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  1. Get the s&w 15-22 they work so well and a good price point last round hold open on them so many parts available for them mine eats any ammo reliable mine has had probably over 100k rounds through it as I go though a lot and it’s was a club gun used on courses before I had it where they would used hell of a lot of ammo
  2. even 2 Blokes at 10 rounds each your literally talking couple seconds. people don’t realise how quick these things go down
  3. Two to the chest one to the head repeat until no longer a threat to the rest there’s some right armchair warriors here who have no idea about real life when it comes to stuff like this. seriously deluded people who’ve watched to much tv about how things work
  4. Right some of you need a reality check this is not stalking or range shooting this is life and death of not only you but those around you again you shoot and keep shooting until the threat is no longer of a threat I suggests that those who have never done any form of training for a situation like this and or been in a situation like this then refrain from judging and commenting on something you have no real world idea about. so for example you think the sas lads who did the embassy need more training as the terrorist on the stairs had I belive it was 16 rounds put in him
  5. You keep shooting till the threat is no longer a threat 1-2 shoots he could still be alive A couple of you mag dump into him your fairly certain he ain’t moving to do anything why take the risk of only putting one or two into him when the consequences could be far greater. no retaining required as some have suggested.
  6. If your hun is less than 20 year old you really don’t need snap caps dry firing won’t damage modern guns
  7. Good to hear. the form aint there fault either as it’s done by the home office. I know this as I have to send screen shots into them as it wouldn’t give mE the correct options for my renewal but on systems on the police systems it showed up ok but they were spot on and got hold of home office to correct it and noted in the system that my renewal was in progress can honestly say Cleveland are very easy to deal with and seem to have an actual understanding of shooting and fire arms
  8. Just ring them and explain this to them and ask why they have changed it. And point out if they stuck to new limits theybhave imposed on you you will have to surrender your surplus and will need to be compensated for it CLEVELAND police tend to be pretty good at sorting stuff out very quickly
  9. You should also be looking if there compatible with seat air bags if you have them.
  10. Fire works anything that’s gets hot is cold by time it hits ground so don’t generally cause fires also made of paper and wood where as lot of the lanterns have wire frames fireworks don’t float for miles out of sight while Lit
  11. You have to have the right sole for them the “attack” They are a nightmare to get on though I used to use a old spoon to help lever them on place like using bike tyre levers they are cracking once on though
  12. As I say that’s my opinion I’ve shot mag after mag very quickly with hot barrels and all I’ve experienced is a bit of drift but once cold there fine again and only ever a few times found barrels to be shot out to point they wernt accurate and that’s been well over few k of rounds through them. yeah it’s going to be less on hunting rifles but still going to take a fair bit to trash a barrel from my own experiences obviosly diffrent if home loading and running hot loads through them
  13. That’s not even a quick string of shots or many shots. If that damages your barrel then it’s not a particularly good barrel in my opinion
  14. Maybe smooth it off and glue a bit of a silicone bakeing tray in it won’t melt and won’t scratch
  15. No bother. Say they’ve been fine for me. If you prefer can type have a look on the bay you can pic up the peltor xp or xpi for a good price as they were issued to mil and there electronic so can hear everything and comfy. And are shaped I way not to interfere with gun mount. i think You’ll be fine with them. Worse case you don’t get on with them and sell them and you’ll only lose about 30 quid
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