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  1. I hate wellies but have to say got the agile parcor iso 2 and they are great proper foot bed in the and more like walking in a boot than a wellie. I went for them after scouring the net for reviews and recommendations and these alsways seem to come out on top everywhere shop about and can be found for a more reasonable price
  2. Are you for real so you think his fault have a word with yourself you will find his plane actually takes extra people so that’s other people that could have been in next suicide blast you might want to have a word with these afghan/British citizens trying to get in about women and children first.
  3. Any one who has helped a westerner is high up on that list they care not weather you showed troops where they had weapons caches or wether you drove a water tanker they care not if your a charity or United Nations or whatever the uk gov only has so many air assets they can use wich even turning and burning still leaves gaps in the schedule at the airport that are free even with other nations using it and as stated pen has said he will fill the seats on the plane once his staff are on so there’s many more evacuated that’s without his charted flight there would be no flight or seats as it’s a gap in the schedule
  4. He’s chartered it it’s up to him who he takes it’s not a mercy flight it’s his own organised plane disease ridden animals hes takes them in and ensures they are healthy and disease free that’s half the pint of his charity. you will find far more disease amongst the afghan population Thats has been evacuated. as some one stated he will fill up the seats with Afghans aswell as the 60 afghan staff he has. the animals don’t steal people places as they go in the hold havjng worked out there I can honestly say I would take dogs over about 80% of the population there but that’s my just my opinion. but if that’s the case and you think it’s horrible to do such a thing and feel so strongly about it you had to post about it I hope you will be offering one of your rooms to one of these evacuated people
  5. Google diy biltong boxes it’s easy enough and then make your own then far cheaper. and you can make it wetter wich I think is nicer
  6. Yeah I get what your saying but my point was dog of not this “type” are equally capable of inflicting horrid damage yes maybe not as efficiently but there not judged the same and as you say most of the time the blame lays with the owners not training or been capable. I would say 99% of these types of dog I have ever come across have been calm and well behaved and softies. where as I have found collies to be aggressive and snappy and again they are not judged the same as these “types”
  7. Brilliant reply really addresses the sweeping statement you made and I’m sure you could same the same for anyone who’s been mauled by a lab or handbag type dog fact is all dogs are capable of it yes a small tiny dog may not do as much damage but could easily badly maul a kid. or my lab is lean/muscle at 44kg and could easily do as much damage but you wouldn’t make a statement like that type of dog about a lab would you
  8. What a silly statement just because you don’t like that “type” of dog don’t mean others don’t that’s the same carp statement like why do people want different types of guns to what you like one or two bad apples don’t mean the whole cart is rotten
  9. Get the s&w 15-22 they work so well and a good price point last round hold open on them so many parts available for them mine eats any ammo reliable mine has had probably over 100k rounds through it as I go though a lot and it’s was a club gun used on courses before I had it where they would used hell of a lot of ammo
  10. even 2 Blokes at 10 rounds each your literally talking couple seconds. people don’t realise how quick these things go down
  11. Two to the chest one to the head repeat until no longer a threat to the rest there’s some right armchair warriors here who have no idea about real life when it comes to stuff like this. seriously deluded people who’ve watched to much tv about how things work
  12. Right some of you need a reality check this is not stalking or range shooting this is life and death of not only you but those around you again you shoot and keep shooting until the threat is no longer of a threat I suggests that those who have never done any form of training for a situation like this and or been in a situation like this then refrain from judging and commenting on something you have no real world idea about. so for example you think the sas lads who did the embassy need more training as the terrorist on the stairs had I belive it was 16 rounds put in him
  13. You keep shooting till the threat is no longer a threat 1-2 shoots he could still be alive A couple of you mag dump into him your fairly certain he ain’t moving to do anything why take the risk of only putting one or two into him when the consequences could be far greater. no retaining required as some have suggested.
  14. If your hun is less than 20 year old you really don’t need snap caps dry firing won’t damage modern guns
  15. Good to hear. the form aint there fault either as it’s done by the home office. I know this as I have to send screen shots into them as it wouldn’t give mE the correct options for my renewal but on systems on the police systems it showed up ok but they were spot on and got hold of home office to correct it and noted in the system that my renewal was in progress can honestly say Cleveland are very easy to deal with and seem to have an actual understanding of shooting and fire arms
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