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  1. Think it could be a 800 skeet gun.
  2. powler

    Grand National

    Got the winner 😀 £15.20 won on my £1 each way bet.
  3. Nice Vid, not heard of Bore tech.
  4. I bought a 10x4 from Yardmaster last year, odd size I know but its to go down the side of the house to put garden furniture and paint pots etc just freeing up space in main shed, put down on paving slabs. Very flimsy when in bits but it braces against itself well, security is poor but that is not an issue for me, as said not the tallest of sheds(174cm). Putting together was OK just takes time as a lot of screws to put in, needs two people when putting the sides/roof together. For the money(£260) you cant go wrong as you have no treatment or maintenance to do on it. Yardmaster 10
  5. Also used for pipes on silo delivery lorry's and pipe caps on silos.
  6. Yer I agree after the feedback from you guys and doing more research
  7. Same here, the building society sent the originals to me some ten years ago, guess its as some say its all electronic now. Property was built 1895.
  8. At a guess 130/150 posts for the farm border fencing but many many more for internal fields but no rush for the internal fencing, its mainly the straining and gate posts that will need boring or digging in, most of the four inch posts can be pushed in with the front loader on the tractor. Maybe I could try and get him to buy one with his brother who has a farm next door.
  9. This is something I was thinking about which would be safer but its hard getting a farmer to part with his money, some of the fencing is down through a steep wood and I put the posts in with a hand rammer and used a tree to strain off, so if I can finish off the woodland fencing this way then a PTO driven would be easier in the fields. Reading up if a petrol driven borer was to be bought then it would need to be a geed safety brake.
  10. Hi, Has anyone any views or reviews on the petrol post hole borer machines, there is a lot of fencing needing doing on one of the perms I shoot and even though some posts can be pushed in with the tractor bucket the straining posts and gate posts need digging in. Mick
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