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  1. 7daysinaweek

    Jack's game

    Some cracking watching there OB and bet there is some knowledge to be gleaned from them episodes, the green tree furniture one sounds fantastic! I will see if I can find the lobster one. atb 7diaw
  2. 7daysinaweek

    Jack's game

    I have just finished watching that very one, very enjoyable hour and a half. Last night I watched the buck shooting one with Richard Prior, the stag stalking, the ferreting rabbiting and the one he done with Archie coats pigeon shooting. They all on tubeyou. Here is a link. I used to watch them in me early teens, absolutely loved them, what are the lost episodes like? Fascinating gentleman! atb 7diaw
  3. 7daysinaweek

    Jack's game

    I found them 2 on Vimeo there are only two of them, cannot find any others online, non on tubeyou but plenty of JH other footage on there. Found this complete series dvd box set of out of town on Amazon, sadly out of stock. It has 10 dvds which show the complete 28 episodes, episode 26 is pigeon shooting, I loved the whole series when i was a young lad. atb 7diaw
  4. 7daysinaweek

    Free pigeons shooting!

    TW 19 area code now getting googled to death 😁 Some great offers from fellow pw's on the forum of late. Hope someone takes you up and helps you out. atb 7diaw
  5. 7daysinaweek

    Jack's game

    Just found it! Was not down to earth, it was Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves. Will have to watch them now that's me day sorted. atb 7diaw
  6. 7daysinaweek

    Jack's game

    Not on the exact same thread but I recently spent night after night when coming in from work watching The Fred Dibnah series on tubeyou. I really enjoyed it when i watched it as a young lad. Fascinating character and if you watch the vids from episode 1 which was done in the late 70's, you get the feel that life was a lot slower. Elf and Safety would have a baby! That said when i was a teen I thought nothing of climbing up the sides of 50ft buildings and the like. I loved jacks game and what was the other series something like Down to earth? The exact name eludes me!
  7. 7daysinaweek

    Lamping with the hmr

    Hi TT were you shooting from vehichle or off sticks? Yes cracking round the 17! atb 7diaw
  8. 7daysinaweek

    A day at the Seaside

    Oh I do wish to be beside the seaside dee dee dee dee deed dee! What a fantastic day out and really enjoyed the read. atb 7diaw
  9. 7daysinaweek

    Mixed bag

    That is some Shooting Hamster Is it a 22? The pit of doom! atb 7diaw
  10. 7daysinaweek

    Saturday great day out

    That is a Capital bag sir! Hot barrels were the order of the day. What were they feeding on Fenny? atb 7diaw
  11. 7daysinaweek

    Returning member in Perthshire

    Glad to hear you back! atb 7diaw
  12. 7daysinaweek


    I would say that is a great bag at any time. Well done US, the dog looks very content! atb 7diaw
  13. 7daysinaweek

    last few weekends

  14. 7daysinaweek

    last few weekends

    fantastic result that YD And what a finish, a bird for virtually every cartridge, all power to you. Enjoyed the read. atb 7diaw
  15. 7daysinaweek

    Sat afternoon thread

    What height is it sp?