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  1. dazb1967

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Got to be a Henry, Lasts for years, I got divorced nearly 20year ago and it's the only thing I came with, Unlike the ex wife its never let me down, and as stated British made.
  2. dazb1967

    SOLD Swarovski EL Range 8x42 Bins. Nice!

    Someone got a good buy, wish theyd came up for sale before I bought mine
  3. When I applied for my Licence which I havnt had that long my Reference had a call the same day I handed it in, Northumbria police seem to be on the ball with licensing.
  4. Received my variation in 7 days of posting with northumbria police
  5. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    Well I think I'll be going for the above thermal scope WT1-75-3, It seems to get excellent reviews and can't see any negatives, I'll prob try and get on the next group buy and try and save a few quid, I just wish I'd decided before I went and went and bought a new zeiss scope but I'm sure I'll make room for that somewhere. Cheers for all the good advice as usual
  6. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    Ive been invited out by a couple of lads who live local when I get home, they use thermal and NV so I'll have a look at there gear and take it from there, I dont mind spending good money for the right kit it's just so hard picking the right kit when you can't try it, which I'm sure theres a few people in the same position.
  7. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    is that the Ward D vision or is there another one
  8. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    Ive got the XP or XQ thermal spotter, I can't remember the model and I'm away from home with work, I'll have a look at the Ward add ons and keep looking until I get home
  9. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    So whats the best NV to be getting, I have read a lot about the Drone Pro but from what I'm reading it seems its discontinued, Is there a better newer model out. I know everyone has different opinions but I want to make sure I spend good money on the right kit and theres not a lot of options when it comes to trying them out.
  10. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    looks interesting
  11. dazb1967

    Thermal scopes

    I'm considering buying a thermal scope to put on my 204, Has anyone got one or recommend one, I have a Pulsar thermal spotter which is good but I have no idea which scopes are best ATN/Pulsar or any others, any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
  12. dazb1967

    Laid Barley...

    Well done, I had a good look around the barley fields today on my permission and never seen a thing even on the flattened patches
  13. dazb1967

    Shetland sea fishing

    My first time to the Shetlands fishing but we've been to Norway 2 years in a row and we were getting cod to 40lb, my biggest Halibut was 50lb so used to pulling in big fish. One of the lads in our party had a 251lb halibut, It took him 2 hours to get it upto the boat, he said he never wants to be in that position again, he was wrecked.
  14. dazb1967

    Shetland sea fishing

    Were due up the Shetlands for a fishing trip at the end of August for 5 days, can't wait, we've just returned from Northern Norway after a 2 week fishing trip as well which was really good.
  15. dazb1967

    Tracer lithium power pack 22a

    I'll have this please