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  1. All sorted.now Thank you for the replies. Managed to pick one up from PW member, dingdong,, top bloke. Very happy. with it.
  2. I am looking for a CZ 452 American in .22lr, preferably with a factory 16" barrel, although may consider factory 20". Must be in very good condition and within reasonable viewing distance within the north west area for face to face purchase. Fair price paid. Thanks
  3. yammy

    BSA R10 FAC owners??

    THanks for your reply evo. I do like the daystate but they are few and far between second hand. A new regal is touching £900 new as opposed to £700 for the BSA and a bit out of my budget unfortunately.
  4. yammy

    BSA R10 FAC owners??

    Thanks gonkI take it you have a bull barrel and mod then? I didn't think they would be that bad with the VC barrel??
  5. yammy

    BSA R10 FAC owners??

    Hi all Im looking at potentially purchasing a new BSA R10 VC MK2 FAC in .22. Just looking for opinions from current or previous owners pros and cons please? Thanks
  6. yammy

    FAC AT44 .22 shot count

    Has anyone owned an FAC rated hatsan at44 .22? I'm trying to get a realistic idea of the shot count from the 180 cylinder at 30 ft/lb. The hatsan website seems somewhat optimistic to say the least. Thanks in advance
  7. I am currently applying for an FAC Air rifle and am looking for a suitably approved cabinet to house that and one other scoped rifle if anyone has anything? Thanks
  8. yammy

    Brattonsound RD5 gun safe.

    Thanks for the replies boys. Been trying to drop on a second hand one but not much around. obviously need the space for a scoped rifle and these are a decent depth compared to other models. Cheers
  9. I'm looking at purchasing one of these for an imminent FAC application for air rifle storage only and was wondering whether anyone had one or had any experience of them? Thanks
  10. yammy

    North west today

    If you need anyone for air rifle stuff late notice in the future I'm only in culcheth if you could bare me in mind please? Regards
  11. yammy

    what pellets should I try through hw100

    Mine works well with weihrauch f&t specials