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  1. Finally got to use the gun, as all my perms are in wales. Brother in laws property in England. Two squirrels. 1153 Mick
  2. powler

    Bird question

    Certainly noticed more birds about of late, the wife only commented the other day that she saw a great tit pottering around in the garden last weekend. Mick
  3. Very sorry to hear of your loss.
  4. Well I'm finding this very educational. 😀 Mick
  5. I had one mounted using the Yukon SW-30 mount on a picatinny rail and only just got zero with the extra elevation, but without the rail I had terrible eye relief. Everything worked ok once zero was set, you could use a shim on the rear mount but be careful as this would make the scope not sit true in the mount and I believe could cause damage to the scope if over tightened. Hope this helps. Mick
  6. Good size fish, top job. Done some spear fishing out in Oz in the 90's but never anything that big, know what you mean about sharks turning up always in the back of you mind especially as the one bay we used to frequent was know as shark bay by the locals. Mick
  7. The brother-in-law had moles, they drove him around the bend, quite often I would find him sat out in the garden with the shotgun. He is still having therapy now and this was years ago. Mick
  8. Good result, nice to see it turned out ok after RFD trying it on. Mick
  9. I had issue's last year with emails from his website, they were getting blocked and due to the website sharing an IP which is blocked for spam, they didn't even go into the spam folder they were dumped at the root by my website host, when question they said the IP is on a universal blacklist. I did inform him but don't think he changed hosts/IP. In the end I had to use a old Hotmail account to receive emails from him. Try the night vision forum you may get some help from there. Mick
  10. powler


    We used to have a green one come onto some waste ground near my works, nice to see in an industrial area. Quiet a few lesser spotted on my perms in Gwent which I would like to see again 😕 Mick
  11. Breaker breaker... ya got got your ears on good buddy? Brother in-law has got a big set up for ham(spelling?) radio, and can also get onto CB frequency but he said CB is pretty quiet to what it used to be in the 80's but he is right out in the sticks so this could affect the CB frequency. 10-10 Mick
  12. powler

    Is eBay down?

    Seems to be just loading a written menu page, all graphics and colours missing. Mick
  13. Just like the guys said slightly cleaner on Coleman fuel but not worth the extra cost, find mine boils the kettle so much faster if I use one of those little camping stove windbreaks. Also bought a Nash bag for it last year, protects it a bit when packed up on the bike. Mick
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