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  1. cheapo chargers usually have a lead that is too long and too thin (high resistance) . using a short/quality lead really helps
  2. it will turn up ! We've been here before https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/04/rspb-embarrassed-rare-bird-suggested-had-illegally-dispatched/
  3. I went last October . Left with a big smile 😀
  4. It's still hard on full auto 😎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR5BtXP0s0o&ab_channel=MichaelRezin
  5. +1 someone volunteered Norwich for the "The Great British Cycling Festival" so it's our turn to suffer the lyra louts Rumour control has it that the head of Norwich roads doesn't even drive :-0
  6. truecall can block calls at night unless they are known numbers, so family emergencies etc can still get through
  7. common assault ! (a fine and/or upto 26 months inside)
  8. wascal


    in a old barn office with holes in the roof a nice piece of sugarglass
  9. The queen sent me on a little trip to the desert years ago When going through security at Lynham, the RAF Policeman asked me to put my SA80 through the Xray machine. "What are you loking for ?" says I "Hidden Weapons" he replies 😂😂
  10. The queen let me shoot lots of toys rangeing from .22 to 27mm
  11. Because of youtube everyone thinks they are great presenters and know how to make a decent video with a phone camera
  12. Studies After WWII found that most soldiers didn't shoot at actual people (deliberately missing ,wasteing ammo) so the figure 11 target was developed to produce a conditioned reflex
  13. Just watched a minister who said "legally she could come back but was not going to risk anyones life or waste money trying to help her get here"
  14. The best thing about keeping your rifle in the armoury is the look on the duty armourers face when you call him out at 5am sunday morning 😂😂
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