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  1. Think your over pricing this a bit bud. You can buy them from night vision warehouse on line for £329.99. Good luck with the sale though.
  2. Pity your to far away from me.
  3. Interested. Where are you based
  4. Pity your so far away. I am looking for one of these to introduce my grandson into the world of shooting.
  5. Hi what comes with the rifle ie scope. Bipod, moderator etc ?
  6. Hi would like to order a 44mm collar how would you like payment for this ?
  7. Seen the same bullet on line for £24.99 per hundred mate.
  8. Someone please explain how this is a bargain? What type of air arms is it ? How old is it ?
  9. Thanks for your input. I have no intention of taking up target shooting, my aim is to experiment with heavier bullets than the ones currently available to me from local dealers. At present I am restricted to 55 gr maximum weight bullets. I realise I have a long way to go, but I have to start somewhere. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Thanks I think a bit more research is required, I value any and all advice I can get. Thanks again for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the offer. As im new to reloading im not to sure what I need. I was hoping to buy a complete kit with everything I need to get started, but thanks for taking the time to reply.
  12. thanks for your reply. im new to reloading and know very little about it . Does the lee loder do everything I need to get started in reloading, or will I need to buy extra bits and pieces ?
  13. james1955

    Reloading kit

    Full reloading kit for .223 wanted.
  14. Looking for complete setup for reloading .223 bullets. Located in Scotland.
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