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  1. Seen two lots this week Tuesday a vixen was herding a litter over the road and Thursday two cubs crossing a different road in another location both around 04.45 am so they are about
  2. Really good cartridges use them all the time wish they were closer good luck with the sale
  3. Struggling to find Advocate will look for bayers advocate.Bravecto is prescription only and the vets won't give us a prescription so we can get it on line at less than half the price of the vet's grrrr looks like i will have to bite the bullet and pay vet's prices if i want Bravecto only seems to afect the springer not the terrier or german sheperd the missus keeps moaning and flea bombing the house .They seem to reappear on the springer after he has been out on a shoot perhaps it's the Diesel for men body spray he use's they like LOL
  4. If you read the post Dougy it says the dog is in the house and not in a kennel and all dogs and house is treated regularly so this is unlikely
  5. Help i have a working ESS dog he seems to have a recuring Flea infestation problem took him beating yesterday and have now found another loads of Fleas .We have used Frontline and Spot on previously .I know with working him he is vunerable to Fleas,.He lives in the house with two other dogs and all are treated and the house gets a treatment as well I want something that is long lasting not something i have to use week in week out Over to you the enlightened Thanks in advance
  6. I'm same as you mate not long had my FAC but i bought a Anshutz .22 and i absolutely love the annie hitting mainly one to one ratio already the annie so light and managable hope this gives you something to think about
  7. I,ve got a .17 HMR rimfire rifle and i was wondering are the bore cleaning guides a good thing or are they just another way of getting us to part with our hard earned .I'm talking about the ones you insert through where the bolt should be and into the start of the barrel to stop the cleaning fluids getting into the trigger mech
  8. Sorry no jokes here One of my permissions grows onions and as said by PC i also get pigeons feeding between the rows of onions obviously something is in there to their liking
  9. Applied for my FAC ticket in September last year FEO came out 3 weeks ago and okayed everything and expected the ticket through in a week or just over.Tried to contact Malvern fire arm office today asking what was going on and all you get is an automated message from the chief constable apologising for the delay in processing application and saying the waiting time is now up to 12 months.You don't even get to speak to a human operator whats going on have they all been swallowed up by some black hole?
  10. Hi yes two used on our shoot seem to be fine why?
  11. Thank you for your reply and kind words bruno just come back from the vets tonight the dog had already removed one bandage off his toes and removed the one off the wound 7 times (little sod) vet said he is making great progress and the arthritis in his other shoulder is a lot milder than we thought it might be Result. .He is already trying to walk on it which the vet said was fine.He has just been sat watching the pigeons out the back field itching to get after them.Hopefully he is well on the road to recovery and getting back to his old self and he and i are looking forward to as much qualit
  12. I accept your opinion but i have quite a good knowledge of arthritis both osteo and rheumatoid i suffer with osteo and my 26 year old daughter has rheumatoid since birth.We both live full good quality lives on medication.I don't see any reason for putting any animal to sleep if i can offer them a good quality of life and if you could have seen my springer this afternoon trying to chase down birds over the field on three legs if i had let him i hope you would think the same.He just lives for it and up to the point of the fracture you would have said there was nothing wrong with him.I don't wor
  13. Sorry you have me confused firstly you say he may never work again and be costing me with him being on long time medication (does this mean you think i should consider putting him down,or rehome him neither of which is something that i would consider because he will be with me till he comes to the end of his time) and then you say you have a mate that has a dog with stiff joints and with medication it works back to back days sorry but i'm confused.com Sitsinhedges i'm not sure what type of arthritis it is i think it begins with a C will get my daughter to find out tomorrow when he
  14. I have a big two year old ESS dog last week while out with the wife he turned suddenly and twisted his front right leg.On taking him to the vets we find he has arthritis in both front shoulders and has a fracture to the top of his leg bone where it joins the shoulder.He is being operated on monday to have it pinned.My question to the collective is for the recommendations for good calcium tablets and joint supplement medication (long term) thanks in advance
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