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  1. I’d put money on as a above your firing pin is been held protruding slightly of the bold face
  2. Peltor commtac xp or xpi are very good not cheap but can be found in the bay for decent prices also shaped for shooting so don’t interfere with cheek weld I happily wear them all day good weather proofing and good customer service in the rare even anything goes wrong
  3. Agile parcor iso 2 Is what I got last year I hate weeklies but I love these and after lots of searching the net on pretty much every shooting hunting farming types page or group these where what was recommended many many great reviews and very few bad ones
  4. See this is where is all becomes unclear as the pic attached the line with them all just above the weight is the minimum kerb weight from the Nissan brochure what trim level and year is yours please as if I can find one that stated like yours I could be tempted to get one
  5. Are you sure with your navara. As all the double cabs according to the Nissan brochure are all over 2040kg the lightest double cab is visa spec that comes in at 2070kg as this is one of things that has put me off getting one
  6. No no dog will let it self starve to death and will eat but that don’t mean they enjoy it you would force yourself to eat **** you don’t like to stay alive but you wouldn’t enjoy it. you invest a lot of time and money into training a dog why would you not feed it something it clearly likes rather than forcing it to eat something it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean spoil it and take it out for Michelin starred food but a happy medium. And end of day a happy dog will work better for you. and for most people the dog is part of the family and you wouldn’t make y
  7. I’ve got the grabber AT3 on my Range Rover no problems with them at all and never been stuck the coopers I belive are now cooper discovery sport or something along those lines I have them on my shogun sport and again spot on and winter rated. I’m sure these are the replacements for what you wanted as they where what I was after and they said these are the new version
  8. Could be grass seed or something like that have you changed food or anything like that recently as they tent to do it for allergies too
  9. Raw meaty bones like you said lamb ribs are good basically stuff they have to gnaw at and rip things dried cow hide is good as mine proper chews it deer legs etc got my lad on raw and he’s teeth are gleaming
  10. Grabber at3 or Cooper discover sport the new ones are winter rates to same as the at3 had the grabbers on my past two rangerovers and not a problem and got the coopers on my old shogun sport again no problems. and good with them been snow and ice rated
  11. What you could do going off what you said working that amount it’s about extra calories after the work and giving them a small snack during day. something like spoon full of coco oil on the food or during the day or peanut butter ( non palm oil) will help as high in fat and calorie dense
  12. Why ip before season up calories as workload ups or all your doing is putting fat on before wich I turn means have to work even harder as carrying more non Metabolically active weight. if your upping training and trying to put some muscle on then yeah a tiny bit more calories but otherwise extra calories on the work day and day after will work fine as a refeed. as some one said drying off will also help to keep weight on as not burning calories keeping warm
  13. Do you eat a lot of tomato and onions Try cutting them right back if you do they can make flare up and be worse my mrs suffers badly but cutting this back helped no end she was also recommended the multi vitamin called “source of life gold” by a few people how have it and after a few weeks of trying it she felt a lot better and was getting lot less aches in the mornings she also has a rechargeable battery pack hand warmer that when we’re out she holds on her pocket that’s helps her hands no end. guns Id get a light semi auto gas rather than inertia. And get a o
  14. Yes it was an airsoft rifle that was two tone but anyone can paint something you are been instructed by armed police you do as your told you do not point something that appears to be a weapon at them you do not make sudden movements you keep your hands on show the blokes are under high stress and have to make a spilt second Decision to pull the trigger or not. All while doing many other things making sure there is a back stop making sure public are safe making sure collages are safe. all the while knowing the will be investigated for there actions and judged by oth
  15. Sounds medical stomach bug or something maybe from leaving half food and he’s hurting so defensive and growling and snapping but knows he shouldn’t growl or snap hence when shouted at for him he becomes really down and upset, as he know he shouldn’t do it and don’t like been shouted at but can’t help it as it’s defensive as he’s hurting trip to vets get some bloods etc done and see what’s what. as said castration don’t mean it will cure aggression same as it don’t mean he won’t hump still. and let’s face it if some one cut my nuts off I’d become the biggest **** ther
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