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  1. Hammeronhammeroff

    Yorkshire Wood Pigeon Club

    Hi Adrian, will drop you. PM Yes I have belonged to NPPC previously and know the good work John does and aware of the farms he covers
  2. Hammeronhammeroff

    Yorkshire Wood Pigeon Club

    I think you mis-understand. There would be no money going towards the farmer. The offer is to protect their fields. As mentioned I already have my own perms by knocking on doors and putting the time in but thank you for the advice. I presume you would not be interested then? Yes, that is my biggest concern, even if the club got started. There are ways to combat that but feel your comments are very wise
  3. Hammeronhammeroff

    Yorkshire Wood Pigeon Club

    I have previously been trying to find out if there are any private members wood pigeon clubs in Yorkshire. Having spoken to Malc from the Scarborough Wood Pigeon Club, who was the secretary for many years, it seems he left three years ago as there was not enough input from the members. He is not sure if it is still up and running. Which got me thinking, would it be worth finding out from other PW members in the area, if this is something we could start? I used to belong to the Brentwood Wood Pigeon Club in Essex and it gave its members guaranteed shooting around the County throughout the year for a very reasonable annual subscription, plus benefits like cheap cartridges, organised roost shoots, disposal of shot woodies and the like. I know from my own experience, that finding perms to shoot on can be quite difficult but I now have three local farms where I can shoot. However I think it would be good if as a club we could cover a larger number of farms in Yorkshire and god knows there are plenty of them and plenty of pigeon. I don’t have any idea about joining fees, regulations, affiliations etc, etc but I am sure we could find out about that from BASC and other organisations. Neither am I putting myself up for any particular post nor committing all my leisure time to running it so it would have to be a collaborative effort. At this stage it’s just a thought, So would anyone be interested in something like this in Yorkshire? If not it’s no big problem as I have my own shooting but having been blooded in this type of club, I do know the benefits.
  4. Hammeronhammeroff

    Hide Seat

    Thanks Gents. Already bought a bergara Seat now
  5. Hammeronhammeroff

    Making the most of it.

    Nice write up Clodhopper. Thanks for posting
  6. Hammeronhammeroff

    Transporting Pigeon

    Thanks 7diaw
  7. Hammeronhammeroff

    Transporting Pigeon

    Indeed Tightchoke, thanks for highlighting that 😂
  8. Hammeronhammeroff

    Transporting Pigeon

    I get them to her not do it them to her.....bloody predictive text ,
  9. Hammeronhammeroff

    Transporting Pigeon

    Has anyone shipped their shot pigeon across the UK? Reason for asking is I have a freezer full for my own consumption (Wife doesn’t eat it) and without an outlet here in Yorkshire, other than friends and neighbours, I am getting to point where I am struggling to know what to do with them. I don’t shoot huge amounts but I do have a friend in Cheltenham who I know would appreciate cooking them on a regular basis. Problem is how do it them to her? Any suggestions very welcome
  10. Hammeronhammeroff

    Some very difficult pigeons.

    Great write up JDog Similar story for myself today. Met the farmer on my new perm yesterday while out doing some recon on OSR. He asked if I was going to set up but as it was 2:30 already, I said I would come over tomorrow to which he said he would join me and set up at the other end of the field. Arrived at first light this morning with the wind howling and rain coming down. Walked off around 150 before setting up against a low hawthorn hedge with the wind hurtling in from the right. Put the decoys out but then decided to move the hide to behind the hedge with the net at my back which gave me a bit of relief from the 30 mph gusts. Shooting was difficult with the woodies bombing in on the wind and mostly continuing past. From my hide position, I only got to see these birds seconds before they were gone. Those that did decoy (probably half a dozen) came in fast and high before putting the brakes on and diving back down. Great sport all day but very testing. Ended up with 18 from 51. The farmer packed up earlier with 6 and 3 crows. Packed up a 3:30 and although the pigeons were still game, I wasn’t. On the 200 yard walk back to the car, the weather changed from drizzle to an extremely heavy downpour....which was nice! By the time I got home, I was wet, cold, wind damaged and aching but with a smile on my face. Great days sport and some of the most testing woodies I have shot (and missed) for a while
  11. Hi Chelly

    If you still have them, I will take them please



    1. Hammeronhammeroff

      First Snow of the Season

      Keep the pics coming PC. The weekly reports are great and the pics add to them
    2. Hammeronhammeroff

      Shooting with the Guvnor

      Thanks Gerry My Dad always shot with a SxS and when I took the sport up again in 2015 after a 15 year break, I decided on doing it old school so bought a AYA 4 which my Dad is using in the pic
    3. Hammeronhammeroff

      Its Never Easy

      Yes I agree but when you say you put in no effort, what I think you are saying is no extra effort as the experience of fieldcraft etc is already there through many outings and probably a good few years. To get to that point you need to have worked at it. Novices might not see that. Think we are on the same page, but coming at it from slightly different angles.
    4. Hammeronhammeroff

      Its Never Easy

      Yes. The original post was from Pigeon Controller which was informative, well written, descriptive and a really good read as his posts normally are and for people on this forum who are just starting out, the sort of thing that helps them. It gives them an understanding that you have to put the hours in, use your fieldcraft and experience sometimes with little to show for it but in this case, he got the reward. He gets some fine bags and always shares his experience and knowledge to help others which is what I think this forum is for.