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  1. Not really a debate just a string of prepared statements Trump was better at thinking on his feet. I lost count of the number of time Biden replied "OOH come on!"
  2. mythbuster did an episode on this
  3. I thought that too .Don't the police get issued shirts anymore ? The scene is only 2 miles from police HQ , he has no excuse looking like a chav dropping the kids at school.
  4. I had the Bionic man watch
  5. wascal


    Strangley if the speed limit is > 50 mph you don't have to clear it up.
  6. It's a scam ! He means he will stop criticising the shooting industry when they do what he wants . The industry won't trust him and so he will be able to say to his cronies " I tried but those nasty shooters refused my help , GIVE ME MORE MONEY !!"
  7. The bad spelling / grammer is just a first stage filter , The scammers’ logic is that if you’re ‘stupid enough’ not to notice the spelling errors, you’re ‘stupid enough’ to fall for the scam.
  8. find the vin plate under the bonnet ! Looks similar to this 1st line (1980kg) Mass vehicle weight 2nd line (3280kg) Max combined tow weight 3/4 lines max axle weights subtract 1980 from 3280 gives 1300kg tow weight
  9. wascal


    Now the rivers will be full of scooters instead of bikes.
  10. the fast show ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuSPdsPWit0
  11. wascal

    Red Diesel

    HMRC were at Norwich Market a few years back dipping landys and they tried to dip my discovery . "But I've just left the calor gas showroom " says I "doesn't matter!!" says the smug clipboard man "It's a v8 petrol running on LPG " I smirked back
  12. wascal

    Pressure washer

    might be worth trying a stiffer hose pipe. I found that when using a water butt the suction from the pressure washer can cause a cheap hose to pinch off the water supply
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