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  1. Worse! Greta Tonburg was on the Pyramid Stage spouting her same old spiel. Has not improved any. NB
  2. Just not seeing the pigeons in numbers my way. Plenty of likely crops and covers, but not seeing more than 20 odd birds. Had more blacks than pigeons lately. Others seem to be struggling to as not seeing or hearing anyone out. NB
  3. A neighbour done this to 3 small branches of my tree while i was out. He chucked them back over on to and destroying a pheasant nest at point of hatch. I was not happy! Apparently he couldn't wait to ask me to do it. Worth checking what's over the fence before "offering" them back. NB
  4. Packham going to be speaking at Glastonbury this year. On Left Field and Speakers Forum stages. Trying to get the youth on board i guess, as most folk are fed up with him. Friends and folk i know working there go to try and engage in QnA's, if just to show his lack of knowledge, spin and avoidance of detailed debate. NB
  5. Nice! And "they are very much now part of our countryside". Said the hypocrite Chris Packham on Spring Watch 2022. Shame he can't tell and avocet from an oystercatcher. NB
  6. Well summed up! I still don't get why they write proposing such stuff for more regulation. Now! I think many do realise change is coming. The challenges affecting a lot of shoots this year will probably change shooting and a lot of how things are done going forward. That will have a knock on effect on farmland birds, wildlife and conservation to. Including pigeon shooting and pest control. Bird flu will still be a big driver of that! Because sadly it is still with us in June. Not good! Lot of dead and dying seabirds being found in Suffolk and Norfolk Including breeding terns and gulls on the Minsmere reserve scrape. Reports of a lot of deaths from other sea bird breeding sites all around the country. Cases of scavenging predators getting it to. Packham trying to blame and say it came from the poultry industry. I have always stood up for shooting, angling, conservation and tried to educate others. Even when been told i shouldn't. We all can and should! Change comes from knowledge and education. It's a way of life that is ours to loose! Last thing we need is pressure/division from within! Possibly for others commercial agender? As the old school are giving up(some because of more regs) or dying are they being replaced by new/younger shooters? Anyone read another article in last weeks ST, 8th June " Lets put aside our differences"? R.S.P.B Turtle Dove experts/advisors for Essex &Suffolk? Really? Two fieldworkers only 2hr site visit boxes ticked. Is that it? No wonder so much goes unrecorded. As some will know i have a big passion for turtle doves and the conserving of. Along with grey partridge's. Doing OK to. So following The Flea Barn Project is one of the reasons i still get ST. Also interested as this project is very local to me and what i do and where i carry out pest control. I am just not sure what's to be gained by by having an org/experts involved that is/are hypocritically opposed to shooting and pest control. So why give them a platform in a shooting mag? If shooting and pest control is not recorded or mentioned in anything they publish surly it's just yet more flawed science? Data to make them look good and get funding, But it's off the back of shoot conservation. A lot of us spend many hours doing for free what they get paid for. Is that recorded? I think not. I have asked many times to! Just get blanked/ignored. Why? Because we are not Farmers, landowners, managers, keepers or contractors that can help them get access and funding. Blind ignorance of our knowledge, local knowledge and skills. When the successes and evidence that it works and what they want the data from is there in front of them. Can prove this to. As they are on/advising/getting funding another farm near by. Their signage everywhere. Covers are actually laid out and it looks like a shoot. But in the wrong places, near foot paths, to exposed and there's nothing in them come January. Limited habitat management and control of human disturbance. No pest control! In their 4th year but only have a 10th of the bird numbers on twice the acreage with same type of farm cropping and some of this is spill over from our ground and others. Only 2 visits/counts a year. Not prepared to show data or share info. Boxes ticked, more funding got. That's not conservation! Nor is blind bidding to get funding for turtle dove conservation from them. Regardless of what we do for wildlife and conservation and proving targeted pest control works. We don't want nothing from them. But they want rid of us! NB
  7. Used to fish Nacton Decoy in the film and Lady Wood lake on the estate. Lovely place, had few genuine old strain of wild carp in it. Ospreys used to visit and fish. Hairs on back of ya neck stuff seeing them strike up close. There's a site on FB about decoying and all the old/lost decoys in Suffolk and Norfolk. Some being restored. NB
  8. Think back to the names he called us on msm at the start of their anti shooting campaign. He started it. Calling us "Satanic psychotic murderers". So anything that helps take him down helps. Remember he labelled us as "the nasty brigade" on Spring Watch years ago. Spring watch seems like the badger lovers club this year. Gets worse. NB
  9. Did many folk still read shooting times? It seems not. Did anyone read the article by David Whitby in May 18ths copy titled "We must win public hearts and minds"? Interesting article, but i am not sure why? And why now? Is there some kind of new collective money making group, agenda going on in shooting to prompt such an article?? Some of it proper having a go at certain areas, people and practices in shooting. Calling for limits, training and yet more regulation. Really!? It could of been written by and reads like a kind of piece you would find on WJ or Anti's site. Just when WJ and a lot of the mob have gone quiet to. I think the public don't feel strongly one way or anther. When given facts and info many are in support of. Would they have published an article with these views from our side 2 years ago? I think not! So why are people within sport wanting to cause division? Now! They were expecting backlash but the only reference in lasts weeks copy were two letters they printed in support of, and one of those a regular contributor. . . . It can't be because the editor, contributor's have new books to flog. Can it? 😉 Is this the way to build bridges? NB
  10. Seeing that mouse and they way the nest has been built, i wonder if mice started filling the other box and blue tits took it over and just built on top. Mice can also predate eggs and young. Blue tits are nesting in the thatch of a job i am on at mo. just shows hole size ain't as important as location. Same with tree sparrows. they been doing well. Got them nesting in adapted food catering tins on one site. just another experiment to deter predators using what you can to try and get them to expand on site i can't control so much. Can't keep up with them. 🙂 Fella my way opened his swift boxes (quite big) up at start of May when he saw they had returned. Great tits immediately decided to build a nest just in one corner and started laying. This week swifts have just come in and kicked them out and started using/sitting/roosting on great tits nest. He can't see on his cam if the eggs are still in the nest or if the swift has started laying. Just this smug looking swift sitting on nest. So the drama continues. Will the great tits return? Turtle doves are back settled and paired up on 9 sites i know and poss a few others. 3 pairs on two sites. Rains came just in time for growth spirt on tree cover and weeds etc they feed on. Still supp feeding on some sites. They been taking lot of small water snails to. Back on track keeping corvids and squirrels in check on what sites i can. So hopefully they'l have a good year. Still loosing to much safe breeding habitat though! Never tire of watching and listening to them. Same with English partridges (or have we got to be PC and call them grey now?). Watched as hen came off nest the other night and proud cock bird keeping guard over her as she fed and dust bathed along farm track. Turtle dove was purrrring, nightingales, yellow hammers and whitethroats were singing in hedge beside my truck. The sun was warm and a spotted flycatcher was having a go at a massive hatch of insects from a nearby perch. Was like a proper bit of old England and i was a boy again. Rarities my way as well as turtle doves and English have been/are, adders, water voles, golden oriole, hoopoe, nightjar, osprey (local lake), purple heron, kite, garganey, hobby, bee eater and sedge warbler. Last one used to be very common. Like we seem to of had a brambling Winter, has anyone else noticed we seem to be having a blackbird Spring? They seem to be everywhere, singing all hours. Song thrushes to. Don't think the long dry spell helped them. Not seeing many young'uns. Big yellow hammer year to. Great to see loads more insects about! Been some massive hatches. Been having a bit of a push back at so called experts/boffins and others in conservation and shooting lately! Those that are trying to reinvent the wheel when it come to wildlife, conservation and shooting undermining our way of life. Especially those that seem doubtful/questioning/dismissive of reported local siting's and knowledge cos it nowt they seen, involved in or fits their blinkered agender! I tell them it comes from knowing your local ground, more time in the field on ground they don't have access to and never will. From hunters fieldcraft, a life long heightened awareness knowledge and passion of all things nature that they well probably never have or understand. Above all be willing to listen to and share information with others and admit when you are wrong! I have used just turtle dove survey's to prove that their science is flawed! Like only 2 short site visits a year by folk with limited knowledge, access and refusing to acknowledge targeted pest control or that works. Even though they use it themselves! Strange. Now is the time for real change! Little bit of cooperation from all sides and we could really make a difference and achieve so much more. Didn't mean it to turn into a rant! 😉 NB
  11. Interesting there were 2 in Mid Suffolk last week to. We kept it quiet. Male calling for a long time one evening, sounded amazing. I thought the female was a juvenile green woodpecker at first and dismissed it until it called. NB
  12. That's a lot of nest material. I wonder if they built it up so much to make the space smaller, easier to protect and regulate nest temperature. They do nest in some strange places. A customer has them nest in and half fill her post box on her drive like this every year. So that's got to be a generational learnt connection. A pair have nested in the top of a metal give way road sign pole opposite mine the last few years. Only about 1m from traffic and a bus stop. Gaining access through broken top cap, adding more nesting material until is suits or will hold up. That's got to be well snug for brooding and come fledging time, which is any day now. But it works every year. NB
  13. Yep, something for scale would be good. NB
  14. Saw a pair if lesser spotted woodpeckers getting jiggy today. Not seen any in ages. Literally had hundreds of brambling my way in recent weeks and through Winter. Never known such numbers. Had loads of folk noticing them and sending me pics asking what they are. Still few fieldfare and odd redwing about. One local farm/shoot Rung over a 1000 birds last month. Highlight was 2nd ever firecrest. Saw hummingbird hawkmoth yesterday. Didn't see any last year. Fairly sure they over winter in the ivy on my house and sheds. Grey partridges doing well, see/hear them most days and thankfully seeing less buzzards. NB
  15. Squirrel, back foot. NB
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