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  1. @saddler I love it! Just clicked on my profile and recent badges and the below is linked which I have copied and pasted. Click on your profile picture and go to the "Recent badges" wording and click on it, it will give you your ranking?? The race is on to see who becomes the first 'Grand Master' of PW. Newbie Earned November 2, 2014 Rookie Not yet earned Apprentice Not yet earned Explorer Not yet earned Contributor Not yet earned Enthusiast Not yet earned Collaborator Not yet earned Community Regular Not yet earned Rising Star Not yet earned Proficient Not yet earned Experienced Not yet earned Mentor Not yet earned Veteran Not yet earned Grand Master Not yet earned
  2. Thanks OB I have just looked up Agrimony and it does appear a very likely match. I have never encountered it before on our local beaches, maybe I have had my eyes shut! That was a replica and it was very convincing, it was only when I knocked it with my knuckles that I realised it was 'plazzy'. The information board said that the original was cut up once it was decommissioned. Believe me, the replica shells were huge. Cheers K
  3. Mrs 7days and I have just had a short break away down in Felixstowe, Suffolk and very nice it was. Six hour plus hour drive down on Friday in bloomin awful rain but once we arrived the weather was all good. Visited Flatford mill which was very nice with a few lovely walks and have not seen as many rabbits in many a year which was encouraging with no mixy in sight. Visited Languard Fort which we walked to from our hotel along the seafront and came across several coastal plants that we had never seen before and very pleasing on the eye. (pics below) We found the fort fascinating and took a few pics of the replica gun which was impressive not only it's ingenuity, but also it's size, if I recall the barrel alone weighed 38 tonnes, and you can see the 'small' shell which took two chaps to lift, around the 800lb mark, that is going to give one a hernia for sure. The rope curtains were soaked in a chemical to stop flash burn, and It must have been like a bomb going off, I dread to think of hearing damage it must have caused. Can anyone identify the couple of bits below and the uses for these?, I would think a good few will know. Drive home was straightforward in very nice weather with light traffic all the way, hardly seen a pigeon on the outgoing and incoming journey of over the 500 mile mark and I had kept a keen eye out for any. @Jim Neal Cheers for the heads up Jim, we survived! atb 7diaw
  4. Great stuff walked up, inquisitive minds for sure!
  5. Wonder if it is related to 'Bamboo!' May be 'conservative management' approach only with such a nuisance.
  6. Thank you for asking MM, it was a very enjoyable few days. Will post up shortly as I took a few pictures of some flowers which I have never before seen, some of which others may be able to identify. The colours on the birds are mesmerising, and I don't think we would ever be fortunate enough for them to visit this far up. atb 7diaw
  7. Nice write up and a great bag. atb 7diaw
  8. What a coincidence, MM. Mrs 7days and I visited Flatford Mill in Suffolk on Monday and on the 'recent sightings' board was, 'Bee Eater'. We had not heard of one amongst most of the others on the board having some familiarity. What a sight it most of been for the lucky few, and they are most certainly a beautiful bird. atb 7diaw
  9. Well spotted Jim. Was still a little weary when I wrote the post, and feel I have only just caught up on my sleep today. Despite the no show it was a very enjoyable trip and I have just booked to go back up in a few weeks so fingers crossed. Mrs 7days and myself Just about to set off down to Felixstowe for a few days which will be nice break. atb 7diaw
  10. Ahh! Walked up, you beat me to it. Great stuff!
  11. Heard one up on the west coast of Scotland on Monday, had not heard one for 30 odd years, what a wonderful sound it was.
  12. Cheers walked up. I have one knocking about somewhere. I have tried to use it in the past, but cannot get on with one over my eyes when trying to scan the landscape. When I have used it before I have somehow trapped many a midge on the inner aspect of the face covering with uncanny regularity resulting in mutterings of expletives.
  13. Superb shooting and I truly admire your diligence, puts me to shame. Lovely seeing your dog still enjoying his time and looking forward to more of your posts. atb 7diaw
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