprint and meant to be 65mm if anyone has any info please let me know.I have been in contact with Browning but they have no info so it is over to great and good of pigeon watch
  11. johncrow


    Hi Everyone ,I am looking for a Mec Supersizer in ideally 28 or .410 but any gauge will do if anyone has one they are not using please contact.
  12. johncrow

    Mec Supersizer

    Thanks for the reply Pinfireman but looking to load 28g and .410 more than 20 bore any calibre supersizer would be ok as I can purchase new collets from Clay and Game
  13. johncrow

    Mec Supersizer

    Hi ,Has anyone got a Mec Supersizer in 20,28 or .410 they are not using reasonable price paid for machine in good condition.
  14. Thankyou all who replied. McSpredder thankyou for the email address very interesting site
  15. Thanks for the replies chaps have sent an email to the gunrepairer McSpredder suggested and awaiting a reply.Will let you know how I get on
  16. Hi everybody just aquired a browning twelvette and was wondering if anyone has the adapter to enable it to fire shorter cartridges either for sale or perhaps to take some photos of so I can have one made.While I am on the subject has anyone got a copy of the manual showing the friction brake and spring assembly.
  17. Sir I would be interested in this shoot.Please could you send me the details.Richard
  18. Thanks for the reply Deershooter but I am from Devon so a bit to far . You also do not say what gauge the sizemaster is.
  19. Hi everyone,Have started to reload small bore ammo to keep cost down but finding it tricky to resize on a Mec 650jrn so am looking to see if anyone has a Mec Supersizer in .410 or 28bore for sale at a reasonable price.Thanks for reading
  20. hi magnum 3 i am interested in the mec without the charge bar can collect as i live in the southwest
  21. johncrow

    Mec Supsizer

    Looking for a Mec Supersizer in 12,20 28 and .410
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