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  1. rapid .25

    Wanted Roof Lamp.

    Thanks Lakeylad got one of these kits coming today, they look perfect for what I need.
  2. rapid .25

    Wanted Roof Lamp.

    Thanks bud I'll have a look.
  3. rapid .25

    Wanted Roof Lamp.

    Not really what I'm looking for ade but I'll keep it in mind if nothing else turns up.
  4. rapid .25

    Wanted Roof Lamp.

    Looking for a roof mounted lamp, lightforce or similar preferred.
  5. rapid .25

    seeland waistcoat

    I'll take this if the postage is not too expensive, thank you.
  6. rapid .25

    seeland waistcoat

    How much will the postage be please
  7. rapid .25

    seeland waistcoat

    Still for sale????.
  8. rapid .25


    PM sent Andy.
  9. rapid .25

    Jim Shockey Primos Trigger Sticks

    Nice meeting you David, my grandson is chuffed to bits with the shooting stick and says thank you very much for all the free pellets you gifted to him, your a true gent.atb for the future.
  10. rapid .25

    Jim Shockey Primos Trigger Sticks

    David, can you let me know if we are meeting up as agreed so I can collect these sticks bud.regards Ian.
  11. rapid .25

    Shooting bag filling

    I got a huge bag of pea gravel from local builders yard for next to nothing, works great and drains easily if it gets wet.
  12. rapid .25

    Travel Crate Nissan Qashqai

    Nice one 👹
  13. rapid .25

    Baikal Over and Under 12g.

    Nice offer shredder, I only hope it finds a " genuine" home.
  14. rapid .25

    Jim Shockey Primos Trigger Sticks

    PM sent bud.
  15. rapid .25

    A few sticks

    Excellent craft work, love the one with the fly in and just in time, 🎅😁, must show the missus.