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  1. Have just negotiated another Amazon order without falling into any of the Amazon Prime traps laid for the unwary, or at least think I did. My brother wasn't quite so lucky and had to spend a morning disentangling himself from Amazon Prime.
  2. Had an automated phone call a couple of days ago purporting to be from Amazon saying that I had taken out a subscription to Amazon Prime and I should press '1' so that they could deduct the £79 from my bank account. I checked with Amazon and as I suspected, it was a scam. Amazon told me that they never telephone customers. What made me think was that I had placed an Amazon order a couple of days earlier and you are never sure that you have clicked the right buttons to avoid Prime. Amazon informed that this was likely a coincidence, but it's happened twice before.
  3. Justice Sweeny described him as "dangerous", and yet here he is, walking amongst us!
  4. I admit I am addicted to programmes like Police Interceptors, Traffic Cops and more recently that which deals with assaults on police officers.This despite my wife wanting to ban me from watching these, as the paltry sentences handed down sends my blood pressure through the roof. The programme about assaults on officers is particularly galling as the sentences are ridiculously lenient. The programme screened yesterday was particularly bad for the blood pressure. Following a routine traffic stop (no insurance) the driver attacked the officer with a machete, inflicting serious injury. The offend
  5. Oh dear! The teachers at the school for which I work, have worked throughout the Lockdown period, providing online lessons (more than 200 laptops were provided for students without access to computers at home) and, planning future lessons, just in case they fell victim to the virus. All students were contacted on a daily basis, lessons delivered, homework set and marked and pastoral care put in place for those who required it. This included counselling for those students displaying mental health issues. Meals, not only for students at the Academy, but also their younger siblings were provided.
  6. What an absolute farce the exams fiasco is proving to be. My granddaughter was offered a place at Durham University on the basis that she achieved three A grades. Well beyond me, but star that she is, she was awarded two A*s and a B (although her teacher graded her as an A). Although we were led to believe by the Government that universities would show some latitude, this was not the case for Durham, who declined her a place. We can't help but feel that this is because of her disability and the fact that she attended a state school. Of course, all this changed when the Government decided to ac
  7. Yes, I remember it well. My shooting partner was in the States on business, and I thought why not? He came back on the same day as the magnet arrived. It had cost in excess of £100 and when he saw it, he fell about laughing, saying I had been ripped off. Off we went, only to find the birds feeding on a drill on the next field over, which we could not shoot. I suggested we try the magnet and pull the birds over to where we could shoot, probably 200 yards or so. He thought it best to look elsewhere. After some argy-bargy, I won the argument and he helped set up in bad grace constantly muttering
  8. Hi Harrycatcat1, I too have problems with my programme guide, in as much as it only displays the current programme and the next. I contacted Panasonic, who simply said that my TV was an old model and can no longer read the signal. Strange as my Panasonic DVD recorder (bought at the same time) still shows the full range of programmes. It's a real nuisance, but as the TV works fine otherwise, I am reluctant to splash the cash on a new model.
  9. It's not so much the police as the judiciary that are the problem. One only has to watch Police Interceptors or some other such programme to realise that punishments rarely fit the crime. What exactly does 'released under investigation' actually mean. We see criminals stealing cars, driving like lunatics to escape pursuing police and then if caught and charged, which is not always the case because of lack of evidence????, are 'sentenced' with a driving ban (some are already banned, so what good does that do?) and community service, which I am assured by those who know, means absolutely nothing
  10. My very best day on rape was 196 some years ago. From my lounge window I saw a steady flight line into the rape which was well on. My shooting buddy arrived and we drove up to the hide position and shots for three or four hours, only interrupted by the odd walker and a local gamekeeper from another farm, who lived a couple of hundred yards away. You could see he was annoyed with himself for not spotting the birds before I did. Still, it was a great day. Since that time, if I shoot ten birds, I have done well. At the moment I have some 100 acres of rape and despite visiting it on a daily basis,
  11. Unfortunately my expectations were fully realised. Although there were around a dozen birds on the field, with the onset of cabin fever I felt obliged to set up. Three shots, three birds. Can't say I was gutted as this was in line with my expectations. At least I got out!
  12. My farmer had around two hundred acres of beans in four fields and although I have visited the fields every day since harvest, there have never been more than a dozen birds down on the stubble. The stubbles have now been ploughed and I am hoping that the beans will have softened and will attract birds in bigger numbers. Going to have a look this morning, but with no great hopes.
  13. Hi Marsh Man, I was terribly moved by your account of George's passing and my heart goes out to you. I have been there a number of times and it never gets easier. It is the one thing that all dog owners know they will have to face at some time or another. I guess that those of us who work the dogs are in many ways closer, having shared so many memories with them - good and bad. There is never a right time to make that dreadful decision, but you clearly did the right thing.
  14. I've not been out for a long, long time. The rape on the farm simply hasn't taken, so there's not been much about. Came past the farm yard late yesterday afternoon and spotted the forklift with what I thought was a bag of seed dangling from the forks. Ah, thought I - obviously drilling. Got home, packed the car, got the dead birds out of the freezer and promised the Labrador a good day out. Turned up this morning, bright and early only to find that they weren't seed bags at all. They were fertiliser bags. Absolutely gutted! Got home, looked for next door's cat to kick (unsuccessfully), unpacke
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