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  1. powler

    Home CCTV cost

    The swans are very good the apps on iPhone, ipad and windows 10 work well and playback is easy to use, also night vision is good quality. As said no running costs after purchase besides electric to power. Worth the money, don't forget to put up some signage as its a good deterrent. MIck
  2. powler

    Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday, have a great day.
  3. Great photo's especially the first one, like how you have got down low with the water.
  4. powler

    Storm Ciara

    A bit windy in Herefordshire but nothing to worry about atm, would like to get out and have a walk but my calf muscle popped so resting today. Oh the little potted bay tree blew over, now rescued. Mick
  5. Fantastic, this is one of the things I love about being out and about something like this turning a normal day into a great day, makes getting up in the morning and getting out worth the effort. Mick
  6. powler

    Six Nations

    England were lucky Scotland's lineout was terrible, they lost a lot of territory from kicking straight out. Shame about the booing aswell, a bit embarrassing for real rugby fans. Loved the Ellis Genge interview at the end. Mick
  7. No idea then, let me add to basket for next day delivery, maybe there site playing up. Try blackwood outdoors showing stock here. Might be worth checking with them first that they have stock as you may still be tied/charged for the order and then be kept waiting for delivery.
  8. Scott Country have them in. Mick
  9. Like Diver One said could be a marker for veg rows, it has a point to it so looks like it is to be pushed into something, being lead soft soil would make sense. Only thing its a bit short for a veg row so maybe seed trays in a greenhouse? MIck
  10. Nice one Islandgun and nice one Gus. Mick
  11. Hi I have a A300 in wood, had it for a few years now used for rough shooting, suits me well. It does not like really light cartridges so sometimes struggles to recycle them. Easy to clean and maintain and I would buy another one for my shooting type but if I was after a gun for clays I would look for something that would take light cartridges, probably a U/O or SbS to be honest and that would eradicate that problem for good. That said I imagine it would be a good gun for waterfowling. Good luck on your choice. Mick
  12. On a Friday if you get there at opening time thats the best time as within a few hours it gets busy. Mick
  13. I thought most insurance NCB would be invalid if you had a few years break in insurance? New FJR1300 £590 comp, NCB not accepted as I had not insured the last bike (ZX9)for over 2 years. Hopefully this year a lot cheaper. Mick
  14. powler


    embarrassingly I never thought of that and I work in a blown film plastic factory, similar raw material to injection moulding. Mick
  15. powler

    Six Nations

    Its worse living on the welsh borders esp when Wales beat England, the welsh guys are carping on about it for months. 🙄 Can't wait. Mick
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