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  1. powler

    Forum oddity ???

    Mine wasn't showing under recently browsing but after a page refresh it was.
  2. While we are talking about shellfish anyone tried Moreton Bay bugs? I had them out on gold coast in Australia about 2004, they are absolutely lovely, best shellfish I have tried.
  3. I've not read all the posts but my wife had it and swore that this support worked very well, and also used a tennis ball under the arch of her foot and rolled it gently back and forwards or use a plastic bottle with frozen water in it in place of the tennis ball. Hope it gets better soon.
  4. An early fireblade might be a decent option, good handling bike with decent power but might push your £2000 limit.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, will sort some transport for them and jest wash them out and put them inline, also covered to hold back the algae. Thinking maybe some fine wire with a household sieve below to keep out the debris. Thanks again Mick
  6. Morning The father in-law is on a water meter so watering his veg patch costs, now I have the chance of a few IBC tanks that have been used for PVA glue which I was thinking could be used for catching rain water if I could get them clean, I take it as PVA is water based it should not harm the plants and they should be ok after a jet wash, I don't expect to be able to get it all out as the tanks have been sat in hot weather for a while so the last of the glue has probably set. Anything I am overlooking here or should this work fine as I don't want to go to the hassle of moving them to the in laws to find they are not suitable? Thanks Mick
  7. Finally had time for a quick walk round this morning, five shot. 1634
  8. A really great photo, well done.
  9. powler

    D Day

    Been over to Normandy a few times and been to Pegasus bridge amazing how close they landed the gliders to the bridge. All very humbling and makes you put life into perspective.
  10. A farmer had a original land rover key cut(£90) but didn't realise it needed coding to the alarm, a dealership in Hereford wanted £175 just to code it, they said minimum is a one hour charge, I took it to a land rover garage in Symonds Yat they did it for £40 but pointed out that the receiver for the fob signal in the roof was playing up, replaced by my self for about £20. Everything works fine now. Just shows how much the official dealerships make £175 to code a key, imagine it would double if they supplied a key.
  11. Just to say I bought some of the brooches for my wife and she loves them, they are full of character and very good quality. Thoroughly recommended.
  12. Flat nipple battery also due to fitment.
  13. powler


    Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Yes Mel, the fox one's look great( see PM). The world is your oyster with these brooches with so many possibility's for designs.
  15. PM done 👍 Oh if a fox one along the line of design of the bird should come along I would be interested in that, well the wife would.
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