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    New lawn care

    Most lawn care products need to go down just before a rain is forecast, April os normally the month that they recommend, but who knows with the weather we have been having so far this year.
  2. ShootingEgg


    Sometimes the location is on their profile, or a pm asking would do 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Must state price so start adding 😁
  4. ShootingEgg

    New lawn care

    So true haha. I might have to go and sort it for him!!! Hahahaha
  5. ShootingEgg

    New lawn care

    What the hell have tou done to it 😂
  6. Well theirs a question.. 😉
  7. M5 and M4 suposidly doing rolling road blocks as I type around Bristol.
  8. But if that is the case then we are all uneducated fools and have been tricked.. 😉 Damn those pesky Russians...
  9. Well the remainers believe all the scare stories and horseplop from the bbc, tw4tter, faceache and A list celebrities that don't even live in the uk anymore... Sooooooooooo..
  10. Hair dresser next to where is work called 'blow me'
  11. Neither is the snake blair but he has been over there doing his slimey work for two years. Its amazing what isn't shown on mainstream media.. And how the majority of people don't look past it. Spain Italy Greece, to name a few are financially dead once we leave. They are so far into the red... Greece 367bn Spain and Italy 1Tr......ion
  12. Why did she have to cry ***. Attention seeking idiot.
  13. Drive past that every day ony way to work. If it is the only one in the area.. And have had a donna from Jason's van haha
  14. Yet if this goes the way it is currently looking like we will be going left. Neither way is good...
  15. They are too big and open plan.
  16. Shouldn't even be Having them. The ballot stated leave or remain, not F about for two years and do sod all
  17. Onr vote just lost by two.. No one asked for another vote. Strange how all these votes are democratic and being stuck too yet the democratic referendum is still not being stuck too..
  18. He got a pond through but his hand writting is that bad planners didn't see it actually said pool....
  19. No deal is better than bad one just been repeated... So if on 29th march no extension etc, we are out out
  20. This. There was always questions asked about him and things were a little odd, but now years after his death this all comes out, have a listen to his nephew talking about one of the accusers. The C4 programme gave you one side of the story. If this happened why are there only a few accusers. There would be a fair few more I think. But we will never know the full story because the defendant is not her to defend.
  21. Have got new door tops and seals for the doors, and today set about putting the seals on. Went to mates so we had the workshop to hand and a nice area to work on, got both doora off, took the old seals off and offered up the new ones, most holes on the new seals did not match the car, so out cane out the drill. Got all seals on for the bottom of the doors doors back on and then attempted to shut them, well the new rubber is solid, and noticed the doors are a little low so pinch at wrong point. Had to take the very bottom seal off so thry will shut. But all shut and snug..
  22. Alot of remoaners won't read the daily fail
  23. Well i got told today that the other 364 days are this. But there is one in November apparently, i joked and got fed to the pack. I honestly dont se anyone as better or worse than myself but the melenials in my office are very women this n that.. I will know to keep my head down now.
  24. Great to hear the all clear has been given!! Was thinking exactly this. But great that in good Shape and just needs a few walks and nails trimmed.
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