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  1. Gd87

    lots of leather shooting goods

    Hi all, Just wanted to say I’ve had one or two items off Linda and the quality of the products are first class!! Got the contacts details stored safely for future orders 😁
  2. Gd87

    Harris bipod

    PM sent
  3. Gd87

    Stihl blower

    PM sent
  4. Gd87

    Hull Superfast Comp Cartridges 12ga 27g 7.5

    Your not coming further west by any chance? Port Talbot?
  5. Gd87

    Pigeon Decoys

    Are these still available?
  6. Gd87


    I've got 100 CCI subs. My rifle don't like them. Could make it 150 most prob. I'm in port talbot
  7. Gd87

    Swarovski Bino's EL 10x42

    After a tidy set of Swarovski bino's EL 10x42. No rubbish, must be a tidy set and a fair price.
  8. Sako stainless steel mounts. Suitable for a 25mm tube. Excellent condition. £55 posted.
  9. Gd87

    I know I've messaged you before but your rifle has been on my mind. I've got a free slot on my ticket for 22-250 and I'm prepared to give you £1025 and I'll collect ASAP!!

    kind regards

    1. Gd87

      Sako 75 22-250

      Hi folks. I'm looking for a Sako 75 22-250 threaded. Got to be in excellent condition and well cared for. Let me know if you have anything. Cheers
    2. Gd87

      500 Eley .22lr subsonic Hollow Xtra Plus ammo,

      How old is this batch please?
    3. Gd87

      500 Eley .22lr subsonic Hollow Xtra Plus ammo,

      Hi, will you break these up or do you want sell altogether? Just bought a .22LR and trying new ammo out. Maybe looking at 200. I'm in port talbot but can meet at J48 of M4. Thanks
    4. Thanks for wasting my time
    5. You said your working until 12 and going to phone me