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  1. MM Glad to hear it had cooled down for you after your last outing being a 'hot spell.' Great report.
  2. It would be like pulling a big tick! Sorry mel, cannot do, patient confidentiality and all. I may even submit a paper on it to 'The Lancet' Anonymised of course! 🤣 Ditchy It would be bigger than Roswell!
  3. Glad to hear that traditional farming practice is still alive and well in your area, albeit a 'smelly one', muck can certainly can be pungent old stuff! Read a quote somewhere once from a individual from the city, it read, " there is only one problem with the countryside: It is full of people from the country." I hope your friends get a spell outside soon, it sounds like they are under 'olfactory house arrest'. I do feel for them to an extent. That farmer has a dry sense of humor. I take it he was not being serious! P.S L,B Did it burn the lawn? Ahh Cheers for that, that may explain the reduction of smell in my area, I will miss that aroma in some ways. Why is it being banned?
  4. 🤣 It sounds like there could be quite a risk of complications from the initial extraction attemp by the 'end user'. For sure, a face to face clinical intervention home visit would be needed, and there would be no point in doing a telephone consultation as this would delay treatment resulting in the risk of a poorer outcome. I may even waiver my locum call out fee for a fellow pigeon watch user. Seen some strange things removed from inside people over the years, that would be a new one.
  5. Ditchy, will we see it on the shopping channel. 🤣
  6. What would the invention be called for removing 'the furry offender' 1) The 'Hammy Puller 2000' 2) The 'Rear Rodent Remover' 3) 'Hamster Gone' P,S Ditchy Have you watched the latest film for Dune, if you have seen the original and liked the narrative it is well worth a watch?, the latest is superb!
  7. 👍 Nothing like good slurry and a dryer muck to make a crop thrive. Has anyone noticed that slurry spreading is not carried out as much as it once was?, that seems to be the case around here. The distinct aroma does not appear to permeate the air in the village as it once did.
  8. You are right, amazing what a bit of rain can do for it if it has been well fed, puts on growth quick with that vibrant green. Would growing a crop of clover in the previous season increase the nitrogen soil content?
  9. In my experience maize needs a good tonnage of muck to get any height and good crop on it, that was the case on our old ground, even if it was put in with good time and was not 'well mucked', in the most, it resulted in a short height and poor cobs. Remeber one year beating through a maize block that must ahve been no taller than a metre in height overall, the partridge could see you coming from a mile away. As matone suggests, what about a different crop. What is the name of that grass used as a game crop that puts on a good height in a shortish time?. Have read a few threads on here about it in the past few years.
  10. This came to mind when I watched the clip I posted this on pigeon watch a while back. Not a gas line but some type of liquid accelerant gas fumes. Crazy Stuff!
  11. What a cracking outing for a short spell. 👍
  12. Ahh! Thanks for the heads up Scully, he 24 now but still very much our boy. Will check out the narrative before a watch.
  13. Scully, sounds like your night of entertainment is going better than mine. Mrs7days is watching 'love island' so no chance of switching over. I find myself content with gandering pigeon watch whilst listening to some Chopin. Will make a note to give it a watch with my lad. Happy days!
  14. Sounds like it is coming on well Paul. Took me a few hours to bottle up as it usually does, very enjoyable.
  15. Superb as usual Simon. I hope Frederick catches that bloody magpie one day! Fascinating to watch him going about his day and you quite correctly say, itis not about eradication but balanced pest control. 👍
  16. All bottled up yesterday. Just shy of 60 litres after siphoning off. Will leave for at least 6 months as I usually do then will have a quaff!
  17. 🤣 Cannot stand the man, pervasive and very entitled spring to mind!
  18. We were in Barbados a couple of months ago and they have 'mozzies' that have obviously been on steroids, a different breed they are. Mrs 7days had researched the 'skin so soft' and it worked wonders. I never used it the first night and was savaged by the beasts, I have never experienced mozzy bites like them and when blighters were swatted they exuded enough blood for a transfusion. I used the Avon skin so soft the rest of the trip and barely got another bite. Another thumbs up! 👍
  19. May I wish you all the best wymberley.
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