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  1. Headphones?

    Seinheiser, i have had bose, beats, hesh. The seinheiser trumps them all, quality! atb 7diaw
  2. foxing

    I know how it feels Spanj, i have three small bits of permission that i get around regular the whole year doing the rats, rabbits, pigeons, crows and the odd fox. I get round them all months, i lost another last year when informed the neighboring shoot had offered up dosh for it and to do the vermin. Speaking to one of my farmers who knows this farmer says he said his crops getting hammered now as no one has done anything. I Had been going there for last 15 years very regularly and at short notice for other bits of rented land. Hopefully you will get sorted, some offers from fellow pwer's by the looks. atb 7diaw
  3. this morning

    Aldi frozen it is then! atb 7diaw
  4. this morning

    What a wonderful sight and sound Ditchy. I am fortunate my house is under flight path that is taken by geese to one large wetland. I can have literally 10,000 + birds go over sometimes in the space of about 10-15 minutes, all cackling and making a grand noise. Mrs 7days thinks i am mad as when i hear them be it day or night i dash out in the back garden and make her come and look. I struggle to gauge their height and speed at but even when they are low in the night time they appear to be shifting. Never fowled meself (only after a dodgy curry ) What are they like to eat? atb 7diaw
  5. HMR Speed Test 15” Barrel

    Hi RB interested to know how much accuracy was affected by the different velocities, were any of the velocities significantly lower taking into account your barrel length as said. I know many rifles like a certain brands over others. atb 7diaw
  6. New Leupold’s at silly prices

    China churns them out unfortunately. Something new branded produced today, man in China tomorrow make a inferior copy. atb 7diaw
  7. Interview

    This above and LEADERSHIP is a huge biggy. " I am someone who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way" The job is yours sir, where do we sign they shall say. atb 7diaw
  8. Bitcoin- buy now?

    Hi Figgy lot's going on as usual affecting prices of many of the cryptos, south Korea talking of banning cryptos platforms so people selling off. Ripple (xrp) had seen significant growth and has dropped back a good bit, news for any of the pw ripple holder, ripple ceo has yesterday announced partnering with Moneygram western union to provide the 1st use of actual xrp with cross border transactions. Bitcoin being the daddy of all cryptos is still encountering little movement having dropped approx 50% from it's all time high and is moving back and forth for last few weeks between 10-15%, talk of legislation, blockchain times and fees all affecting price at present. Upgrades to blockchain still being rolled out which are aim to help with scaling problems to reduce fees (Arrrrgghhh they cannot come soon enough) Ethereum and Bitcoin Gold has had large% gains in last couple of weeks and still going strong, some of the small cryptos have seen large increases, Stellar lumens is one such and is created by ripple and has similar blockchain function to xrp, conversely other cryptos have seen significant losses. Problems for people trying to get into the marketplace as most platforms closing to new registrations so they can focus on servicing current users and security. Some platforms having delayed withdrawal times due to network demands. With all of the media hype all crytpos rose a couple of weeks ago, most of them absolute garbage coins with very little application or the development teams behind them have not met any targets for roadmaps they set out for that particular crypto. Many of these are now dropping back, however some of the better coins have found previous ground and some have increased from the revenue development generated from buys. I give you an example in early 2016 I had some bitcoin left over from buys in one account and had about £20 worth, i purposely bought the poorest most rubbish crypto at that time which, when i checked on this 2 weeks ago it had risen to about the £450 mark so i cashed half of it out and it has now dropped back again but still no where near the original buy price. Another coin i bought at the same time was doing well and has really dipped about 12 months ago and has lost more than 60% of it;s original value but i was not into it for a great deal so no biggy. Some coins have some real promising blockchain applications behind them and will continue to be driven by the developers and supported by the network miners. As always, some countries looking to ban cryptos, others encompassing them, media frenzy pushing demand versus the speed of development. As i always say never use any Dosh that you cannot afford to forget about, like myself there will be many people still holding currency for longer term gains and is always a risk/reward. For 99.99999% of the population who hold cryptocurrencies all they need to know is it going up or is it going down, for me personally i have rode the wave for the last 18 months or more and have followed it for last 4-5 years and it still boggles my mind at times. I have been fortunate to get into the most major markets very early on and have already removed my initial investment, as with all thing there will be people who make gains and others who will unfortunately make losses. The sad thing i see is the world and his wife making crystal ball promises that one currency will do this and another will do that, no one can see into the future. I am not in any way giving any investment advice and always do your due diligence to the best you can. Personally i have not had to reach for the germoline for burnt fingers! it's like the wild west, yee haa! atb 7diaw
  9. OK, y'all have woken me up.......

    thanks for that information TT
  10. Nissan X trail Diesel

    have a 2004 diesel 2.2 dci for nearly 10 years, it has done 145,000, if i remember had done 19,000 when i bought it. It has never missed abeat, I service it meself, oils and filters every 10,000 and takes me about 20 minutes to do. Apart from consumables tyres, brakes and a couple of cv joints nothing major. I am reluctant to change it as it just keeps going. I get around 30mpg i would say but i do lot of stop start town driving, get a little more on a motorway run. Recently had to change heater blower resistor, cheap sub £10 fix and a bit of googling. Super cheap fix. Not a serious 4x4 but i can get around stubbles, tracks ok if not too wet, two wheel drive, auto 4x4 and lock 4x4 which i have used in snow, very good. atb 7diaw
  11. OK, y'all have woken me up.......

    Now that is quality, with hindsight me pockets could have been a little deeper! Well done O.F and looking forward to the finished product. atb 7diaw
  12. OK, y'all have woken me up.......

    looking forward to pics, well done!
  13. "avin a laugh"

    a month ago i got in me xtrail heater blower came o full despite being switched off. Rang dealer who said bring it in and would need diagnostic at £90, sounds like blwer motor failure. done a bit more googling, and decided to order a blower motor resistor for £7 of fleabay, took 5 minutes to fit, all fixed, fantastic!
  14. OK, y'all have woken me up.......

    just off to work, good luck with your bids and look forward to seeing the end product. atb 7diaw
  15. Crows

    Good job on the black marauders! atb 7diaw