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  1. I got some from eBay I think they were around £12.
  2. Absolutely fantastic service Teal, these look great 👍
  3. Hi Teal, please DM me the payment details I would like one of these please 👍
  4. I’ve had a few pairs of hunter balmorals over the years and they have all split and let water in after 18 months or so. I’ve now bought a pair of muck boots and I can’t fault them so far so good. Steve.
  5. Id just like to thank everyone for their messages and offers. I’m now sorted thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I’m just testing the water initially. I’ve got a slot for .222 on my ticket that I’m thinking of filling. Does anyone have a cheap setup for sale near to Sheffield.
  7. Hi mate, I’ll take the T50 please if Paypal is ok. DM me your email address and I’ll send payment 👍
  8. Just a thought but how about a semi auto? Far less recoil and gives him 3 shots 👍
  9. I can definitely recommend the above, I’ve bought a few from them and they are bang on 👍
  10. You won’t regret it! They are great bit of kit use mine daily.
  11. I’ll take the CZ 25 round mag please if it’s the .22lr one.
  12. I have one I bought off eBay that came from China, my mate has one that he bought from a U.K. gun shop and the only difference is the plug!
  13. Hi is anyone selling a dog training dummy launcher? I can’t bring myself to buy new when I’m sure someone must have one sat gathering dust, hopefully! Steve
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