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  1. chilly1981

    Police chief. ?

    Been there got the t shirt thank you and lost a few friends along the way. But never once did me or the people with me stand by and do nothing when things went pear shaped. And I know a good few other here from the pigeon watch macho brigade have done the same
  2. chilly1981

    Police chief. ?

    10 seconds is more than enough time to make the desicion to try and help stop your co worker getting killed he’s not a civilian he’s part of the force there should be no question as to weather he should try and help military, police , fire brigade etc need to know they have each other’s back and won’t let them down that’s how you build a strong force and lead from the front and set an example I’ve been in situations all over the world and All the time I know that the whole team would come to my aid should I need it no matter what and what it cost them and I would do the same for them. No wonder the police struggle when these are the clowns they have to lead them and inspire them and watch over them
  3. chilly1981

    Police chief. ?

    Coward as far as I’m concerned he signed on the dotted line to be part of that thin blue line and knew what that could entail You look after each other the man or woman to your left and right no matter what I would rather die saving my brothers knowing I tried than live the rest of my life ashamed should be made to retire and until then wear a white feather on his uniform and yes we know you never really know until you’ve been in that situation how you will react but to not over come that fear over a prolonged inccindent as far as I’m concerned your just an oxygen thief
  4. chilly1981

    Thimbleby Shooting Ground

    Yeah can go as a non member obviously will want to see your sgc
  5. chilly1981

    Thimbleby Shooting Ground

    They have a high tower on at the moment and couple of driven ones best bet is there on face book drop them a message or a call and ask as they may have or be hanging them.
  6. chilly1981

    Busy Farmers?

    Other week by me they were out grafting by the lights at 22:30 when I was out with dog got to make hay while the sun shines as they say
  7. chilly1981

    Sights for Typhoon F12

    Sorry but red dots are faster and more accurate (for practical type shooting) than open sights that’s thewhole point of them and the whole reason the mill adopted them and police
  8. chilly1981

    Sights for Typhoon F12

    I love eotechs just get on with them with having a doughnut rather than just a dot. But bigger than an aimpoijt but better field of view
  9. chilly1981

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Shark got one after loads of people raved about them on a dog owners page at how good they are and have to say I’m super impressed
  10. chilly1981

    DISCOVERY 4 what tyres

    I’ve got genral grabber at3 on my Range Rover sport and before that I had the at2 the at3 is also stamped with the m+s ive has no bother with them good in the snow good on the road and only dropped my mpg by 1-2 from the fully road tyres it had on when first got it
  11. chilly1981

    Rag and Bone Men

    Hate them had it out with one the other day who was helping himself to stuff with out asking next door first. Mans last year other neighbor had a perfectly good fridge taken of his drive by one. He was inside fitting the new one and old one was outside waiting for his son to pick it up as a hand me down and the tow rags helped them selfs
  12. chilly1981

    new gun for £250

    yes mate that’s what I’ve done the semi permanent loc tite. Keeps sweet until I need to clean it
  13. chilly1981

    new gun for £250

    Few places are selling them at this price now. Lot of people will slate them. Yes the gen 1 were pants but gen 2 onwards seem to be fine mine cycles just about anything I’ve put in it even 8/10 times it even cycles some 21gram carts I had. May ghe piece not bothered about bashing it about or getting v it wet. Only thinb got to keep an an eye on is the choke vibrates loose after about 12 or so shots lol
  14. chilly1981

    Armed police chase.

    2 way Range is a total diffrent ball game to plinking at paper even with a lot of training
  15. chilly1981

    cutting down 22 rimfire rifle barrel

    I understand that you don’t want a semi but your saying that you want good accurate shots but a semi wouldn’t give you that because off all the stuff going on yet the same thing infact more Movment occurs when you cycle your underlever you don’t have to fire the second shot till your steady and on target same as with your undelver. You keep saying about winning comps but your rabbiting not in a bench rest comp as i said in my first post look at the browning t bolt with a flush fit mag your chances of the mag dropping out and been lost are about the same as winning the lotto and the t bolt action is a nice action and easy action to cycle in a car oh and my semi is a smith and wessen 15-22. And use eley cci fiocci I use it mostly for practical. But when I target shoot with my rounds are keyholeing part from the occasional flyer