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  1. ljaddy12

    hatsan shims

    http://www.airgunspares.com/store/product/11569/Hatsan-Escort-Stock-Shim./ These the ones?
  2. I was a bit surprised myself if honest i was convinced be low will be extending stock 1/2 inch not sure how much difference make to poi
  3. So bought a little baikal wood 410 hushpower took it out hit 1 and some very easy misses took it out and patterned it and it seems to be shooting about 6 inch high whats people's preferred methods of dropping the poi raising is easy enough but dropping doesn't seem to be the stock is short so will be extending but not sure if it will drop poi 6 inch. Thats 6 inch to the bottom of pattern probably 12inch to centre
  4. It could be as simple as a clear out of grandads attic after he passed away you know from the days before there were any licensing found it panicked thought might get in trouble chopped up and launched in canal must be thousands still out there from the old boys
  5. Anyone wanting to sell a baikal hushpower 410 preferebly synthetic yorkshire area please msg me Thanks
  6. Had some good news today finally droped on farmer who has land at back of my house he gave me permission to shoot and hes putting peas in this week got me thinking about shooting near houses ive got some more land at back of houses i never shoot not sure about the whole hushpower world 410 or 20g are they effective what cartridges ect i was looking at a baikal 410 single barrel give me your thought please
  7. Put it back in acetone for a while brass brush on way see if any change have you ever come across it before?
  8. Ive stripped the finish of a sxs shotgun stock done in trade secret looks lovely however the forgrip is giving me grief had to re strip again its had 2 week on and off in acetone plus heat and satified down to bare wood no oil left leeching however as soon as the wood is wet whether water oil acetone anything horrible black stains appear in the checkering dri it of completely gone looks fine wet again comes back i bought some liberon wood bleech to see if cure not touched it had it back in acetone its clear ive orded some baking soda to make a mix apart from that im stumped Has anyone else come across this before and cured its driving me nuts cheers guys
  9. I use dc iron for most of my stuff steel stockists 3m length of 50x50 x2.5mm should be around£10 https://www.dciron.co.uk/pbs50/ Having your pants down at £10 a meter pal
  10. Go to any welding/fabrication shop unless you can do yourself (welds need to be of good standard) ask them if they will knock one up for you 1hour tops hangmans gallow bracket style 6mm floor plate 200x200 bolted to concrete garage floor to take the weight then 2 horizontal peices from the upright pole with a plate whatever distance from wall u need fix to garage wall to take the swing top part gallows style with whatever width you need with d shackle and a 45 deg brace between upright and horizontal section to take bag so floor and wall mounted never move all 40 or 50 mm x 3mm box section Resin fix with 12mm threaded bar or 12mm through bolts
  11. In the outer box drill 10 or 12mm holes at 100 mm intervals find the difference between outer box and inner -1mm and cut either steel plate or bar depending on thickness to right width to go inside the outer sleeving effectively packing out to the width you need then plug weld through the holes you drilled to the new plate or bar inside grease up the inner box section hard part is making sure the bar/plate you weld inside is tight to the face before welding if you have access to taps and dies you can drill and tap the bar and put bolts in and pull tight for welding then remove and weld up holes and grind off flush few more ways to do it but id say that was easiest not knowing what gear you have access to hope that helps
  12. Swillington shooting supplies open in leeds 10 til 12 30min from rotherham up m62
  13. There not bad at all but you will need to us 2 rods instead of 1 for anything stronger than a breeze mine was shipped with 4 oh and just a tip the mono retaining line that stops the wings flipping was far too long on mine tied a loop in it to shorten it worked perfect then
  14. Hi mate cant say for sure either way you in a bad spot really,best advice might be to contact basc direct they have the answers you seek, could be down to issuing force problem u got is if you don't declare it and they contact your gp they will find out anyway which might or might not screw it up. If you contact basc they should be able to offer advice and also give you something to work with if the application was unsuccessful. Sorry cant be of any more help pal some guys on here will prob know the ins and outs better than me
  15. cheers guys now i know thanks for the replies
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