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  1. Guerini Guy

    More Than Usual?

    Hi - firstly I have noticed that the Lapwings are starting to build up again in quite big numbers around my part of Essex. Huge numbers all over the perms last year, and looks set to do the same again. Secondly, I was wondering if anyone else had noted a larger then usual build up of feral pigeons at the moment. In fact there are not many woodies about right now, as most of my perms have rape on the go and they just don't seem interested yet. Keep telling myself I could have a few bumper days to come though if we start to get some frosts and generally colder temperatures? But there is a definite show of ferals on the go, and that is all over the perms. I'm lucky to have a few perms spread over approx 14 miles, so should get to some woodies soon. Meanwhile the ferals will also need to be sorted out as they are already landing in the rape.
  2. Guerini Guy

    Shooting with the Guvnor

    Awesome - and a memory that will live with you forever
  3. I would have dozed off (comment from experience on slow days - I think its an age thing !)
  4. Guerini Guy

    So, what do you reckon?

    I certainly did, or at least suggested that my shooting of pigeons on my perm could still help to protect his drillings and crops, but he simply stated that he had this own shooters to deal with those problems? Nice of him to be so damned smug, but I have been shooting that perm for 3 1/2 years, and only twice seen or heard anybody shooting on his land . . . . . go figure?
  5. Guerini Guy

    So, what do you reckon?

    Thanks for your replies so far and, as I expected, there are comments from both ends of the debate. I note the comment regarding roost shooting as well, but nobody has specifically responded regarding shooting over stubble which can be the "holy grail" for some pigeon shooters? Would just appreciate more thoughts on this?
  6. Guerini Guy

    So, what do you reckon?

    Took a day out today to have a drive round the perms. Apart from the rubbish wet weather we have endured here, I have also been unwell and spent some time in hospital, so I haven't been round the perms for at least three and a half months. Haven't missed much as the perms I have are nearly all full of wheat right now, with just a couple small areas of rape. So, me and the trusty Jeep set off to a very large permission which has a drive track all the way round, and was dry enough to drive on today. Just having a check around to be honest as its all wheat, approx 8-9 inches tall now, and of no interest to pigeons. Still get some strong flight lines across to other areas though. From a gap in the extensive hedgerow, I spied the farmer on an adjacent field where I do not have permission, and he was drilling. I pulled up with a view to having a chat, and sure enough he walked over. However, he was quite abrupt and asked what I was doing. I told him I hadn't been around for a while and was having a drive round looking for pigeon flight lines, and that his newly drilled fields could pull a lot of pigeons across my permission. He promptly and abruptly clearly stated that pigeons would have no interest in the fields on my permission, and therefore creating no damage to crops. and that under the general licence I therefore had no right to shoot them. I explained that in my opinion, ANY pigeon would have been feeding and damaging crops somewhere, and I felt that they were legitimate to be shot on that basis. He strongly corrected me and said that was not the case and that I should be careful to act within the law. I said that we should agree to differ and that I had no desire to argue or debate the matter further. To be honest, his strong attitude made me doubt myself anyway and therefore, not wishing to cause any possible awkwardness with my own perm farmer, I duly doffed my cap in the most impressive grovelling and subservient manner, bid him gooday, shoved the old girl into "Drive" and meandered off to enjoy my drive round the perm, eventually driving off to where I happily plucked a few out of the air on the edges of the small rape field on a different permission. Now I know that opening this up for discussion and debate will receive comments from both ends of the argument so, despite also being sure this topic will have been discussed before, I will put on my tin hat and await to receive the knowledge? In that vein of thought, I have to then consider how many of us enjoy, nay even drool, at the prospect of shooting stubble after the harvest, plus I have read many accounts of members enjoying "flight lining" pigeons. So as the stubble is effectively crop waste and would therefore not be considered as being "damaged" by pigeons, and as flight lining involves shooting pigeons where you cannot necessarily confirm that they have been, or are even intending to, damage the crops on your perm, but merely flying over it, using the farmer's argument, would that not then make both of those activities illegal? I sit back and wait with interest.
  7. Guerini Guy

    Pigeon Watch Car Window Stickers

    It appears that the window stickers are currently out of stock, or there is a problem with the system, as it is not allowing me to complete a purchase. Can you please confirm if you are ordering any more, as I have just changed my shooting vehicle and have none left to put on it? Cheers - Malcolm
  8. Guerini Guy

    ONIONS ?

    Haha - pretty much as I thought, but worth an ask. Enjoyed all the fun responses though
  9. Guerini Guy

    ONIONS ?

    Never had this before, but a field on one of my perms has been planted with onions. Haven't had chance to chat with farmer yet to find out what sort (in case that matters) but have never read any reports of "pigeons over onions". Apart from that sounding like a nice dish . . . . . anybody else had any experience of this. I would guess that they will be of no interest to pigeons, but I would just like some knowledgeable feedback please?
  10. Guerini Guy

    Cartridge Doubts

    Hmmm - now my interest in this thread is unwavering . . . . . . . but my understanding of it is definitely starting to wobble. But I'm trying to keep up . . . . . and bow to those with such amazing knowledge - thanks everybody
  11. Guerini Guy

    Cartridge Doubts

  12. Guerini Guy

    Cartridge Doubts

    I can relate to that, although on an alternative note, I always understood that the mis-shaping of lead shot was also a factor in creating added trauma and death to the quarry. But because of your obvious knowledge, which I really appreciate by the way, I would be interested on your views therefore about steel shot as it is so hard. Considering the ranges that most pigeons are shot, particularly over decoys, would you consider this to be a strong contender over lead. Honestly not trying to stir up any **** here, just an interested question?
  13. Guerini Guy

    Cartridge Doubts

    Haha Mr Wilksy II - I think its less about my eye dominance, and more about you reading the posts correctly mate. I don't have a problem with my shooting . . . . . just asking a simple question about what cartridges people use. I have carefully re-read my posts and, sorry guys, but I just don't get where I have expressed any concern over my shooting ability? Just curious about a specific cartridge size. I'll say it once again - I am very happy with my personal choice of 32g 6's, but it doesn't stop me being curious and interested about other shooters' preferences!
  14. Guerini Guy

    Cartridge Doubts

    "I'm confused. What exactly was your point. You're happy with your lot. Have noted that the majority view favours a 'lighter' load. Yet you prefer a somewhat 'heavier' option of 32g of 5&1/2s." Hi Mr Wymberley . . . nothing to get confused about. As I said right from the beginning, I am still happy with my choice of 32g 6's, but had read and heard more and more recently of people using 5's for their pigeon shooting, and was simply wondering if that is a current trend, or a fad, or a fact, or just a coincidence? Yes I did note that in fact many posters were advocating a lighter load from 6's rather than the heavier 5's, but I wasn't asking for advice . . . . just opinions. And I find peoples preferences interesting. Ultimately, nobody's choice is necessarily right . . . . just right for them. Why people should have read into that, that my shooting was "off", or I was going through a "bad patch" is beyond me. Unless it was because I mentioned the odd wounded bird or runner in which case, should I assume that nobody else does because they are all such fantastic shots and always hit centre pattern? Unlikely !!! However, I have really enjoyed reading through this stuff, and thank you all for your responses.
  15. Guerini Guy

    Cartridge Doubts

    Some interesting responses, although I think some have missed my point a little. Firstly as I originally said, I am still happy and comfortable with my choice of 32g 6's. Have tried a few manufacturers with that load, and I am currently using RC Romagnola. They are a sensible price compared to most. I have never had a misfire in either o/u, s/s, or semi auto after more than 5000 rounds, and to be honest they seem to hit harder than others I have tried. Also a special thanks to one poster, Walker 500 I think, who intimated that youth and lack of experience could be the problem? If only !!! Well firstly, I don't think I have a problem in the first place and, secondly, despite wishing for a bit more youth, that now at 66 years of age and having been shooting for nearly 50 years, and having represented my County on eleven occasions, I don't think there is an experience issue. From most replies it actually seems that most people advocate a smaller load rather than a bigger one. So this has made me even more comfortable with my current personal choice. Thanks to all for your input. Interesting stuff