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  1. 7daysinaweek

    "im mainly (at it again)"

    The work of a true craftsman!
  2. 7daysinaweek

    A tale of two flight lines.

    Sounds like a spectacular time was had jd, I wonder how long does it take a pigeon to put a crop over? for sure some things will be broken down quicker than others. Greens would be broken down quicker than say corn which is a longer burning carbohydrate than opposed to the more fibre filled greens. Would this lean towards the activity of pigeons feeding more often on greens,i have been told they sometimes do, eg feeding three times daily greens, twice daily corn, acorns? I would think that when greens in season over winter, more calories needed to maintain the bird. Has anyone had any experience of birds feeding three times daily in winter on a say a wheat crop that has been left? Anyroads all good post above and look forward for more. atb 7diaw
  3. 7daysinaweek

    Wee trip South for CWD,Muntjac and Fallow.

    What an outcome, all power too yerself for gaining the three species, what a wonderful education to see them ist hand, there habitat and how they go about their general business. As you say the lad has put his work in to get you on them. Good eating there as other have noted. atb 7diaw
  4. Cracking bag that Neil, could not make a regular bag like that down here, unfortunately it would wipe them out for coming months and seasons. All power to you, if the job needs doing it has to be done. atb 7diaw
  5. 7daysinaweek


  6. 7daysinaweek


    As Vince says weare living longer than we have ever been due to antibiotics, immunisation and medications such as statins, adopting key mineral and supplements into food etc. These advances have led to eradication of some diseases and ultimately are the factor for us living longer. Health protection is what it is. atb 7diaw
  7. 7daysinaweek

    "im mainly (at it again)"

    Lots of grinding and drilling today by the looks of it ditchy. Enjoy yer fish and chips, nom, nom, nom!
  8. 7daysinaweek

    The things you see when you haven't got your gun...

    Very nice eating there i am sure, as said they always appear to be in good condition. atb 7diaw
  9. 7daysinaweek

    "im mainly (at it again)"

    Coming along nicely, starting to take shape. When i saw the engine on the bench thought that was for powering it, phew! atb 7diaw
  10. 7daysinaweek

    Earth tremor in Weston super Mare

    Felt here in Liverpool, wife and daughter said they felt it sat on the couch, i was in another room and did not notice it at all as was busy making me own racket. atb 7diaw
  11. 7daysinaweek

    Seeland or deerhunter Jacket

    Hey there have you took a look a Percussion clothing, they are the biggest producer of shooting clothing in france. I recently bought a jacket and bib brace trousers. You get a lot of jacket for the money and getting rave reviews. few of me mates put me onto the percussion, hardy lads who demand a lot from their clothing who are out regularly in all weathers working their dogs on shoots in all terrain. I second lloyds choice above. Waterproof, windproof, not to heavy even for me as i am 8 1/2 stone wet. The bib and brace trousers are fantastic, no more wearing a belt, very comfortable. atb 7diaw
  12. 7daysinaweek

    choices choices

    A very informative and detailed account of your day, i managed to finish a cup of tea and two whole pieces of toast before the end. What a cracking write up and sound like your efforts were well rewarded. atb 7diaw
  13. 7daysinaweek

    "im mainly (at it again)"

    oh by the way does anyone know what that "red" thing is on jpg#4 ?.......... Looks like Ronald Mcdonald's nose to me sorry ditchy i aint got a clue, looking great though.
  14. 7daysinaweek

    "im mainly (at it again)"

    Lots of good elbow grease going into it ditchy, keep at it and hope it warms up for you. atb 7diaw
  15. 7daysinaweek

    Fox attack

    Just looked it up and here is a link with the fluffy response from the RSPCA. https://news.sky.com/story/fox-could-have-ripped-baby-to-pieces-in-attack-at-familys-home-11250657