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  1. What a fantastic experience for the youngen that many could only wish of experiencing in a lifetime. What a superb write up, memories forever!
  2. This thread is fantastic and is most certainly "Quackery" of the very highest order! Many of these self help measures pre-empt a visit to said medicine man. I am kept in perpetual wonder at all manner of actions by individuals in an attempt to rid themselves of a certain malady. Warts being one, I have seen removed in the following ways. Pliers removal hacksaw removal grinder removal blade removal file removal flammable liquid applied then lit and sets whole hand on fire application of urine, battery acid, solvents, spirits, paint, tobacco, engine oil, diesel and petrol, nail varnish, animal guano the list goes on. That said the pw fraternity have instilled my confidence once more! atb😂🤣
  3. Sounds like you gave it the full charge Ditchy! Maybe a gap in the market there Ditchy for a product. Ditchmans Wart Zap! 🤣
  4. Hi Steve Warts being many types are a malady in their own right and like the vast plethora of skin conditions which are the most difficult area within primary care to deal with there being over 300 types of conditions a dermatologist once told me. most commonly raised and cauliflower like in appearance, however can also be plain and flat topped, filiform warts long and slender usually on the face and neck too name a few. Typically warts typically resolve within few months - couple of years however in some cases warts can persist up to 10 years. Treatments can be lengthy and have side effects, pain, depigmentation and scarring among others, that said if wart is painful, cosmetic or persisting I understand the motives for treatment. Treatment options can be topical salysilic acid formulations up to 12 weeks or alternatively cryofreezing of the wart, some side effects mentioned as above. Salysilic acid is contraindicated (not advised) in application of warts to the face, anal genital areas, birthmarks, broken skin, open wounds etc. Diagnosis need to be made first as some warty appearance are other conditions such as keratosis, lichen planus to name a few of the many malady that affect our skin. Get them looked at first then you can hopefully be on the right track. Some pharmacists have now being trained in clinical assessment and may be able to advise on treatment, walk in center or gp your other alternatives atb 7diaw
  5. Cheers O.U Your day out mirrors mine in many ways. I have just checked the forecast for here on Monday and gives 25 mph winds with light rain and will give it another go. Hope things improve down your way. atb 7diaw
  6. That was poor practise that Walshie, I also would have made my feelings known also. Apologies to TC for derailing the thread slightly. Any organisation be it, policing, education, nhs, media, private or public that breaches confidentiality can be made accountable to the information commissioner office (ICO) A single breach which results in direct harm or wider public risk/concern can result in a fine of up to £500,000 for the organisation. Information governance is a growing sector in it's own right. In the digital age organisations under increasing pressure to make systems secure. So much for paperless systems eh Tightchoke. atb 7diaw
  7. You will be glad to know JD it is a discreet envelope now delivered by myhermes 🤣 On a daily basis I diagnose and screen for sexually transmitted infections. Once the patient consents to the test being sent it is carriage d in a sealed grey bag. The patient is asked how they wish to receive the results. These are text, by post or both and the phone number, address etc is written onto the test form. Very rarely do I get anyone wishing to have the results by post and most ask for them by text. I make a point of double checking the patients contact number. Wonder how they got your number Scully? atb
  8. 👍 Makes me feel a little better that MM, I always happy to get out when circumstances allow and always try and walk where I can, if I get a handful of shots when doing a walk I am chuffed. Days like today which resulted in one shot is still great too. You are correct, if you were into moderate numbers on every outing there would be very little about. I satisfy myself that my two small perms are somewhere for me to blow out the cobwebs. I am fortunate enough to pick up bits and pieces of vermin control from time to time but once job done many times that the end of it, sometimes leads to other things. atb Cheers Ken Unfortunately no rape on my ground, will be out again Monday and try them spuds again, will keep an eye out for any rape being hit. atb 7diaw
  9. Got out today and down at one of me small permissions, had a good scan about and sat in car for a good 30 minutes with the heater on as the Doodah was showing 5 degrees. Watched a wood which at times can give the odd opportunity but nothing. Not even any black marauders which seemed unusual as always one or two about. Off to another bit and bumps into Farmer, anyroads after 20 minutes of Gassing off to another bit and parked up. Decided to walk a long old dry ditch which ends in a small spinney and have had the odd Bunter, magpie, squirrel in the previous years from it. After slogging along the ditch and getting snaffled by all manner of brash it did not produce anything apart from wounds to the thighs from them vicious brambles. I knew across the road that there was a field of spuds which had been lifted before Christmas and with it being so cold thought could be a chance they may be some on it. So going up the track and I would say about 15-20 odd pigeon lifted off the field in a very tight clump from where they came off. I parked up and quickly got me self behind an old square pallet box, the light breeze was bloody biting. After about 10 minutes 3 birds came and caught me totally unawares. The field is on a slight hill and they must have come from the top and glided all the way down about 4 foot of the ground I can only think the whole way. The field being quite dark I just did not see them until they were right upon me and fouled up the shot as they flared away. Waited for another 40 minutes and nothing returned or if they did I did not see them. Then walked another strip of wood where I shot the squizzer a few weeks ago and did not reveal anything so it was back to the warmth of the vehicle which was much needed. Going to try again Monday as weather has given cold snap coming and will try the spuds again to see if any joy. We have only had 2 nights good hard frost here over this winter. atb 7diaw
  10. Superb that! It now ready for a several more years of work. atb 7diaw
  11. If you get a message by any chance saying Whats app needs to upgrade to Whats app Gold do not open it , or containing a video called Martinelli do not open, your phone will be rendered useless, supposedley doing the rounds from tomorrow. atb 7diaw
  12. You certainly kept at it JD when most of us where cocooned in our beds. I commend you on your commitment and a very enjoyable and interesting read as always. I would happily wager that you are probably the individual who shot the very first Woodie of 2019 owing to your keenness. atb 7diaw
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