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  1. Mulligan

    SKB Chokes

    I still have two briley extended chokes which I bought for an skb trap gun I used to own. I am not sure if they are different for the competition guns, think mine was an 8xx series gun
  2. After one of the above with damaged or broken stock if anyone has one ?
  3. Do they have any size info inside of the legs ?
  4. Hi Anyone got one of these available?
  5. I believe Steve Lovatt is going to be running two shoots a month at Oakedge from early next year. Have to think that they will be on Sundays to get the numbers.
  6. Ps mob is 07973 872126 cheers how much are you looking for them mate?

  7. Ps mob is 07973 872126 cheers

  8. Hi mate, where about s are you in the uk? You can email direct on banzai1809@gmail.com, definitely interested in the 2 x u2 mullers for me 725! , are they in good order? 


  9. I have two used Muller U2,s for Browning 725 (DS chokes) if your still looking
  10. Hi Could you tell me weight and length of pull please ? Also is it multichoke in both barrels and are they internal or extended ? Thanks
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