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    Top tune! have only watched Easyrider about 30 times! Listened to sound track loads more. Soundtrack to our youth and got us wanting and ridie'n choppers! RIP Peter! Swamp!!!😉 NB
  2. Well i was wrong about pair of turtle doves coming into deeks other week being a one off. Had 3 come in briefly yesterday. Was hard work in the strengthening wind. After looking over all farms and not seeing much i set up under big oak sitty tree in middle of some dicsed wheat stubble that had a few birds on and others flighting over in to very tall rape stubble in next field. Didn't expect much as it been so hard lately so put out 12 flocked shells in random pattern and 2 magnets close to tree with breasted birds on. Set to go by 3oc using my 525 sporter for first time since February as charity clay shoot coming up and various old cartridges i was given by yet another shooter packing up. Downed first bird in after 15 mins this moved the few other birds in trees and next field. Also droped the next 3 birds that came in battling against the wind to deeks or tree. Next group of 3 birds in were the turtle doves. 2 adults and a juvenile. Didn't stay long enough to get pic. Things went a bit quiet after that but odd birds kept coming to keep me interested. Packed up at 7oc and picked up 24 plus a magpie that tried to sneaked in to the tree. Better than i expected and i shot well with the 525. All birds breasted given way and some BBQd. Not many young birds. only had 2. Buzzards everywhere i looked. large flocks of finches on the stubble's. Lot more green finches about. Sandpipers and green shank have moved on. It strange that there no signs of mink or otters round the new lake. I know they about and the new clay banks ideal for spotting tracks. NB
  3. Well done charlie! Another good factual piece! We know the facts added to this tho! Who outside the shooting community is going to search this out to view. This and other info needs to be got out to a wider ordnance! WJ and Birdfair not very political at all now then! Notice Juniper was there involved and they had another meeting with NE in week. Carrie Symonds there and done a speech to! Perhaps they think they have got Bo Jo's ear now thro her. They certainly seem smug and have been ramping up there campaign in last to weeks. NB
  4. Can't find out up on line. I was going by what they said on fieldsports channel and Averys blog! So presume it did and it will be up on FS channel some time? Thought WJ Avery would be shouting about it if it went well for them and in there favour tho. It great our orgs are putting more info out and keeping us informed. But they need to been getting the message/truth out to the public/youth and use social media more like they are so good at! Hope they are on it cos WJ's DG petition look like it going to make it. 63,000 signed already! That well over more than twice what Avery got (25,000) in total when he tried before! Not good! Time we all made more effort to spread the word. It/they not going to go away like a lot think. NB
  5. Charlie chatting to the gang of 3 from Midday today. Talk of them streaming it live. NB
  6. RSPB tagged 10 in Norfolk. 5 were predated by sparrow hawks before they left. obviously not published! They seem obsessed with tagging at the mo! (more funding??) Look what happened to the hen harriers ITV were filming them tagging on moors recently. Disturbance caused chicks to jump nest early that they chased across moor. Parents kept off nest for 2 hrs. Next day no chicks and no parents! That been kept quiet! RSPB on one of the farms to day looking for young TDs etc. Pensthorpe were on about breeding/releasing turtle doves like they doing with corncrake etc but some thought they not have the migration instinct. Other country's do. Malta breed and releases loads with success! Supplementary feeding really help them a lot to feed up and get in to breeding condition when they arrive here. Getting peps to feed and the right feed has made a big difference locally. Think they struggle on migration and where they over winter more. Collard doves bully them a lot. Plenty of them about this way. And have been asked to knock there numbers back in past where they a problem on farms.. Interesting that on one farm that got out of pigs the numbers locally dropped dramatically within a year. Think predation played a big part as they spread out looking for food else where. Think them and feral s still a big problem around Ipswich docks and grain terminal. They have become a garden bird in a lot of places so will do ok. Often see them with canker and it,s thought they spread it and trico. They do nest in some daft exposed places though! Stock doves really doing well at mo! NB
  7. Thanks IG. Enjoy your posts to. Sounds like you living the dream your way!! 😉 Suffolk is getting crowded! NB
  8. Some interesting posts! Especially folk who have never seen a turtle dove or haven't see one for years! See Suffolk and Norfolk there last strong hold, I am fortunate enough to have had them return and feed up in my garden before nesting locally for most of past 20yrs. Trusts, orgs and local recorders did't want to know back then or didn't believe us. It's interesting how the RSPB are about increasing numbers round my way and on the farms in the project. On one they keen on studying, ringing, tagging and getting the data. Another which has more potential to increase numbers and is close to established and off farm new breeding sites when they did farm survey with less experienced staff said there were so many it hardly worth mentioning! Strange! Still a lot of work to do and on practical joined up thinking and sharing info me thinks! Or if they would be so interested at all if they weren't getting additional funding for it!? At times it seems on the back of others hard work local Knowledge and success! I still can't imagine in anything they publish they will credit it to shoots, passionate local conservationist or the need for continuous pest control to get numbers up! It's interesting that on another farm they advise and monitor that isn't a shoot they have advised them to grow there wild bird strips in a layout and sizes as if it where shoot covers! But they are in the wrong places for either! Not providing enough winter cover or feed and/or to near public footpaths and disturbance. Some times think it like they trying to reinvent the wheel! Still not seeing many woodies about on stubble's to set up for. See 20s n 30s on few fields that don;t come back. 37 been my best bag and that was mainly birds coming to a pond. Surprised the number of young pheasant n partridge out on stubble's doing well. 2 green shank still about on resivour. Found yet more badger setts, Farmer got pic of large grass snake buzzard dropped near him. Another counted 15 English in a covey. NB
  9. Apparently Avery announced at the Hen Harrier day earlier today that Fieldsports Britian are going to be doing a thing with him Packham and Tingay at the Bird Fair next weekend!? Should be interesting if it goes ahead and aired!? NB
  10. After i had set up near a spinney 2 weeks ago the first birds in to my decoys were a pair of turtle doves! A first for me and will probably never happen again. As it was a slow day i was able to watch them and find location of another new nest site we didn't know about! This year is set to be the best year for attempted breeding in my area. 18+ pairs that i know of. Some on second broods! Hear and see turtle doves almost daily and some times waking to there call. Much more importantly seeing young birds despite finding evidence of sparrow hawks having a go at them! Hopefuly now harvest well under way and more plant seeds about they have better chance. A lot of combined effort is going in to helping them and getting numbers up including involving the RSPB! Creating maintaining and leaving the right habitat. Growing the right feed crops. Providing supplementary feeding when it is most important when they return and start breeding. Above all carrying out pest control when necessary! All crow species predate a lot of of the first nests when there is less cover and they are feeding young. As they do many other birds! Squirrels another underrated problem predator. Collared doves will compete with them for food territory and nest sites. These growing numbers are up locally because of the people that care about the countryside and real conservation on farms with shooting and pest control! Showing and educating others what can be achieved with a little effort. Even something as simple as folk knowing what a turtle dove looks and sound like has lead to finding new breeding sites where they can be helped as they are very site specific and will return year after year. Not sure fitting some of these such endangered birds with sat tags is the way to go! If you want to see/read whats being done to help them and other wildlife in my part of Suffolk check out an article in the latest issue 2 of GWCTs working conservationists! Not a rural monied elite! Ordinary hard working shooters, conservationists and country people using/sharing all there combined knowledge to make a real difference! Another protected dove doing well my way is the stock dove. Often coming in to decoys and causing confusion. Sometimes in large flocks. More confusing in my part of Suffolk and some of Norfolk is they have for a long time been called blue rocks? Tho i have never known why? Some even thinking that is the species name! Seen crows and squirrels actively hunt there nests in farm buildings. If in doubt! Read the GL and brush up on bird recon! If still in doubt! Don't shoot! Other rarities seen around the newly created resviour on one of the farms have been common sandpipers and green shank. Along with hundreds of damsilflys and dozens of chasers and hawkers. Hobby's and little owls often having a go at them. Not many pigeons about tho. This has got to be a record year for many insect numbers! I wonder why? NB
  11. Great pic GG! Interesting it still nest building this late. NB
  12. Have you seen her? The fox might trap you!? 😉 NB
  13. Packham done a clip about it Friday gloating and using there email content to have a go. In it he has invited CJ to do it at Birdfair in August! thought i saw something up CJ had accepted but it been taken down. Still can't imagine him actually doing debate. Cos he never has and has no answers. Avery either! When asked they say it for gov bodies to sort out. Unless he's getting paid maybe by/if there actually is a panorama being made/going out?? Remember the fuss, if's and but's and talk about the other supposed panorama prog about pheasants/game shooting that never was/ or aired! They got meeting with gov bodies next month tho! After what they have been saying, the misinformation they have spread and as a lobbying group of extremist eco/ politico activists they should have no part in any discussions or policy making! I notice they have announced they will not be challenging any of the current GL;s. NB
  14. Thanks for posting Paperchase!! Great informative stuff! Matt Cross's other stuff make some interesting enlighten reading to! NB
  15. Thats fair enough then Conor! So if it does go out i guess it will be another one sided publicity stunt in there favour with no representation from shooting? Unless you know different? Do you BASC etc think charlie/fieldsports channel was wrong to do interview/debate with Avery and Tiernan? A lot in shooting thought it was good and balanced debate with both! Would like to see someone tackle/ debate with Packham tho don't think he can and had no intention of actually going through with it as like you say he hasn't any other time! Where his people/panorama intending to film it also? Wasn't there another panorama prog made on game shooting a while back that never got aired? NB
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