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  1. Longstrider

    22lr and Horses

    A .22 rimmy firing sub-sonics through a good moderator usually doesn't spook the gee-gees, but if you feel you'd like to go even quieter, look at getting yourself some .22 shorts like the Dynamit Nobel Z-Lang ammo. It's no good in semi-autos as it lacks the punch to cycle the action, and you'll need to check your zero and allow a little more elevation for those longer shots (learn your new trajectory ) but that stuff is as quiet as a quiet thing that's trying to be quiet whilst providing the performance of a good FAC air rifle or better. https://rws-munition.de/en/rws-sportshooting-area/rws-sport-ammunition/rws-rimfire-cartridges-for-sport-shooters/Product/show/rws-z-lang.html#!0/278/52 I shot bunnies on the paddocks of a couple of very posh stud farms for years and some of those top-end Ferrari race horses are as skittish as a paranoid schizophrenic on speed, but I never had any problems with them spooking at the shot with Z-Langs. Mind you, if they suddenly noticed me emerge from behind a shed or from a ditch they often acted like I'd whalloped them with a electrified carpet beater Ruddy things are mad. One end bites and t'other end kicks.
  2. Longstrider

    Noisy sub 22lr

    Extra loud sub-sonic ammo usually isn't subsonic ... that's the problem. Manufacturers want you to get the best from their ammo so you'll buy it again, so they'll load subsonics to within an inch (metaphorically) of being supersonic, through their test rifle on a certain day under the prevailing conditions at the time. Trouble is, the speed of sound is NOT a constant. It varies with humidity, altitude, and a host of other factors. Ammo that is nicely sub-sonic on a warm dry day in, say, Nevada where it's made and tested, may well go super-sonic on a cold, damp evening in Blighty when you're out bunny bashing. It only needs to be 1/2 ft/sec more than the speed of sound there and then and you'll get a 'sonic crack' as it leaves the rifle. I've found that Winchester Super X (40gr) performs the best for both consistency and accuracy in both my .22RF rifles, but even that produces a 'cracker' every now and then. Usually on the aforementioned cold damp evening.
  3. Longstrider

    Wabbitbosher Masonic charity shoot

    Hoping I can make it again Mick.
  4. Longstrider

    What gun .204 cal

    I have the Howa 1500 in .204. Fitted with an Evo Wildcat mod and a 6-24 x 50 'scope. Awesome little rifle ! Regularly taking Charlie at ranges that defy reality and never had one take a step after the shot. If you get 32 grains of lead traveling fast enough it doesn't half do the job I stuck with the floorplate/top feed rather than the mag conversion as I've read of a problem or two with the releases dropping the mags to easily, but if you need more than one shot per fox it's not the rifles fault, you're not doing your part. Where are you Bagem ? If you're in my neck of the woods you'd be welcome to come down to my perm and 'have a play' to see if it suits you ...
  5. Longstrider

    223 mod

    Another vote for the Wildcat Evo.
  6. Longstrider


    I know I'm being a pedant here but .. Why put the base board straight out from the feeder ? If you have it there the squirrels tend to sit between you and the feeder to eat their nut, so you end up shooting the box as well as the rat.. Put the board across the base of the feeder and the squirrels sit on there at the side of the box (usually with a tree-trunk behind them) feeling lovely and safe all snuggled into a nice corner with a tree at their back. They sit better, giving you a clear shot, and you don't end up having to re-enforce the box to withstand being shot because you dont shoot it.
  7. Longstrider

    Sit or stand

    I have back problems and find that standing in a hide all day means I'll be in pain for 2 or 3 days afterwards, so these days I tend to sit. I use a Jack Pyke bucket seat (good way to store and carry cammo nets, and lunch so it doesn't get squashed in my bag) Now that I'm used to shooting from a sitting position I find it's fine, but it did take a bit of getting used to. It does have the advantage of meaning that you can build lower and therefore less obtrusive hides
  8. Longstrider

    sgc information

    I had a letter from a gunshop telling me about their change of address a while back, but I had never in my life been to their shop ... I called them to ask where they got my details from and they were insistent that I had done business with them in the past. A check of my FAC revealed that they were the company from whom I had bought rifle ammo at the British Shooting Show (NEC). Now, I know that for rifle ammo the dealer has to take FAC details and record sales on the cert, but for them to then use this for marketing annoyed me enough that I'll not be dealing with them again despite their new shop not being too much of a stretch to get to from home. If it happened with my SGC where there is no obligation to record details, I'd be whooping their backsides with the recent Data Protection laws in short order.
  9. Longstrider


    Go and sit dead quiet by the Delph on a Summers evening and keep your eyes on a bit of bank you've baited with a smelly old mackerel or similar. You'll see one or two then. Used to fish for pike up there with a mate and we would see them regularly. Pine Lake (Resort) up by Carnforth had a number of the vermin around it too.
  10. Longstrider

    Sloe gin

    Bottled up my sloe gin last weekend .. all 5 litres of it (minus a sip or two 'just to test it' ) and it's simply lovely. The sloes on my perm were the biggest berries and most abundant crop I've ever seen so it only took about and hour and half to pick enough sloes to make 5 litres of gin . I wonder if anyone here also makes a 'prickly board' to perforate the sloes before use ? A piece of hardboard and a couple of dozen staples from a staple gun fired right through the board and you're away. Just gently roll half a dozen sloes at a time under it (the prickly side) on a cutting board and they'll have neat little holes all over. Saves hours of faffing around with a pin Have also done about 3 litres of orange brandy again this year. (Lady Longstriders favourite)
  11. Longstrider

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    Muntjack (especially the fillets ) followed by rabbit as long as Lady Longstrider makes it into her wonderful rabbit-n-apple stew. Nom nom nom nom nom !
  12. Longstrider

    Thermal Top recommendations

    If you feel the cold treat yourself to a couple of Norgies I have to wait until it's well below freezing to wear mine coz I sweat my whotsits off otherwise. https://www.amazon.co.uk/GENUINE-BRITISH-ARMY-Thermal-Norgie/dp/B00G0TNA70 Buy them oversized so there's plenty to tuck into your trousers, wear a jumper over the top, and whatever jacket you'd normally wear to keep the breeze off. You'll be warm as toast.
  13. Longstrider

    101 woes

    Letting TVP know where you will be and when via 101 is a waste of time IMO. I once spent 30 minutes handcuffed whilst a team of 8 (un-armed) coppers searched me and my car because I was shooting (lamping bunnies) on council owned land. This was after getting a URN from TVP 3 hours previously, and working as a pest control contractor for the council. The fools had shed themselves of all their reflective Hi-viz stuff so that they could 'creep up on the scene' .. then shone a high intensity torch into my car to check it out. I saw them from 3 fields away and had no idea who it was. I unloaded the rifle, removed the mag and left the action open (semi auto) before approaching at speed. I was no more than 20 yards from them when I challenged them (they had no idea where I was until that point) then panic set in I pointed out that with no way of seeing who they were, had I been a 'wrong 'un ' , I could have had the lot of them from the far side of the field and they wouldn't have known what hit them. They claimed that due to a system glitch they couldn't verify the URN with headquarters until it was far too late in proceedings to have done any good.
  14. Longstrider

    America - nicer than Oz :)

    Bringing in shotgun chokes shouldn't be an issue, but I'd put them in the checked-in luggage to be sure of things. Also, please Fire the guns, don't shoot them. Shooting guns does them no favours at all. My mate once shot my old O/U and it had 3 #6 shot in the stock and one in the fore-end to the day I got rid of it. They went well with the big scratch down the side of the barrels where I had fallen, stepped on it and slipped in my (tungsten carbide) studded Hunter wellies though
  15. Longstrider

    Smeggin Crows😵

    Not only further away, but appearing larger too so apparently moving slower, fooling you into giving too much lead Keep 'em coming