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  1. Normal for north Suffolk.Think there were several look like that, kept under the stairs, and ended up in a muck hill along the valley! My ol dad used to call any where north of Eye/Worlingworth bow and arrow country! He was brave because my mums lot came from Southholt way. 😉 NB
  2. That is good GG! Look like it got a boilie. NB
  3. Look like an ol Harleston boi from across the river. NB
  4. Ant no sunshine now he's gone! . . . Classic! . . . RIP Bill. NB
  5. Billy don't be a hero, Paper lace?
  6. He don't seem to fussed if he not supposed to be there! NB
  7. I have been fortunate enough to catch a 3ib roach. Amazing memorable fish of a life time! It came from a big pit and looked like an old warrior and probably got in there when the river Waveney flooded. . . Got really excited when i caught what i first thought was a monster 4ib 4oz roach from the river Bure once. I was shaking! Another fantastic fish, but we decided it was a big roach/bream hybrid. More exciting and memorable because it was in a match on a 6m whip in a strong tide at St Bennetts Abbey. Have never really appreciated some of the big fish i have cought because i was well in to match fishing for a long time. . . . . Would love to catch a 4ib + perch. I Know where a few are and i have seen a few. So who Knows!😉 NB
  8. Well done for common sense! 60 acres of beans drilled at back of mine and all have seen on it is about a dozen blacks. That's a hell of a lot of pigeons coming to one field. Was there many beans on top? Did you see many walkers, joggers cyclists or horsey folk? This exercising trend seems to of trailed off the last two days like the panic buying. NB
  9. NatureBoy


    For those that want a chuckle in these strange times check out Matt Cross's "Hampshire Hyena Project"! A humorous way of looking at very poorly thought out wildlife/conservation idealogy. NB
  10. Well none of my farmers have asked me to go and they know i am home. Have yours? None i have spoke to have asked the police or NFU how we stand either as don't want to waste there time. Have yours? Drillings done pressed and sprayed. Not looking good for rape next year after this years disaster/failure. Many are concentrating on feeding folk! Others have family's and some with kids at home. They just as worried as the rest of us maybe while still working. Ignorant walkers and out of control dogs ant helping them. Nearest i got to shooting was when a farmer asked me to re position a gas gun while out walking the other morning after a complaint from resident. I will not say where he told me to put it.😉 He think they helping deter more walkers than pests. I would like to trimming up the loads of jackdaws we have. Collard doves to (no trouble getting licence for them if you have turtle doves) being a problem. Ladder traps will soon be out on 2 farms especially if it stay dry like previous years. NB
  11. End of the day a few weeks out from shooting for the common good at this time ant a biggie! Is it? 393 dead today! NB
  12. So that's where they are! You could but will you Motty? Great trat your area always hold so many. What your farmers thoughs and that of the police your way? Law were stretched here before this just with call outs genuine or false alarm to gangs with long dogs on the hares and lately deer. Heard it can be same your way? farmers/shoots my way still slashing covers in few strips at a time for wild birds. Pigeons are filling up with maze on them first thing then sitting up till they feed again late afternoon or nesting. I know most of my farmers well and do jobs for some. Most are connected and have contacts at rural constabulary unit through Farm Watch etc. I am out most weeks, i and my truck are known, we are part of the eyes and ears in the countryside. If they were to call me and say they got pest control problem and would back me if any hassle i would assess situation/precautions/safety and help them any way I could. If both not think safe, Don't! Simple! . . . . . .As i am self employed (Decorator/ Property Management) i could even bill them to cover us? 😉 Shooting pigeon/crop protection or removing a jackdaws nest from chimney? Whats the difference? Are they both classed as essential? Did the same during GL Fiasco. Only people challenged me then and some aggressive about it were other shooters! Told them i had read/knew the GL, had they and was happy to shoot/complying with it with farmers/keepers backing.
  13. Good post TC! Where are all these pigeons everyone so desperate to get out and control?😉 Before this most were saying how few there were and how hard it been, Have you spoke to your farmers and how they feel about it? I go for a 3 mile walk every morning across farms i shoot on (without touching anything) at first with folder 410 now just with bino's and camera. Even with all the drilling going on i am not really seeing numbers i would set up for in the area, A lot on buds and nesting now. What i do see increasingly is dog walkers, walkers and joggers. I go out early to avoid them as i know from talking to farmers the number increases during the day. A lot are strangers/family's, lost and wandering all over the place. Been 2 dog attacks on livestock i have heard of. As much as i would like to be out in isolation while not working, what i have experienced seen and heard is enough for me not to go at this time. With the disturbance from these folk, drilling and spraying activity, it's enough to keep any pigeons on crops on the move at this time. . . . It's worth remembering that a lot of these new people wandering about (many with kids) and probably the panic buyers are stressed (just look at there faces). They have little idea of what goes on in the countryside , let alone coming across a camoed up stranger with a gun. They don't like being challenged either! . . . . .Do the police need any extra hassle at this time? NO! Just my thoughts on it. NB
  14. Curried venison pastie sound great! Will have to try em. Work that way a lot, Or used to! I like Lavenham. Maybe again. Pain when the tourists about! My family from west Suffolk going right back to 1700's. Mainly Semer Lindsey and Kersey way. Got a lovely iconic picture of my granddad as a young boy bringing a harvest wagon through the famous Kersey splash pulled by a team of suffolks. RHD done/doing for a lot of rabbits my way. Have to really think where to find them if i want one these days. Loads of hare's. Tho some farms have knocked them back cos of continuous problems from gangs with long dogs everywhere. They been on the deer as well lately. NB
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