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  1. Good call, but pointless if you don't let them know why. Send them an email 🤙
  2. I did apply for 4 x individual licences to cover 4 x permissions - have not yet received any response. Not surprised really as they must have thousands of applications. Personally I still believe that a new GL will be issued soon, but wanted to cover my back in case further unexpected delays occur. Not absolutely certain, but I think even Andy Crow stated that once the applications have been acknowledged (which they have) then it is ok to proceed, but I'm a bit wary of that and think I'll wait until I get a response from NE ?
  3. Hope it went well - but suspect you were subjected to 50mph winds - same for me too on Foulness Island 😳
  4. Just heard from an acquaintance in Essex that he received his Shotgun Certificate this morning . . . . . . . . . . ELEVEN DAYS from putting in his application. WOW !!!
  5. Mostly pigeon and rabbit, and a couple with squizzers
  6. HURRAH . . . . . . . AT LAST Thanks to Motty and Ginger Cat for answering the question. My conclusion is, firstly, that the Rotary was obviously assembled incorrectly at point of manufacture, otherwise it would work in the proper way (relative to the angles on the unit) when leads are attached correctly to the battery. Secondly, I am now happy that my permanent use of reversed polarity is unlikely to cause any long term damage to the motor. The End 🙂
  7. Yeah it can of course, but that still gives the effect of the decoy lifting its head to see where it is going to nose dive !!! Didn't bother to fit the wing spreader for the purpose of these photos
  8. Not sure mate but can try to find out. Its available on Amazon for approx 15 quid 🙂
  9. Hi all - just thought I would give a quick "heads up" for a cookery book called "Delicious Vermin". This book was written by a friend of a friend, and I supplied her with some of the 'vermin' that she used to practice and finesse her recipes. Anyway, its an interesting compilation, and available on Amazon
  10. As requested. . . . . . the magnet is from A1 Decoys - purchased 2-3 years ago. Little used and not used at all for over a year. Not sure of the model as it does not appear on the current A1 web site. Hopefully you can see that the angle of the pigeon arm rises up to the left and therefore indicating an anti-clockwise rotation - hence my memory of it traveling in that direction. I guess I must have simply reversed polarity when it was used before, but just don't remember doing that, but must have 'cos even I am not stupid enough to send them rotating tail first. Still now I do find it odd that mechanically it clearly shows the unit should travel anti-clockwise, but when wired correctly it travels clockwise? Its easy enough to reverse the polarity of course, but my question still is . . . . . does this cause any long term damage to the motor, or not a jot and it run equally efficiently in both directions?
  11. Thanks for your "mostly" helpful responses. There was however a sensible reason for my confusion and question, in that on my Rotary, when the arms are in place, the rods that pigeons are secured on are tilted upwards slightly to the left, indicating that it should be traveling in an anti-clockwise direction, and I therefore set the decoys facing to the left, assuming the decoy should appear slightly rising as opposed to taking a nose dive. 😏 And yet when attaching the wiring to the battery in the correct colour scheme, it actually rotates in a clockwise direction. Just seemed a bit odd that the mechanics indicate one way but the motor travels the opposite when wired correctly. Nevertheless, I am quite happy to simply reverse polarity, but once again my question is, will this cause any damage to the motor on a long term basis?
  12. Have done the V5C for DVLA. Wasn't sure how to describe it and didn't particularly want to use the actual word "camouflage" so I entered it as "Green Grassland" ! Not done insurance yet - don't think it is a requirement as it is not a modification in a mechanical sense. This vehicle does less than 800 miles a year on normal roads, but more than happy to receive more advice on the subject. Certainly accept Lakeside's comment of it being "advisable" 👍 Haha - just re-read this, and at first I thought Mossy was asking if I had told the DIVA 😂
  13. Yup 🙂 But like I said - this Jeep is ONLY used for shooting and nothing else . . . . . . . so why not? I can pop out for a quick hour or two with the minimal of effort and set up time.
  14. Set up my Rotary a couple of days ago, which I have not used for more than a year. I set the decoys on the end of the arms and then took the whole lot into the field for final set up. Now in my memory of using this kit before, I was convinced that the rotary worked in an anti-clockwise direction, but when it started this time it went clockwise. Rather than change the birds around, I simply reversed the polarity for the afternoon. Worked ok of course but the rotary did seem rather slow with a 12Ah battery that had been fully charged the night before. So, just wondered whether it was just my memory letting me down, and what direction your rotarys move in? I'm sure it makes no difference to the effectiveness of the kit on pigeons (or maybe I've got that wrong too?) and can anybody tell me if reversing polarity on these units is likely to cause any longer term problems? By the way it is a three pronged Rotary from A1 decoys. Bought just a couple of years ago but not used much. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  15. All down to personal taste mate I guess, but yes, they would do any colours the customer prefers 👍
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