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  1. Agree with you there Dave! NO! We don't need any more legislation dumped on us! I think we can work with the GL as it is! No more rules! All sides are much more aware now! I really do actually believe this whole thing and our submissions of information to DEFRA has made them realise how passionate some of us are and what a valuable free service we provide not only to agriculture and conservation, but we are also another valuable set of eyes and ears in the countryside with all the cuts and rural crime becoming a bigger problem! So long as folk know there quarry species that's fine! In my previous post i was just surprised that two county fellas that had shot for more than 40 years didn't naturally know more given the amount of time they spend in the field! Not everyone involved in country sports or farmers will be, want to be or needs to be a conservationist. Just like the rest of the public so long as they understand, support and know why and what some of us choose to do! Because we do care and it's as much part of and our way of life as shooting is! If you can get them in to/give them wild food even better! From my own experience, If we are all open and willing to start a conservation and maybe educate folk we will get support! They haven't got to agree with us! Just understand a bit more and not be against us! People are not as gulable or against us as the anti's would have you believe with there constant rabid media rants! The more recent in ya face vegan lot has shown that from what i have experienced! Be interesting what reaction the pig program on tonight will have! Farming community already reacting to it. NB
  2. Wild in the wood! Wind made for challenging short session roost shooting in a fir wood. Birds keen to get in to the extra cover. Manage 9. NB
  3. Did anyone else bother watching it? All a bit safe! IT said a lot about Packham. He was even unpopular in his youth. Had to chuckle when he said he never got invited to parties! Bit of a propaganda show for Extinction Rebellion to. Good to see some different old punk footage though. All his gear looked designer even then. His leather jacket form when he was 17 looked completely fake and like it had never been worn. Still got mine from back then and it is really well worn and beaten up with every badge, pin, chain,stud and slogan telling a story. Probably a bio hazard now though.😉 NB
  4. Had the privileged of meeting and knowing the great conservationst and writer the late Roger Perry MA FRGS. He was one of the founders and longest serving director of the Charles Darwin Foundation on Galapagos. A very modest knowledgeable true gentleman! One if the last of the great unsung adventurers! Told amazing stories! Way ahead of his time in conservation. He realised how different and endangered the tortoises were and started the breeding program. And realised non native species, predators and vermin needed controlling if they and other endangered species were going to survive! He also knew controlling, educating population and tourism would be part of that and set up training and education programs for scientists and the populations teachers. Sadly he and lonesome George (last tortoise of his species) have gone. He was also director/Governor/ Brit rep on both Tristan Du Cunha and Christmas Island for a while. He wrote a great book called "Island Days" about his life, conservation work and adventures. Worth a read if you can find it. After his death i managed to rescue, his old egg collection (totally legal), His cameras, slide collection he used for lectures, his climbing equipment and air gun (he hated squirrels). Sadly his family museums, schools or colleges didn't want any of it and it was going to be destroyed and dumped. NB
  5. Very true Whitehackle! Good post! NB
  6. Strange trailer! Fake prog maybe? 200 of them all dressed the same got in there and all filmed. Yeah right! BS! like to see them take on some 90kg+ Plus lumps at point of slaughter. NB
  7. I am not saying shooters should know any bird or animal species LB! Apart from what they are shooting of coarse!! Especially the little brown jobies. Many folk don't! I was just surprised that two fellas who had shot pigeons for 40 plus years that lived/worked in the country didn't known some common species or were bothered about other pest/vermin control after commenting on how good it was to see the growing number of different birds on that farm. One reckoned he had never seen a yellowhammer or the reed bunting i pointed out before. NB
  8. I did mean how you summed the anti's up IG. 😉 Good on Simonm for putting the link up tho! I argued the point on Averys blog ages ago when he started on grouse shooting and the moors as the heather/ heathland is also managed around Minsmere reserve local to me for the same reason. Had no joy complaining to BBC either. But keep trying like others.Have spoke to agri /shooting jurnos and media production folk about it. They don't seem interested in rocking the boat or not a big enough story for them. Some shooters don't seem bothered to, or think if we keep are heads down things will be ok. I don't think so!! Some have even told me i shouldn't be so vocal about it all and shooting in general. I have nothing to hide! i think some see them shooting live quarry as a guilty secret with whats been going on. I am happy to tell/show people why, how, where, when i shoot and that i bloody enjoy it! I enjoy the wild food i get from it and giving /educating others to it! I enjoy seeing wildlife and wild game thrithe by shooting/ controlling pest species predators and vermin. I tell/show folk, by shooting I am a practising conservationist. And most can see it! It's not hard! Observation, little bit of the correct habitat and the right feeding. Don't take a lot to get folk on side! Anti propaganda and playing social media works for them. We have to do the same! Do our bit as individuals. . . . Frustrating at times though! Stood chatting in a field the other day with another shooters of many years watching not only pigeons but amongst others. Grey partridges loads of finches some reed buntings merlin and little egret. We agreed we get to do and see what we do only because we shoot pigeons and provide a service to farmers. But what really surprised me! They did not know what may of the birds were or recognise a water vole and there parting words were they never had or would waste a cartridge on a crow squirrel or rat. Another rant over! NB
  9. Same here PC. But without your success and less birds. Outings with hard earned modest bags of 20 plus might come off 3 different farms. Often days end up walking the hedges roost shooting and squirrel bashing.( Pound a tail at mo). Still something to see and learn every time tho and it keeps the farmers happy if your about. NB
  10. Ahead of this prog he's saying today " Has he become the ba###rd he would of hated when he was 17"?? YES!!!!! You have Chris! 😛 And so much more! "We do mind the Bo####ks" you speak! "Questions and answers, honesty, lies". Yours are LIES! in much more than a thousand eyes! And we wish you would go away! Were you really ever PUNK???? I think not!!!! JOKE! Yes! There was a prog on a while back with that hippie vicar in it (dont mind him) showing how they do the burning in the New forest. Him talking to forest folk and graziers. Packham recon he had to start WJ and be the voice for wildlife after meeting a fella who lived 200mls away wandering in the forest near his home with a gun who when asked said he was shooting crows magpies, jays and whatever else came along. Really!!? Good post IG. You have summed them up! NB
  11. NatureBoy

    Lark decoy

    I have seen one working either in the dvd collection of Out Of Town or the Bygones collection. Might find on Youtube if you haven't got. Operated by by spring and pulling a cord. I understood from my dad and other ol boi's that they were supposed to attract by birds thinking the reflection was a shimmering puddle/ source of water. Remember one my granddad made and used knocking around when we were kids. NB
  12. NatureBoy

    Heads Up

    On next Tuesday. How to steal pigs and influence people! No time for him but have followed his activity's for a while. Very biased but at least prog has got folk talking. Hopefully it will make peps think more about where there food comes from. Good on Abby Reeder for taking them on! ( She was also on the series veganville with that nasty angry little vegan fella! Refused to let him on her farm). Was surprised Monbiot actually shot that stag and eat it Tho. Him being a vegan. Showed that control is needed. Anyone know that stretch of the Wye on there? Looked like just very low summer levels to me. They talking about just the salmon. But it is one if not the best coarse fishing rivers in the county at the moment. Matches producing massive weights. 30lb plus getting you no where in a 60 peg match where 60lb + often needed to win or place. River and water quality has got to be really good to support all year class's to keep doing that. NB
  13. NatureBoy

    Heads Up

    Apocalypse Cow. Channel 4 tonight 10pm. Prog fronted by George Monbiot. Another well known angry anti worth keeping an eye, on about our food production and lab produced foods in the future. NB
  14. Yeah! Very angry and looked very uncomfortable being on with Rachel. Looked him up and he's a well known militant activist with a criminal past and psychotic problems. That lead me to prog/series on BBC with him in called Veganville. Usual BBC bias, but again didn't make them look great. NB
  15. After talking to folk about her being on the show found out she had also been on This Morning on Friday 3rd talking about veganuary with a really rude angry wired vegan activist. Worth a look! He really done vegans no favours at all. She done well to keep her cool. At times he looked liked he wanted to pop her one. NB
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