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  1. Nice part of the country, I have a lot of Vermin control permission in this area so know it well, It will be good shooting for someone just a shame I'm away a lot with work so can't guarantee to be home on shoot days.
  2. Had 3 last night with the 204 and thermal scope 2 dogs and 1 Vixen Total 205
  3. Another Dog with the 204 Total =197
  4. 2 more last night both Dogs TOTAL 162
  5. Had 3 this week, 1 Vixen and 2 dogs, the vixen and 1 of the dogs came into the fox pro and the other dog was mooching about on the edge of a field with lambs in. 204 with WT1-75-3 thermal scope 160
  6. Not really sure if it makes any difference in Semi's but I shot badly with a Beretta Silver Pigeon for years, got rid of it and bought a Browning 525 and improved my shooting straight away, So there is definitely a difference in fitting with the OU......
  7. Don't jump in, go and try them and make sure they fit, I shot a Silver Pigeon for years (Poorly) then went over to Browning 525 then 725 and it improved my shooting, there a big difference between Browning and Beretta, some people switch the opposite way but just make sure your comfortable with the gun before you part with your hard earned cash
  8. Should be able to get one from B&Q for ease or any local plumber merchants, should be a standard mixer cartridge
  9. Another 1 tonight so that's my tally upto 10 now this year TOTAL 60
  10. Good shooting, what rounds you using through the 204
  11. Be interested to know how this done Here's my Tikka 204 with thermal scope and GRS Bifrost stock.
  12. They're great, I'm using all thermal now, spotter and scope, I very rarely even switch a light or torch on now even when walking about. Sounds like a few people are having success with various rat calls
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