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  1. I would wait until its warmer to take him freshwater fishing. Farm pond, keep it simple. Match rod, reel or telescopic whip. Simple tackle. Landing net disgorger, tin of sweetcorn n don't forget to get pic of his first fish. The Bramford lakes you mentioned Farmboy is Suffolk Water Park.Park. They do teach ins. Half day £80.00 two peps. All in. They also do cracking all day breakfast there to.😉 If he like it G.A.P.S and Gipping Valley Angling Clubs good, have plenty of waters and have junior sections. Plenty of gear on car boots. Youtube got plenty of instructional vids. If sea/beach Plenty of
  2. Great vids. Nice to see things done a bit different! Like the look of the triple. . . . . . For some really bonkers, confidant? crazy, Dangerous shooting with dogs check out, Okay Sahin channel on YT. Wild boar hunting son 4. And i don't think they even eat pork? NB
  3. Fantastic Album! . . .My x faience was in one of the top Pink Floyd tribute bands. Met after one of their Suffolk gigs. Their first set was always Darkside Of The Moon. Blonde in little black dress blowing a mean sax in the spotlight soon got my attention. When she sung Great Gig In The Sky (good a Claire Torrie) i got goose bumps! I was in LOVE! Never tired of many gigs listening, watching her and them practice/perform. Or the ordnance's stunned reaction (some in tears) every time she sung Great Gig. Be it a pub, hall, festival or stadium gig! Totally AWSOME! . . Roger Waters Contacted and co
  4. Be interesting how the changes in crops, cropping, tillage planting affects pigeons going forward. Specially if a shift away from growing rape and less pestisides. NB
  5. Indigestion!😉 . . . Strange. But could be true? Safety in numbers as they do this time of year. Feed, roosting, flying as a collective. Do it to work big high value some hard feed through there crop/system. Seeds, berries, acorns, mast etc. Watched some( Abt 150) doing similar near where i was working other week (was milder then). Numbers built steady in quiet small wood/day roost by mid morning. About midday they got restless. All left on mass with purpose/high. Few minuets later about same number same back. funnelling in from high no messing. Repeated twice more during afternoon, last time
  6. He also went stalking and shot a red. He did cry afterwards though. Weird Woke and batty. NB
  7. Got it JKD. Ta. Like you say open ground surprised they didn't see him or find bird. Especially if he didn't now they were there. NB
  8. There report says it happened on South West boundary of reserve. I can't see locality either . . . I guess orgs don't wana give this/them oxygen. Lot going on and coming up at mo. Hence RSPB selectively releasing this now. Less is more with there info. A distraction! Specially after Beefy's go at them all. Dr NO trying as well today with pics for same reason. . . . . A buzzard was shot! Illegally? Who knows? They would/should of had someone for this by now if they were going to. Ant gona happen. It's how they have used and spun the info that's wrong. Bearing in mind how much they bang on abou
  9. Unfortunately once again we will only get one side of this story. Police statement if a reward has been offered? This should of been easy for law to sort if a crime had been committed as reported. Great fund raiser as intended. Some interesting comments and posts on there social media. Like RSPB just sharing a pic of what the poster says is a "shot" sparrow hawk they "found" with out question. It's NOT a sparrow hawk but a buzzard. Instead of them asking for more pics and what/where/when. Why not, How do you know it was shot?, have you a crime number and if so why didn't they correctly ID it
  10. Well done Neil Dale NOBS for having a go back at them on twitter RSPB birders. NB
  11. Come on folks. It ant no crow! That's a buzzard! Other bird a kestrel comes up to mob it and slides away. Unusual in October as kestrel shouldn't be holding territory then. See both most days. Trees look well in leaf to. A buzzards been shot of that there's no doubt! Could it of been under licence if it's an out door unit behind that hedge. Was it a shooter, someone with legal gun and permission? A man has been spoken to! . . . Was it the same bird found 9 days layer in good condition. We will probally never know or find out. If there was a prosecution pending would the police let them put out
  12. Would that be shooters? Or antis pretending to be shooters. Any link? NB
  13. Yes! Shooting of BOP wrong! . . . . Or convenient maybe? Beefy/ GL's/ GB releases/ consultations/ lack of support and funds. Mmmmm. Was only saying other week we haven't had one of these events lately. . . . Police have spoken to a man in connection with it. And??? . . . . But could vid have been stitched together? Not exactly clear and that bird look like it was hit hard for one piece of ("recent") shot. They appear quite calm/clear in audio (wind?) and look quite close to scene. Why as with others has it taken so long to release details/vid/appeal for evidence of a alleged crime that happen
  14. Interesting how he claims and says he's his step daughter. She's not! Never been married and she is the daughter of an exgirlfriend. How does that work? NB
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