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  1. Cartridges for sale. + More please read

    you have pm
  2. Hawke edurance 30 2.5-10x56 IR new in box

    I'll take this if you'll post it.
  3. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    we could do with a few of those put up, Excellent job
  4. Pigeon shooters wanted

    This post is quite old now so he may not reply
  5. Solo rabbit lamping

    I am by no means an expert but my sticks are set to my height and I would struggle to point the rifle down whilst mounting, i recently bought a set of viper flex sticks at the British shooting show from the Danish gentleman who makes them and he demonstrated how to use them, He mounted the back of the stock on the back stick then then lowered the front end of the stock onto the front stick, he was only using a dummy rifle but it was never the less pointing skywards, a quick look on youtube will see a few people using this method, I work in a very safety conscious industry but common sense does have to prevail at times, as said I'm not an expert and will always be aware of where the muzzle is pointing but there is times when it will have to point skywards even if it is for a short period.
  6. Hunter wellies guarantee

    I done the same and mine are still going, I also have a pair of Aigle Parcours and must admit the Aigle are a much better boot more comfortable and just generally a better boot
  7. off road tyres

    I have cooper discoverer AT3's on my Hilux and rate them highly, I have been in some tricky conditions this year and they have never let me down, they are also quiet on the road.
  8. Beretta A400?

    Ive got the A400 extreme and absolutely love it, I only use it on pigeons and the odd duck outing during the season but it's a brilliant gun, theres some good bargains to be had if you watch on gun trader esp in the private section
  9. Browning B525 Light 12 gauge

    Gun now sold
  10. Which 204

    Lovely gun, what rounds you putting through it
  11. Which 204

    Hi I'm on the lookout for new rifle in 204, after doing a lot of reading most of which have been older posts I see there seems to be a lot of views on barrel lengths and certain ammo etc, has anyone on the forum got any advice on what to stay away from or can anyone recommend anything, I don't really want to start a topic on why that caliber as I have other rifles for stalking and rabbits I would just like some advice on this caliber which will be used for foxes.
  12. Car Discount - LR

    I saved 5.5k on a new Hilux through BASC, I tried carwow and searched the internet for the best deal and it still worked out cheaper through BASC. it was that good a deal my mate ordered one as well, all done through my local dealer as well which was a bit of a bonus.
  13. Browning 525 Game 28"

    Ive got Browning 525 light game gun 28'' MC, Excellent condition with little use. A bit from Norfolk but could RFD
  14. Binoculars for Christmas

    Vortex are really good, see below link. https://www.cliftoncameras.co.uk/vortex-diamondback-8x42-roof-prism-binocular--2016-model
  15. Pigeons at last starting to flock together

    Exactly the same here, I don't even need to fire a shot, I went out today just to clear a hide in the hedge and they were gone, when I had finished I went back to the car and waited and nothing came back