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  1. cracking set up, just a bit to much for my budget. Good luck with sale
  2. Is this still for sale
  3. Hi there. Are these still available?
  4. If you would consider RFD on this gun. I am interested.
  5. hi james i am thinking of selling my beretta 682 gold trap gun adjustable stock ,multi choke,hard case,

    here is a pic,can send more if you are interested. looking for 1200 ono.


    sellig due to needing three operation ,both knees and a hernia,so will probably be out for 12 months, i live just north of manchester






  6. Nice of you to let me know it had been sold. Arranged to meet you today Friday to see your gun only to be told it had already been sold on Monday, the same day we arranged to meet. A call to let me know would have been appreciated and saved a good deal of travel.
  7. you can buy these on ebay for £8.99 with free postage mate
  8. Hi I currently hold a firearms certificate, i am interested in getting a multi shot shotgun. My question is do i also need a shotgun license for a multi shot shotgun or can i i ask for a variation on my FAC to include a section 1 shotgun ?
  9. If the boots are still available, would you consider posting them ?
  10. Are you aware that it is dangerous to use oxygen in a PCP rifle.
  11. I must have got them on a good day. About a month ago i took my variation form to Glasgow firearms department to hand in personally. Lady at the counter said have a seat, 5 minutes later she call me over and handed me my new cert with the required varition. Hats off to Glasgow fireams department, no messing about done and dusted in 5 minuets
  12. james1955


    Any chance of a bit more detail on the rifle, scope, mod etc? Maybe even a few pics.
  13. james1955


    Wanted 17HMR rifle incuding Scope, moderator and bipod. Preferably in or around central scotland area.
  14. Hats off to police Scotland, I requested a variation on my ticket asking for a .17 HMR to be added and an increase on the amount of ammo i could hold. Took the completed form, £20 and my license to the office in Glasgow fully expecting there to be a lengthy wait in getting my ticket updated. Got a very pleasant surprise, the very nice lady at the desk told me to to take a seat and she would get it sorted, I waited 5 minuets, she called me over and handed me my new ticket there and then. Now that's what you call service. Well done Glasgow firearms department..
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