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  1. 7daysinaweek

    Driven pheasant,partridge,duck

    It was a pleasure meeting you. What a funny coincidence driving 70 miles and finding you live in the next road but one to me, what a small world it is! atb 7diaw
  2. 7daysinaweek

    Third Week lucky

    Capital bag that PC!
  3. 7daysinaweek

    hushpower on rape

  4. 7daysinaweek

    hushpower on rape

    Is it a twenty YD or a 12 ?, either way the pigeons don't seem to notice. Thanks for posting. atb 7diaw
  5. 7daysinaweek

    wander round

    What a superb day that oowee. I don't really shoot game but if I did that would be a Carslberg day!
  6. 7daysinaweek

    Strange Seed

    S I will push the trolley! 😂👍 my original thoughts are now out the window, always great learning from more experienced individuals in such matters. Sent you pm atb
  7. 7daysinaweek

    Simulated shooting at Holland and Holland

    Looks amazing! From the view looks like you would have to be on them quickly, does the facility have sound as to aid your focus as too which way said piggy may be approaching? I have never shot running boar. Shot my 243 a few times in a 100 yard tunnel, very loud and certainly makes yer body shake. Ear defenders a must. atb 7diaw
  8. 7daysinaweek

    Plant ID

    am I hot or cold ?
  9. 7daysinaweek

    Plant ID

    YEW! taxus baccata ?
  10. 7daysinaweek

    A few more 100m pigeons.

    Will the Salix take root JD, is it of the willow family?, cannot see your picture just the code for the image. Sorry to read your other post, hope the youngin recovers soon! atb 7diaw
  11. 7daysinaweek


  12. 7daysinaweek


    Yes K plenty going on in schools locally last week and Liverpool today in relation to remembrance day. Lots of parents and colleagues talking about events. Just caught me off guard the other day as I was not expecting that! It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration at Leyland, I take it the kids were with you? Speak soon. atb P
  13. 7daysinaweek


    I was in work on Friday in clinic and had just bought pt in for a consultation. Suddenly hears the tones of what I thought sounded like Dame Vera Lynn outside, this was accompanied by many voices singing along, almost choir like. It was quite audible and myself and the patient appeared a little perplexed. It suddenly dawned on me that it in the grounds of our work we have a memorial to the gentleman and ladies who served in ww2 . I said to the pt that it will be a service for remembrance day coming. After i had finished up the consultation I nipped outside to find half a school of kids ranging from the ages of about 5-18 i would say. They had a choir singing along to the 1940's songs and they had laid a large poppy reef on the memorial. It was very moving and wonderful to see so many young people paying their respects and they all appeared to be engaged. I could not stay outside long but the service lasted about 30 minutes by the sounds of it. atb 7diaw
  14. 7daysinaweek

    Pretty sure this isn't a chicken

    Yes that is a female Spar!, I would say that she is a this years bird from the immature chest plumage. A musket ( male spar) would be quite a bit smaller, what a fascinating raptor and highly efficient. Get in the pen with a fishing net, get her caught up then she can be released and on her way.
  15. 7daysinaweek

    Lamping Lamp RED FILTER

    Checkout the fleabay, plenty of lightforce lamps on there. Get a striker and you can buy red filter separate.