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  1. The para cord one in a kydex sheath with a clip for molle on would work great for a belt rig
  2. My Mrs takes it and gets on ok with it long as she remember to take them properly. But does have a few flair ups if she eats wrong sorts of foods And has much better quality of life than when she took the methothinggy one as that was better for the arthritis but it madder her feel rotten for three days after each tablet to point she couldn’t do anything. So shes happy with a few flare ups now and again as least she’s able to go out and enjoy life most the time on the sulpha
  3. Solomon’s speed crosses cracking trainer
  4. Olive drab kydex sheath for that would look good and think you need to change the para cord to green and that would look at home on anyone in mil belt or vest well done that looks ace
  5. you my friend are living the life this is pretty much what i would love. i worked on a lot of DOS and DOD contracts so have a lot on american friends and they always say well move across you'd get your green card easy and then you can have it but i just can't bring my self to part with the green green grass of England my last contract we had the DD MK18s and i loved it great for getting in and out of wagons all day with and not tripping up and never had any stoppages with it I'm surprised not to see any of the AR in 7.62 and a designated marksman the set up or did i miss one of the pictures
  6. I’m sure at thimbleby unless they changed there rules as long as you have your licence you can take them along with you as I’ve done this a good few times in past to try and get people into it just ring up it even better pop down as it’s inkybdown the road there are friendly enough and helpful and you’ll get the info. From the horses mouth. Or you’ve got oakloadge at heartlepool or spennymoor
  7. Sat in heathrow waiting to go back to work on Iraq for 8 weeks already missing the dog and the Mrs
  8. Have you seen mad max beyond the thunder dome i reckon that pretty much how we would be if they got power
  9. Former Royal Marine then moved on to the private security sector wich basically Means I’m and armed taxi driver in hot sandy places also has a spell doing anti piracy work off coast of Somalia Tooks a couple year out to recharge and sort the Mrs shop out and make sure she was up and running and got a dog and done a lot more shooting. But couple weeks and it’s back out to Igor sandy places to earn some cash to pay the bills and put a 308 in the cabinet 😂
  10. Because it’s same style of sport as the UKPSA and as far as been military like I would never have move round a course of fire in the mil like I move round a PSG. Course of fire for the comment about it been dangerous its no more than any other shooting sport back stops shoot angles course layout arcs of fire and safe distances for engaging a target are all taken into account aswell as eye and ear pro
  11. Looks good that much better than my quick tart up I did on our lasses
  12. Sorry meant 1887 I’m full of sinusitis and it’s taking its toll such a fun thing to shoot but more of a chin rather than cheek weld 😂
  13. Haha me and my mate were playing about on a round of skeet the other Week with a whincester 1870 now that was fun and seen a few people having a good stare but not much to say when he shot a 22 of 25 round with it
  14. Well never heard that one before sounds like people making own rules up again because by that you couldn’t use a rem700 for vermin as many police and military around world use them. Ans thinkjng anout it nor the rugwr 10/22 as at one point the Israeli defense force used them as less lethal weapons. 😂
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