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  1. Tracer lamps take a lot of beating IMO. Been using them for many years and never had a problem. Currently using this version for Charlie on the .204.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/312763714602?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=312763714602&targetid=594043300030&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1006837&poi=&campaignid=6466412158&mkgroupid=83097927531&rlsatarget=pla-594043300030&abcId=1140486&merchantid=6995734&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8arzqK_Q5QIVCbDtCh24lAAXEAQYBSABEgL3zvD_BwE .. but still use the F400 I used to use on the rifle, but as a hand held torch for spotting and avoiding bunny holes and brambles in the dark.
  2. Spring on mine died about a year ago. Took the whole thing off (pin, spring and button) and have been using it ever since like that.
  3. From my own experience I'd say that FAC isn't worth doing. If 12tf/lbs isn't enough for the job in hand grab a .22 rimfire and do it properly I had FAC air, spent lots of pennies on getting it, then left it at home when I wanted more than 12 ft/lbs and took my rimmy ... Ended up selling the FAC air (at a big loss) because it just sat at home unused.
  4. I tend to use these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Proclimate-Neoprene-Shooting-Gloves-Camouflage/dp/B01LWZ3Q1W ... combined with a cup of hot bovril from my flask and as much good healthy energy-rich food (aka Snickers and Cadbury's Fruit and Nut) as my shooting bag can hold
  5. My Hatstand broke in exactly the same place a couple of weeks back. Took it back to the dealer I bought it from last week and had a call to say it's back (from Edgars), fixed, and ready for collection today.
  6. No good to me either. I don't 'do' face-ache or witter. My guess is that A1 are aiming stuff like this at a younger generation than perhaps your average PW-er falls into. We who can remember sending letters to friends... with stamps on them, are the wrong demographic to be targeted by offers and competitions on social media. It's a bit like putting a pattern of crow decoys out and hoping to go 'ton up' on pigeons ....
  7. Longstrider


    I didn't realise that the M16 was loud enough to carry that far
  8. Urine extraction mode turned to 'Off' I too am a bit lacking in the hearing dept and often lose higher pitched noises but luckily can still hear my call on Mouse. I grew up in the company of an old fella who had his explosives licence and we would regularly go off here and there blasting whatever needed shifting. Used to think we'd had a good day when I went home with my ears whistling. Got the same from a days pigeon shooting, 2 in the hide and no ear defenders so the ears whistled well at the end of the day. Now the damned things do it all the time (tinitus) and make hard work of conversation in noisy areas etc. No-one seemed to think that hearing protection was needed 40 years ago. The most we did was to put our fingers in our ears for the really big bangs.
  9. Umm .. Have you tried turning the volume up ?
  10. If your model has 'Mouse' on it, try that ! I only have the cheap little ICOtech GC101, but the mouse call has proven to be by far the best call on it, or my mates bigger posher model (that doesn't have the mouse call). Twice now I've had Charlie run in from distance (over 500yds) and actually try to attack the caller by jumping up at the fence post I've put it on.
  11. There's an old saying in angling that applies just as well to shooting ... "There's more to fishing than catching fish" Not only does this give an excuse for 'blanking', it highlights the fact that simply being there is more than half of why we go. I sat out last evening hoping for a munty. Not a deer to be found but saw Charlie emerge from a spinney and wander off across the stubble,( left him alone as he's no problem in that location), had rabbits emerging from burrows not 15yds from me and start rummaging through the stubble for gleanings, and had a magnificent barn owl swooping over me several times like a ghost on the breeze. Went out hoping for some venison and returned without touching the trigger but I'd never call that a wasted evening
  12. I have seen this in previous years too. Pigeon suddenly 'turning on' on stubble that's been left for a week or more. Perhaps they're hitting dropped grain that's started to chit ??
  13. I have the Tracer LED RAY F900 and it's a great bit of kit. Use it for rabbits and foxes and it never gives any problems. I use rechargeable batteries and they usually last longer than the shooting session. I have mounts fitted to 3 different rifles so I can swap it from one to the other. Been using the Tracer lamps for years now and upgraded to the F900 when my viable range extended due to getting a .204Ruger. The F400 that I used to use is now a handy pocket-torch, Both units are fitted with the red LED.
  14. Foxes do climb trees .. Had a couple of dens on my permissions where the only entrance was via a hole at at least my head height (I'm 6'4") in a rotten-cored willow. They had got down the rotten pith of the tree and found it to be easy to dig out. Only one of the trees had a fallen branch wedged in it to make a ramp for easy access. The other was a good jump of about 5 feet before the fox could have a good foothold on anything other than the bark of the trunk.
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