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  1. james1955

    12g cartridge belt

    you can buy these on ebay for £8.99 with free postage mate
  2. james1955

    Semi auto shotgun

    Hi I currently hold a firearms certificate, i am interested in getting a multi shot shotgun. My question is do i also need a shotgun license for a multi shot shotgun or can i i ask for a variation on my FAC to include a section 1 shotgun ?
  3. james1955

    Lots of items - Garage Clearout!

    If the boots are still available, would you consider posting them ?
  4. james1955

    Air Arms s400carbine .22

    Are you aware that it is dangerous to use oxygen in a PCP rifle.
  5. james1955

    for the welsh lads

    I must have got them on a good day. About a month ago i took my variation form to Glasgow firearms department to hand in personally. Lady at the counter said have a seat, 5 minutes later she call me over and handed me my new cert with the required varition. Hats off to Glasgow fireams department, no messing about done and dusted in 5 minuets
  6. james1955


    Any chance of a bit more detail on the rifle, scope, mod etc? Maybe even a few pics.
  7. james1955


    Wanted 17HMR rifle incuding Scope, moderator and bipod. Preferably in or around central scotland area.
  8. james1955

    FAC variation

    Hats off to police Scotland, I requested a variation on my ticket asking for a .17 HMR to be added and an increase on the amount of ammo i could hold. Took the completed form, £20 and my license to the office in Glasgow fully expecting there to be a lengthy wait in getting my ticket updated. Got a very pleasant surprise, the very nice lady at the desk told me to to take a seat and she would get it sorted, I waited 5 minuets, she called me over and handed me my new ticket there and then. Now that's what you call service. Well done Glasgow firearms department..
  9. Cracking little game Evo Thanks.
  10. james1955

    Your plans for airgun liscencing

    Yes it is the SNP who are introducing the air gun license and yes some people in Scotland voted them in, but we are not all the same not all of us agree with there madcap policies, please don't make the mistake of tarring us all with the same brush.
  11. james1955

    Your plans for airgun liscencing

    I wouldn't worry too much about it ..i do not need or want your sympathy. A bit of support would have been appreciated but clearly were not gong to get much of that either. If or when the air gun license comes into effect in Scotland we will just have to deal with it, responsible shooters have nothing to fear. I don't imagine it will be to long before the same thing is introduced throughout the UK, so in my opinion we should be sticking together, but going by some peoples views on here that's just not going to happen.
  12. james1955

    Ruger 10/22 semi auto

    I fitted an ATI tactical stock and free floated the barrel on mine, this made a huge improvement on accuracy, also after trying loads of different ammunition i found that CCI standard velocity worked best, this ammo is also subsonic. Some of the higher velocity ammo was all over the place although CCI mini mags were not to bad, but as someone else said, i think you have to try various different brands of ammo to see which suits your rifle best. Another thing i was advised was, do not clean the bore of the rifle, after much research on this subject it seems that not cleaning the bore seasons the barrel and allows more accurate shooting. Some competition shooters, after cleaning there rifle bore need to fire quite a few shots to get things back to shooting straight again.
  13. james1955

    Your plans for airgun liscencing

    Evo Quote ( the majority don't want to be a part of the UK yet they want to interfere in ENGLISH and UK laws ) Not true, the majority of people in Scotland voted to remain part of the UK... As i said . Get your facts right.
  14. james1955

    Your plans for airgun liscencing

    First of all lets get things straight we the majority of scots do not want our own country, we want to remain part of the UK as was made clear in the referendum. Secondly we the majority do not think its right that SNP members of parliament have the right to interfere in English laws. We the majority want to remain part of the UK and as part of the UK we have the right to use the currency of the UK. I suggest you get your facts right before you go spouting a load of nonsense on here.