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  1. Hi all, I have recently purchased a nice sbs built by E Anson of Birmingham and I am putting together as much info on this gun maker as I can, below is what I have found out so far and any additional information would be great. William Anson 1830 to 1889, son of Edwin Anson 1806 to 1843, In 1871 William worked as a gun action filler for Westley Richards & Co, then in 1875 he worked as a maker of forends for the same company, also in 1875 he along with John Seeley patented the hammerless lock for breech loading guns ,, THE BOXLOCK ,, William Anson also patented the Anson forend fastener. In 1891 he started the E Anson gunmakers company at Egyptian Hall Stanley st, Birmingham which ran untill 1936. on the 6th October 1885 his application to patent his Boxlock design was granted in the United States, patent No-- US327914A, This was witnessed by himself and W,H, Harris of John Harris solicitors of Birmingham England. The sbs that I have purchased has 30" Damascus barrels and I am going to find out as much as I can on this particular gun. anyway if anyone can add anything to what I have already discovered it will be much appreciated, πŸ‘
  2. Welcome bud, enjoy the forum πŸ‘
  3. Never in Cumbria, ah well, good luck with the sale budπŸ‘
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  7. Now this was a footballer that would put today's pussys to shame, can you even imagine the sight of Nobby rolling around in agony because some idiot decided to clip his ankle???., God help the idiot I say!!, RIP Nobby.
  8. Don't ever write anything on your own certificate, that's a definite no no.πŸ‘Ή Just your signature πŸ‘
  9. It's all in the name😁😁😁. Rapid .25πŸ‘
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