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  1. Charging PCPs

  2. Hatfields & McCoys DVD.

    Agreed, thoroughly enjoyed it when I watched it, would have had this myself if it hadn't gone so quickly!
  3. Streaming sites

    Just started using terrarium after cartoon hd stopped working
  4. Motorpoint Car Supermarkets

    Bought the wife a year old Zafira Tourer to replace her 13 year old original Zafira, price of the Tourer was £1.5k less than at the Vauxhall dealer & they gave us 50% more in px, they will try to sell you extras but are not too pushy with it, we didn't bother with the extras or finance, definitely my first choice when replacing next cars.
  5. Bring back the death penalty?

    There are two functional execution chambers in two London prisons . These are kept operational because their are two crimes that you could still be executed for ,setting light to a naval dock yard and high treason . This is no longer true. Capital punishment was abolished completely and for all offences including the 2 mentioned in 1998 when the ECHR was ratified by the government. The Last working gallows is now an exhibit in Nottingham at the galleries of justice museum. Incidentally while ever we remain in the European Convention of Human Rights (Not to be mistaken for the EU) after Brexit it is prohibited to reinstate capital punishment according to ECHR rules Harnser
  6. F 1 Outcome ??

    I stand corrected!!
  7. F 1 Outcome ??

    "Hamilton isn't that good a driver, any of the top six or seven drivers would do as well as he has done if they were in that car." Absolute rubbish. He is the best driver in F1 now and has been for a while irrespective of the car. No other driver has won at least 1 race in every season they have competed in. Until this season he finished ahead of his teammate every season. More F1 victories than any other British driver, 2nd only to Michael Schumacher in all time victory list. He may not be everyone's favourite personality but to say he isn't a very good driver couldn't be further from the truth
  8. Air rifle wanted

    Used to have one of those years ago, what price is it?
  9. Air rifle wanted

    Yes I am tempted to buy a new Hatsan
  10. Air rifle wanted

    Got rats coming into my back garden & want a cheapish air rifle to deal with them. Distances will be about 20 yards & will probably be only used for this purpose so I don't need anything special, was thinking an old BSA or Webley, or anything really that will do the job, let me know if you have anything in the Derby/Notts/South Yorks & East Midlands areas
  11. LE CHAMEAU Waterproof / Hiking / Walking Boots Size 9

    Received the boots today, superb as new condition, well pleased, many thanks John
  12. Week away

    We flew from East Midlands with Ryanair, only 1 3/4 hours to Wroclaw, a little bit longer to Krakow but not much.
  13. Week away

    Its cold at the moment, snow covered when we got there, they get warm summers though. I can highly recommend it, plenty to do & see & friendly people. This year we did more our own thing, took a train out into the countryside, saw a more rural Poland public transport is plentiful and cheap, our train journey was a 4 hour return trip for less than £6!!