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  1. My previous semi was a Beretta 391 optima gold, a good gun but I shot it out after 15 years (got replacement parts from "Coles" beretta in the usa ,easer from there than the uk) and was looking for a new heaver auto and at 9lbs the fabarm xlr5 fits the bill....safe shooting..Gadgets
  2. In reply to Whitebridges request for details....Surprisingly the "action bar sleeve developed a stress fracture where the Bar sits on the sleeve, (part no.G-191A) but it just goes to show the stress this item has to endure when re-cycling ,its worth mentioning the old recoil spring had compressed by aprox 30mm an Item I will now replace yearly. It was under warranty verified by the gun Seral number. My dealer was not involved. The parts where sent to my RFD A.I.Arms cannot send them direct to you, but that's no hardship.
  3. A phone call to Allister at Anglo Italian Arms customer service Importers of Fabarm & Guerini guns in the UK, requesting an array of parts for my XLR 5 Velocity were delivered in just 14 days and completely free of charge...now that's real service.
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    bt charge

    Because you should have given notice before the end of the contract, not after! In other words you give notice the month before the contract ends to give notice that do not wish to continue with it.Unless you end it, it is considered ongoing. It is simply a term of the contract which you signed. If you didn't cancel before the end of the original contract, it continues until such time you cancel it. That's why you got clobbered the extra month because you failed to cancel and because you pay one month in advance in all contracts.
  5. gadgets

    bt charge

    I think you need to read the small print,its possable that you are required to give a months "written" notice even though your contract finished.
  6. Hi,Is this marked on the action or barrel as a Krieghoff or a Remington 32 ? Thanks Dave
  7. The Gun has not been altered,it had a thick hard rubber pad fitted that snagged so it had to go.....the LOP is 14-1/2 inch with the adjustable trigger right back...move it forward and you would get aprox 14-3/4 The comb pad and butt plate was added because I had them ! I'm not called "Gadgets" for nothing ya know...
  8. Thank you men for the comments. This gun should appeal to All shooters and don't be put off by the 32" barrel as there is no side rib ie:"floating barrels" the same as a krieghoff, so swings with ease.also good for Duck hunters, having a 3" magnum barrel. Regards Gadgets
  9. This is the old listing ...the new one has new pic's and reduced price....Take a look
  10. Extended choke looks like a comp & choke !
  11. I have lots more pic's including the gold inlay on the top leaver and butt plate. Please ask... LOP is 375mm or 14-3/4 inch Weight is 8-1/4 lbs and well Balanced.
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