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  1. Freelander 2 Timing Belt

    The engines in the freelander 2 are all ford motors I believe, so most garages would have timing pin kits To do the job. Might be worth phoning a couple of garages to get quotes.
  2. Freelander 2 Timing Belt

    No problem, hope you get it sorted 👍
  3. Freelander 2 Timing Belt

    Hi, If you strip off the auxiliaries and cover to get in to the belt, cut the belt all the way around down the middle (so it’s half as thick as it should be on its width) this exposes enough of the teeth on the sprockets to slide the new belt on then cut the remainder of the old belt off and slide the new belt the rest of the way on. This saves any timing issues or timing pins needed. hope this helps. Steve.
  4. Auto electrical advice - flat battery

    Hi, Have you checked with a volt meter that the alternator is charging the battery when the engine is running? Also does the car have an after market alarm fitted? Steve.
  5. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    Hi, did you manage to get a quote for doing an RFD transfer? Thanks, Steve.
  6. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    In an ideal world I would love that but the budget is not stretching that far at the moment unfortunately! Thanks for offer though.
  7. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    It was more out of curiosity for the photos not that I don’t believe your description. It sounds like the perfect gun for what I need. Please let me know when you’ve got a price for the RFD. I’ll call round and see my RFD on Saturday morning about receiving it. Cheers, Steve.
  8. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    It sounds just what I’m looking for, would you be able to send me some photos? How are you fixed for doing an RFD transfer from your end? Cheers mossy, I’ve just had a look but the stock would need to be cut it’s a little too big.
  9. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    Pm sent
  10. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    That is true. I’m waiting to hear back from Mick.
  11. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    That Investarm looks like it might be too big for what I need. It’s for my wife and she’s only a 5 footer with short arms (and deep pockets!).
  12. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    Cheers Swinton I’ll take a look on gun watch.
  13. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    Hi Swinton, thanks for that, I forgot about Mick, I’ll PM him now 👍
  14. Wanted 20 gauge O/U

    Hi Steve, I would prefer an o/u but thanks for the offer mate.