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  1. I loved the videos with Rob the dog, really good. I do like DC one despite the music the thing that's does annoy me and others have already said about it are most of his videos he talks about the the everyday man being able to shoot these but as people have said most can't afford them and also annoys me how nearly all the cars are expensive nearly new Range Rovers etc again not very affordable cars.... I would love to have a go on one or 2 of the shoots he promotes but simply can't afford them
  2. Brilliant thanks will look into that. Thanks again
  3. Random 1 but does anyone know of rental companys that rents pick ups? I'm after 1 for just 4 days over Xmas as needing to driving up to Scotland and our big car is out of action... I'm also trying to persuade the wife a pick up is a good car for us to have haha
  4. Hi I have a pair of mole skin trouser for sale, hardly worn and selling as unfortunately lock down has expanded my waist size haha. 30 inch waist not sure on length sorry but I'm 5ft 8 and fit me well (length wise). £15 including postage...
  5. Hi do you have any swivel seats left?
  6. Thanks for peoples replies, To be honest we are wanting try anything we can as this has been going on for a nearly a year now and the vets can't seem to get control of it and it's costing us fortune. As I said someome told us about them changing food and it sorted it out hence me asking. Thanks again
  7. Morning all We are looking to change our dogs food as he keeps getting ear infections, and a couple of people who have had this in the past saindthey changed food and it all cleared up. He's a springador but I don't work him, but just wondered what dry food people feed their dogs?
  8. I recently brought one of these and bloody love it, a lot of fun to use and brought some a few fast flying birds the other week.
  9. I'm considering buying some of the in ear molded ones and wondering if anyone uses them and what brands are best. Not looking to spend silly money maybe 100-150? Tnanks
  10. Apologies as I'm sure these have been asked before but I'm after a new battery for flapper (mine only lasted 2 hrs yesterday) and a new seat for the hide, ideal a bucket style as I find it really useful but with a back to it, any recommendations? Thanks
  11. Thank you everyone for your input interesting stuff
  12. Hi deciding on some cartridges before harvest kicks in. Options are 32gr 6s or 30gr 5s on pigeons. Which do should I go for???
  13. All sorted now thanks. Managed to find one locally c at wait to get out and give it a try
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