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  1. Plenty of dead badgers about! This one does look a bit battered compared to pics of other stuff they put up. All very convenient! Once again! Wonder what species will be next!? Just when they upping there campaigns, need attention, support and more FUNDING! It's like the alleged incidents of BOP Shooting/ poisoning they have conveniently managed to find again latley! Really!!? Police said on one (poisoning) that the evidence was inconclusive . Looking at the pics of these birds, like many before. They do not look right to me. They supposed to of been found recently out on moors in winter? Yet Bodies/eyes intacked, feathers in place and dry. No signs of decay or predation! Same with the fox that was supposed to of been snared. Police should be asking why this often the case? There pics media friendly! NB
  2. Ask Mark Avery! He's been trying to influence folk for years in his negative, misinformation, passive aggressive style. No ones ever worked out what he actually does for a living? Least his book he always banging on about (inglorious) is out of print now! NB
  3. May of been that or there web site IG. Can't find it tho. I do read a lot. If that goes thro not good! I do think more folk are step'n up a bit this time tho and DEFRA are prepared to listen!. We all got to keep on it and support our orgs!. . . . . Be interesting if it go to court as WJ are threatning! Look like they may av a go at Wales and Scotland first, for release and GL. NB
  4. Bit late with this, but only heard yesterday!. . . . . For those of you in to match fishing/fishing. Lol Higgins died Feb 4th. In his sleep. Some will remember him and Chris as owners of Standard bait (maggot farm) Bramfield and Ukon tackle in Halesworth Suffolk. A great angler at Club, County, National and festival level. Great to fish with. Hard to fish against. Win or loose always a great laugh, plenty of banter and funny story to tell! Especially if Ray was on the bank or in the shop to. Good times n happy days! . . . . R.I.P! NB
  5. Think i read somewhere (can't find it again) that they want a ban on releasing game birds within 5km of these sites?? And that could be up 65% of UK land mass? NB
  6. Great report and well done! My outings this winter have been a bit like that, but I've been happy with a dozen before moving on or going roost shooting or packing in. NB
  7. Really!!!? To many "pest controllers" wildlife charities doing that all ready! And not just the odd one! Really need to stop and consider there actions!!! Just making it someone else's problem and causing havoc/imbalance to local wildlife and take livestock. Most can't hunt/ den/survive and a lot have mange. Quickly end up dieing, attacked, shot or road kill. NB RSPB shot 40 plus foxes at Minsmere alone last year! Bet that doesn't come out! NB
  8. Good news indeed! All makes an interesting read! So it was worth us doing our bit and sending our info in! Lets hope DEFRA listen to us practitioners more now going forward! Looks like releasing birds going to be ok for a while to! No wonder Avery's been rattled more lately! 😉 Never realised DEFRA's funding to monitor SSSI's etc had been slashed by so much! Well done all who submitted evidence and BASC GWCT NGO etc! United We Stand! NB
  9. Great stuff OB! Land still waterlogged round there. What rape there is looking very poor! If you in to fishing, there's loads of fish get in in Beccles cut this time of year if you are that way. NB
  10. Good read and great result! Well done. Cold in that wind! NB
  11. NatureBoy

    Top Gear

    Same here JDog. Proper petrol and great presenter! Amazing collection and knowledge. " Harry's Farm" even better! A lot could learn about all aspects of farming and land use from it.Certainly knows his stuff and how to get it across to others. Think him and clarkson know each other and were biding for same farm equipment in one episode. NB
  12. Nice! Liking the 3rd shot GG. NB
  13. Forever Spartacus! RIP
  14. 10% o profits n it's yus boi! But don't forget the Yare water has to be collected by a one eyed, webb footed Langley virgin. On a spring tide under a Woolf moon in in beet factory bay and fermented in a unicorns bladder! NB
  15. No! didn't see it. Where does her funding come from? come from? Got a link? NB
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