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  1. Thanks for the reply defo tickles my Interest any particular courses you recommend also any good places to get the gear recommendations always better than adverts in my book will be looking at building up my qualifications as if summer probably once topped the funds up after helping me Mrs sort her shop out appeals to Me as means I can be outside all the time dog in the truck with me and with it been a second job can schedule around myself
  2. It’s actually one of the things I’m looking into learning if my work pans out as it should I’ll have half the year off so looking at a second job used to rock climb a lot but been a while since I’ve been at height like that hope I can still cut it 🙈😂
  3. chilly1981

    foreign aid

    It’s all a joke the so called charities and things that take more than they give. But as above charity starts at home we should not be giving money to other countries when ours in in debt and enough needs fixing here never mind giving to countries that have there own space programs and build new aircraft carriers
  4. Persevere with it thas mine now and the wood was in worst state than your witha. Massive thick layer of household varnish on ain’t going to win no shows but it looks a far sight nicer than it did and if I can do it anyone can
  5. Can you not use one of the power banks you get from pc world and alike aldi have them in now And again for cheap
  6. Sorry but I didn’t seen anyone shooting at a comrade corbyn target I saw Troop firing there pistols and then I saw a picture of corbyn with holes in it. At no point in that vid did I see them actually firing at a picture of him
  7. Is that a little LIG sxs as funny enough I’m currently doing the same to mine the wood and metal work looks the same. Mad some one had put a horrible cheap varnish on it. I just used screwfix own paint stripper and a few applications off it tooth brush to get in the checkering and wire wool on rest. Not started to stain it yet though
  8. No now once there on they stay done until some one in a hospital takes it off. As releasing it can blow the clot you spent time trying to form. The damage done to cells from it been left on is very minimal
  9. All My shoot bags have an ifak pretty much same as yours cat TQ 2x Emergancy bandages celox and few other bits. And cars all have more of a trauma kit in
  10. Haha she already knows her dad already told her
  11. Thanks for the replies. Not to bad a price then really ref just get her out shooting it I agree to a certain extent aim small miss small For the cost she can up her numbers and keep the farmers happy and her happy with in turn makes my like happier 😂
  12. Hi I got our lass a nice little valmet so she has her own gun it was cheap but it’s in good condition and tight on the face and fits her well Some ones done a varnish job on the wood but I can sort that. BUT what I didn’t notice was the fixed chokes are full and a half half’s ok but I’d like to get the full opened up to 1/4 does anyone have a rough idea how much to get this done or is it worth me just getting a new gun for her
  13. A “b” reg vauxhall nova in 1998 so wasp already 14 year old. That’s had 15k on the clock as a little lady owned it from new and drive it to shops once a week it was silver with a porn set red colour interior but I loved it think it cost me. £250 quid and £1200 to insure I could open the door using my house key or my mates house key
  14. I’ve got them on my shogun sport thas my rough truck and they were good in the snow and not had any bother elsewhere and stick to tarmac ok too
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