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  1. chilly1981

    Benelli Shell catchers.

    Hi sorry I can’t see the pic in the first post it don’t open
  2. chilly1981

    New shoot bus

    It’s a plate that’s coming off anyway as it’s on retention tomthw old owner once the books come back for it. But worst can really get from a plate is fact it’s taxed it’s mot history me if they want they can clone it
  3. chilly1981

    New shoot bus

    Got a old truck for shooting/taking the dog out and so our lass can get I work in winter without me having to drop her off or handing over the keys for my car(not a chance if that happening ) and it came with some lovely artwork on the back. Rather fittinb for this time of year and I’m ex mil
  4. chilly1981

    Army short of soldiers

    Well if they stopped treating blokes like something they have stepped in gave them decent food and living conditions and didn’t carry out witch hunts on blokes that did there job years ago while Letting the terrorists go scott free. They wouldnt have a shortage or a rentention problem i. The first place
  5. chilly1981

    Fireworks warning labels

    It’s kike putting caution hot on cups of take away coffee all warning should be left off things and let Murphy’s law take over. For the good of the gene pool and maybe common sense may be the norm again
  6. chilly1981

    FUD pigeon decoys

    Have you seen my reply or have you sold them elsewhere
  7. chilly1981

    FUD pigeon decoys

    Is that £15 posted mate if so I’ll take
  8. chilly1981

    Invictus Games.

    Have a look at mark omrods documentry on you tube “no limits” respect to each and everyone of them
  9. chilly1981

    Smart ear defence

    Peltor comtac or msa soridin work really well internals are coated in resin so ok on rainy days there cut away at bottom so don’t interfere with gun stock like I found the Howard Lieghts to do.
  10. chilly1981

    Police chief. ?

    Been there got the t shirt thank you and lost a few friends along the way. But never once did me or the people with me stand by and do nothing when things went pear shaped. And I know a good few other here from the pigeon watch macho brigade have done the same
  11. chilly1981

    Police chief. ?

    10 seconds is more than enough time to make the desicion to try and help stop your co worker getting killed he’s not a civilian he’s part of the force there should be no question as to weather he should try and help military, police , fire brigade etc need to know they have each other’s back and won’t let them down that’s how you build a strong force and lead from the front and set an example I’ve been in situations all over the world and All the time I know that the whole team would come to my aid should I need it no matter what and what it cost them and I would do the same for them. No wonder the police struggle when these are the clowns they have to lead them and inspire them and watch over them
  12. chilly1981

    Police chief. ?

    Coward as far as I’m concerned he signed on the dotted line to be part of that thin blue line and knew what that could entail You look after each other the man or woman to your left and right no matter what I would rather die saving my brothers knowing I tried than live the rest of my life ashamed should be made to retire and until then wear a white feather on his uniform and yes we know you never really know until you’ve been in that situation how you will react but to not over come that fear over a prolonged inccindent as far as I’m concerned your just an oxygen thief
  13. chilly1981

    Thimbleby Shooting Ground

    Yeah can go as a non member obviously will want to see your sgc
  14. chilly1981

    Thimbleby Shooting Ground

    They have a high tower on at the moment and couple of driven ones best bet is there on face book drop them a message or a call and ask as they may have or be hanging them.
  15. chilly1981

    Busy Farmers?

    Other week by me they were out grafting by the lights at 22:30 when I was out with dog got to make hay while the sun shines as they say