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  1. I recently done this and the actual web page wasn’t giving me the correct options spoke to my department who were asinine I was wrong until I sent them a screen shot of the options on the screen. they agreed that was wrong but couldn’t change it as it’s the home office who do the system so they had to tell the home office and was a week before it was sorted. it’s a right farce for a renewal is should be a case of is there any changes to what we currently have on licence yes or no. If yes please list changes and a list of your your firearms and serial numbers
  2. I keep one of these in car and house when he’s been through the brambles and scratched up or running in the rock pools I hose him off and then give him a good spray of this stuff it’s eye and ear safe and no bother if he licks it mans seems to work
  3. chilly1981


    I got my mrs who suffers with arthritis. One of the electronic ones warm for 6 hours high 8 hours low then just plug into usb and recharge. Have to say it’s brilliant and when awaybin camper just plug in over night and good to go on morn
  4. Loads of people do I would only say is wear eye pro as your eyes and mush are in the wrong place of something goes wrong
  5. They can go take a big jump of short pier the bunch of clowns we didn’t vote for deals or them having anything to do with us the majority voted and won to be totally free of them a clean break walk away giving them the Winston Churchill salute
  6. They do work and does no harm giving it a good clean and sanatizing the cab and system. but need to get the system dry to so good blast for a while on max
  7. I had one on a test drive for two days showed 30mpg but it was a horrible vehicle very tractor like compared to the other pick ups be ok as a farm truck but I wouldn’t want it to be my daily driver
  8. I’d put money on as a above your firing pin is been held protruding slightly of the bold face
  9. Peltor commtac xp or xpi are very good not cheap but can be found in the bay for decent prices also shaped for shooting so don’t interfere with cheek weld I happily wear them all day good weather proofing and good customer service in the rare even anything goes wrong
  10. Agile parcor iso 2 Is what I got last year I hate weeklies but I love these and after lots of searching the net on pretty much every shooting hunting farming types page or group these where what was recommended many many great reviews and very few bad ones
  11. See this is where is all becomes unclear as the pic attached the line with them all just above the weight is the minimum kerb weight from the Nissan brochure what trim level and year is yours please as if I can find one that stated like yours I could be tempted to get one
  12. Are you sure with your navara. As all the double cabs according to the Nissan brochure are all over 2040kg the lightest double cab is visa spec that comes in at 2070kg as this is one of things that has put me off getting one
  13. No no dog will let it self starve to death and will eat but that don’t mean they enjoy it you would force yourself to eat **** you don’t like to stay alive but you wouldn’t enjoy it. you invest a lot of time and money into training a dog why would you not feed it something it clearly likes rather than forcing it to eat something it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean spoil it and take it out for Michelin starred food but a happy medium. And end of day a happy dog will work better for you. and for most people the dog is part of the family and you wouldn’t make y
  14. I’ve got the grabber AT3 on my Range Rover no problems with them at all and never been stuck the coopers I belive are now cooper discovery sport or something along those lines I have them on my shogun sport and again spot on and winter rated. I’m sure these are the replacements for what you wanted as they where what I was after and they said these are the new version
  15. Could be grass seed or something like that have you changed food or anything like that recently as they tent to do it for allergies too
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