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  1. Proper bargain there for someone.
  2. It's great when a forum like pw works like this to get yet another youngster into the sport, well done Gordon.👍
  3. Welcome lesR, what's your main shooting interest bud?
  4. rapid .25

    Mec 600 jr 28g

    Looking for a mec 600 jr reloader in 28 gauge. Or possibly a different make as long as 28g.
  5. Hi Lloyd, I use Lyalvale express supreme game 28grm-6s, they do everything I want in the field , they hit like a mule but have very little recoil, I have just ordered a slab of R.C. 28 grm in 6s with a cork wad to try out, ordered from just cartridges at a very good price, £117 slab, got to be worth a try,
  6. Whenever I have a walked up rough shooting day my 28g really puts a smile on my face I use 28g- 6s and I'm able to carry it round all day, for clays I use 24g- 7.5s with pretty good results. I would suggest getting one with 30" barrels but that's only my preference. P.S. welcome to the forum.
  7. I use 20g a lot and as opp says 7 1/2- 28g for clays and 6-30g for game, just find the brand that suits you.
  8. rapid .25

    Fox caller...

    Contact speaky on here, he was looking for one yesterday bud.
  9. I'll take these bud, pm sent, regards Ian
  10. Good luck jdog, hope you have a fast recovery and a very productive year on the pigeon.atb, Ian.
  11. rapid .25

    Fox caller wanted

    There's 2 or 3 on the bay bud.
  12. Conniston shooting ground just outside Skipton have floodlit facilities.
  13. Hi paul, you need to be contacting John Shooter at,,,, enquiries@nppc.co.uk, atb Ian.
  14. As above in very nice condition, brown with tan trimming, labelled as large( 12/14 ) but I would say 12, looking for £18 or £20 posted. Location is million Cumbria LA18.
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