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  1. Nice and quiet the Hushy, surprisingly "pointable" when you get used to them.
  2. Proper job that! Keep us posted.
  3. I always wondered how staining was taken out of marble. A taxidermist I knew many years ago picked up a lot of victorian taxidermy stuff and his father was a antique dealer, he used to do lots of restoration on the taxidermy and antiques and had a wall full of all manner of restoring materials. Used to be a very interesting day out going to see him.
  4. Meticulous as usual Ditchy and coming along at a rate of Knots. Was there any cleaning fluid used on the marble plinth or just sanded? . I am looking forward to the gold leafing. Ditchman, "the man with the Midas touch"
  5. "garbanzo beans" I think the first ever UK harvest of Uk chick peas was only last year and they were produced in Norfolk, I read a interesting article on the limited production so there might only be very limited experience on them MM. atb 7diaw
  6. Very pretty that JD, do they re sprout each year ?
  7. Don't worry, everyone kept their distance alright.
  8. Very true! The lad said they get to a large size for rat snakes over the years. Lovely looking beast.
  9. Right you are Retson, it is a "ridleys cave racer" otherwise known as a "beauty rat snake", well done!
  10. It is a Nope, I will post up in a few minutes Eastern and southeastern Asia area???? I think you may struggle down the local dance hall with that Strimmer
  11. Might be a bit of a gamble! Sorry I could not resist
  12. Nope, keep going Believe me JD, I have experienced some things in my job. Wonder if snake charming would pay the bills as well. From reading the local community page I am now the Crocodile Dundee of the village. He told me "I don't do snakes" Nope Nope, not a Royal python. As in the post the owner said she was thin as she has been out for just over two weeks. Now home to snaffle a mouse or two. I will shout up what she is after a couple of more posts, keep guessing
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