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  1. If anyone were to think that the actions of these women was justified and that his response was OTT, they should try barging their way in to any nightclub in the country 'as a protest against "whatever" ..' I can just see the (trained, and these days qualified and registered) door-staff (known as 'bouncers' for a reason) entering into dialogue to discuss the issues and come to a peaceful resolution to the event whereby all parties have an equal say in the matter. NOT ! Forcing an entry into private property and aggressively approaching senior members of government would result in 'bang, bang, flop' in probably 90% of countries on the planet. Also, having worked in the security industry for many years I'd like think that whoever was supposedly in charge of security at the event is 'signing on' this morning.
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    Walker 570 highlights the main problem with using poisons around the home ... dead rats and mice rotting away in in-accessible places and stinking as they do so. This is why my first response to the problem is always traps. The little plastic based traps from B+Q or similar are great for mice if you bait them with peanut butter, but you can't beat a Fenn #4 (in a tunnel) for rats IMO. At least with traps you know for certain that the ******* are dead, and you can dispose of the bodies properly. There's also the added bonus of the satisfaction element when you get them ;)
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    We have had to stop filling the bird feeders for a while in the garden. Both feeders hang above the decking outside the conservatory and inevitably some seed is spilled by the birds and falls onto, or through the decking. Sitting having a cuppa one mid afternoon I saw a mouse, bold as brass, out on the decking making good with the free offerings so I set a couple of traps, baited with peanut butter under a piece of board supported by bricks at the corners (to keep the dog off them). 27 mice so far and still going !
  4. Once the jackdaw is on the ground and stationary you can walk over and ask it what it's intentions were ....
  5. I use a set of 4Stable sticks. They are joined at the bottom with only one leg in contact with the ground (One leg longer than the other on each side) The will rock forwards and backwards until you shoulder the rifle, or you can easily stop this if you want to by tying a bit of cord or ribbon to the rear yolk. Set the rifle up and then stand on the end of the cord. Push forward and as the cord tightens the whole assembly locks up solid. You just have to let the cord out from under your foot gradually until you're on target height. Have seen this used but have never felt the need myself. The use of quad-sticks has revolutionised my shooting to be honest. I could never get on with a single stick and was more accurate and consistent free standing, then I had a pair of sticks and things got better .. then along came '4 sticks' and a LOT of foxes and deer payed heavily
  6. A mate of mine had one of those and it stopped the squirrels getting a free meal for a whole day and a half. Then they realised that a few spins around spilled more than enough seed from the feeder for them to munch on the ground, so they just fed on the ground below and jumped onto the whirlygig when pickings became harder to find. We cured the problem in the end via judicial usage of an HW100 and Field Target Trophy pellets
  7. As if more proof of them being habitual and having a good memory of where a meal came from was needed ... Called in at one of my permissions on Friday and was told that Charlie had managed to get into 'Fort Knox for Geese' and had killed a breeding pair of Blue Chinese Geese. Now, this enclosure has an 8 foot high chain-link fence around it topped with electrics, a double electric wire running at about 6" and 15" above the ground, and an 'anti-dig' buffer of stainless mesh at the bottom that comes out about 2 feet from the chain-link. I declared war and set out to find where the sod had got in ... Didn't take too long to find a whole bunch of feathers at small section where the anti-dig apron had not been fixed properly to the chain link and Charlie had discovered that due to a couple of ruddy great thistles growing up and shorting it out the electric fence was dead at that point. Repairs were undertaken with haste! I back-tracked the trail of feathers and found the entry route to the property, loaded the .204 and stuck the caller out on a fence post. 9:55pm saw Charlie hammer down the hedge-line at a dead run, straight towards the goose pen. A quick burst of 'mouse squeak' on the caller and she leapt up to try knocking the caller off the post before realising something was amiss and belted through the hedge into the next field. A quick de-camp on my part back to the gate and I threw the rifle onto the quad sticks just in time to see her stop and look back to see exactly what was going on. This resulted in an easy 125-ish yarder and a very dead vixen. Once they find a source of food they'll come back again and again until either all the food is gone or they develop a severe case of being dead.
  8. Erm .. you do realise this thread is 12 years old don't you ?
  9. Cutting the silage will have exposed the lower sections of the grass where most of the bugs live so the birds can get to them far easier now. On my permission it's usually one of the best times to get on top of numbers as they decoy in a treat on fresh cut grass.
  10. A good way to get Charlie to stand where you want him to is to peg down a bit of decent metal grid and put bait under that occasionally. They get used to coming to feed but cannot pick up the food and run off with it. Having to stand and pull bits up through the mesh means he'll be just where you want him.
  11. ... and damned fine service too. Bought my .204 from there and found it to be well worth the 3hr-ish drive each way. (Note to self .. Don't drive all the way there on a Thursday ! )
  12. Or stick 'cammo fishing brolly with sides' into the search bar on E-bay ..
  13. I completed the BASC Survey, and e-mailed DEFRA (not that I ever expect to receive anything so polite as a reply). Considering the relatively limited time the survey was up for prior to final submission I think the overall response wasn't half bad.
  14. Deportation was no better than scaring pigeons off one crop only to see them settle on a neighbouring crop. You were simply moving the problem to somewhere else . Far more effective in the long run I'm sure were the signs that used to adorn every gatepost and stile as you entered the Duke Of Buckinghams land, which read .. (With long S's like f's) "By order of his Grace the Duke of Buckingham, any person found poaching upon this land will, on first sight be shot, and if practicable questioned later"
  15. Hide that which you are ashamed of ... in the case of these people it seems to be their whole identity. Quite happy to spout lies and bull excrement to any passer-by, but God forbid anyone should actually know who they are.
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