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  1. I got a Webley Hawk out of my mum's catalogue and if my memory serves me right you could also buy shotguns! Happy days.
  2. Took it out this morning instead of my XL9. Much more fun! 28 ft lbs and open sights. My arms ache now though 😀
  3. Bemused

    New kitchen

    We had a similar experience with a large kitchen company (sounds like a device that attracts metal objects). Take plenty of photos and keep a diary of events.
  4. We use the pay as you go NICEIC certs which also does the Part P notification.
  5. Bemused


    All the best to you Digger.
  6. I always drooled over the Relum Tornado in my mums Kays catalogue.
  7. It's a Tecumseh engine we discovered.
  8. A big thanks to you and everyone else. Did as you said and it works! Didn't know you could have so much fun with 12HP. Just got to get the brakes working now
  9. Thanks I've never stripped a carb. Is it an easy job or hand it over to a garage? I'm useless at following youtube videos
  10. I've obtained a "project" for my son, it's a two seater Dingo go kart which has been stood for a few years. We cleaned it up, changed the oil, sparkplug and fitted a new fuel pipe. It starts and runs for about 10 - 15 seconds then stalls and a bit of petrol comes out of the air intake. Any ideas/easy fixes or is it a case of removing the carb and stripping it?
  11. Cheers for that. I have an old Honda 250xl that I could tax and have a go.
  12. This could be a silly question but how do I find out where the green lanes are?
  13. I once went to war with a wasps nest in an old, soiled filled 45 gallon drum. I tried 12 bore, petrol, soaking with water and a few other methods. I came a poor second so the wife ended up calling the council out
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