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  1. Saxmundham Angling Centre do engraving, NB
  2. Top man! R I P! A great conservationist! Treated badly by the BBC and others. Patron of Countryside Restoration Trust from the start.. Another org well worth supporting! Apparently stood for the referendum party against John Major in 1997. NB
  3. We all do our bit don't we! Good communication and cooperation! Lots of knowledge and joined up thinking. Then it's not that hard! As most of us know, a little bit of the right habitat and food/water in the right place at the right time with targeted pest control can get big results for game and all wildlife! . . . . Sadly also in news this am there's been an out break of bird flu in Mid Suffolk. Not good news for wildlife or farmers. Especially with Christmas coming up! NB
  4. Same my way! And they have been told the same. Hasn't stopped them here. Been going on for years! But numbers of dumped/treated fox's increasing more recently! Hence the topic. Bet none get dumped on llocal reserves! Hard to believe these people can still be so ignorant! Waste of time and money! I hope Anti's have people gathering facts off here! NB
  5. For those who maybe interested or have read threads of me banging on about shooting (Scuse pun) and some of the successful conservation we do my way. There is a great artical written by Richard Negus about one of the local farm /shoots i speak of in this weeks Shooting Times. Some of you have probally shot there or know of the award winning Brewery Farm shoot the charactors the crack and the amazing amount of conservation work that goes on there. The hard work, knowledge and real practical conservation deserves all the recognition it gets! If you read this Richard i am once again sorry for bending your ear so much at lunchtime that day! 😉 But i fink you really got and summed up how passionate we are about our way of life and conservation! It's great that people like Richard are on our side and also writing about whats really being done for conservation! This is just one of the farms/shoots in the area making a real difference! Just the growing numbers of turtle doves and wild grey partridge have proven that. Hopefuly more will follow! NB
  6. Taking trophy hunting to a new level! Danger money if there's lions involved? 😉 NB
  7. Any one else have this problem in there area or know who's doing it?? Been going on round my way for years to varying degrees. But been getting a lot worse these last 2 years! Fox shooters been getting 4/5 a night and more where there was none! A lot with mange or that have been treated for mange. Some with shaved patches operation scares etc. Heard of some that have been nuitered. Have shot 4 myself sniffing round the back of my truck in field in broad daylight in recent years, but never linked they might have been some of the recently dumped urban animals until i got talking to other shooters, farmers and countrymen that had shot, seen or had problems with more about the same times, or had the same happen. Heard of some confronting reporting people caught doing it but nothing seems to come of it! Folk are getting fed up with it. Recently local to me there was reports of public finding 4 dead or near dead fox's in 1 day. Rumour mill got going after these people suddenly became experts and assumed they had been poisoned! As it was ground i shoot on and just out of interested i asked to see them and who found them. No joy! Ended up on social media and RSPCA informed. Who's advise was to report any dead or dieing fox's to them and to keep dogs on leads. Strange! I wonder who's funding it? These so called "do gooders" that are doing it have no idea! Even after being caught and told not to and why! It totally unbalances the local managed ecology and the number of local fox's that are tolerated. Cause's havoc to wildlife (hare numbers) ,around farms, livestock and shoots. Many of these weak and starving bin raiders just have no idea how to hunt or den in the countryside soon go down hill and spread disease. Hopefully a shooting journalist is going to take it up! Causes a lot more work for those that really care and know how to manage the countryside and wildlife! Enuff is enuff!!! Another rant over! Bahh! Humbug! NB
  8. Shame if he is going that way after all the good he has done! Always had a lot of time for him and his long held views on population control and whats coming before it became mainstream! He getting on, guess all scripted for him and what the prog makers wana push. NB
  9. Even had his name head of the prog title. No mention of deer or squirrel control. Woodland trust do neither. No guards or protection around any they planted or mentioned. Perfect grazing. No sincerity in any thing he says. All do as i say! Surprised he dosen't get called out more on his designer wardrobe to. Constantly changing ,never see him wearing the some thing! Can hardly be environmentally friendly. NB
  10. Same here. They quoted me to so was worth doing!. Looks good, reads well and they seem happy with a take up of 2,951. Lets hope it makes a difference. I only know 5 other folk that done it tho? I filled in the DEFRA one to on the day it came out. Be interesting to see the difference and numbers in the two if they publish them? Guess anti's will have an effect on them as Avery and co were pushing it. Angling Trust were one of the few that pushed it in media with the great slogan " if you don't participate, don't complain when nothing gets done". I guess that's after only 18,000 responded to close season vote. NB
  11. Think she may draw the line at Avery! 😉 Interesting that she is. Cos they promoting and are Labour to the max. NB
  12. As i have also said in past SBS Well worth supporting! They do a lot of good science based stuff. There latest Autumn/Winter publication got some really interesting articals in it. Cats etc. Whoops! forgot we ant allowed to mention cats on here.😉 Tried loads of wild bird seed mixes over the years. Best i have found and no i am not connected to this company is No Waste from Charnwood MIlling Co. There High Flyer mix good to. Both no husks so don't attract rats. Everything gets eaten. (Turtle doves love it)! Have also used to seed rough ground with great results. 20kg bag about £18.00 Discount on more than 10 bags. NB
  13. Yep! She very much an anti and looks like she's already affecting policy (trophy hunting)! Was part of puffin gate. Plenty of pics them both at bird fair. She done her first speech there and on a Q&A panel with him and others. She also mates with Avery, Dom Dyer, Tingay, George Monbiot, Guy Shrubsole etc. Defo another one to watch however you may vote. This election has shown it's more about politics than conservation with all of them. NB
  14. It's the same here in Suffolk PC. And i have been thinking the same. Other years the rape has been nearly nee high until the first frosts. Yet again and for about the 3rd year we have very few pigeons tho or signs of movement. My theory of them getting in to and staying in the many maze covers that are on many shoots in the area now isn't holding up as seeing very few in them on shoot days on the shoots i go brushing on. Outings producing very few. !5-20 odd birds sometimes from 2 or 3 different locations. Not hearing any gas banger's or shooting. Plenty of jays about and seeing several woodcock. Still hammering several squirrels where poss and getting back on top of jackdaw numbers. Looked far and wide today and saw very little activity. Saw something i had never seen before though. A white red legged partridge. NB
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