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  1. L-r loopers at range. Just don't seem to be able to connect with them.
  2. Plastic coated copper is fine. This protects the pipe from corrosion and should therefore guard against leaks. The pipe should have oil pipe tape above it and be pressure tested before the trench is refilled.
  3. Thanks for that was thinking of getting one but didn't think it would be any good.
  4. That's just poor installation, dry the area and use some fast set mortar to fill it and make a nice smooth seamless joint to the straight run..
  5. Mmm blackberry n apple pie, love it
  6. Banger123

    knife law

    It's out of the van !!
  7. Banger123

    knife law

    I have a machete in the van that I use when cutting stuff for hides. It's in the back so not accesable unless it is open but it is there all the time. Does this mean I am breaking the law even though all my other tools r in there??
  8. Went out this afternoon, birds in the barley but once they had been moved they did not return. No flight lines to speak off they all seemed to be in the woods that surround, and there seems to be no moving them. Frustrating to say the least !!
  9. Not in your neck of the woods but either grant or Worcester both are good
  10. From my experience (20 something years in plumbing and heating) the manufacturers will do all they can to get out of there obligations. 25 year guarantee worth about as much as the bit of paper it was written on. Good luck
  11. I have some linseed and peas haven't been out for few weeks. Going to have a look tomorrow afternoon on my home from work. Fingers crossed
  12. Not one of them can tell us anything new, they don't know what will happen!! All they are trying to do is scare us all into voting to remain. Have made my mind up and posted it this morning so to late!
  13. Likewise nearly all of the above + hammers nails n grandpas 12g cartridges, one really stupid one a 7.62 nato blank, very glad it only caught my fingers as it left the vice heading up into the sky.
  14. Good luck that smell of fish just gets stronger.
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