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  1. Any one else look at follow there blog and social media? Both upping there game lately and having a go at WJ and Co. Taking the fight to them more. Some good stuff and info they both putting out there. Lets get behind them and support them how we can. NGO are calling for more evidence of predation to enforce stuff they have already posted. C4PMC must of got Avery and co rattled as he's replying and doing his best with others to discredit them. WJ are going to be right on it now they got there day in court in October. Seem to be getting more political/left wing lately to, after the mountain hare fiasco and Avery saying it is right to make wildlife and conservation political. It's NOT! It playing on the emotions of those selectively/badly informed by them. Playing on the unrest and anti establishment at the mo. Avery's criminal anti mate Luke Steel more active to. RSPB have got a new left wing political campaigner to look out for by the name of Adam Barnett who Avery's coseying up to. See WJ got there anti badger cull fund raiser target quickly sorted last week, including a big donation of £310,000. How where and what is a bit bigger/ more important than if we will be shooting lead or VOLUNTARY ( our media and some orgs seem to of forgot to put in or used that word enough) moved to using steel in five years. I think the public are not as gulable and against shooting as they would have folk believe. From folk i have spoke to and experienced, this year many more have seen and witnessed the increase in predation by magpies crows, rooks, jackdaws, jays and gulls. Both in there gardens and the countryside. It's up to us to inform them it's a lot to do with WJ's actions last year and there repeated attempts to discredit any good we do. WJ must know this and heard the same as they have been saying well that's just nature, Red in tooth and claw. YES! It is. But there action and continued actions will mean it increases! Causing a sudden rapid increase in predators that has a very damaging effect on the already (some endangered) struggling prey species. Sudden increase causing further more rapid declines. Balance is needed now more than ever! Targeted pest control does that. It Works! RSPB etc know it to! Be interesting to see what figures come out. Conservation orgs and gov bodies need better trained staff on the ground with better fieldcraft that are prepared to listen to practitioners with that knowledge! Some on there have said they have been on/replying to bloggs etc by Avery and co. Lets keep doing it! Yet another rant. NB
  2. No pics Washerboy. I recon you thinking of the old early K5's? They the classic blazer. Mine a all black 2000 reg LT 4 door. Like an estate on steroids. Plenty of pics and info on line. Look like smaller version of a Tahoe that all the baddies drive in the yank movies. RAC review about right summing them up. Only available as right hookers here from 99-2002. Only seen 2 others in the 10 years since i got mine Funny thing was one of them was what another ol biker mate brought not knowing i had one but for same reason. We both ride older Harleys/chops and liked the torquey throb'n big V motor rumbling sound. Lot of 4x4 motor (2000kg) n pokey for very little money. Pull like a train, loads of space in them. Great for camping fishing and shooting. Though many passengers who brave enough often felt sick from the amount they wallow. Mate pimped his, high lift, big wheels and low profile tyres. Handled real bad! Like an out of control skateboard. Side ways any where. They are meant to pogo. 😉 Smiles per miles! NB
  3. NatureBoy

    Wasp sting

    Suspended wasp nests are a work of art. Amazing wood pulp patterns in some. Have tried preserving some of all sizes for art/ photography/ education with limited success. Have tried using lite coats of fixative, PVA or aerosol polyurethane. Anyone else as daft? If so what have you used tried? A friend tried to pyrograve one i preserved. It didn't go well. Think giant old rizla smouldering then FIRE! NB
  4. As Scully Says! Spot on advise! It should be pinned. It would save folk a lot of grief. Dulux Weathershield Preservative Primer a great product. . . . . Would only add you can use a heat gun to help dry out persistently damp areas. End grain,joints etc. Don't over do it! Apply heat, let it work and keep coming back to it. If repairing rot use wood hardener to treat area before using a good flexible 2 pack filler. Filtite a good product. Hardener can be used on end grain and joints and on new timber repairs if no preservative primer. Stick to oil based products! Unfortunately if bottoms of sills and frames edges were not treated, primed or sealed before assembly they will still suck up damp behind any coating however well applied. Timber framed conservatories are notorious for seasonal expansion and contraction. Check frequently and touch in if necessary, and as Scully says 3 years max for redec. Make sure any sealing/joint compound disturbed/removed during prep is reapplied. Another good product we used to use a lot on conservatories is Architectural Solignum. I don't miss having to use pink primer or cream undercoat to show how many coats you had applied on contract work. Or bitumening out cast iron and asbestos guttering come to that. Gone of the days of a clark of the works using a mirror on a stick to check you had done the back of pipes, or a hydromoeter to check the thickness of your paint. Always seemed to turn up on lunch times to NB
  5. Think they still involved. DEFRA NE and believe it or not RSPB to. Them WJ and co never mention it or where/how it is working though. Just samo neg anti bull to keep the money stream coming in. Same with the turtle dove project and english partridge Some award winning farmers/shoots/conservationists here in Suffolk Been trialling various schemes, crops, (Insect, pollinator, and bird mixes), plus ways of cultivating and planting for a good while now for RBAPS, ELM etc. Results, techniques and advise get'n fed back to shape the new schemes and payments going forward. It's been interesting to watch see and hear how it develops. I have learnt a lot. Certainly makes for some interesting diverse and colourful cropping that's full of insects and food as well as giving shelter and cover. It's working for turtle doves partridges and many other birds. Gov are doing a series of webinars to invite people to get involved in the design and direction of ELMS starting next month if your interested. Trials going on and being developed alongside and on farms with shoots and getting good results. Done by hard working folk with passion that really care about conservation that are way out of the not so fun threes (WJ) league. They are proving that farming, shooting and good conservation done correctly works. The results are there to see. These farms are teaming with birds and other wildlife, Maybe a few to many hares now though.😉 But if they want birds (save turtle doves etc) we need pest control and it is necessary to do it! If WJ and co are as savvy as they make out they must know about all this and the new schemes. Yet you never hear them talk of it. It really shows them as the blinkered agenda driven anti shooting, anti farming egotistical hypocrite activists that they are. I try/have tried tackling them to. It's like hands over there ears La La La Were not listening. We know best your wrong! They bring nothing and have no answers or anything to show.They should have no say in or be allowed to challenge anything! NB
  6. Nice to! When i was a kid i had a kestrel that couldn't fly properly. The local vicar was looking after it for me one time and force fed it cooked pork which killed it.I was gutted and really hated him after that. . . . I hope all go well with it. You'l be naming it next. 😉 NB
  7. The Minsmere incident was 10yr ago. Caught red handed by DEFRA field workers (remember those). Nowt come of it. The other story was in the papers and poss on TV and social media last year. NB
  8. With chips and onion rings? You will spoil it.😉 Well done! NB
  9. Very True IG. That's it.They have no answers, do nothing but repeat a stream of negative bile about those that don't agree with them. From Keepers to the RSPB. They manage to find alleged cases of persecution whenever it suits them or there latest campain. They are activists! They have shown they want shooting gone! Not interested in anyone else, real conservation or a way forward. If we can see that surely DEFRA can. Lets hope the judges can! DEFRA NE need more good staff with a lot better knowledge of conservation, farming, the countryside and proper funding. Forward thinking farmers, keepers and shooters are giving them plenty of info a willing to work with them. Trailing new environmental and conservation schemes and ideas (ELMS etc) to help them. They need to work with them, listen to them and how shooting and pest control plays a big part in that. Need to pay them for there results. One size fits all, when is a hedge not a hedge schemes don't work. If they want wildlife, we needed pest control! That includes all corvids on the existing GL. Game shooting helps conservation. Over all wildlife benefits from shooting. Interesting trial on at the moment in a scheme on one local farm on hare damage. Where they are fenced out there is a 6=7in difference in crop height and noticeable differance in thickness. Does that mean more hares will be shot? NO! Will the farmer get paid for conserving them so well? Probably not! Hares can thrithe on game shoots. Result! NB
  10. Same here JDog. Great to hear them. Yep it is the mistle thrush. Ta. Often get that name mixed up because it seems to be song thrushes i hear and see doing it most of the time as well. Two pair of mistle back and nested in village. First time for a few years. They used to always be about and bullying other birds. NB
  11. NatureBoy


    Interesting! Very early JDog. They must of been back and started laying early/mid April. Did you see them then? Some only hatched last week in box's my way. NB
  12. Stunning bird! So is it hunting at yours and returning OF? Is it getting mobbed? Bet there's not many other birds about and any magpies loving it. RSPB shot one that was an escapee that turned up at Minsmere as they thought it might have the bitterns. Think they wanted to shoot some others to as reconned non native. NB
  13. NatureBoy


    Yeah! Feel'n that Jazzy vibe. I think? Names is familar. Think i went to school with him. Do they tour as the WJ trio on the Jazz circuit? Sure that's Ruth Tingay on vocal? Sax solo was great. Angry Jazz. It's the future. Smooth! 😎 . . . . . Sound a bit like In Flames. A band that used to back Motorhead. NB
  14. "American journalist"? Yeah right! Sounds just like a rehash, but directed at game shooting of the "met a shooter on the train" (remember him) GL comments, spiel he used before and wanted folks to believe. Samo! Unless he was a shooting jurno, anyone with no knowledge of countryside or shooting would be baffled /bored by him ranting on about a subject he has limited knowledge of! When farm/shoot near me hosts/ put on day for yank friends/farmers/ preachers it's the opposite to his spiel.. wouldn't say they are the safest days 😉 but they are in ore of driven shooting, the drives, beating team and especially the dog work we enjoy. Envious of our shooting/game diversity on the day and the amount work/banter that goes in to make it happen, seeing the habitat that's been created and how other wildlife benefits from it . . . . Some are so used to carrying a gun/guns/hand gun (men and women) every day and are amazed at the hoops we have to jump through to have/carry/keep guns. I wonder if Avery has even thought how it would be if it was so easy to get and carry a gun over here? . . . . Why should BASC be fearful of a name check by them!? Publicity! Unless they are directing there flock to target BASC as he/they seem to think DEFRA and NE are in line with them. They will be looking to exploit anything neg about our orgs and us till this case is heard. As i say when trying to educate folk. We can show n tell by example the benefit to all wildlife and the economy from shooting, pest control and the conservation we do. We have nothing to hide!!!! Want nothing from them and have NO agenda. They/WJ (hen harrier obsessed) have nothing to show or any answers (say it's not there job to). Have limited knowledge, true facts or information. They have an agenda that is driven by anti shooting, land ownership and class ( like trying to drag us back a 150yrs). They need a largely urban bunch of folk with even less limited knowledge and facts to hate us! Who we are, what we do Where we live, what we own. Our Way of life. They will tell them, say and do whatever to try and achieve that! WHY? Because they need and want there MONEY! They think and want them to believe shooting folk, country people and farmers can't be trusted to look after the countryside. We are practitioners/doer's with a lot of knowledge,fieldcraft and skills making a real difference for wildlife. They are a bunch of single species obsessed, blinkered, agenda driven, angry shouty people. With a pair of binoculars they should use more, a tick sheet, dodgy graph and HUGE ego's! The big fella is bitter because his previous attempts to ban DGS etc have failed and his book is out of print. The special one is quiet because of neg publicity and some virus. The angry gal. Well she's just. Angry! It's a shame! The only winners will be Leigh Day! I hope the right people can see who is doing more for wildlife and conservation! NB
  15. NatureBoy


    It's just WRONG! Just WRONG i tell ya! Ya need some Motorhead in ya life! Gota love a bit o Lemmy! There cover of Bowies We Could Be Heroes will be my funeral tune. NB
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