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  1. Definitely NO, I challenged this when it happened to me and rang my firearms office and explained the situation, they asked to speak to the officer involved who declined,
  2. There's definitely a difference figgy when shooting fibre.
  3. I have one and I'm really pleased with it, the wood it came in is grade 3 1/2 to 4 and really looks good, they are a really nice gun to shoot and cope very well with fibre wads due to there tight bore, they are almost a true 12 bore where your Browning's and Berettas are almost an 11 bore which is why they don't cope with fibre quite as well, don't take my word for it shoot one and see. " Now I'll wait for the barrage of Browning and Berretta owners to condemn what I have said regarding the bores but don't jump in check it out first and you'll see I'm right!.".
  4. Can't understand how a " Gamekeeper" could do so much damage to the shooting community, c.p. will be in his element.
  5. Cracking post with some very wise words but how many " fools" will actually change there ways, not many me thinks!.
  6. Glorious sunshine till around 7.30pm then it started to cloud over and the wind got up , at around 2.30am we had really loud thunder , lightening strikes all over the place it was like sheet lightening then every so often we'd see lightening strike the ground and the rain was some of the heaviest I have seen for a very long time, anyway I suppose I'd better let the mrs know it's stopped and help her out of the cupboard.😁
  7. rapid .25


  8. That just about says everything, excellent post,👏
  9. Spend a little bit extra and buy an ATA, you won't regret it.
  10. Adam is a farmer with thousands of acres of cereal fields why does he not stand up and support the Cereal farmers or resign from countryfile, where are his principles and why have they never been challenged??.
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