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  1. Used to fish there in the 80's and 90's. Lovely place. Old spring fed lakes in a natural wooded valley. Quality silver fish and a few not big but old wild carp. Spoilt when syndicate stocked load of carp in there. Game keeper 1975 another great little film. NB
  2. Interesting That he is promoting the mag and his article in it (calling for talks) on his social media. Not read it myself. Has anyone? Some Interesting reply's from his followers (how shall we follow you Chris?) Also that the other two of the WJ 3 not commenting or promoting it. They still to busy whipping up the rabid mob and throwing there toys out of the pram over the rule of 6 and DGS. NB
  3. lovely and remote and worth a visit any time of year. Badgers undermined the road bridge there a while back. If you fish it don't cast to far. War time bunkers a tunnels still down East Lane. Sutton Hoo and The UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest good to. Bawdsey radar site interesting. Ramsholt Arms pub on the river good if you that way. NB
  4. Hares very tame to. See few people and no dogs! Some swim to and from. Very unique habitat. Used to be inhabited and grazed by cattle years ago. Boyton marshes, Butley creek and shingle street just as good. Plenty of passage migrants to see at mo and in Spring. East Lane good to. May even find a few fossils/sharks teeth if there's been wash out. NB
  5. Yep. Shame there's not more clarity and honesty form RSPB and Trusts about the amount of pest control and deer management they do. Staff and members have said about there concerns about the amount of predator pressure there and on boyton marshes. . . . . Sadly The Lighthouse is no more IG. They finished taking it down last month before it fell in to the sea, Brinkleys still sell fresh fish off the Quay in Orford. Most of the houses in Orford second homes now. NB
  6. Good to hear Spoonbills have finally successfully bred on Havergate Island in Suffolk and for first time in 300yrs. RSPB milking that one. Shame it took a new ditch system and 350m of predator fence to make it happen. Well done DEFRA/NE. Island heavily predated by foxes and lot more big gulls breeding there knocking back wader numbers. Particularly avocets. I wonder if they have upped there pest control? Lack of/fewer gull licences this year not helped the increase in gull numbers. NB
  7. Headed over the coast earlier this evening (Dunwich) after the big weekend day time crowds we been getting lately had died down. Still plenty of folk about as it was very calm and warm. Bit surreal a massive cruse liner still moored off Suffolk/Norfolk coast. Several camper vans tucked in various places as seems to be an increasing habit this year. . . Was laying there chilling minding me own, watching swallows, martins and swifts catching insects way above the beach and sea when i could suddenly hear music up wind and behind me. Turned round only to see that a seven piece band complete with
  8. Good! They, WJ been trying hard to discredit C4PMC for a while. Saying they using underhand tactics. Yeah right! Pot kettle black. Doesn't matter who's behind them if they having a go at that lot. NB
  9. Yeah! Saw that earlier. Ant that what a lot of us have been saying and thinking for ages! Freezer fresh! To fresh! To convenient! Faked scenes/traps. Sketchy stories. As for the selective info from them about the tags. Always been to suit there negative anti agenda. Lets get it shared! . . . . They been dis'n the positive reports of Hen Harrier breeding success to. NB
  10. Mmmmm! . . . She sounding more and more like my ex wife.😉 Freak like me! Think i may have a couple of pairs of old DM boots that would fit her. Picture of her and workshop needed! Does she have a website? . . Sure i could win her over with my collection of really old wallpaper. If not a time lapse animation i did in my garden with another ex GF of a decaying fox skull should do it.🤢 Failing that i do actually have a mole in the freezer that one of my customers literally punched out. We don't mess around with them fancy traps and gizmos round here. Also have a skinned stoat that looks just l
  11. Did you keep them then?😉 I have some. Ta. Grate little skulls. Clean them off naturally or with beetles. Beetles do a great job if you can be bothered to keep them. Looked like moles had been working the middle. NB
  12. That's why i flagged it up. As not herd nowt about it. Can't find it mentioned in his Double Down News campaign vid now either. Maybe it's been edited out? NB
  13. Game On!😉 What i am lacking in mole traps i make up for in having plenty of wall paper, skins, skulls, fossils, hagg stones, vuggs and much weird stuff. Do we know if she's single, age? . . . Look like a mole been in your pond FB. NB
  14. Have they dug out any nearby ditches/drainage recently? Water running away from pond /water table lowered? Same happened to farm pond my way after change of hands and over enthusiastic farmer. Took a while to work it out. NB
  15. Great looking fish. Well done. NB
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