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  1. Fredwalton

    Cheap Spanish Sidelock SxS

    I have a Spanish sxs for sale £160 pm me if you interested
  2. Fredwalton

    SKB 12 gauge

  3. Fredwalton

    Bettinsoli diamond chokes

    Sorry I have only just seen this. Not overly keen on extended chokes but thank you
  4. Fredwalton

    SKB 12 gauge

    This is my gun any questions please ask. Thanks
  5. Fredwalton

    Bettinsoli diamond chokes

    Great thanks will give these both a go. Having looked they are both similar prices, hoping to pick some up second hand but good to know about these as well. Thanks again Fred
  6. Fredwalton

    Bettinsoli diamond sport

    Great thank you. It's 2003 I'm now hoping I've not been too hasty and rushed into a buying it...
  7. Fredwalton

    Bettinsoli diamond sport

    I have just purchased the above gun but wondered if anyone knew how to tell how old the gun is. I forgot to ask in the shop today. Thanks
  8. Fredwalton

    Bettinsoli diamond chokes

    I'm after some chokes for bettinsoli diamond 12g shotgun. I've just purchased it today but it only came with 2 chokes. Could do with 1/2, 3/4 and full. Thanks
  9. Fredwalton

    Ugartechea 12 gauge

    This is my gun any questions just ask. Sensible offer will be considered. Also would be happy to rdf if needs be.
  10. Fredwalton

    Ear defenders

    I was just wondering what ear defenders people use? I use a brand called impact I think, they are sound enhancing ones. I found them great for a game day when they are taken on off etc but when I'm pigeon shooting and wearing them pretty much all the time i do find I get a bit of a headache especially on a windy day.
  11. Fredwalton

    Possibly buying a truck

    We have a Kia sportage already but want something I can just chuck everything into etc and not worry about it getting dirty etc as we are also considering getting a second dog so needs a good boot size hence wanting a truck. Will look at the hulix as you've all mentioned one.
  12. Fredwalton

    Possibly buying a truck

    Ok I'm thinking of getting a truck! Just wondering if people had 12k to spend what would you be looking at? It will be used as a shooting struck but predominantly used as a family car etc. I'm looking as we are thinking of getting a second dog and another baby sometime next year so need the back seats for baby seats and a big boot hence the truck option. Thanks
  13. Fredwalton

    Cheap 12 bore

    What's your maximum amount you would go up to?
  14. Fredwalton

    SxS and tatty stock.

    I have a sxs for sale. The by is in perfect working order but could do with a little tlc on stick etc. I'm in Suffolk if interested give me a shout.
  15. Fredwalton


    Just PM'd you