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  1. Another half story with biased twist. Don't all supermarket foods go through a metal detector anyway? . . . . .Coincidence? That Avery and co bang on about Sainsburys selling game at mo? I wonder? Having there own tests done. Some of us have already questioned their pic put up of samples they say they purchased and sending to get analysed. They have take them out of original identifying packaging and put them individually in Sainsburys ziplock bags. Very scientific! Not a smear campaign at all! No Sir! . . . . We all Know regardless of there findings (even if they are really having it done)
  2. Or a woodie. Though i couldn't see from that angle.😉 NB
  3. Anyone we know? 😉 Look it up for a chuckle. And no it's not the Cantley 1. More Lyn way. Glad they got to the bottom of it. 😉 Reminded me of antics walking home from the pub some nights. We all been there right? NB
  4. Talking of offensive. Ruth Tingay! Check out what she been posting about us/ sm on her RPUK (funded by Lush) Blog. Along with a very strange/disturbing music video (funded by them i bet) defo aimed at us. Scuse pun. NB
  5. 'The Dig' great Brit film! I and other locals watched it twice as so much location spotting first time. They didn't do a bad job of getting our Suffolk accents right either. Heard they had some local help, and Ralph was born in Ipswich.. . . . My dad knew Basil. Very clever down to earth man. Taught himself a few languages including Latin and wrote a book on the stars/cosmos. He exuviated a Roman site near mine around same time. Discovered when they were laying water main/sewage to our houses. . . . If you get a chance visit the Sutton Hoo site and visitor centre. Copies of hoard and burial c
  6. Up to us to help educate folk! With him being investigated and WJ now loosing 3 follower funded cases and achieving little. I think more of the public see through him and them, and can see their real agenda is anti shooting, land ownership, political and has got nowt to do with conservation! . . . . .GWCT could really do with our help at the mo. They are facing a big shortfall as unable to get out and fundraise. They do a lot for shooting and conservation. Worth joining or spare what you can to help. Dr NO was gloating at the prospect of them going under. NB
  7. Good post! Shame more of us don't get involved, challenge them and educate folk! Lot more people see through them now because of our efforts. Keep it up! It works! If only they had the balls to engage! NB
  8. Yep. Ours will bust the same moves.😉 Fantastic interesting birds! Great there is a few more about this year. NB
  9. Details on DEFRA, GWCT and Framing web sites. Strange it just when Dominic Dyer (anti and badger campaigner) just got a post as adviser to gov on badgers and TB. Culling Will still be allowed under licence in areas where there is evidence of a problem. NB
  10. Cheers Strimmer. I was looking for an actual Motorhead tune. Yeah, they do Sandman as good as If not better than Metallica. Top tune! Both great bands! Lemmy sound like he been gargling with nails. 😉 Toyah lot easier on the eye than both of them though. Love Motorheads cover of Bowies Heroes to! NB
  11. What Motorhead cover did they do? Any link? i couldn't find it. NB
  12. Looked like it may of been a bit colder in Toyah's kitchen today. 😉 NB
  13. The farm/estate where he has been Vaxing badgers for some time has been in bovine TB lookdown for past 6 months. So that worked well hey! . . . . Looks like his and Bojo's gal's mate Dom Dyer (bonkers badger fan boy and activist) gona get a job as Gov adviser. Not good! It's pleased the fat controller though. . . . . . . Nice beaver!😉 NB
  14. Little bit of snow and A140 soon blocked in Suffolk. No evidence of grit but they say they done it. NOT! Some interesting pics on news. Lorry jack Knifed. Nothing getting up hills. Including camper vans? One reversing in on coming traffic. Others trying to go round them blocking other carriageway to those coming down hills. Madness! . . . . A single pothole near mine has claimed over a dozen tyres/rims/motors that i know of in just two days. NB
  15. Cheers for reply's! . . .My planter came on after a road accident other year. Not so mobile after then got that. Heavy bruising and trapping nerves on that side. Plus weight gain don't help. Planter has now gone after 9mth. Mornings were the worst. . . . Like you Scully i am a decorator and found bouncing/stretching on balls of feet when working on ladders steps really helped. Along with deep massage. Standing all day not so good though. That and having bloody covid has really done for my field fitness. Never slept so much or been so randomly knackered. Immune system not great at mo, so trying
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