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  1. Leupold vari-x 3 4.5-14x40mm tactical

    brilliant can you pm me please ben
  2. Simmons Whitetail Classic 3.5- 10x50 scope

    is this still available as im looking for one
  3. Leupold vari-x 3 4.5-14x40mm tactical

    would you post to somerset insured post would be about 6 quid cheers ben
  4. rc 20 bore semi magnum carts for sale

    ?? Sfs
  5. schmidt scope

  6. rc 20 bore semi magnum carts for sale

    £60 and you have a deal
  7. rc 20 bore semi magnum carts for sale

  8. 10 bore

    i never sent a video as I didn't go out shooting mike never mind it will sell
  9. 10 bore

    Michael i was not waiting to make up my mind That was already done as the gun is for sale (simple ) I will offer to others now you have changed your mind Thanks Ben
  10. 10 bore

    So whats happening Michael do you not want it now as i will trade it in if not Aberfowl did you want it or were you just enquiring as it all seems to have gotten abit confused Ben
  11. 10 bore

    Now now boys Lets not all start falling out
  12. 10 bore

    will do
  13. 10 bore

    good guns for foxing I use mine quite regular for it with 3.5 inch turkey loads with 2.5 ounce loads and it bowls them over ben
  14. 10 bore

    hi mike the condition is 7/10 I would say but she shoots really well I will be taking her out tonight on the mallard so could get a short vid of her working as should I was going to get her ceracoted but have decided to buy a browning bps and fit a terror or hi flyer choke to try instead I will get pics over as soon as I get home from work ben
  15. rc 20 bore semi magnum carts for sale

    no problems with plastic wads through a hush power mate she will be fine my friend uses a 12 gauge hush with plaz wads and has had no issues in 3 years or so