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  1. Sounds like heatstroke rest him for a day or two plenty of fluids from what I understand yesterday was a scorcher of day back home so a big jump in temp for him and he’s getting bit older so it’s took its toll on him for my lab I’ve got a cooling bandana from pets at home you wet it and stick it round neck and seems to help he he’s a lot comfier on hot days with it on
  2. Mate sack the harness off it’s just hiding a problem not solving it 5 months old you’ve got plenty time to get him sorted just lots and lots and lots of walking to heal work you can alwYs fig 8 the slip if he’s not playing the game To give you a bit more control harness’s depending how they fit damage shoulders as impeeds on dogs gait I even went e collar route with my dog I know some people don’t like them
  3. Thank you for the comments yeah I’m bias but good looking lad he is don’t see many like him either 44kg lump athletically built many people don’t believe he’s pedigree as most you see now are small lean labs or the andrex sort of fatter built ones where as he’s a big lump off muscle
  4. Also do there own version of that Alta rica and it’s nice and about half the price and don’t mind the lads nicking a few scoops
  5. Love it got a bean to cup at That was replaced under warrenty and at the time the counter had about 3k made on it in less than a year 😂 out here at work got French press and. A drip pot my usual bean by that mean weekly ones I get when home are lavatza And Taylor’s but before I get home always treat my self to a couple bags of diffrent things
  6. Honestly when I’m deployed I miss him more than my mrs and she even says it 😂 sorry for your loss mate. that pheasant and that fluffy blanket he takes everywhere have to wash them separate so he don’t sulk 😂 the blank has a fleece side and white sheepskin sort of side and he always puts it down white side up as it’s more comfy 😂 Then in these pics we have grumpy cause. It gone shooting yet the I could be a swim wear model look the I love the field look and the what I brought you the ball didn’t I no I didn’t stick my head in a puddle look
  7. Mine hasn’t seen me for over 3 month as im stuck working in Iraq and locked down with the virus. now he’s a proper character anyway but he’s taken to nudging the mrs phone because he wants to hear or see me via face time and this is is face during call and after it 😂
  8. That’s how much there generally are anyway or least up my way. And at shooting show that’s what they were going for but prices will drop like you say people selling are selling now because a few quid is needed and not many people are buying so prices need to be good
  9. And in my post I pointed out he didn’t say it was a continued attack and they were already playing and it was a nip by the op own words And it wasn’t just a ran over and got attacked I stated he didn’t ask for advice on how to break up a dog fight or anything he asked about his dogs behaviour after it and how to sort it he didn’t ask for all the dog attack stories that he got so yeah cheers for the eye rolls emoji
  10. Lot of my dogs trained better than your dog posts here the op said the dogs were already happily playing and the other dog gave him a nip the dog has no marks and is ok apart from been shocked he didn’t say there was a continued attack also didn’t say it just ran over and bounced on him and nipped him they were playing and the older dog has given the younger dog a warning nip ( the op also states in later post his can be a bit exuberant ) so all this talk of kicking the dogs and such like has no relevance to this post he didn’t ask how to brake up dog or what to do if they are fighting he asked about his dog not been his normal self and as pointed out it’s just a bit of shock and from the op saying they have seen each other since and been fine it’s obvious the warning nip has done it’s intended and his dog has learnt from it
  11. Nowt wrong with that’s i say half my pigeons are taken from my seat if not more
  12. While I agree to a certain extent banning stuff don’t stop crazies since the hand gun ban hand gun crime is up by a ridiculous amount all these ganng still have plenty of guns that are illegal drugs are illegal yet still rife point is banning and making something illegal only affects law abiding people as the crazies and criminals crack on as per there normal and it makes not one bit off difference Also people commenting about wannabe rambos mindset these people have jumped through same hoops as we have to get our tickets and have been judged by authorities to be of same sound mind as the people that only have traditional style guns
  13. At no point did I say he couldn’t disagree but I pointed out the fact it’s that sort of thinking that ends up everything banned as far as been narrow minded I shoot pretty much every discipline with Wooden guns and plastic guns I foot walk up days in tweeds and practical days in cargo pants I don’t want to see any form banned infact I try to encourage people into all disciplines of the shooting sports
  14. Why no diff to shooting with any other semi auto ?? and you might not like look of them but remember there’s just as many people that find your old wooden furnitured gun as equally as abhorrent and would like to see that banned too that type of narrow selfish mindedness your showing now will be reason we lose all our guns in the uk
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