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  1. As they dislike/refuse/twist any debate on anything that challenges them and dose not fit with there views or agenda maybe we and our orgs should attend the Hen Harrier Day 19 that they are hosting!? It at Carsington Water Derbyshire on Sunday PM 11th August for any folk living that way. Even if it was to just help/open the eyes of some of those attending understand that we are not the ignorant monied casual killers they continue to portray us to be and that a lot of us are as knowledgeable and passionate about all things nature as any of them! Not just getting angry shouty and negative but actually making a difference doing real conservation where it matters! NB
  2. Spot on PC! Very true! I have Watched it! Partly Because of great footage and a lifetime love of all things nature! Now mainly because it 's like know thy enemy! !!! He may have a massive knowledge of all tings nature but comes across as very being very uncomfortable and so so fake! Can see it in the other presenters working with him and that is in a heavily scripted and edited program ! NB
  3. Since when has the collared dove been on the red list? Any ref to that 243? They listed in the most top 10 common birds in uk. Big prob in a lot of places and one of the biggest spreaders of tracy desease. Loads my way and they certainly don't get on with and compete with the turtle doves we have got around here. NB Apart from wood pigeon!
  4. NatureBoy

    Excited much

    Great band! Singer James Hetfield a hunter. Some tried to stop them Headlining Glasto a while back after he shot an posed with a bear! I heard he's found god these days? Check em out with Lemmy and Motorhead. NB
  5. Give or barter mine so haven't used them but you could be thinking of the Wild Meat Company? They at Blaxhall near Woodbridge Suffolk. (01728) 687627. They top payers round here . Were paying 60p. They sell pigeon £5.95 for 4 fillets. NB
  6. Painter & decorator. But wanted to be keeper, conservationist or artist when i left school in 81. Ended up doing old school 3yr city and guilds apprenticeship. Got made redundant twice after. Self employed at 21. Sub contracting, contracting now mainly domestics. Working mainly on/restoring/looking after period properties. Varied jobs from. Churches to new builds, boats, Mansions, living wagons, museums and get to do a few murals. Get to combine work with shooting, fishing and conservation on some of the big properties. Hard work! But ya get out what ya put in. NB
  7. NatureBoy


    Hoopoe's and golden oreals used to turn up on local estate in Suffolk when it was heavily keepered in the 70/80's Both had very distinctive calls. Red backed shrike to for a few years. Found one of their larders they make on a barb wire fence when i was a kid. NB
  8. NatureBoy

    The 1980's

    Motorhead and girlschool (please don't touch)! Lemmey in a suit even! . . .Siouxsie and the banshees (peek a boo)! PiL (Rise)! All about eve (martha's harbour}! AC/AC (big balls).
  9. NatureBoy


    Interesting that habitat is holding both then. I didn't think they got on? Also lot more song thrushes about this year. Seen a few young about to. NB
  10. NatureBoy


    Did he get all corvids? Does it cover him for all of England? It Should cover you to mate?. . Falconers have any trapped corvids at mo. Another fella has wings and tails for fly tieing. Don't having the hounds through this time of year disturb breeding birds. nests and young? Mink and otter everywhere my way. Clearing out fish but water voles holding up. NB
  11. NatureBoy


    Do you and others in village feed JDog? Do the tree sparrows come to feeders? Great to see them. One of my customers has had a small colony of tree sparrows for over 30 years. they never seem to leave her orchard, farm yard and garden. or grow in number. Noticing a few more tree creepers and reed buntings about. NB
  12. NatureBoy


    You right there mate! Tricho hit greenfinches hard! Ges it what happens when numbers get so high. Found lot of dead and dieing birds when it happened. Think sparrow numbers really struggle. Nest in the ivy and roof at mine but i think gene pool to small and local for them to build strong numbers up. Lot of nests fail and others seem to produce some weak looking youngsters. I put woodie feathers out to. Not long going. Used to empty tumble dryer filter out to but being a lot of micro plastic in it probably not good. Saw jackdaw drop down and bang a young dunnock in head yesterday. Grab some grub from feeders and fly off as it's mate grabbed dunnock and followed. I have seen crows clear out buzzard nest in past. 1 killed but didn't eat chicks. Attacked and threw 3 out of nest in seconds while mate sat near by. Buzzards always chance it buzzing the rookery opposite mine. Tell by the different noise when they about. Barn owls busy last night and this morning. they know bad weather on the way. NB
  13. This also might be of interest to folk? Hen harrier day 2019 is coming up! Hosted this year by Wild Justice and Severn Trent Water at Carsington Water Derbyshire on Sunday 11th August. Maybe worth a visit to hear what they have got to say. Especially after there challenge to stop the brood management scheme failed and the RSPB having pulled out. Shame they will never let our orgs speak. But we may be able to engage with and help educate those attending. NB
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