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  1. Something like this or this?
  2. Without a dowt they are the Rolls Royce of stoves and do get what you pay for. Walker you said you may be after a kinetic fan to sit on top, when you look into getting one check the noise level's as I know some can be a bit louder than others. Mick
  3. Thats a very impressive amount and well worth the effort. Two yesterday while out for a stroll. 1442 Mick
  4. Godless on netflix is a good western series.
  5. We also have a Clearview with a decent liner and only burn seasoned wood, normally swept every other year unless the wife decides different. One thing the sweep advised was if you going to get them done yearly try and do it in the spring as he said the soot will sit up there all summer absorbing some moisture and doing more damage than good to a liner. Mick
  6. Four on Thursday and also spent some time watching an otter in the brook, second time I've seen one in forty years shooting that perm, so was very pleased. Mick 1433
  7. Sorry to hear this Sam, and unions are a waste of time, will never be in a union again. Mick
  8. We have just been through this, the whole site was closed down even though we out performed three other sites put together one even lost over five million pound last year, but it is down to us being bought out by a competitor for our order book, we had some very big customers. Some of which were ordering extra stock before we shut down as they were about to jump ship and go to another supplier. We went from a fantastic team of people to just a number when we got bought out and I have learned a big lesson that I will never bust a gut for a big company as our story shows that no matter how
  9. Just googled them, some good conversions into different things. Mick
  10. A good idea for a shooting table, we used one that was not modified for a coffee table in the smoking area at my old works, lasted about 3 years before it started to rot, it was stood on concrete outs in the elements. I did put a few pieces of timber underneath to but the top started to rot first. So if you had it on a old pallet or some timber or a few bricks and maybe covered it when not in use, with treatment should last quite some time. Mick
  11. Thats a good idea, will look into getting one instead of mixing a gallon at a time. Mick
  12. powler

    Where was I?

    Having a few days in Brixham and the sign says building Torbay referring to the scaffolding. Friday managed to bag a few mackerel for dinner off the rocks at battery gardens. Mick
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