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  1. Great scope I use one with a pard007, good luck with the sale.
  2. My local had new neighbours a few years back who love to complain about everything but it is ok for there teenage brat to throw party's smoking pot and being abusive from the garden when mummy is away, he's a bit older now but still gets chopsy and has found himself upside down in a wheely bin a few times, compliments of some of the younger locals.
  3. Thats about the same distance as my perms for pest control, I have not gone out yet but will need to do something soon with lambing season coming up. I have written request for pest control so that is covered but as you where told its down to the officer if stopped.
  4. I would say the water splashing looks better in black and white, great photo.
  5. powler


    It would make a cracking indoor range. 😀
  6. You could PM Greengrass and ask him, I imagine he would be knowledgeable on something like this. Hope you get this sorted.
  7. Just having a think about covering on the inside of the IBC, could you use black silage wrap as most farms usually have a stub reel of it left about when silaging, attaching it may be an issues, maybe a bit of baton or industrial stapler but it would probably tear through that.
  8. Sounds like they are as bad as the BBC.
  9. Have you got any photo's? Mick
  10. Also with a scope, you may want to take in mind that in the future you may want to add a NV or thermal addon to it so you would need to take account of side parallax and low mag. Mick
  11. Hi Gun back yesterday from HW100 Tuning, dealt with a gent called Mel, very good service, all looks good with the gun had a print out of service details with notes and also one of the fps/ft-lbs and the gun is averaging 11.31ft-lbs using JSB exact jumbo's 15.89gr. Tested it on my Combro chrono and showed a bit lower but thats probably down to my chrono so not worried about that and to be honest I could only test in the basement as not travelling to perms at the moment due to covid as closest perm is 20 miles away from home, frustrating as it would be good to get out and re zero the s
  12. Thats a good idea, may look at one for when I finally get to go on a range. Mick
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