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  1. This is a Hawke sport HD scope, 3-9x40, excellent clarity. Comes with mounts £38 posted to mainland UK.
  2. This is a Hawke sport HD mildot i.r. scope, 3-9x50, excellent clarity.£55 posted to mainland UK.
  3. REDUCED!!!! £60 posted to mainland UK.
  4. This is my hawke vantage 3-9x50 11131 mil dot scope in very good condition, crystal clear glass, looking for £75 posted to mainland UK.
  5. rapid .25

    My truck

    Nice job there bud.
  6. 8 brand new hand made (40yrs) + experience, 7ft drop, 1mm braid,, 2mm draw cord,, 2" rings, 4x medium weight with chrome rings and 4 X heavy with brass rings,, these are made to a very high quality and won't let you down, as stated these are brand new, 7 ft drop and 4 ft at widest point, all 8 nets for £75 posted to uk mainland.
  7. Thanks bud. I was looking into those this afternoon.
  8. Hi all, any ideas on a cheap external power supply that I can Knock up to power my ATN X Sight. Thanks in advance.
  9. That's brilliant advice, I'll try that myself 👍
  10. +1, the Armsan A612 will cover all your requirements.
  11. Sounds interesting, Keep us posted.
  12. 400 pigeon would be one hell of a day but 400 geese, ???????, If you were there for 10 hrs, that's 40 per hour, then I doubt you would have a dog capable of retrieving 400 geese so that would be up to you. You couldn't just leave them there scattered around in heaps or the rest surely wouldn't come in, and then there's the farmer coming to his field and seing hundreds of geese piled up that have been shot and left because you certainly aren't carrying 400 geese anywhere, and if you did where do you park your 7 ton truck while you are shooting??.
  13. I had a few Woodie's at the weekend and one of them was definitely this year's it was considerably smaller with immature colouring,
  14. This is the Night Master Atom Digital Night Vision add-on kit and it is ""Awesome"", this works with any scope and there is no screen to light up, the atom is a compact night vision scope add on which is extremely lightweight, this converts any daytime scope into a superb night vision scope in minutes giving you the ultimate advantage of being able to shoot covertly @ night in COMPLETE DARKNESS, as with all digital night vision devices you will need a quality i.r. torch, the Atom has been developed for the air rifle and Rimfire in mind but is also able to handle recoil on centrefire rifles, this is the easiest n.v.addon you will ever use, as long as your scope is zeroed you just sort the correct shim out slip the add-on over your scope fine tune the focus with the adjuster on the eyepiece adjust the brightness with the buttons on the side and within two minuits you are in business, the vision atom kit includes,, Atom Digital Night Vision Device,,,,,Rubber Eye Cup,,,,, Day Scope Adapter,,,, Scope Shims X6,,,, and the mains charger,,,,. You can also record your shooting with this device providing you have the necessary extras !! Recording camera ect, ,,, it's difficult to put into words just how good these kits are so go onto YouTube and check them out , these are £499 new and this is as new with original box and instructions,,, I am wanting £320 posted to mainland UK,
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