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  1. Welcome to the forum bud, I've spent many a happy day traveling over the trough, lovely part of the country.👍
  2. I bought two of these and now I can take either rifle out with the pard and don't have to spend any time re-fitting the collar.
  3. My guess would be a coyote with it being American.
  4. Have you not only just bought this from someone on hear??
  5. That's a good report but packam and his chronies will no doubt find a way of turning the good intentions around into something that suits them.
  6. Without negativity😁😁😁😁😁
  7. I agree totally but it does not excuse slagging the members off , it is not full of negative people, I personally have had a lot of help and met some very good people from here.
  8. This happens to be a brilliant forum full of helpful people always ready to give advice and help newcomers into the sport, you've only been on it two minutes and already your running it down, 57 posts and your selling pigeons to pigeon shooters🤠
  9. Cheers Steve, good luck with everything for the future, 👍
  10. Nice one Bruno, that's my Friday nights sorted for a long while🥵🥵
  11. I'm a lefty and shot for years with a slight right hand cast, bought myself a left hand shotgun and found that I shoot better with my right hand one. and it seems to fit me better also.
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