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  1. Ignore it - you did what I did and never read each page as you downloaded it - there is a tick box to try the full version and you never unticked it. - either uninstall and reinstall and watch what it says or just carry on. dave
  2. It must be law as our local #### camp has a CCTV warning sign at the entrance ? Dave
  3. Having a back boiler in a multi fuel stove will take a lot of heat from stove casing - I had a Clearview 700 (or 750 - same one as at Catton Hall) and without boiler it would get to 600f in 30 min - with boiler wouldn't get hotter than 400f - saying that you couldn't touch the radiators - Also the glass sooted up due to less heat in stove I fitted mine as a stand alone heater putting two rads in a room - one from oil boiler and one from stove - I fitted a pipe stat at first floor level to turn on pump as some rads were on ground floor and others upstairs - you also need a heatsink rad befo
  4. And me -- 50 quid into the shooting bag. Dave
  5. I had £50 with one bond bought in 1959. - if you look down list of winners online you will see there are people winning with less the £100 worth - you will also see majority of winners all live in Tower bloody Hamlets and SE. Dave
  6. Our TV only goes on occasionally and Countryfile was one on Sunday - I thought it was me who thought all these girl presenters had harsh loud voices so glad to hear it isn't -Had to turn sound off when that gobby bird on bike started to prattle - Had pleasure of listening to old prog of Antiques shows with Fiona Bruce the other night - Oh what joy to listen to calm and mellow presenter. University Challenge was prog for last night - now I don't think there anything intelligent worth watching now till Question of Sport on Friday Dave
  7. I got most of my bits from OC - went and picked them up as they are in Stoke -- I am not a gamer but my system is near enough same as the link you supplied - I have a 250g Samsung SSD which I use for system and any prog that I put on PC - all music and photo's - document's etc go on 1TB second HD I have read that a lot of people prefer Win 7 which I bought - Mate has Win 8 and he hates it - getting the guy in again to put 7 on. Only problem I have is my BB - will be 2015 before I can get Infinity so really my system is wasted - Runs like a rocket then go make cup of tea while sending
  8. DSPUK

    Buying gold bars

    Buy low and sell high - trouble is what is low now can become the high. http://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/?gclid=CJ-nrLmCobkCFTPItAod434A3Q up to date prices. Also try "Chard 1964" I think. Dave
  9. DSPUK

    Induction Hobs

    I have a Siemens Induction hob - 4 yrs old now and never missed a beat - Only gripe I have is finger touch controls - If I have to buy a new one I will try to get one with knob control. - All our Meyer Circulon pans were scrap as they didn't work so had to buy new pans - Do not buy cheap ones from anywhere - Buy Circulon induction pans - - Even a grill pan cost me 90 quid but have to say it has been worth every quid. Mate on gas even went to Induction and he is tight as ducks ***. Dave
  10. Tut 10% - must change my password to something I can't remember. Dave
  11. Good old Shropshire Star said the other day that 1200 Numpties have so far been issued with ticket's - I am on cruise control from start to finish - most times--- but there is always some plonker doing 43mph then as you start to pass 7mph quicker they speed up. Dave
  12. This just sum's it up http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/66692/winter-tyres-4x4-grip-test-video Dave
  13. I can not stand football - hate loath and detest the game but have to say +5 +6 +7 - every time you see the Beckhams they and their children are always well turned out - he get's my vote. Dave
  14. Stuey What make are they -- I have a full set of Nokians on steel wheels - Just waiting for weather forcast to say snow or temp to drop to 7c then put them on for winter.- They are brilliant in snow but as always you get what you pay for - ie - more expensive usually means more grip. -- If you look on Mytyres at winter tyres they give score out of five - 0 being brill and 5 rubbish. -- Dave
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