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  1. wascal

    Strange world

    Do you mead Gillian McKeith ? Who got her "non medical" doctorate from a dodgy online university, then got slapped by the ASA for talking B**lo**s
  2. wascal

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    Very good locks. I recall many a night wasted wandering round the station checking the locks were still locked.
  3. wascal

    First flying lesson

    Only a very small percentage actually have this The neccesary reinforcing has to be designed in from the start . you can't just bolt a chute on the roof of a cessna . And the cost of type approval and retrofiting would be "eye watering"
  4. wascal

    First flying lesson

    you get a parachute in a glider but no engine. you get an engine in a light aircraft but no parachute . your choice 😂
  5. have a look at this https://basc.org.uk/blog/press-releases/latest-news/new-basc-study-shows-firearms-licensing-postcode-lottery/
  6. wascal

    Pilots - Human after all!

    flying on autopilot is mind numbingly boring. I prefer to fly hands on , then I can get properly lost 😁
  7. wascal

    moped scum, gloves off?

    The Tactic seems to be well thought out , a little "tap" then brake hard , the chance of running over the scrote is very low .
  8. wascal

    ashers bakery

    Very probably , Some peoples football beliefs are much stronger than thier religious ones. I know a fanatic Norwich supporter who won't even go through Ipswich on the train , he goes to london via cambridge .
  9. from the home office guidance 2.15 When assessing the magazine capacity of a firearm, consideration should be given to the number of cartridges that the firearm was designed or proofed to take. For example, where a shotgun has a magazine which is capable of holding three cartridges but was designed to hold only two, the shotgun should be considered a section 2 firearm rather than a section 1 firearm.
  10. wascal

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    Make sure the foregrip is seated properly , that caught me out for a while
  11. wascal

    VPN providers

    Virtual private Network ! you join the internet somewhere else hiding your location / identity and usually encrypts your data as well I use NordVPN
  12. wascal

    Energy drinks

    Atrial Fribrillation ? an irregular and often fast heart rhythm
  13. wascal

    opt out organ donation

    I don't like the family veto . I have always carried a donor card , opted in and made it very clear to my family that the doctors can take anything they want. But My sister and her partner have some hippy/religous objections .
  14. wascal

    Dsc1 requirement becoming more common.

    If there's money in it , before long you will be able to get "Fake" DSCs on the internet
  15. from their face book page " Our website is currently down as we are in the process of going live with our new one. It will be back up and running shortly so be sure to check it out for new products and deals! "