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    Am yet to see a 'traveller' camp that couldn't be greatly improved with a Cat D10. Law should allow a landowner to use such to clear his own land of 'abandoned vehicles and trailers' if he so wished.
  2. Longstrider

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    Those birds aren't just lain out in that way for the picture guys. That's the best way to set up a decoy pattern in Northants ! We do like things to be neat and orderly you know ;) You might not believe that , in which case we will have to agree that the OP is probably a good enough shot to have dropped them right there, in nice neat lines, to keep them easy to count and collect as well as letting some air round them so they cool nicely :lol:
  3. Longstrider

    Fishing Trip Poole Harbour

    Pop down to Mudeford (back of Christchurch Harbour) and find almost any one of the boats running out of there fella. They all do 'Grockel Trips' .. and hour or so long, feathering for mackerel that will serve as good introduction to the game for a newbie.
  4. Longstrider

    No more Cabelas bargains thanks to the EU

    Cabelas will use any old excuse to avoid shipping internationally direct to an 'end-user' from their US stores. Too many international contracts with suppliers and stockists to protect I suspect. One example of a refusal I've had from them was the (failed) purchase of a Buck knife. Any number of US suppliers are more than happy to take your money and ship knives, but Cabelas declined by saying that it was illegal to export weapons from the USA ! Firstly, they (as outdoors fitters and suppliers) should know that a knife is a tool, NOT a weapon. Secondly, I found that a bit rich coming from a country where both the economy and the political structure are massively influenced by a combination of international oil and weapons production. So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave. Good advice given above r.e. credit cards when visiting though ... Caned mine severely on a trip to Bass Pro (Outdoor World) when in Florida a few years back. So much so I ended up having to buy an extra case to bring home all my booty in, and then had to pay for it as excess baggage
  5. Longstrider

    S.Matcham - Saddest news

    Some of the PW members will know of Steve Matcham, he was a manager at Sporting Targets, Riseley, Beds (where they recently hosted WabbitBoshers Charity Shoot). With the greatest sadness I report to all that Steve died suddenly due to a brain haemorrhage last Monday. I've been proud to call the man my best friend, and my shooting partner, for the last 35 years. I miss him like hell already, and will do so for the rest of my time.
  6. Longstrider

    Binos, Try Before You Buy

    I have some Hawke 8x32's that I'm perfectly happy with. Recently chatting with a mate who has both the Ziess and Swarowski equivalents who had a gander through mine. All he wanted to know was just where the 'other £1000' had gone Yes, he reckoned his were better, but not better by enough to justify the massive difference in price.
  7. Longstrider

    .408 Cheytac

    Very technical ! But surely, what we're talking about here is a rifle capable of consistently putting in good groups on plates a mile and a half away, it's big, it goes BOOM! and there are but few of us with a bit of 'boyhood' in us that wouldn't love to have a go
  8. My permission owners always get a call or a text before I shoot. I see it as the proper way of going about the job. Shooting on one perm (East side of a small local village) last week when I got a text that read "Are you out? I can hear bangs!" It was from a farmer whose land I shoot on the West of the village. I let him know it was me and where I was and all was well. No other gun-shots could be heard in the area (not by me anyway) so I knew he was hearing my shots and wondering if someone else was on his land. At the moment though, the landowners seem to call me as often as I call them, letting me know what's going on where and when so I can plan my trips accordingly.
  9. Longstrider

    Using satellite images

    They're old images alright ! If you know where to look you can still see me, my Freelander,and the pattern of crow decoys I'm picking up at the end of my day on a field of stubble from 2 years ago !
  10. Longstrider

    Ive gota' come clean...

    Good to read that you're 'at it' again fella A session or two (they'll only count as practice ) and you'll have your eye in again I've no doubt. Being built like a gibbon I've found my Hatsan semi-auto to be a wonderful tool for the job at hand. I had to add all of the supplied spacers to the stock to make it very nearly long enough for me, but I shoot better with it than almost anything else I've ever had in my hands (shotgun-wise) because of it.
  11. Longstrider

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    Since I last posted, bags of ...... 32 mixed rooks and jackdaws (mostly jacks) 46 mixed rooks and jackdaws (mostly jacks) 19 same again, then last night 47 rooks and 2 jacks on fresh cut hay field. 146 more for me so .... Total 1442
  12. Longstrider

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    Well done fella. A bit of thought and effort and you got the rewards Only 2 pigeon for me, as when I arrived on the farm all I could see were rooks on a freshly cut hay field, so I put out a dozen crow decoys and used 'black-birds' to get my eye in ready for when I have fresh stubble to shoot pigeon over. Ended the day with 47 rooks, 2 jackdaws and 2 pigeons that were daft enough to fly right across in front of the hide.
  13. Longstrider

    What to wear for informal syndicate?

    Why not ?. No-one will ever forget you !
  14. Longstrider

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    If you miss any, send them over towards Milton Keynes please I'll be in between you and MK this afternoon so will hopefully get to intercept a few of them as they come past. Let us know how you got on !
  15. Longstrider

    Otis Small Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kit

    Please define 'Small calibre'. Some see the .243 as small, other use .17HMR or .204's.