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  1. That’s good then mate if you find he struggles to poop an but if there very white and crumbly just do a boneless meal and add a bit more offal Just where he bone percentage has got a bit high mine does it now and again but also good they have to push and stools are firm as keeps there anal glands right
  2. Apparently nitrate store next to it went up from the fireworks fire.
  3. You find a lot of bets don’t like raw mostly due to the fact the vets are basically sponsored by lot of the big dog food brands worth he diet your giving don’t just keep him on turkey keep changing it up as better to get multiple protein. Sources rather than one lot of the raw suppliers do “completes” wich it generally a mix of two different proteins and bone and offal 80/10/10 mix 80%protein 10%bone 10% offal and tripe ones too wich really good for them. they get everything they need from this I throw an egg in whole and few left over bits of veg ( not required though) as you say he’s poop will become much much less as he’s digesting everything and not pooping out all the fillers very good for keeping teeth clean and on my lad his coat is so much better energy and muscle tone too. you may see he don’t drink as much but that’s cause he’s getting fluid from meats and don’t need so much to digest the kibble that’s he’s not having Hopfully that’s your lad through what ever it was causing the problems and fingers crossed for him
  4. Pretty much dressed in my work gear and I would put good money on if my and my work mates turned up in London dressed like that would be branded a right wing paramilitary group and moved on fact that it even says “force” on there “uniform” would suggest paramilitary group but not one thing will be done about it
  5. Why not I’m sure the person had fun playing with it it’s a design and engineering challenge for some and some people just like things that go bang like anything to some people it’s stupid and boring to others it’s great fun some people on here need to have a word with themselves and lighten up a little and realise just cause they don’t approve or like it don’t mean it’s wrong not breaking laws not hurting anyone there’s no problem!
  6. I didn’t even bother getting dab antenna for it as use my phone apps for the stations I used for dab but even to get one it’s only about £15 for a dab antenna i have it set so I can see messages and reply to them using Siri I also noticed the sound quality went up compared to the cheap head unit that was in the car when I got it
  7. I got a pioneer double din with CarPlay/Android go to fit in my old shogun means plug phones in and everything is then on the big screen for nav etc also get all my music through it as well as traditional radio also for few quid fitted a reverse cam that shows on it also means your hands free for calls and keeps your phone charged few hundred to buy new but I got ebay bargain for 100 quid tops ten min to fit and set up
  8. Ha you’ve not seen my shooting I pack away more decoys than dead birds 😂
  9. Thanks for that will be giving it a miss then. No where that I saw in the advert said it wasn’t suitable for dead birds
  10. Cheers mate yeah I can’t see it been terrible as there’s not a great deal to them really was just hoping for idea of build quality
  11. Has anyone used one of these magnets from habit any good ? good points bad points comments please looks like an alright package at decent price thanks in advance
  12. If they were walking down the street shouting and causing nuisance. I’m sure it would come under sections 5 public disorder or drunk and disorderly
  13. My old next door neighbours lad did this to his 6 month old jag reckon hose must have been on for about 2 hours 🙈 same kid also “repainted” the mums rover with pink emulsion
  14. Err nothing really but gas gun so there all fairly soft to shoot compared to inertia guns
  15. Good cheap option mate might be worth doing the inside with tape to so you don’t get any sun reflection on to the lens
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