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  1. dazb1967

    17hmr ammo

    Where about's you at Oldschool.
  2. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Out again last night, Bagged the first one in a few minutes of being out 9pm but didn't get the second one until around 2am
  3. dazb1967


    PM sent thanks Martyn, I'll try and download the Foxpro software on my old MacBook and see if it works
  4. dazb1967


    Cheers Martyn, It seems there's an issue with the download on the latest MacBook, there's a Important note under the download saying known issue and they are trying to resolve it.
  5. dazb1967


    Has anyone managed to download or transfer calls for there Foxpro on a MacBook. I'm looking for more calls and tried to download them but not having any success
  6. dazb1967

    Fox club

    I'm impressed with it, takes a bit setting up with brightness/contrast and different modes but once set up its brilliant, Ive used a spotter for a while so just getting my head around the scope.
  7. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Its the WT-1-75-3.
  8. dazb1967

    Fox club

    Well first proper time out with my thermal scope and within minutes of zeroing managed to bag 1 of these, Managed the other one about an hour later. Sorry for the poor pic quality
  9. dazb1967

    Pulsar XQ38F

    White hot for me, I normally have it set around 7
  10. dazb1967

    Which truck..

    Toyota Hilux I'm on my second one now and love it.
  11. dazb1967

    Loads of Wasps

    Ive just had to order some Rentokil powder to get rid off some in my loft, I can see where they are coming in and out but can;'t see nest
  12. dazb1967

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Got to be a Henry, Lasts for years, I got divorced nearly 20year ago and it's the only thing I came with, Unlike the ex wife its never let me down, and as stated British made.
  13. dazb1967

    SOLD Swarovski EL Range 8x42 Bins. Nice!

    Someone got a good buy, wish theyd came up for sale before I bought mine
  14. When I applied for my Licence which I havnt had that long my Reference had a call the same day I handed it in, Northumbria police seem to be on the ball with licensing.
  15. Received my variation in 7 days of posting with northumbria police