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  1. Any pictures? Where is your location?
  2. Usually just a couple of weeks under normal circumstances, but with this Covid-19 carry on, who knows? For my SGC they just sent out a beat bobby to chat to me and check my cabinet. They sent out a FEO when I wanted a FA cert. He was a lot more thorough as expected and phoned everybody on my FA training list to check my certs.
  3. I have fitted universal charge bars to mine. The initial cost is more, but you can then alter the powder or shot to suit. Just drop the powder or shot and then weigh it.
  4. Europe can stick their goods. If Boris would just remove the import duty and vat on American goods, I will buy them instead.
  5. About time too. I just hope Wee Jimmy swallows her pride and calls Boris up to congratulate him on a job well done.
  6. Where are you based, as a lot of those items will be collection only?
  7. I got my MEC 600 jnr in 410 calibre from https://www.claygame.co.uk I buy hulls, primers and powder from https://www.armourerreloading.co.uk as they are my closest supplier I also buy wads, lead shot and nitro cards from http://www.####.co.uk
  8. I had a delivery of powder to the Scottish Borders last week from Henry Krank and it was £40 for up to 20kg. It depends on your post code and it's using a secure courier. Basically a guy from Glasgow in an unmarked truck.That was the minimum price, so I got them to add 15kg of lead shot, just to try and get my money's worth.
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