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  1. corduroykid

    AYA XXV 12 gauge

    Very interested. Pm sent
  2. corduroykid

    Skeet vest and Choke tube case

    Choke case please, pm on way
  3. corduroykid

    Beretta and Coast pocket knifes

    Forgot to ask handle length and blade? Thanks
  4. corduroykid

    Beretta and Coast pocket knifes

    Is £35 for the pair??
  5. corduroykid


    Just spoke to the police. Contact the Met. Firearms licence Dept. and you can arrange collection of your gun. You will need a licence or a licence holder to transfer the gun onto there licence.
  6. corduroykid


    Hi All My brother has his gun stored at the shop. He has rung the number for the shop and gets no answer. We were planning to put the gun on my licence but we have been busy. Where will he stand in getting the gun back??
  7. corduroykid

    Few bits...

    Pics on the tweeds and sizes please, if the Lord dosent nab them first
  8. corduroykid

    Clay shooting Sunday's Essex

    Hi Hope this helps. Fenlands Gun club in Orsett, 10 to 15 minutes from upminster. Shoot alternate Sundays, nice basic shoot, 50 birds, memberships are available. Its behind the pub (Dog and Partridge) in a farmers field. Next shoot sunday 11th. They have a facebook page You could also try ETL in Tilbury, linford. Probably old threads on both here somewhere
  9. corduroykid

    beartooth comb raiser kit

    Got a brown one, £20.00 posted.
  10. corduroykid

    Seminole & Briley Mobil Chokes.

    pm sent
  11. corduroykid

    AYA XXV Boxlock Churchill Rib 20 gauge

    lovely looking gun good luck with the sale
  12. corduroykid

    Baikal Model IJ 58 M DTNE Mint 12 gauge

    Christ im too late! Im looking for a nice SBS, let me know next time you have something similar Cheers
  13. corduroykid

    Miroku 7000 12 gauge

    pm sent
  14. corduroykid

    Baikal 12 gauge

    Pm sent