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  1. dazb1967

    Beretta not fitting, what will?

    Not really sure if it makes any difference in Semi's but I shot badly with a Beretta Silver Pigeon for years, got rid of it and bought a Browning 525 and improved my shooting straight away, So there is definitely a difference in fitting with the OU......
  2. dazb1967

    North East newbie

    Don't jump in, go and try them and make sure they fit, I shot a Silver Pigeon for years (Poorly) then went over to Browning 525 then 725 and it improved my shooting, there a big difference between Browning and Beretta, some people switch the opposite way but just make sure your comfortable with the gun before you part with your hard earned cash
  3. dazb1967

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    Another dog tonight Total =87
  4. dazb1967

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    1 dog last night Total 77
  5. dazb1967

    Help.... Plumbing - Plumber - Kitchen Fitter

    Should be able to get one from B&Q for ease or any local plumber merchants, should be a standard mixer cartridge
  6. dazb1967

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    Another dog last night Total 68
  7. dazb1967

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    Another 1 tonight so that's my tally upto 10 now this year TOTAL 60
  8. dazb1967

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    Good shooting, what rounds you using through the 204
  9. dazb1967

    What gun .204 cal

    Be interested to know how this done Here's my Tikka 204 with thermal scope and GRS Bifrost stock.
  10. dazb1967

    Fox club

    They're great, I'm using all thermal now, spotter and scope, I very rarely even switch a light or torch on now even when walking about. Sounds like a few people are having success with various rat calls
  11. dazb1967

    Fox club

    There all coming into Pheasant distress calls, The 2 lots of land I shoot on are quite big pheasant shoots so I'm sure if that has anything to do with the fact they are coming in to pheasant calls.
  12. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Another 2 tonight, there was another 2 that I couldn't get a shot at so I'll have a look back out in a couple days for them, All came in to the caller again.
  13. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Loving the Bifrost, once set up it fits really well.
  14. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Well went out last night and had a quick look about but nothing so decided to switch the caller on, after 10 mins nothing so switched the caller of and started walking back to the jeep, got about 10 steps in and panned around with the spotter and seen one coming towards me, Set the rifle on the sticks and great first one in the bag, had another walk about but seen nothing so went to next permission. first few fields and nothing so drove to another part and there was one in the field, shot it and heard the thump but somehow managed to make it into thick cover screaming, Looked around with spotter and the screaming had pulled another in from the opposite end of the field which I managed to drop. Had another walk about for an hour or so and nothing but whilst I was on my way back to the jeep seen a one on the opposite side of the hedge running away from me so must have got wind of me and away so drove off to where I last seen it and switched the caller, nothing appeared so turned it off and put it away, quick scan before I leave 1:00 am and there's another heading my way very cautiously , I put my rifle on the sticks which spooked it so it starts heading away but a quick squeak and it stops long enough to get the shot off, great another in the bag.
  15. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Another dog fox tonight, came running in to the caller from around 600 yds, stopped at about 40yds