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  1. Longstrider

    Day light Foxing ?

    Walker says true. Do a bit of recon and try to find any regular runs then find a good vantage point, sit, and wait. Most of my foxes fall over when there's enough light not to need a lamp these days. I like to take a couple of those el-cheapo little pouches of cat food with me when I'm sitting up for Charlie. Empty a pouch by the base of a tree or some other 'known point' on the run and then make sure you know the distance to that spot from your position. If Charlie comes by he'll definitely stop to investigate this wonderfully smelly new food source. A fox standing still at a previously measured distance from you and the rifle really shouldn't make it home that night Despite what some might say it's perfectly possible to call foxes in during daylight too. I got bored waiting for rooks last year in the middle of a hot sunny afternoon and dug my call out the bag and thought I'd give it a go ... The fox came up behind my hide unseen until he was so close that when I shot him I could actually see the plas-wad from my 32 grm #5 cartridge in the big hole in its chest.
  2. Longstrider

    young rooks

    Rooks old and young will be all over a field of maize once the shoots are an inch or two high. They pull up the shoot to get at the seed, and will often work their way methodically along a row of drill to do so. They do the same thing with wheat when it first starts to grow too.
  3. Longstrider

    It's not always a fib.

    The wheat on this field was about 2" high, but the farmers drill is ancient so there is always plenty of loose grain around when he's been through and a good deal of that is/was still sitting on the surface for the birds to find. I was definitely there too late in the day or it could have been a real red letter day, but by some grossly unfortunate turn of events I actually have to work for a living and can't always be where I want to be at any given time or day. Work .. the curse of the shooting classes !
  4. Longstrider

    Masonic Charity shoot

    What a fine day that turned out to be ! Many thanks to Mick and his helpers for organising (if that's the word ;) ) everything. My first day of shooting at the sky whenever those perishing black or orange discs didn't get the way was actually more fun than I thought it would be.
  5. Longstrider

    Which decoys for magnet ?

    It's the Hypaflaps that I already have, although the wings are a bit deformed and tatty these days. Saw some replacement wings for sale for them somewhere a while ago so I guess I'll just hunt those out, tidy up the ones I have and stick with them for now. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. Longstrider

    It's not always a fib.

    We've all heard the farmer complaining of his field being "covered in pigeons", "It's ruddy blue with 'em boy!" or similar, only to turn up just in time to witness 3 scraggy birds wandering along the headland looking for company. Sometimes though, they're right ! Had a call from one of my farmers yesterday afternoon saying that a certain field of Spring wheat was alive with pigeons. He sounded a bit like the guy in the film Zulu ... "There's Farsands of 'em Sarge!", so I sneaked off work an hour early, got my gear sorted and got over there. It really was thick with them ! The fastest hide build in history and a quick scattering of decoys and I was in for a mad half hour. Shooting with the semi-auto I was almost struggling to reload fast enough to keep up with the incoming birds for a short while. 30 minutes of shooting (Before the pigeons disappeared en-masse to less hazardous places) saw me put 47 of them on the ground. Then they just turned off like a tap. Anyone know where I can get a belt-fed semi-auto for the next time this happens ?
  7. I'm just putting the finishing touches to my ultra-light home-made magnet, but I'm wondering now which would be the best decoys to use on it. I have a couple of decoys that have plasticised paper type stuff for wings and a thin fibreglass rod that holds the wings out, but they've seen better days. A mate has a pair of decoys on which the wings are meant to spin as the magnet rotates. They work well enough once you've fettled them a bit, but make an annoying amount of noise. Which decoys would you guys recommend bearing in mind that the magnet probably won't take the weight of a couple of real birds in cradles ?
  8. I reckon you're talking about the original Milbro catapults fella. Ally fork with a tiny pair of circular wooden wedges to fix the square rubber in. I must have had half a dozen of them over the years, and lost a thumbnail more than once until I cottoned on and just gripped the thing in a fist instead of sticking my thumb in the little dent where it seemed obvious that you were meant to put your thumb. I prefer my home made jobbies these days with wooden forks and tapered Gold Theraband rubbers. They really are frighteningly powerful and ruddy accurate with a bit of practice.
  9. Longstrider

    Masonic Charity shoot

    What time do you want us there fella ? Meet in the main clubroom, or elsewhere ?
  10. Longstrider

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    Mixed bag of 37 rooks and jackdaws on Spring drilled wheat this morning before rain stopped play. 551
  11. Longstrider

    Wire fence question

    Tried to give you a link to Collins Nets catalogue but can't do it (It's a PDF). Look at Collins Nets and scroll through the catalogue and you'll see the Simes Fencing Tool and Hog Rings. That's what I use 'coz I already have them
  12. Longstrider

    Black Squirrels

    Yep, often used to see them around Woburn when I was in that neck of the woods. Saw a couple of whities there as well once but they didn't last long as good mate of mine was keen to have a couple of them stuffed and mounted. This gave me opportunity, motive, and I certainly had the means, so they fell over. Black ones, white ones and just about everything in-between .. they're all just colour variants of the common grey squirrel. Not, as some folks think, a different species.
  13. Longstrider

    Urgent Heads Up

    It's here fella ... https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/373485-urgent-heads-up/?tab=comments#comment-3412517
  14. Longstrider

    Howa 1500 stock

    I have a Howa1500 in Ruger .204 and the Hogue stock is as good as most I've ever handled. I stuck to the 'ordinary' stock having had my 10/22 on a Hogue overmoulded stock for many years, and I don't regret it at all. The rifle will match the accuracy mentioned above with 32gr Hornady V-Max so no concerns there either.
  15. Longstrider

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    12 more last evening after work. 481