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  1. Apologies as I'm sure these have been asked before but I'm after a new battery for flapper (mine only lasted 2 hrs yesterday) and a new seat for the hide, ideal a bucket style as I find it really useful but with a back to it, any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Thank you everyone for your input interesting stuff
  3. Hi deciding on some cartridges before harvest kicks in. Options are 32gr 6s or 30gr 5s on pigeons. Which do should I go for???
  4. All sorted now thanks. Managed to find one locally c at wait to get out and give it a try
  5. Still on the hunt!
  6. Thinking of one of these for a bit of fun don't suppose anyone had one going cheap?
  7. Thanks will have a look
  8. Hi I'm after some chokes for a 2003 bettinsoli ideally would half and 3/4 if anyone has old ones they no longer need or anyone know where I can get some? Thanks
  9. Do BASC members get free entry again? If we do go will most likely be Friday leaves the weekend for some shooting then
  10. Oh great. Do you know how much they would be?
  11. Hi I'm after some chokes to fit in my 2003 bettinsoli. I'm after 1/2, 3/4 and full. Of anyone has any up for grabs please let me know. Thanks
  12. Hi all I know it's not shooting related but wondered if anyone had either an electric John Deere tractor or Gator for sale, my little one is obsessed by all things tractors so want to buy him one but they are very expensive new. Ideally in Suffolk but would travel bit further if necessary. Thanks
  13. Sorry just seen this. How much will they cost please?
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