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  1. I usually find chicken breast that has been frozen is never as tender as fresh.
  2. That looks a handy bit of kit but is a bit pricey for the amount of space, looks like I will follow amatuers advice and buys some more cards. Thanks for input gents. Mick
  3. Bit of a weird one but the wife and I are off on a jolly in September to the Italian Alps on the motorbike. The bike is fitted with a camera and also the wifes helmet, the footage is recorded to SD memory cards. Now as we are on the bike we will have to travel light so I don't want to take a laptop so does anyone know if it is possible to transfer from the SD cards to a small external storage device like a hard drive of similar, I know I would not be able to view the files but could do that once home. The only other option is to buy lots of SD cards or wipe the data, but I didn't want to lose the recordings as some may be worth keeping. Mick
  4. One way to help cut down condensation would be to put in some air vents.
  5. I found this forum thread https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/old-rexon-bandsaw-worth-saving.112766/ its 2018 but they guy posting said he got a manual from Rexon, maybe worth asking if could forward you a copy some how, also may be worth a asking around the forum? One guys mentions the same saw came under different brand names, Ryobi was one. Hope this helps Mick
  6. I found a similar issue with the mother in laws oven, the element had gone and was struggling to find the part for this old currys oven but after some googling found one from another make was the exact same.
  7. That made me chuckle, nice one Mel 😄
  8. Have you tried emailing the manufacturer's, sorry not much help.
  9. Is this any good? https://www.recordpower.co.uk/assets/products/product_manuals/prod_000593_manual_1428997926.pdf Mick
  10. Like Paul said try youtube, even if not a video for you model it may give you tips etc, our microwave turntable stopped turning after a look on youtube I ordered a small replacement motor for £12 and fitted myself in minutes. Oh and make sure you have it unplugged from the mains if you take and coverings off, just in case there are live connections underneath. Good luck Mick
  11. Thought I would post up what I actually payed in case anyone has a similar enquiry. Seat cost £291 Duty tax importer £11 Vat £57.26 Total £68.26 Mick
  12. There are a few reviews here if that is any help https://www.amazon.co.uk/American-Technology-Network-Corp-DGBNBN4KLRF/dp/B07NHN77JL Mick
  13. Not long ago I bought a pair of the Vortex Diamondbacks, they have some HD but are not full HD the next model (Vipers) up are but double in price. the Diamondbacks are really clear and take in a lot of light so good in woodland, handy when the thermal picks something up but you cant identify it by naked eye, anyways I got these on sale price of £205 delivered, these are a massive improvement on my £80 pair that I have had for years. I would find it hard to part with £2k for a pair of binos that for me would do the same job as these, but that said if I had the financial means and the need to see the detail and read a birds leg ring then maybe I would, but not looked through a top quality pair its hard for me to judge, and maybe I don't want to as it could cause me to start saving for sometime to purchase a pair. Mick
  14. Love the smell of castrol R, one of my friends came round once in a old Citroen diesel, that was running on a chippy oil diesel mix, that smelt nice just like a fish and chip shop. Sorry going off topic.
  15. Sorry I missed the part on the costing on electric kettle, I don't have an electric kettle, currently using a gas kettle on the hob. Yes I get free wood, currently got at a guess about 8 tonnes some seasoning in a barn and some already seasoned, plus 3 ash trees an alder and a newly fallen oak to get in, luckily I got access to farm vehicles to get it in. I wouldn't be lighting the fire just to boil the kettle only doing so if the fire was lit. Shame our current kettle is not flat based. Mick
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