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  1. wascal

    Red Diesel

    HMRC were at Norwich Market a few years back dipping landys and they tried to dip my discovery . "But I've just left the calor gas showroom " says I "doesn't matter!!" says the smug clipboard man "It's a v8 petrol running on LPG " I smirked back
  2. wascal

    Pressure washer

    might be worth trying a stiffer hose pipe. I found that when using a water butt the suction from the pressure washer can cause a cheap hose to pinch off the water supply
  3. wascal

    Channel invasion

    The radios are small and cheap Yes obviously the "migrants?" are just Taking the "P**&" but a ships captain would have to absoluty certain a maday was false to ignore it ( Masters have been send to prision for deliberately ignoring life rafts/ mayday calls) The obligation to render assistance to persons in distress at sea and deliver them to a place of safety is clearly established in the international law of the sea. “Rescuing people in distress is a duty placed on everyone at sea, that applies whether in territorial or international waters, and regardless of the legal status of the people in distress or the circumstances in which they are found”
  4. wascal

    Channel invasion

    Most cargo ships in the channel will just pass on the mayday to the coastguard ,make a log entry and carry on. It would be bedlam if oil tankers had to stop in the dover straights.
  5. wascal

    Channel invasion

    The problem is that the migrants are making "MAYDAY" calls once at sea and they know that nearby ships have to render assistance or risk losing their masters ticket (SOLAS reg 33).
  6. David camerons bodyguard left his pistol and all their passports in a aircraft loo https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51383104 OOPS !!
  7. The republicans weren't allowed to call their own witnesses during the inquiry . So they are just returning the favour 😎
  8. wascal

    Wi Fi booster

    +1 I'm using a tplink version with a built in wifi access point , They were on sale in Tesco
  9. I wouldn't be suprised ! They removed the Tiawan and Japanese flags from Maverik's jacket so it didn't annoy the Chinese
  10. Had a runaway Bren once ! The drill was to hit the mag forward and out, but you didn't really have time before it ran out of bullets .That was my excuse 😁
  11. One christmas / new year I was on duty and got a phone call from an officers wife in married quarters saying their downstairs toilet was blocked and wanted me to call out an emergency plumber ( at vast expense ! ) I said "downstairs toilet ! Does that mean you have an upstairs one ?" "yes but we have guests staying" she replies "see you in the new year!" I said and put the phone down 😀
  12. adding lighting points (light fittings and switches) to an existing circuit is not notifiable .
  13. The idiot who climbed on the plane should be charged onder The aviation security act 1982 s3(1) " Other acts endangering safety of aircraft: destruction/damage/interference " .--- Penalty "LIFE Imprisonment" You don't normally get a slapped wrist for messing with aircraft .
  14. The best thing a solicitor every hears is "It's the principle of the matter !" Kerching !! ££££
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