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  1. Longstrider

    Cleaning optics

    I just blow hard on mine to remove any loose dust and then wipe with one of those little disposable wet-wipes for spectacles. Never had any problems with this method. You can keep a couple of sachets of wet wipe in your shooting bag and not know they're there until you need them.
  2. Longstrider

    Porcelain type material ..?????

    What you want is SUGRU. Google it , you'll never wonder how to make or mend anything again
  3. Longstrider

    Police chief. ?

    I think the photo mock-up says it all... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/3326831/met-chief-is-mocked-up-with-white-feather-of-cowardice-and-faces-call-to-resign-after-failing-to-go-to-aid-of-murdered-pc-keith-palmer/amp/ P.S. Don't judge me on the source. It was the first linkable copy of it I could find through Google)
  4. Longstrider

    Woodwork/tool question

    We've always called the little metal wedges 'dogs'. You can still by them loose in a wide variety of sizes from a wonderful shop called Odells on Stony Stratford High St.
  5. Longstrider

    9.3 x 74r

    Anyone use this calibre ? Have just seen some ammo for it and it looks more like artillary fodder than rifle ammo ! I believe the continentals like it for boar and larger beasties, but other than perhaps boar I can't see a practical need for it in the UK unless it's size is misleading when it comes to actual performance downrange (although I doubt it).
  6. Until recently my best mate did all my reloading for me (.270 win) and knew what he was doing. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and I have been given the press and dies. Along with those I have a powder trickler, scales, and of course, heads, primers, powder, and 'empties'. I understand the procedure of reloading (hardly rocket science) but have never done so. What I don't want to do is screw up or make life harder than it needs to be for the want of some knowledge. So .... is there anyone in my area (Northampton/Milton Keynes-ish) who loads rifle ammo who would be willing to share know-how, and teach a ham-fisted newb to the game how to do the job properly and safely ? I know it's all available in manuals and on-line videos, but there's no better way than learning one-on-one from someone with experience. Thanks.
  7. Longstrider

    Pigeon and crow shooting m8

    Message inbound
  8. Longstrider

    Rat pellets

    Put the pellet in the right place and it really doesn't matter what type it is Rats are amazingly tough and body shots simply are not going to drop them on the spot. You need to 'switch them off' with a good head shot. 'Lead through brain' will terminate the problem every time and it won't matter what shape the lead is when it's there. If your current pellets are giving good accuracy then stick with them and put the hole where the hole needs to be.
  9. Longstrider

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    My Hatsan Escort doesn't like Hull cartridges either. Superfast Pigeon tend to get 'dropped' by the extractor and left loose in the breech area. Almost any other 70mm cartridge with a good clean rim on the base will cycle just fine. Perhaps the Hulls have a slightly more rounded edge to the cartridge rim ?? Doesn't seem to matter how filthy the guts of the gun are if I use something like NSI Sipe 32g #6's, it just kills things and spits the empties a country mile all day When I do strip and clean it, I leave the workings bone dry as per instructions when I bought it new, but it's always gone against the grain to do so. I use graphite powder as work so will try a little of that in there from now on. Good tip
  10. Longstrider


    A good friend of mine used to shoot them regularly with his FN FAL around his farm, especially after one dropped onto his Rhodesian Ridgeback from a tree and killed it with a single bite to the head. Apparently 7.62 x51 NATO ball does the job on them very nicely
  11. Longstrider

    Scope adjustment

    Having already made an adjustment, try just tapping the scope. This may make the adjustment 'jump into place' from where it's stuck (IF it is stuck). I've had this happen with older cheap scopes but never with a Hawke ... Other than that .. the above
  12. Longstrider

    You can't shoot the fairy fields

    We all know what the owner knows ... The only fairies in those fields will be the tree-hugging holisticals who've run away from the world in order to 'find themselves and contemplate the deeper spiritual nature of existence' or some such similar load of old sock-wash. Can't go making the 'fairies' jump when something goes BANG when they're concentrating on such meaningful thoughts (Especially if they're paying a couple of hundred a week to be pandered to )
  13. Longstrider


    Not only on the GL but also an Invasive Species that should be wiped out if only it was possible. Typically, the GL only allows shooting if they are actually doing damage to crops etc, but an air rifle is more than enough for them and does the job well. James Marchington received quite a bit of stick for this, but it didn't stop him doing more of the same
  14. Longstrider

    Bent Pellets

    Best tips I can offer are ... Never buy pellets on-line and have them sent by post .. they'll get dropped and bashed en-route and most will arrive damaged. Buy from a shop where you get to see the tin before you pay .. refuse any dented or mis-shaped tins because they'll contain mostly ruined pellets If you shoot PCP then load your mags up in advance and check each pellet as you do so. Mags should help protect pellets from damage. If you shoot break barrel, only remove a small number from the tin at a time and check each one as you load it. Always treat tins of pellets as if they were made of thin glass. Dropping them or bashing them is a sure way to end up with deformed and un-trustworthy pellets. IMO those wet-moulded leather 'pellet pouches' are a really good way to ensure that most of your pellets will get to gun with some damage already done to the skirts ...
  15. Longstrider

    Ear defenders

    I use 3M electronics usually, but have been trying out a pair of Shothunt in-ear electronics recently ( http://www.shothunt.com/standard.php ) . Main advantage is that they are so small (in your ear like hearing aids) you don't get so sweaty in them as you do when wearing 'cans' in the hot weather we've been having. they're a bit fiddly to adjust to get the volume right because the knob is so small and my fingers are like sausages, but once you have them right they're really very comfy and effective.