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  1. Ireland were worthy winners they prevented Wales from playing,well done.
  2. Do you have any forends for a franchie falconet ,12 bore ,o/u made in the 1980s .cheers Welsh grouse.

  3. I contacted a.y.a.regarding my sxs a.y.a.the gun number starts 16xxxx and the only information they gave me was made in 1963 and the model is 400 e./my shotgun is a 12bore witch has 28inch barrels,ejectors,straight hand stock with brass oval inlay,double triggers,on the action I have 2screws and 2 pins but no locking screws, on the action there is some engraving exactly like the picture of your gun,on the front lump there is a extractor retaining pin/screw.i have been informed by my local gun shop/dealer that my gun is not a a.y.a no4 because it has not got locking screws on the action,(that is the only difference between my shotgun and a proper a.y.a no 4) and should Not be sold as a no 4.hope this information helps you out. I think it would pay you to e.mail a.y.a to find out what they say,they replied back to me within a hour,hope this info helps you.WELSH GROUSE.
  4. A deserved win by England,you won this battle but not the war.
  5. Did you notice the colour of the jersey the sheep was wearing down in the Welsh training camp,they are English sheep.in Wales there is a saying"where men are men and sheep tremble"look out England,game on.
  6. I e.mailed a.y.a with my serial number for my sxs and they informed me that it was made in 1963 and it was a model 400 e.my shotgun has ejectors a straight hand stock and brass oval inlay,and double triggers,and 28inch barrels.hope this is of use to you. Welsh grouse
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