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  1. NatureBoy

    Can You Overshoot An Area For Pigeons ?

    Very interesting thread! I had started to think the same MM. Numbers here in mid Suffolk well down for the third winter running now. Very few flocks about and very few flighting or in the woods. Hardly any gas guns or scarers out this year either. I shoot over 9 farms approx 4000 acres and think i will need to be looking for more?. Hard to find birds to set up for anywhere at the moment. 4 plus years ago and with a bit of fieldcraft i could shoot 20 plus most outings anywhere and 1200 a year. Been less than half that the last 2 years. Half the perms are shared and 2 recent retired fellas shoot a couple during the week. Over the last 2/3 years i have heard of a few huge Autumn/spring bags of between 500 and 1100 birds taken locally. Some of the shooters recon it doesn't make any difference to local population as birds move around? I am not so sure unless hard weather push them about? I have noticed particularly the last 2 winters on game shoots with maze covers that birds have been going in them to feed and not moving unless disturbed. There are about 25 to 70 birds in most drives. With so many shoots now relying on maze covers in the area it's easier for the lower numbers to hide a feed all day without disturbance. When they are they just lift circle round and drop back in or to another cover because they know they are safe. i don't think they had a very good breeding season this way last year. With a lot of the early nests failing or predatored. . .It's not all bad! just have to adapt and work harder for less. Walking more fields hedges farm yards and roost shooting. Less pigeons, but lot more squirrels crows couple of foxes plenty of rats a mink and the odd rabbit. Nice to see so many woodcock about few more snipe to. Lot more english partridge about and doing so well. Just my rambling thoughts on it. Atb. NB
  2. Cheers 7days! Disco a rite off tho! Had to smash me way out of sun roof into bottom of ditch. Had 40+ pheasants and 2 hare on board at the time. That took a bit of explaining to rescuers and emergency services! Said i was testing new enviromentaly friendly air bags. NB
  3. Out with a bang! Dosed up with pain killers recovering from smashing up my disco Saturday night! Came off worse after an encounter with a bunch of fallow deer and a tree! Strange year! Friends lost! Few gained! Tears n laughter! Good times! Bad times! Mainly just glad to still be here! happy new year folks! Atb. NB
  4. NatureBoy

    Perdix perdix.

    Same in Mid Suffolk Jdog! Small coveys still holding there own on several farms around there. See them most outings. Think fewer buzzards about helping to. Plus we were able to hit the crow population hard during the hot dry spell. Several woodcock about to. Seeing more lapwing and golden plover about on the fields than i have for many years. Most hedges nearly stripped if berries now. Pigeons starting to get on the rape now it's getting knocked back. But not many around this way and most finding there way in to game covers. Local ringers were still catching and ringing chiffchaff and blackcap last month. NB
  5. NatureBoy

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Cant ask him Bob! He was killed out right! All still a bit raw! I prob wouldn't of been bothered, asked or cared any other time! just bit if that footage touched a nerve! I hope these tactics and stingers work and send the message they are saying it is and they punish them hard ! NB
  6. NatureBoy

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Thanks for that cheery comment Fuddster! But i aint got a Mrs no more ta! I agree they are low life that need sorting! What i meant by them been non nationals was they don't care and have little to loose, and because they are it maybe why they haven't been targeted and tackled harder by the law before now! First viewing of that footage made me personally feel surprisingly uneasy and that's why i asked other bikers oppion! But that could because a mate got taken out and killed by reckless car driver last week. Laws and sentencing need to be enforced to deal with them and others! NB
  7. NatureBoy

    moped scum, gloves off?

    I am not saying it's wright or wrong! Just i really didn't find scoots getting wacked and bodies tossed about like rag dolls criminals or not funny or laughable! They do need sorting out tho! Many are non nationals with very different values. Maybe that is partly why it's became such a big problem! There is so much wrong with our system and society at the mo! NB
  8. NatureBoy

    moped scum, gloves off?

    I am far from a snowflake or a 'hand wringer'!! But out of interest, how many other bikers on here viewed that footage and laughed and think such action is ok? Walker, back in the day under what circs and for what reasons would you use ram to stop tactics on motorcycles? NB
  9. NatureBoy

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Agree with you there PP!! They maybe cirms. But i think that footage would make most of us that ride feel uneasy! Lost mate and lifetime biker last week to car driver who took him out rather than hit another car! NB
  10. NatureBoy

    More Than Usual?

    Lot more lapwings in mid Suffolk at the mo to! More golden plover with them as well. Great to see hear and watch. Seem to turn up in the same fields/areas about this time every year in various numbers. As they have done for many years. Not so many pigeons about or on the rape. They starting to build up in the cover crops tho. More English partridge about than have been for many years. So hopefully hitting the crows harder is paying off. Seems to be fewer little egrets about. NB
  11. NatureBoy


    Nice pic WD! Is that a great white or little egret? Hard to judge size from pic but legs look very pale/yellow if little. NB
  12. NatureBoy

    Disco 2 V8 ace bypass kit.

    Haven't been under it myself properly HV. Leaking, chucking it out at the rear. Garage said front weeping/wet rotten to and would probably fail if just the rear was done. And like you, they said it not cheap or easy to do. NB
  13. I think a lot of the first nests failed my way this year. The high number of crows taking a lot of then out as leaf cover was later on the hedges etc. A lot i have shot in the past few weeks i think are not fit enough to breed at mo because of the weather and conditions. Nothing on them empty crops and no sign many are nesting or feeding young when i prep them. Even taste different to me. Seeing less stock doves about to. NB
  14. NatureBoy

    Disco 2 V8 ace bypass kit.

    I have searched and been told there isn't a bypass kit for the 4L V8s. So looks like get it repaired or pass it on. I am not a great Mechanic or have the time at mo. It 99yr top spec 7 seater with extras, dvd player and screens in rear of seats, parking sensors and light up grade. Got personal plate and gas conversion to but still don't think it worth a lot?? Garage recon pipes weeping in several places and hard to do. Any idea how much it would be to replace all or easy way round it to keep it going and possibly become my shooting truck? NB
  15. NatureBoy

    Wasp sting

    Suddenly hell of a lot about this week. They attacked stung and killed and eat a recently fledged dunnock under my apple tree this week. Something i not seen before. Loads on my pigeons last weekend. Some were on cradles 70yrds out. Had to knock them off wen i picked up. Even in back of truck after them. Hunting the rungs on my ladders at work. No fun at height when your hot, burnt, sweaty and knackered! All seemed stunted. NB