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  1. Spot on Turbo33! We been pointing out and saying this for ages. Hopefully the law can see the same. Calm as ya like he was protesting at the palace the very next day and quick to put out accusing media messages and vids whipping up his followers and funds. NB
  2. Very sus! Especially his behaviour around it. Lot of accusations and assumptions from him and his mob considering it's an on going police investigation. Vids he put out delivered in his wooden style and asking people to sign petitions almost like they been prepared. Strangely convenient, yet again! Wonder if it out to do with/go back at the fact sabs were filmed shown harassing folk at a trail hunt with stones hidden behind there back on FSC other day. Strange to he and followers mouthing off it must be shooting and field sports folk responsible? Loads of folk just can't stand him! As he now hiding behind nature and conservation yet again and this time to have a go at the royals. Could of been passionate royalists. There's plenty out there. He says he had another badger and other animals dumped at his house. So frequent now he doesn't bother mentioning it to his girlfriend or step daughter. Really? Surely he would get them on camera? Doesn't mention in his ramblings that a burnt out flat bed truck and a dead cow were also found on the same night within a mile of his home. Oh no! That would take the attention away from him and his agenda! . . . . . . Comical that Megan McCubin was going on last week about how much we need badgers to keep earthworms and insects in check. Bizzare! NB
  3. Spot on! Along with Bo Jo's dad, Dim Dom Dyer and the Conservative conservation group. NB
  4. How big your room Yates? How many days did they say it would take? What's your expectation, spec/job entail/types of finish/colour scheme and brand/quality of paint to be used etc? How many doors, frames, type of trim etc? Is that with carpet up appliances and furniture removed or institute? Who will be moving it? Your time scale, ease of access, would you need access during job etc? Can be lot of variables on what seems simple one off single/main room of house jobs. Variables on all or some of these things can easily add or SAVE time and cost if not made clear or asked by both customer and tradesman. All worth discussing at time of getting estimate/site visit. If not this can be how estimates vary so much at times and some thinking over priced. NB
  5. Chatting to a countryman/journalist that met him once. Asked what he made of him. Simply said, " Soft hands, sweats a lot"! 🙂 NB
  6. The battle for the Uplands against Authoritarian Conservation. Another well written great book worth a read! Reread, and valuable reference book! Everyone who cares about shooting and conservation should know who Ian Coghill is! He pulls no punches and has proper go exposing many truths that folk need to know about the failings of the RSPB and their agendas! Yet another book and author Avery has reviewed and slagged off! After both Ian and Mary Colwell having been guest bloggers on his site in the past. NB
  7. Anyone see/hear what Dr No had to say or meet him? Apparently he was invited and had a stage debate with Andrew Gilruth that was set up by Charlie Jacoby. I thought it was a joke at first. WHY? Why give him any kind if platform!? Or let him think he or WJ has any credibility! Is there something going on we not told about? He? They are anti shooting! We know they hiding behind conservation to try and get rid if shooting! End of! . . They even gave him a minder (called Nobby) and a free lunch. Disappointed! . . , . Rude Thingy wasted no time in whipping up the rabid mob to slag off Aim To Sustain. I hope they doers and more than a black slapping talking shop! NB
  8. Same here. Cost seem to put many off private jobs. Getting asked to doing more murals in recent years though. I have nowt like the fine line talent you have. Mine mainly simplistic interactive murals in schools, care centres/homes, community hubs NHS etc. Mainly nature/tree of life based if i have input on theme. Always been influenced by C F Tunnicliffe (remember the "what to look for series" ladybird books) since a kid. Keep it simple. Hardest bit i find is doing artwork along side day job/commercial work. little brush v big brush, roller etc. Hence i asked. Difficult to get an arty head on when other trades. noise and folk about. Often end up doing it evening/night/weekends when no one about. Tried to get other artists involved/do them for me but few keen to, can work on busy sites or at height. Or willing to change what they have done sometimes to match overall scheme/decor of job. Find it hard to put a price on creating any piece of art in a general estimate/quote to? Try to find out what budget they have got and create a work to it. I think that's why i have trouble finding other artists that can/willing to work to a budget. Suggested using students in past, but to much red tape/health and safety. . . Even in these difficult times always amazed there's funds available for such things and where it comes from. Co-Op and HLF funded last one i did. Another reason i ask is because at the mo i am looking into how/doing my most challenging one to date. Huge and high 1150m2 hall ceiling, over sprung wooden floor. Meaning only able to use manual light access tower and 2 weeks to complete whole thing. All came about after a random joke about Michael Angelo in a meeting. Been decorating 40yrs and met very few that combine both. . . . Sadly there very little demand now for the other old decorating skills of graining, marbling, gilding, sign writing and broken colour effects we learnt doing City& Gilds apprenticeship/college back then either. NB
  9. Nice work Scully! Do you get asked or do murals in the day job/ commercial side? NB
  10. Cracking day! And one hell of a view! NB
  11. Great birds! Looks like there maybe a third over by the grass? NB
  12. It's great you have got willow tits. Especially if they are breeding. As said very rare now! Used to see/hear them a lot in old osier beds on a couple of farms. They liked nesting in soft willow stumps. BTO boi's that ring on the farms were saying it is thought they don't breed in Suffolk now. Squirrels a big predator of them. Some think each pair needs 7hec for a territory. Seems a lot. NB
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