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  1. Hope all is well, not seen you on here for a while. I appreciate that as a medical man you are probably busy currently. 

    1. 7daysinaweek


      Cheers Walked up.

      Yes we are all in good health, many thanks for asking and hope you and yours are all well.

      Currently mad, crazy, mental busy but it is that time of year that is the busiest for me and all my colleagues. I like to be able to contribute when on PW but at present cannot commit the time I would like so having a 'breather' for a little while.

      I send all PW my very best and hope all are well and keeping in good spirits given the current circumstances and would be great if individuals are getting out for a shot.

      All the best




    2. WalkedUp
  2. I purchased this scope brand new in 2014 and is now surplus for use. It is a genuine Leupold vxr gold ring and comes with the leupold gold ring lifetime guarantee that is fully transferable to the buyer. It has the AA Suffix for the serial number which shows was new manufacture date of 2014 when I purchased it from the States. I was told that I could not take it through customs as would be seized so I paid additional to have it shipped as they could export under license which took a further 2 months. The clarity is fantastic and the reticle is a Ballistic firedot reticle which allows the
  3. A verbal "hear,hear!" if you were in the room. May I wish you all the best and you will get back to it.
  4. I suspect they would have been a corticosteroid injections, usually given a couple of months apart depending on site, not indicated for for more than 3 injections in 12 months around same site. These are a man made medicine which mimic the natural steroid hormones produce by the body and help by reducing inflammation. I hope they worked for you, some individuals get near instant relief within hours up to short days and the effects of these wear off after a few months, Sometimes they are of no benefit at all.
  5. You are correct Scully, the arthrotek which was prescribed for you is a strong NSAID (diclofenac non steroidal anti inflammatory) low back pain accounts for one of the most significant proportions of consultations in general practice. If the muscle is impinging on the lumbar/sacral nerves this can result in radiculothopy (sciatica) and the common symptoms which accompany the pain are muscle weakness, spasms and altered sensation. In low back pain without radiculothopy I usually prescribe naproxen if safe to do so and cover the patient with oral omeprazole also which gives gastric protecti
  6. Drool! My favourite also, I like it first hot with warm custard then put the 'leftovers' in the fridge and eat it cold the next day. Nom, Nom, Nom.
  7. Excellent stuff MM Shows that it does not have to be an extended period for an enjoyable result.
  8. Yesterday scorching here, already showing 25 degrees on the thermometer outside at present, not wisper of wind and will not be venturing today.
  9. I had one from the 'chippy' in Castle Douglas just last week as was staying in Carrick for the week. My yearly Scottish fix along with other such delights as red cola, plain bread. square sausage and haggis. Nom, Nom, Nom!
  10. Hi SM I would not recommend doing that as it only increases the risks of infection, keep it clean and dry, localised itch, topical antihistamine or hydrocortisone cream, several bites oral antihistamine, cold compress and that usually does the job. atb 7diaw
  11. At this rate TT you won't have any blood left, they seem to 'feast upon you'. Mrs 7days and my son seem be unfortunate victims of all manner of 'winged beasties'.
  12. Good write up Lloyd and by the sound of it was an experience of a day. Just demonstrates that you can get set up a lesser cost and spend on better glass.
  13. Hi MM I had posted up a similar story in a previous thread, the farmer on one of my permissions said he was looking at a 50% yield at best and if I recall, he said the only year like it was around 1975 for such a poor rainfall. Reports of poor numbers around my way at present.
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