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  1. dazb1967

    scope mounts

    There was no rings supplied with the T3X I just bought
  2. dazb1967

    scope mounts

    Cheers for the advice Mick
  3. dazb1967

    scope mounts

    Cheers lads, thats a biig help I think I will go down the low route as they state I just wanted to confirm it with someone with a similar set up.
  4. dazb1967

    scope mounts

    I'm after some advice on Optilock scope mounts and bases for my Tikka T3X lite, looking on there website it looks like the advice they give is for Low rings on bases for a 56mm, has anyone got a similar set up that they can give me some advice, I haven't got the scope yet and I'm currently away from home on a fishing trip so I want to order the rings and scope for me getting back home, Ive had some good advice from Rimmie on here but would like to hear from someone with a similar scope set up. Thanks
  5. dazb1967

    204 moderator

    OK cheers for the info, Ive gone with the Wildcat evo
  6. dazb1967

    204 moderator

    Following on from my thread about which 204 to go for I have chosen the T3x Light which I pick up next Tuesday, I'm now after recommendations for a moderator to go with it, Any advice will be much appreciated........
  7. dazb1967

    Present to self

    Iv'e got the A400 Xtreme and love it, I have had a bit trouble with it cycling light cartridges 28gram if I don't clean for a few outings, but thats my fault not the gun and it's only happened on 2 outings in around 3 year.
  8. dazb1967

    it's been a long time coming

    Well done mate.
  9. dazb1967

    Cartridges for sale. + More please read

    you have pm
  10. dazb1967

    Hawke edurance 30 2.5-10x56 IR new in box

    I'll take this if you'll post it.
  11. dazb1967

    New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    we could do with a few of those put up, Excellent job
  12. dazb1967

    Pigeon shooters wanted

    This post is quite old now so he may not reply
  13. dazb1967

    Solo rabbit lamping

    I am by no means an expert but my sticks are set to my height and I would struggle to point the rifle down whilst mounting, i recently bought a set of viper flex sticks at the British shooting show from the Danish gentleman who makes them and he demonstrated how to use them, He mounted the back of the stock on the back stick then then lowered the front end of the stock onto the front stick, he was only using a dummy rifle but it was never the less pointing skywards, a quick look on youtube will see a few people using this method, I work in a very safety conscious industry but common sense does have to prevail at times, as said I'm not an expert and will always be aware of where the muzzle is pointing but there is times when it will have to point skywards even if it is for a short period.
  14. dazb1967

    Hunter wellies guarantee

    I done the same and mine are still going, I also have a pair of Aigle Parcours and must admit the Aigle are a much better boot more comfortable and just generally a better boot
  15. dazb1967

    off road tyres

    I have cooper discoverer AT3's on my Hilux and rate them highly, I have been in some tricky conditions this year and they have never let me down, they are also quiet on the road.