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  1. Some are getting paid to protest! Can claim up to £400.00 a week from XR depending on what they do and skills they bring! Packham on BBC ( again) this AM as there spokes person. Boris labelling them crusty's smelling of hemp ant gona help. Bet him and his girl have some interesting pillow talk as she one of them and an anti. NB
  2. NatureBoy


    Seen more of them in Suffolk in recent years. Autumn/Winter a good time to see them along the coast here. Minsmere, Dunwich, Sizewell and Walberswick. late in the day best time. If the murmorations of starlings are over the reed beds and marshes you would be unlucky not to see any. They harriers. hawks and sometimes peregrines have a go at them before they get in to the reed beds and bushes. North wall Minsmere, coastguard cottages Dunwich and Dingle marshes good spots to view some times at close quarters as they all loose a lot of caution when after starlings. Worth it just to watch the starlings. Thought i saw an eagle locally earlier this week. Was at distance and big! Bird life went mental calling departing or hiding and crows really mobbing it. Expected to see handler but watched till out of sight heading North. Have heard of no other sightings in Suffolk tho? Also poss escaped Chilean buzzard about. Been told they are big. Local male turtle dove RSPB put tracker on earlier left over night 5th Sept travelled by night and since the 8th was in olive groves in southern Spain. After being tagged it had spent the Summer and probably bred on another local farm i shoot on. they had amazing year. Lot of urban fox's being dumped locally again! Causing havoc and more work on farms. Amazed they keep doing it! Clueless and will not be told. Shame after such a good year for english partridges birds and hares locally! lot of spooky birds and hares about! Gangs with long dogs been driving the fields again to. Hummingbird hawk moths of different sizes on last of my budliea flowers on 23rd. Very late for them unless they are over wintering? Actually noticed a few more pigeons about my way this week! Even a few on stubble's. Been lean times and not expecting the coming months to be great unless more turn up as don't think they have bred well locally for last few years. NB
  3. You know us so well! It's all about the bells i tell the! Morris quit dancing and is on a diet tho! So maybe have to venture north over the border and take on the legendary North Norfolk chubby challenge.. NB
  4. There ya go OF! Daivids answered that one! Cheers David! Didn't realise BASC or GWCT running it. I am a member of both to but had no notification. I only found out from farmer mate earlier today that had done survey who is as passionate as me! Guess they inform different levels of membership first? Lets keep on top of this folks and NE DEFRA etc support us and realise who the real conservationists are that have no political agenda! But they have got to support and work with farmers and shooters to find a balance that will work! NB
  5. Where does this go on Mel? Cud do with some of that as single again at mo. Certainly not in rural Suffolk! Tho sum of them horsey gals look a bit feisty! 😉
  6. NE/DEFRA 12 week GL review underway! GWCT calling for evidence. Either direct or through them New survey up on there site worth filling in. If you are not a member of the shooting and conservation orgs join!! WJ have just got a review on releasing pheasant/partridges easy enough! If they reviewing possible effects of game bird release near these sensitive sites they should be looking at the effects of walkers, dog walkers, runners and cyclists to. Going Minsmere/Sizewell near me Sunday. Big birder gathering there to protest/stop Sizewell C Power station being built! Hoping to have some more interesting banter with and educate a few folk. I wonder if Packham will turn up! 😉 Will take a few copies of GWCT's Working Conservationists 2 i have to show folks! As it has in it a local example of whats being done by us who are real hands on conservationists! That are shooters. farmers and country people with no agenda! People that have a genuine passion for and knowledge of the countryside wildlife and conservation that few would understand because a lot of us have been born to it! NB
  7. Brilliant!! Well done TGS team!! Thanks for posting Mudpattern! Already friends that have viewed it on youtube who are not shooters but real conservationists saying how good, informative, factual, and well made it is! Needs sharing! . . . Also a good video up on Fieldsports Channel of CJ interviewing Robin Page of CRT. NB
  8. There was also a very good prog on BBC4 during the week presented by that hippy vicar Peter Owen Jones. It was about life and wildlife in the new forest where Packham live. Amongst other interesting stuff it showed how the national trust burn of rank heather on rotation for regenerating, grazing, wildlife and for fire breaks like this clip. Have never heard Packham complaining about it on his door step. Strange that! I think he wanted to stop commoners grazing though? NB
  9. Great post Olsson!! And very true! We all need to do more if we want to keep what we have got! The threat ant going away! Doing nowt is not an option! As you say they are very social media savvy. Folk are interested and supportive if you give and show them the facts and where to find out more! TGS have, are doing a great job of not only informing folk about the GL, WJ etc, But also about shooting and guns in general! It where i send folk. Particularly younger folk and peps that may be interested in getting in to shooting! This generally leads them to FC to and the good interviews/debates they done. We are all busy! But it's not hard to start a conversation. I have learnt to give people a little information but encourage/direct them to find out more for themselves and the real facts! About both shooting and conservation!! We have got nothing to hide! They may not agree but more will understand! NB
  10. Well! They have there 100k+. So it gets debated, It the most popular looked at/signed gov petition over weekend. They talk of petitions that have not reached target will be pulled in 9 days because of whats going on with gov/parliament at mo. Still think this ban one strange! Odd wording and petitioner (Neil Jones) not known or promoting it? Yet they ( Avery and co) have put it on and all over there social media and ramped up there campaign. Something wrong me thinks! But hey! If the thinking is these petitions don't mean anything then we have nothing to worry about! Right!? Remember folk saying that about hunting! NB
  11. Filled screw heads can flex and pop. Particularly on floors that are frequently washed or get moisture on them. Recommend Filltite a good 2 pack filler. Easy to work with shape and sand with a bit of flex. No more fumes than than any product you will be putting on floor. Don't mix to much at once and clean tools and mixing palete off before it goes off. NB
  12. He been chatting to BASC members again! (Are they stalking him)! This time an all nighter with 2 members in a hotel bar. Debating what corvids should come off the GL apparently. NB
  13. NatureBoy

    River Walks

    Must be! So long as we all enjoyed viewing. NB
  14. This has been running a week! They got nearly 60,000 in a week We have got to up our game! They only asking for a ban on driven grouse shooting. I don't think this will help or do us any favours and may even benefit them if don't do well. Anyone know who Neil Jones is? NB
  15. NatureBoy

    River Walks

    😉 That's the one! On now! NB
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