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  1. Nice work. Many more years left in it now
  2. I realise this is a few months old but did they ever get this tunnel range up and running.
  3. Did you get hit with customs charges when ordering or is there a UK distributor
  4. I hadn't heard of this until now, Price seems reasonable as well, I might have to spend more money.
  5. Plate pies, Pork Pies, Sausages, Quiche, Cheese, Black pudding. Anything goes really.
  6. I have a tube heater on a thermo in my dog Kennel and as said above, I have a box inside a shed like area and the heater is in the box, Big open space is obviously a lot harder to heat, Its been in his kennel for a few years not but only comes on when its around 0 degrees. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/DXECOT1.html
  7. Excellent dogs, Mine is retired now through my choice not his, He still thinks he's a puppy but he can't handle a days ferreting anymore.
  8. Interested in the 204 if you will split
  9. If youre going to Norway eventually I would recommend buying a travel boat rod, 20lb Squadron 2 is a good rod, Ive had 50lb Halibut and 40lb cod on mine and there not a lot of money. Reel I would recommend a 2 speed Penn Fathom, I use a 2 speed Daiwa Saltiga and Shimano Talica 2 speed but there a lot of money for a first reel, I go to Norway every year so invested in a couple of good reels and the rod is more than capable. For the price of the Fathom reel and Squadron rod I wouldn't bother hiring equipment over there.
  10. I love it, Just done a lot of driving around New Brunswick Canada using it and it was great, The hire cars we were given never had any sat nav and it was all Apple play. seems to be the way car manufacturers are going.
  11. 4 this week with the 204 and WT thermal. 2 Dogs 1 Vixen and 1 Cub. Total=354
  12. Another 2 last night, Cub and Dog with the 204 and Total=290
  13. 4 for me since Saturday, 2 Cubs and 2 Vixens with the 204 Total = 270
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