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  1. Not sure how good the 4 g coverage is up there ! I was thinking more a cash incentive, theres only 50,000 natives scratching a living , a few hundred grand a piece could easily sway any vote. Plus , Trumps idea to 'buy' Greenland wasnt such a far fetched idea now was it, they pretty much did it with Alaska, pre goldrush . What Im getting at though , is the drive to be all environmental, whilst mining some of the most unspoilt land on the planet, possibly upsetting a key part of the global thermostatic ecosystem, flies in the face of ALL climate change advocates. Grand hypocris
  2. Indeed, and all the lithium, and other stuff needed for all the 'green' transportation we need to save the world for Gretas future? Good on the Greenlanders for standing up, but it's a short lived thing, they WILL be bought, or 'coerced' one way or another. Remember, we only have 10 years left to save the world 🙄
  3. Lets just say being involved in the running of a clay club for more years than you is PART of my experience. Servicing and repairing shotguns and sec 1 firearms is another part. Im no where near offended, and you are not stating facts, you are stating YOUR opinion , based on YOUR experience of how many was it , 2 guns ? Hang on a cotton picking minute You said they lasted a LIFETIME ?! So why do you get rid of them after 3 years ? So either , in YOUR opinion, they have reached the end of their 'reliable' life after 3 years / 60,000 carts, so you sell them to some poor
  4. How on earth you can quantify that statement Ive no idea, pure guesswork on your part. Again , facts plucked from the air, you do know theyve been around a lot longer than 3 years. I think the word would be out now ? So they are only going to last the warranty period , or they last 10 years? But only if you dont use them once a week plus ? More estimates , based on what ? Of course they are built to a budget, everything is, but.... ....You would rather have a used Miroku for the same money, and NO warranty, than a brand new gun with 3 years warranty
  5. None white cultures dont see racism as its true definition. Racism is something whites 'do' to non white cultures. The UN definition of race discrimination is staggeringly broad, a person from Norfolk calling someone a Geordie in a derogatory manner could literally be classed as racism. Im not saying this is ever likely to happen, but its possible within 'hate' laws. Which brings us back to the notion of racism from non whites. Again, its perfectly prosecutable under UK law, but when does it ever actually happen ? Lawyers know , bringing in the 'racially aggravated' aspect i
  6. Estimated 50000 a year killed on the roads, a number directly relatable to their increasing numbers overall, despite the culls. We even have 'urban' badgers now. The protected status of badgers needs suspending, its utter madness.
  7. The delightful 'diversity' of different cultures eh?
  8. Like you , John and myself and millions of others, people are fed up of the discrimination against us from BLM. They have gone far beyond wanting parity, their stated aims seem more vengeful. This blatant attempt at division within Western society is actively stoked by the liberal left. Any opportunity to further the 'them and us ' narrative is seized upon, every time. Brexit, elections of all type, even an interview with a spoiled married couple seeking to up their profile, and paid millions for the 'juice' no matter whether it be true or not. The latest official report on rac
  9. In the furore of last years 'mostly peaceful' BLM riots and protests, stoked by leftist media and personalities, a central tenet was introduced.... It wasnt good enough to just NOT be a racist, you had to be actively FIGHTING racism, or you were still supporting racism anyway ! This posed a bit of a quandary. It was a bravo ! to the white people who got involved looting protesting, any other whites were demonised as racists, and the type of people who would probably own slaves if given the chance. But what about the people of colour who didnt 'actively fight racism' ? Were they racist
  10. You can easily see the towers from the RC area, about 300 yards further up the track past karting.
  11. Langar (airfield) is very informal, cheap too ! Reopen Sun 11 th.
  12. Sorry, I never considered the Hasidic aspect
  13. That statement , though probably just repeated from somewhere else , has baffled me . Heres his picture BTW if he hasnt been caught yet.
  14. For crying out loud 😆 Try telling that to the Labour Party, the lib dems, greens and SNP, who base their entire economic strategy on just that. You've heard of taxation? Absolute class.
  15. I think you need to read the link in your own post properly. US farmers get subsidies every year, like CAP, last year they got a little more to cover shortfalls. Hardly the straw that broke the camels back, and goes no way to explaining the price increases.
  16. Q. When does BASC take things to court ? A, When it knows 100% it will win.
  17. Perhaps , rather than blaming Trump, you could critically think why the prices have gone up so much in 3 months ? Americans will not see anything BUT the price increases, and will automatically tie the new administration into the reason why. Surely they would continue Trumps strategy of pumping money into farming, rather than become the object of the peoples annoyance at the rise in living costs, IF that was indeed the case ? And really, its no good blaming covid , or China, the pandemic has been around for a year now, and food prices would have gone up long ago if they were the main
  18. The 007s work OK with some top end scopes, not all. A good rule of thumb though is cheaper the better, less lenses , and density of lens, sometimes its coatings too. You can normally compensate with loads of IR though. What is it like in daylight/low light ? Could be an issue with the Solaris ? Try short range with the on board IR. I was tearing my hair out one night thinking my 007 was broken, switched it on , and was getting a tiny amount of vision through the scope, trying all kinds of things to get a picture. As I packed up to go home in disgust , I noticed I
  19. No parralax adjustment on that scope, not good . Might work on 3x at low ranges ?
  20. But they arent representing us are they ? Do the membership support a lead ban ? No. Well it will do if BASC 'The voice of shooting' tell them its all good with us. When clearly it isnt. BASC get bashed BTW, because they deserve it. In what way ,shape or form does a voluntary lead ban help us ? If the governments(s) are/were going to ban it anyway, in what way does doing it voluntarily give us any benefit ? But then , none of these questions can be answered, because without membership consultation, they just did it anyway. If you belonged to a political part
  21. Id love to know how many members they have lost over this, or if they even care ?
  22. Bowling for Columbine is a Michael Moore 'film' a more left wing , gun hating , democrat supporting individual you will struggle to find. These days he is a big supporter of antifa and BLM, probably ISIS and al qaeda too knowing him ! Heston at the time was nearly 80, and clearly not of very sound mind, his keen advocacy of the 2nd was the main reason Moore wanted to interview him, as he knew , with his mental state , it would cast the NRA and gun owners in general as 'a bit mental' I wouldnt judge Heston too harshly, he was a very patriotic man, and believed whole heartedly in gu
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