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  1. Longstrider

    101 woes

    Letting TVP know where you will be and when via 101 is a waste of time IMO. I once spent 30 minutes handcuffed whilst a team of 8 (un-armed) coppers searched me and my car because I was shooting (lamping bunnies) on council owned land. This was after getting a URN from TVP 3 hours previously, and working as a pest control contractor for the council. The fools had shed themselves of all their reflective Hi-viz stuff so that they could 'creep up on the scene' .. then shone a high intensity torch into my car to check it out. I saw them from 3 fields away and had no idea who it was. I unloaded the rifle, removed the mag and left the action open (semi auto) before approaching at speed. I was no more than 20 yards from them when I challenged them (they had no idea where I was until that point) then panic set in I pointed out that with no way of seeing who they were, had I been a 'wrong 'un ' , I could have had the lot of them from the far side of the field and they wouldn't have known what hit them. They claimed that due to a system glitch they couldn't verify the URN with headquarters until it was far too late in proceedings to have done any good.
  2. Longstrider

    America - nicer than Oz :)

    Bringing in shotgun chokes shouldn't be an issue, but I'd put them in the checked-in luggage to be sure of things. Also, please Fire the guns, don't shoot them. Shooting guns does them no favours at all. My mate once shot my old O/U and it had 3 #6 shot in the stock and one in the fore-end to the day I got rid of it. They went well with the big scratch down the side of the barrels where I had fallen, stepped on it and slipped in my (tungsten carbide) studded Hunter wellies though
  3. Longstrider

    Smeggin Crows😵

    Not only further away, but appearing larger too so apparently moving slower, fooling you into giving too much lead Keep 'em coming
  4. Longstrider

    Hide Seat

    When I know I can drive to the shooting position I also use a swivel office chair. I spray painted the blue plastic chair with cammo colours from Halfords and knocked off the wheels. It sits nice and firmly on the ground on just the splayed legs. It's height adjustable and swivels nicely so shooting from it is really comfortable. When driving right up to the hide it's great, but sod carrying the thing around. For other days I just use the Jack Pyke bucket seat that I keep my lightweight cammo nets in. No back support (which I do miss, being another person with on-going back problems) but at least it gives me somewhere to park my cleverest end and rest my legs.
  5. Longstrider

    Made me chuckle

    Fox with a fracture ? ... 32gr ballistic tip .204 round = £1.20 .... Fox sorted and no longer in any pain. Pigeon in need of antibiotics ? Give it to the fox as a last meal just before applying remedy as above. All better now ... aaaah
  6. Longstrider

    Ammo Search

    I don't think that 666Rhino is singing from the same hymn-sheet as us guys ... Hayrick ?? Methinks he might be Stateside of the pond ....
  7. Longstrider

    Reloading Dies for Sale. 222,243, 270 and 303.

    Lee .270 dies please. PM incoming
  8. Longstrider

    Ammo Search

    Don't be daft man ! It's tortoises and oysters that have shells, not turkeys
  9. Longstrider

    How would you Recover from a dip in form ?.

    After 40-odd years behind the barrels I've resigned myself to the fact that when I'm missing 'em, I'm missing 'em, and when I'm Hitting them (for a change) I'm hitting them and grateful If I miss with the rifle there's definitely something amiss, but shotgunning I'm usually happy to be (and remain) mediocre. If nothing else it makes connecting with a long and/or fast one even more satisfying and often unexpected Couple of weeks ago I had a fox and 2 rooks for the 3 shots in my semi-auto. (Is that a left, right and centre ?) Was so chuffed I could have missed everything and anything that followed and would have still had a cracking good day
  10. Longstrider

    Ramshot powders

  11. Longstrider

    Ammo Search

    Why use 3" cartridges for that sort of quarry ? Especially so when any gun chambered for 3" will happily digest a diet of 'normal' 2 3/4" or 67mm shells all day every day.
  12. Longstrider

    Fans of Forged in Fire

    Did one in 8 hours that I then won a cutting competition with against a number of other cutters some with bigger, beefier blades than mine.
  13. Longstrider

    Trespassers banned

    Not seen that before. Utterly disgraceful. Also disgraceful that cars (50% on average driven by grown men I'd expect) continue to drive past/around this incident whilst it happened.
  14. Longstrider

    Trespassers banned

    There's something I really don't understand about this. A Judge tells a group of anti's that they are not allowed to break the law (again) ? Trespass is, by definition, an unlawful activity so if they've been found guilty of such was their punishment to be told that they're banned from doing it again ? ? Criminals are criminals and break the law seemingly regardless anyway so a fat lot of good it will do to tell them they've been naughty and shouldn't do it again. Why the hype ?
  15. Longstrider

    Fans of Forged in Fire

    As a former full-time Custom Knife Maker and BladeSports competitor (Cutting Competitions) I've looked at a couple of these and then switched channels. 90% of what's said is testicles .. 95% of what's done is the same. Cutting technique of the 'Judges' varies from dire to downright dangerous and as for "it will keeeelll", well, so will a pencil, sharpened or not. Having seen one or two of the abominations they've come up with in the past and called 'finished knives' I wouldn't want to be in the same county if they were 'testing' any firearms they might have have made.