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  1. Peetz Hot/Cold Smoker.

    Yes please.id like this!
  2. aliance steel powder

    Yes please..pm sent
  3. 10g bps mod choke

    I've got one!!sure we can do a deal.
  4. Mercury Electronic Ear Plugs

    I've got mercury ones . yes they took a while to come but I've used them for a year, on the marsh ,pigeons and driven and they have been very good.Id buy them again if lost. Not as slick looking as cens but a lot less cash!
  5. pram dinghy

    I've got one I don't use.In Cambs any good?
  6. Duck Commander Waxed Baseball Caps

    Yes please I'd like one.
  7. Mobilechoke

    Hi .I'd like the teague 7/8 please .Many thanks Ben
  8. So I just put down a deposit on a ...

    Fear not .I've got two black 725s one sporter and one black game.Both used in all weather,out all day on shoots in the rain .Both as good as new with minimal care.Great guns
  9. Fenland Game Calls

    I've got a single reed call plenty loud enough, Well made, easy to use and not expensive .
  10. That's why my offensive comment was " I'd rather not deal with someone like you" Thanks mickey
  11. I responded and said I'd pay with PayPal. Don't lie
  12. Garmin etrex H

    Yes please .