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  1. no luck spoken with a few places now nothing in the the country, if i want ejectors its going to be 28" with extended chokes or if i want 30" its a non ejector
  2. those are both none ejector looking for an ejector version cheers though
  3. im looking for a yildiz wildfowler extreme over under 30" ejector if anybody can point me in the right direction? i cant find one for love nore money!
  4. I have a kicks high flyer full choke for sale used condition £40 posted also a rhino modified choke ported extended £30 posted will add some pics when home
  5. This is my gun I'll get some more pics on tomorrow, and measure the barrels. 32 1/4 inch barrels
  6. Hi i recently purchased an AYA yeoman special edition over under, its a multichoke and i was wondering if anybody knew the choke thread they use as i cant find any on the net! some places say briley choked them some say teague! the chokes have no name on them at all any help would be appreciated. jordan
  7. true.. could you pm me image of choke please deffo interested thanks
  8. hiya is the rhino choke steel proofed?
  9. Hiya Ive joined up on site as I have recently got my shotgun cert and got given my first two guns off of a couple of mates on the site. Looking forward to getting out hopefully finding some permissions and shoots and taking a few birds!!
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