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  1. wascal

    ashers bakery

    Very probably , Some peoples football beliefs are much stronger than thier religious ones. I know a fanatic Norwich supporter who won't even go through Ipswich on the train , he goes to london via cambridge .
  2. from the home office guidance 2.15 When assessing the magazine capacity of a firearm, consideration should be given to the number of cartridges that the firearm was designed or proofed to take. For example, where a shotgun has a magazine which is capable of holding three cartridges but was designed to hold only two, the shotgun should be considered a section 2 firearm rather than a section 1 firearm.
  3. wascal

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    Make sure the foregrip is seated properly , that caught me out for a while
  4. wascal

    VPN providers

    Virtual private Network ! you join the internet somewhere else hiding your location / identity and usually encrypts your data as well I use NordVPN
  5. wascal

    Energy drinks

    Atrial Fribrillation ? an irregular and often fast heart rhythm
  6. wascal

    opt out organ donation

    I don't like the family veto . I have always carried a donor card , opted in and made it very clear to my family that the doctors can take anything they want. But My sister and her partner have some hippy/religous objections .
  7. wascal

    Dsc1 requirement becoming more common.

    If there's money in it , before long you will be able to get "Fake" DSCs on the internet
  8. from their face book page " Our website is currently down as we are in the process of going live with our new one. It will be back up and running shortly so be sure to check it out for new products and deals! "
  9. wascal

    Most bizzare job you've had

    I have actually spray painted grass green in January for the queens visit !
  10. A couple of years back , Richardsons in Harleston fitted me a pad which involved shortening the stock for £57 all in.
  11. wascal

    Advice from a Technical bod please.

    have you tried the quiet line test number ? - dial 17070 option 2 it should be almost silent , lots of pops and crackles indicates a bad phone line .
  12. wascal

    Tool idea for gutters / truffins.

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/square-gutter-clearing-tool/4622p or https://www.screwfix.com/p/half-round-gutter-clearing-tool/6381p fits a paint roller pole
  13. wascal

    R.Tilney Gunshop in Beccles

    Harry Enfield character
  14. wascal

    Stationary engine battery charging

    also think about the gearing , most alternators don't come on song until 2000 + rpm
  15. wascal

    Ditchman's health problem

    They wouldn't care , It's amazing how many people can't tell the difference between HeartBurn and A Heart attack