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  1. The snow and frost we've had up in Northumberland this week should make for a good shoot day on Saturday.
  2. I haven't posted since I got my SGC in June and purchased my first gun. I went for a second hand Miroku 7000 in the end, decided it would hold it's value and it didn't have much of a cast for a righty (I'm left handed). Anyway since then, I have been lucky enough to find and join a game syndicate in Northumberland only 40 minutes from my home. We shoot over 300 acres of woodland and put down 2000 poults this year. We've managed to put on 9 days so far, with a further 3 planned. We've had some great days usually shooting a bag in excess of 70 except in some of the worst weather where all we
  3. Pipeline Integrity Engineer, spend my life looking at a pair of computer screens.
  4. I think getting 2 will have to be the way forward.
  5. It's not just the heavier load that is the issue though, it is also the weight of the gun.
  6. Myself and my partner started shooting a while back and I recently received my SGC. I have around £700-800 to spend on my first gun. However as I would like to shoot with my partner and I know she prefers a 20g I can't decide whether to buy one 20g for £700-800 or a 12g and and 20g for a combined price of £700-800? I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks
  7. Shotgun Certificate arrived today Only 7 days after my FEO visit. Excellent service and friendly FEO. Well done Northumbria Police!
  8. What are all your thoughts on this? He actually paid more to shoot this lion than my university tuition fees... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-33699346
  9. Yes tragic. I work in pipeline Integrity, Piper Alpha is often at the forefront of our mind.
  10. I'm assuming that's what the 20% means but I'm not 100% certain.
  11. I just got my free insurance documents through the post. Excess for veterinary fees is £100 & 20% to cover up to £4000
  12. Maybe I could build in a cat flap... I want to keep my pup out of there for now anyway, hence the decking and modified trellis.
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