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  1. wascal

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Just watched a minister who said "legally she could come back but was not going to risk anyones life or waste money trying to help her get here"
  2. wascal


    The best thing about keeping your rifle in the armoury is the look on the duty armourers face when you call him out at 5am sunday morning 😂😂
  3. A very quick google found 4 rolling pin murders within the last 5 years so - "BAN BAKING !!"
  4. Three years is the time limit to start an injury claim , so It's now or never
  5. wascal

    18650 Batteries (unprotected & protected)

    a protection circuit is needed somewhere !! or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtdH7FWKYSI&ab_channel=KarimLadha
  6. wascal

    Bad handling of guns on television

  7. wascal

    Drones over Gatwick

    reminds me of the Buccaneer on exercise in Nevada who returned early with a birdstrike. The groundcrew asked "Did you see what type of bird it was ?" "A chicken ! " the pilot replied "But chickens can't fly ! " "I was rather low at the time ! " 😀
  8. wascal

    Automatic Only License

    Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Regs 1999: Defines automatic "vehicle with automatic transmission" means a class of vehicle in which either - (a) the driver is not provided with any means whereby he may vary the gear ratio between the engine and the road wheels independently of the accelerator and the brakes, or (b) he is provided with such means but they do not include a clutch pedal or lever which he may operate manually. So basically no clutch pedal = automatic.
  9. wascal

    Strange world

    Do you mead Gillian McKeith ? Who got her "non medical" doctorate from a dodgy online university, then got slapped by the ASA for talking B**lo**s
  10. wascal

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    Very good locks. I recall many a night wasted wandering round the station checking the locks were still locked.
  11. wascal

    First flying lesson

    Only a very small percentage actually have this The neccesary reinforcing has to be designed in from the start . you can't just bolt a chute on the roof of a cessna . And the cost of type approval and retrofiting would be "eye watering"
  12. wascal

    First flying lesson

    you get a parachute in a glider but no engine. you get an engine in a light aircraft but no parachute . your choice 😂
  13. have a look at this https://basc.org.uk/blog/press-releases/latest-news/new-basc-study-shows-firearms-licensing-postcode-lottery/
  14. wascal

    Pilots - Human after all!

    flying on autopilot is mind numbingly boring. I prefer to fly hands on , then I can get properly lost 😁
  15. wascal

    moped scum, gloves off?

    The Tactic seems to be well thought out , a little "tap" then brake hard , the chance of running over the scrote is very low .