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  1. To be honest they seemed too good to be true, 😏
  2. Just out of interest have you tried the phone number??
  3. Hello jac and welcome, enjoy the forum πŸ‘
  4. I'll have the cleaning kit please, Pm sent
  5. What a cracking idea, maybe a project for after my recovery 😁😁😁
  6. Had opp and in recovery, all went well and feel a lot better than I have for years, thanks to all for your kind thoughts and best wishes, atb Ian
  7. Thanks figgy, my nerve canal has been trapped due to three discs crumbling away, they have cut part of my spine away to ease the pressure on it, I'm in recovery now and must admit I feel a lot better, πŸ‘ Cheers ditch, all went well so I hope to meet you at paintmine woods in the not too distant future, covid permitting πŸ‘
  8. Thanks bud, be glad to get down its the waiting that puts the blood pressure up, πŸ‘ Cheers farmboy91 πŸ‘ Going down now should be all over in 2&1/2 hrs, plus recovery time, thanks for the good wishes. Stay safe,,, Ian.
  9. Well I'm sat in a room just now waiting to go down for the 2nd operation on my spine, I hope the results from this one are better than the first time round , I can't wait to get back in the fields doing what I have a passion for, hope it won't be too long a wait , I'm chomping at the bit 😁😁😁😁😁
  10. Fabulous gesture well done budπŸ‘
  11. I also have a rapid in fac , it's.22 though and I use bisley mags , @34ft/lb they're awesome. When I did use .20 fac it was jsb diabolo 13.7grn. 5.10mm.
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