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  1. Well worth the money, nicely crafted, looks good and feels comfortable to hold.....the priest, not Mel, although I am sure he has his moments! Pleasure to deal with this Gent
  2. Afternoon all Seen a few reviews of FF5 and FF6 and wondered how they compare to others on the market, Nighthawk, A1 turbo flapper etc. Presume by the price, they are better but before spending that amount wanted to get some views from people that have used them.....worth the money? Thanks for your help
  3. Agree with Flynny and Lloyd on all counts. Lots of praise when she she goes outside and when you take her out in the middle of the night, get her to go and no messing around, playtime or fuss. Also don’t let her paws touch the ground until she is outside. Presume she is feeding three times a day and I would give her last feed later in the evening, maybe 7 or 8. Get yourself some animalcare odour eliminator to spray on the bedding and around the crate once you have cleaned it. to get rid of any smell I would also look at getting up every three hours for the first 2 - 3 weeks. So if she is in the crate at 10:45, up at 1:45 and 4:45 Most of all, keep patient (which I know can be difficult) as the benefits in the long run outweigh the issues at the moment Good luck mate
  4. Thanks Rossco, I will look into it Is there? Could you give me some details please? Thanks
  5. Yes I think that was probably the cause as I did have movement with the strong wind. Just read up on retrieving corvids. Didn’t know that so thanks for the tip
  6. Been watching a small rape field (barely big enough for 2 guns) for the past 2 months and shot it a couple of times but due to the lack of cover and the wind direction it has never been an easy shoot. There is always Pigeon on it and for the past 3 days in groups of 30 - 50. Today the wind direction was perfect. Set up at 8:30 with the wind behind me and put out a classic horse shoe pattern with a traitor floater around 60 yards out. Birds kept on coming into the field all day in large groups but would not decoy, landing either at the other side of the field or annoyingly 80 yards away from the hide. Thinking something was wrong with the hide, the pattern or the floater, I moved stuff around all day. Floater further out, taking the floater in, putting it back out again closer to the pattern, further away from the pattern changing from a horse shoe to a J pattern, altering the height of the deeks, checking the hide from the pattern. Throughout the day, the pattern had movement due to the brisk wind so everything seemed right. I had moved flags around the field to try and get them to come in to my deeks during the morning and afternoon but whatever I did, the woodies just kept on going elsewhere in the field At 2:45 having fired just three longish shots in 5 odd hours (and missing) as well as 8 - 10 shots to keep the birds from settling, I thought, sod it and giving no thought to wind direction or pattern, I put all the deeks in a group with barely a yard between them (something I will always refer to from now on as a dollop of decoys).......Bingo! The pigeons came in twice in the space of 10 minutes in groups of 30 - 40 both times. Final tally 2 pigeons, 1 Rook. I am sure on reading this you will probably think what a lot of effort for very little gain but I have learnt two valuable lessons today 1. At this time of year when the birds are flocking, decoy patterns don’t seem to count for a lot (I am sure someone will correct me or tell me that is obvious, in which case fair enough) 2. Lo my Labrador will not retrieve a Rook! no idea why but she was just not having it. When I shot it, she saw it drop and marked it. I sent her out and she went straight to it but when she got there, she just looked back at me and despite the usual commands and encouragement, she was not interested. She trotted back in to the hide. I sent her out again with the same result. When I picked it up and put it down next to the hide she nosed it a bit but other than that, again showed no interest. Very strange as this is the same dog that has gone for anything that has got into our garden, including chickens, rabbits, pigeons, pheasants, cats and is a great wood pigeon retriever when out in the field
  7. Hi I have posted in General Shooting Matters about wondering if there is an appetite for setting up a private members Wood Pigeon shooting club in Yorkshire. Along the same lines of what you are suggesting, not a syndicate but rather obtaining land as a club for the members to shoot on and a small fee to cover costs. I have 6 people at the moment who are interested although early days. Is this something that we could work on together?
  8. No idea what you are talking about but will check it out.
  9. Hi Neil Thanks for getting in touch. Will keep you updated
  10. Hi Greg thanks for getting in touch. Will get back to you if we get enough interest
  11. Hi Adrian, will drop you. PM Yes I have belonged to NPPC previously and know the good work John does and aware of the farms he covers
  12. I think you mis-understand. There would be no money going towards the farmer. The offer is to protect their fields. As mentioned I already have my own perms by knocking on doors and putting the time in but thank you for the advice. I presume you would not be interested then? Yes, that is my biggest concern, even if the club got started. There are ways to combat that but feel your comments are very wise
  13. I have previously been trying to find out if there are any private members wood pigeon clubs in Yorkshire. Having spoken to Malc from the Scarborough Wood Pigeon Club, who was the secretary for many years, it seems he left three years ago as there was not enough input from the members. He is not sure if it is still up and running. Which got me thinking, would it be worth finding out from other PW members in the area, if this is something we could start? I used to belong to the Brentwood Wood Pigeon Club in Essex and it gave its members guaranteed shooting around the County throughout the year for a very reasonable annual subscription, plus benefits like cheap cartridges, organised roost shoots, disposal of shot woodies and the like. I know from my own experience, that finding perms to shoot on can be quite difficult but I now have three local farms where I can shoot. However I think it would be good if as a club we could cover a larger number of farms in Yorkshire and god knows there are plenty of them and plenty of pigeon. I don’t have any idea about joining fees, regulations, affiliations etc, etc but I am sure we could find out about that from BASC and other organisations. Neither am I putting myself up for any particular post nor committing all my leisure time to running it so it would have to be a collaborative effort. At this stage it’s just a thought, So would anyone be interested in something like this in Yorkshire? If not it’s no big problem as I have my own shooting but having been blooded in this type of club, I do know the benefits.
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