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  1. Got a pair nesting on a pool on one of the farms for second year running. Have learnt to nest in flooded ditch running in to it to avoid preds people and dogs. Single male turtle dove came to feed in my garden last two days. Purring nearby tonight. 🙂 Fresh back i think by it's behaviour and way it's feeding. Pair of blackcap mouching about this week in garden to. Robins and one lot blackbirds on second nesting attempt after predation. Both feeding young. Only dunnocks have managed to get a brood off this year so far. Got a tawny owl visiting garden at dusk/night. . . A strange Spring. Can't re
  2. Like my dirty old 05 wlldtrack. Simple, practical, basic and no frills. Truckman hardtop fitted, modified front arches to squeeze BFG A/T's on. More stable on and off road, will go anywhere, plenty of room for shooting and fishing gear. Not fan of quirky dashboard hand break tho. Bit different to my old Chevy Blazer 4.3L V6 shooting truck i had before for 11yrs. Miss having auto off road. . . . Finally sold Chevy last week for £500.00 more than i paid for it. Don't really get attached to motors, it wasn't practical, a blacked out, bad handling beast (nick named the pimp mobile) and really thir
  3. If you are going to do it, commit to it! Especially if you feeding for wild birds to. Don't stop/start. Birds are struggling, still in the hunger gap. Keeping a close on on feed will tell you where, when, if they need it. Feeing will help laying hens stay in condition and new arrivals get into condition. Pairs of english will adopt/defend a feeder/feed area and nest near by. Supplying water and predator control just as important as feeding. If you got turtle doves make sure your supp feed is near cover/habitat. NB
  4. Nicely done! What did you have them on Muncher? NB
  5. Turtle doves are back early! 🙂 Pair on one site and 2 singles on others. Fieldfares late leaving. Saw 40+ feeding locally at weekend. Latest i can remember seeing them in Spring. NB
  6. Saw a little owl take a duckling yesterday. Nature always surprises. NB
  7. My first cuckoo of year in Mid Suffolk yesterday. Stone curlew on drillings next to where i was shooting Sunday. Saw one on that same field 4 years ago. NB
  8. One turned up in Suffolk last week. Twitchers everywhere Blocked single track road by parking in only passing places. Farmers not happy. Ignorance. Great looking bird. NB
  9. Norfolk& Suffolk Sabs now actively targeting, encouraging their lot to destroy mink traps. Including on WT sites and reserves. Saying mink have been with us for so long now they have naturalised and become part of our ecology like other natural predators. Yeah right! Tell that to water voles, moorhens, grebes and ducks etc. They certainly spreading. Shot 3 in last year or so where i had previously seen none and that's without seeking them out. . . . . . Otters seem to be everywhere. I wonder if it's them pushing mink about and away from hunting on rivers? . . . . Otters regularly patrol ga
  10. What a great vid! That's a new British record (curranty 8lb 5oz for a Stillwater variant) for a natural Ide right there if submitted and accepted and his scales accurate. An unusual record to hold at that. What a cracking fish and session. Others were quality fish to. Never caught a river Ide. Had them to 4lb from still water. Interesting fishing on just a roaming lobworm in a river that size. Also his comments on predation and otters killing his sport. Well done that man! Must be well chuffed to get a lifetime PB/record fish on film. Thanks for posting JDog. NB
  11. Do you have turtle doves? If you have you can get individual licence to control collard doves. If you need to! As when numbers high they can push returning turtle doves off territory, food and nest sites. Collards doves are not invasive! There were less in the 70's than turtle doves that were then common. They established and numbers steadily grew since then. They are now in decline. Tricho disease, higher predation on birds and nests and change in farming practice. Used to have up to 18 at mine. Only about 2 pairs now. When a local farm got out of pigs and another upgraded their piggery numbe
  12. About time! So many dogs have been nicked locally. Hope mates and farmers get theirs back. Must of been some pressure put on and good intel. Normally the law will not not go on there. This and a piece on ITV news other day, highlighting the poaching and coursing going on locally, all good. That was filmed over a year ago, but better late than never. NB
  13. Hobby (known to follow/hunt martins) reported local in Suffolk last week. Sighting (witnessed by 3 peps) was dismissed by bird boffs saying would of been earliest ever recorded. I mentioned it to very knowledgeable falconer mate (got hobby's) and he not surprised at all. Has seen himself and believes some now overwinter in the area/country. . . . Same ol story. If "experts" or one of their own don't see something it get's dismissed. If it was one of them they would be jumping up ad down claiming a record. Gal i know Who's life long naturalists/country gal and a Sheppard, really knows her birds
  14. And it's a No from me! . . . Keep it simple. . . . Who came up with this and why would it be any benefit to us?? NB
  15. Another great action pic that's a bit different. Not as may GC grebes about now. Wonder what cause their decline. NB
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