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  1. Mulligan

    Miroku 6000 TR-V 12 gauge

    Length of pull and weight please
  2. Hello David I have recently purchased a Beretta A400 Multitarget and I cannot get on with it, would it be of any interest as a p/ex for this gun ?
  3. Mulligan

    Ruby Fibre optic bead

    No problem, **it happens
  4. Mulligan

    Ruby Fibre optic bead

    Yes please Please let me know how to pay Regards Mark
  5. Hello Does this have the adjustable weight facility ? Is it originally a trap version (fixed chokes) ? Is there discolouring on side just in front of "Z" in photo ? Also what price as is please ? Thanks
  6. Mulligan

    Stock bolt help

    Ok, thanks for that, but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced same problem,also thought of buying another stock bolt in case mine was slightly undersize
  7. Mulligan

    Stock bolt help

    Yes,thought of that but could that not cause problems in the future when stock needs removing for service/repair ?
  8. Mulligan

    Stock bolt help

    Hello I have a 725 black edition adjustable which is now just under 2 years old and I have just had to tighten the stock bolt for the third time, Just trying to find out if this is normal or something more sinister and if so what can be done to remedy it ? Thanks in advance
  9. Mulligan

    Oakedge Shooting Ground

    Thanks Rupert Any idea why it's gone missing from CPSA ?
  10. Was going to go to Oakedge this Sunday (5/2/2017) for their usual 100 bird sporting registered comp but have just noticed that they no longer appear in the fixture list on CPSA website ? Does anyone know if shoot is still on ?
  11. Whereabouts are you based?
  12. Hi Have you totally removed the original friction strip then?
  13. Have been looking for one of these to replace the bit of wood stuck on my 725, have you removed the protective film from the friction strip ?
  14. Had a look at one of these today at Oakedge, beautiful gun
  15. Mulligan

    Like new Browning Masters shooting Bag

    Why does it not suit you, is it not large enough ?