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  1. Great culinary skills, that game certainly looks delicious. 👍
  2. Unfortunately JD the process cannot be halted indefinitely. Keeping active helps maintain muscle mass and tone, this is commensurate with the the measures we adopt in managing and reducing the impact. As we progress through our older age ultimately we all shrink to an extent. It would appear you have adopted the best lifelong 'tonic' in keeping both physically and mentally active. I respect that! It is not always easy pulling ourselves from a warm bed or comfy chair. From your extremely informative, enjoyable and lets not forget often humorous accounts on the forum we can gauge your 'zest for life'! I still swim a lot and keep active but since I passed into my fifties it is harder for me to maintain muscle mass and keep the mid bulge under control. For myself, I think I feel the recoil a little more because of periods of infrequent shooting twinned with my shrinkage. I hope your shoulder has now fully recovered form your injury a few years back. atb 7diaw
  3. Part of the ageing process unfortunately and this is known as 'Sarcopenia'. As we lose peripheral muscle from our extremities we gain fat centrally in the abdominal area. For metabolic processes in the body fat takes less to maintain through metabolism than muscle. It also provides a source of fuel for our cells in cellular respiration when blood glucose levels are low. Continued functional use/exercise and diet are the mainstays in reducing the onset and slowing of Sarcopenia. Re the hairs in your ears and nose, we have them as part of our natural defense symtem to aid in the trapping of pathogens and also warming of the air travelling into the body, As we age, occuring diseases, hormonal changes and dna damage cause hair loss to name but a few. As other posters point out if you maintain functional use of your muscles this slows the impact of muscle loss and muscle tone. Arrggh! I have to rid the nasal and auricular canals of the veritable forest on a weekly basis and don't get me started on the memory moments. I mentioned to a neurologist once that I was finding myself misplacing my keys, he replied, "in most cases there is no need to worry, the time to worry is when you find them and you don't know what they are for"! In essence what he was saying is that mild cognitive declinbe is part of the ageing process and for most is not a cause for concern. Onto the thread re recoil. My old Baikal feels like it 'thumps' a bit more, I put this down to less shooting and reduced muscle mass as I used to have. For most of it I have shot 32g loads when pigeon shooting, I found over the last few years that if I have been fortunate to have had quite a few shots that the top of my collar bone has been a little bruised the following day. I don't think my mount has changed. Have given thought to buying a 'Kickease' for it with trying a lighter load when I next need cartridge. atb 7diaw
  4. A cracking watch that Simon. Lovely seeing the old boy enjoying himself!
  5. Nasty that OPP. A lapse is all it it takes. Sometimes it is downright recklessness. (see below) A few years back there was a trend around Guy Fawkes night in which firework powder would be emptied onto a small hole pushed into the side of empty fizzy drinks can. The individual would then light the powder whilst 'blowing gently' through the drink hole at the end. Regrettably for the individual on the receiving end of this resulted in full and partial thickness burns to hand, face and mouth. After i explained to the individual that they would be 999 to national burns unit and possibly intubated within the coming few hours from the risk associated with a trachea/oral mucosal thermal inhalation burn did they begin to see 'the error of their ways.' Speaking with the plastic surgeon on call at the national burns centre, he inferred to an extent that 'injuries from acts such as this were increasingly common' and he duly accepted the referral from me. With the individual next to me, it did put thing into perspective. Still the acute risk of death and long term problems with months of recovery. Myself and my colleagues deal with injuries on a daily basis resulting from recreation activities, work based/industrial/agriculure, DIY (STANDS FOR: DON'T INVOLVE YERSELF! OR ALTERNATIVELY, DESTROY IT YERSELF! ) The injuries people present with can be anything from minor superificial trauma impact injuries to severe. RTA, lacerations, foriegn bodies, glass, metal, wood etc, fractures, thermal and chemical chemical burns, all manor of superficial and traumatic animal/human bites, self harm and assault, the list goes on. Some of the it can be quite severe truama from all of the above, degloved, detached/full lacerated digits, bone, tendon and deep musculature involvemnet, ischaemic critical digits, full thickness burns and the occassional spurting artery. Thankfully in many circumstances these injuries are minor and can be dealt with with minimal intervention and have a satisfactory outcome for the individual, family and/or carer's. This means for the most, that they have no real measurable long term impact on functional, cognitive abilty, thus, not reducing overall quality of life. For some a traumatic injury arising from an event such a animal bite, RTA or assault can result in both short and long term emotional and psychological concerns. At other times the injury will need further surgical intervention for significant trauma and immeadite referral to specialism. Plastics, Max fax ENT, ENP, Vascular to name a few. Sadly for some, the injury will result in a significant long term impact. In my experience injuries result from an unfortunate set of events outside of the individuals control, lapses of concerntration, poor judgement and at times recklessness and disregard of others. I think if all told, we have all had a 'near miss' at sometime. All keep safe! atb 7diaw
  6. I would agree Ditchy. As you well put it, " use it or lose it". Functional muscle tone and decreasing muscle mass in our 'later' years cannot be halted but can be slowed with your approach. We would all hope to stave off 'Sarcopenia' until the end of our time. Gawd knows I ache some days! atb 7diaw
  7. Great read CP. What an interesting day and the 'Pooch' looks ready for anything! atb 7diaw
  8. Appreciate you looking that up TC, as you say hopefully it will be the field that keeps on giving!
  9. Chris, could you cast it into clear resin, my boy has done a few wood table tops which he covered in a poured clear resin. Been a few years since he done any now but they came out very well. He done one of a rotten and burnt wood and it was all sealed without any disturbance of the wood. He said a bit of an art to mixing and not getting any bubbles in it. Loads of vids on Tubeyou!
  10. An unfortunate unforeseen added expense to someones day if there ever was one! Cars parked too close for comfort to the drive or an extremly high bird. A enjoyable day at the very least, you came out relatively unscathed and both you and your car are safe. atb 7diaw
  11. Scary stuff that Medic! In my early teens I took out another lad who also had a fourten. We had stopped for something and he turned around towards me and discharged the gun about a foot away from my feet. The air was blue. He never accompanied me again. A few years back I had booked a full day stalking over in Derbyshire with a guide, on the first meeting in his yard we went over gun safety as would be expected. He pointed to a whole in his rear landrover wheel and that a gun had 'discharged' a centrefire in his yard whilst transffering a rifle from his vehicle to the guides vehicle which he had left loaded. He exclaimed that no stalking trip was undertaken! ZIKES!!! OOhhhh! Ben that would be a painful experience. An object a few pound in weight hurtling towards the earth! I bet you felt the thud! atb 7diaw
  12. A handsome chap no doubt and a good shot to boot!
  13. What a cracking thread, thank you for relaying them stories Walker.
  14. 🤣 What a 'wild' one you are TT, guns, drugs and now alcohol! 🤣
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