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  1. What date is on the card, as even if you didn't Renew, it covers you for a further three months. As I forgot one year and was told not to worry due to this
  2. Some that I saw said about the people who hunt coming to not so nice an end etc, maybe they've removed them ..
  3. So been thinking about this and surely it is a form of hate spea h and the people who have written it could/should be spoken to be police .. it is awful that It has happened and very little detail about what or how it actually happened .. Half tempted to email the link on to my local MP and ask what they think about it ...
  4. How are the comments even still up?!?
  5. Stick with it, 100%. Like you, I work in IT for a funded company, it's branched out over the last few years to get commercial money in but still relies on funding. As Lloyd said, there is no guarantee that a similar or the same role in the private sector would be as secure. I would sit tight for the time being and maybe ***** the situation in 6 months to a Years time.
  6. Made them better players too I'd expect. Although with the pitches now good players become great. Then when they play on harder surfaces with chunks taken out they look a bit lost at times...
  7. ShootingEgg


    This. Both were at fault for not giving space, as soon as Hamilton came past the white pit lane line, he moved left, alot left too. And max was almost beside him. The halo saved a life for sure. But I think both drivers could be blamed for this one.
  8. How can he be allowed to say Lacs when it's rent a mob!!! He is an utter scam of a man
  9. For what.. get nothing for it now. Half the time the bins are left full on collection days for example..
  10. Same as me, I've been saying about doing mine for a while, now won't need too..
  11. Forgot password just under logon box 🤪
  12. Goodo that means I'd get screwed for being a genuine not idiot landlord. Mint..
  13. Too many people taking the **** out the system, too many people in the country doing ****** all to contribute. To much money going abroad.. the list could be endless if you looked at all angles .. People will moan tax is going up be then say we cut foreign aid, the same group will kick off that we're a wealthy country that should spend out on other countries. So no govt will win. The last year has crippled the economy with the WORLD being shut. We'll be paying for this for a fair few years yet ..
  14. Well I went out and added two haha. Lamp battery ran out and when going to get the spare out glove box, it was still at home in charging unit ... Proper fail 157
  15. The owner has dragged it out, legal battle, getting a second test then as she is a vet she has fought it saying the tests were wrong and that the animal did not have TB. I doubt a farmer would get a 4 year grace period. Someone local to me lost a whole heard. First test came back with one positive, so blood tests done, that hit 40 more, then the next test again one positive, bloods came back on another 60. Then the third test took the rest... Think he was left with about 5 animals. All that in a year, yet this animals been left for four ..
  16. So kill doe out of season leaving young to starve. Yeah that's great ethics . Uneducated idiots at the top who know ****** all about it. And we the shooting community are the bad ones...
  17. Another one of them silly animals..
  18. Right Decision, and it's not the first time she has had positive tests on her livestock, just used it as a publicity stunt to get her name in papers ... Positive test should of meant it was collected end of. No mate of mine get to keep a positive animal 4 years and tested twice.
  19. 12 last week, out again tonight to add to it.. 155
  20. And this has nothing to do with last year and how many months of no production, and now ping demic?? Has to be all about the EU 😂🤪
  21. My nephew has just sent me a photo of a hawk moth!! He is very chuffed to have found it..
  22. I can't have any kind of nature program on for exactly this. If a lion eats a zebra it's poor zebra.. yet it's real life, and as I type this we are tucking in to a BBQ full of meat products...
  23. They'd not see tomorrow if they did that...
  24. Do these protesters not own iPhones or Android mobiles, work in an office block using the internet (one of the largest consumers of power) drives cars, Inc electric (have to burn the fuel somewhere) go on holidays, buy clothes from big retailers, grow their own and not use supermarket's?? It's all well and good sitting on a road I a bath but all the above will be what the majority do day in day out..
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