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  1. Ah8217bris

    Browning B525

    No worries, great guns
  2. Ah8217bris

    Browning B525

    I have beretta silver pigeon game With 28” and all the chokes too if any good?
  3. Ok, if you PM me i will get an alert but i dont when you reply on here.!
  4. I bought it 12 months ago as second owner who had it for approx 18 months. He only put c200 shells through it as bought for a corporate day and i have maybe 750 so its only seen about 1000
  5. £1200 with a load of cartridges or £1100 on its own. Comeswith hard case, chokes etc
  6. If you have cash to go with it i have a 28” silver pigeon?
  7. Ah8217bris


    What do you classify as too expensive? Have a good FX at £650?
  8. how does it compare size/weight to the gladiator? as gladiator is too big for my youngest (11) to use.
  9. 177 springer my kids learnt on, open sights and i also used a 3-9x40 nikko scope. Think its a gamo from memory
  10. After a mint air rifle great for my kids to use so relatively light. Got s410 TDR And FX Gladiator mk2 Both in 22 would ideally like to include in a deal.
  11. I have one my kids used, need to check if 22 or 177
  12. Sorry just seen this. Will get some up tomorrow. Bristol.
  13. I am selling a silver pigeon if you open to a slight change?
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