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  1. Is vaping bad for you

    Yes Jim in relation to the organs the strain they are put under by smoking starts to decrease almost immediately. Regarding your heart, your lungs are that efficient at gas exchange that co2 levels are hugely reduced within hours and the buffers in your blood return ph levels to as near normal values taking into account irreversible damage. The hair like structures you refer to are bronchial cilia and you are correct, these waft mucus which contains among other things dead cells for us to get rid of. atb 7diaw
  2. Is vaping bad for you

    Speaking to a lead consultant in thoracic (chest/lung) medicine last week. If you stop smoking for 12 months your cardiac risk is decreased by a whopping 100%, in health that is quite a astonishing percentage that is rarely found when abating other risk factors. This very subject came up and a colleague asked what if you swapped from smoking to e cigs and his answer was that the cardiac risks still decrease by 100%. Even though there is limited historical evidence on e cigs in relation to the use, he said the emerging evidence does suggest that they are healthier than fags. The the long term risks are yet to be established and only time will tell. The nhs would not be peddling them if they had the same level of associated health risks at the point of what they know up til today. Still not available on prescription yet. atb 7diaw Hi Jonnie just seen you message as i was posting, i hope you on the mend, stick with it and wish you all the best. 7diaw
  3. Today is : international men's day

    Cheers Matt, I got them hugs, feel much better now! atb 7diaw
  4. Today is : international men's day

    I'm a man, to the others among me, do you feel my plight!
  5. Recommendations for a new 17HMR

    Wholly agree, cz 452 or 455. atb 7diaw
  6. 40 in Feb

    I went on a cruise up into the artic circle for me 40th, when we got there I asked where all the snow and ice berg things were only to be informed it was the two month summer and that they had all melted. Put up some links for you from the worldy widey web, cannot give any personal recommendations. Forty is the new fifty, hold on may have got that wrong, any roads have a great one. atb 7diaw http://www.kencarrigshoot.com/ https://www.brewlandsestate.com/shooting/ http://www.forrestestateexperiences.com/folder-52-sporting-breaks http://www.sportinglets.co.uk/ http://www.dunmhorsporting.com/roughshootingpackagestalkingshootingscotlandhuntingscotlanddeerhuntingstalkingscotlandwoodcockshootingpheasantscotlandmixedroughshootingscotland.html
  7. Shooting sticks

    Mine have served me well over the past couple of years, as said the legs can stick if they are not kept clean, a quick wipe down and they are fine. Hope they do the job for you! atb 7diaw
  8. Shooting sticks

    Hi Walshie I use a set of shockey primos tripod, have found them suitable for my needs and the legs height can be adjusted by single hand trigger. One problem with them is if you do not keep the legs free of dirt they can stick. atb 7diaw

    Cheers Mick.

    Many thanks Walshie for clarifying that, I will sleep easy now! Will be giving him some brass. atb 7diaw
  11. Hi Chaps one of my good friends has asked for some used cases from my centrefire and rimmy as he makes bespoke pens and wishes to incorporate them into some of the pens. I am just double checking would there be any safety concerns when he fettles with them?. I have not given him any yet and just want to make sure. Off out shortly so thanks for any replies in advance. atb 7diaw
  12. Daily Mail

    Phowar! What a stunner.
  13. We will remember them..

    Thanks for posting walshie, puts things into perspective. Very moving as others have shared. atb 7diaw
  14. Busy few Days

    Excellent write up as always pc, enjoyed reading as usual. atb 7diaw
  15. autotrader

    My brother in law was a car salesman in the late 90's when autotrader was in its magazine format, he used to say "your fingers even get burnt turning the pages"