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    FAC wording

    Aolq is on there and if you're using a 243 or above then the condition is deer are legal as stated above. If they ask again politely tell them that aolq allows you to shoot legally with that calibre. I have a 243 for Deer and alq, they wont ask me to tell them each time I shoot a fox woth it, so why should you have to prove youve gone stalking? With a legal calibre.
  2. ShootingEgg

    Tesla one year on

    Id still opt for the lambo, and most women would probably prefer Rod still.. So your tesla got no hope sorry
  3. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    So ive taken the plunge... And bought a 2a 88'
  4. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Ha not wrong.
  5. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Will let her husband know 😂
  6. ShootingEgg


    Got my variation back after a ten week wait, straight into the shop to pick up the anni 1517 that's been sat waiting for me.
  7. ShootingEgg


    Hey, its been a long ten weeks....
  8. ShootingEgg

    VPN providers

    We use Openvpn in work and it works well on all platforms
  9. ShootingEgg

    Gutless Antis

    The anti lot could and probably do check all times of the day, what says that badger was not caught at 13:00 14:00 15:00 all after 12. If the trapper checks at first light and then early evening there could be 10 hours between checking. Enough time for antis to free. Also who says that trap was for the badger? ive caught magpies in fox traps and foxes in larsen traps before. Just because that badger is in there doesn't make it a badger trap.
  10. ShootingEgg

    243 variation dsc

    I dont disagree with you, to be honest and I know bad, but at the time I just did the course, it was easier than the hassle of kicking off at them and getting basc involved
  11. ShootingEgg

    243 variation dsc

    Firearms of avs said to have centre fire I had to do it and ivythorn shooting does the course, so do braces of Bristol.
  12. ShootingEgg

    243 variation dsc

    I was asked and had to do a firearms awareness course. £100 and 4 hours shooting on a range and talking about backstops and calibres etc
  13. ShootingEgg

    Bird ownership

    But they will by sounds of it.
  14. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Took the girl (2a) out today, picked up some poults from mates where we had reared them and over to the pen, drives well in high and low range, the clutch and brakes really need sorting the brakes and there just not sharp, the clutch is stiff and comes up slowly which makes gear changes interesting. Found the fluid res was practically empty so filled and bled the slave, but that hasn't improved either. Bit of work to do now.
  15. Thats good going. Ive been without my bunny gun for 8 weeks, and still now have to wait until I can drop into shop and pick up my new anschutz..
  16. Thats just showing off, 8 weeks it took me with avs
  17. ShootingEgg

    243 variation dsc

    This is correct, but as we all know, each force area make their own rules up.
  18. ShootingEgg

    Series 2 Land Rover

    I would give it a check over, you might be buying a good solid 88 that just needs some tlc.
  19. ShootingEgg

    Series 2 Land Rover

    Ibe just done this on a 2a, same price is a runner and in good nic for its age. If its close enough, go take a look, check the chassis and general condition etc. Could be a good investment for him.
  20. ShootingEgg

    Energy drinks

    This wont stop them drinking it, smokings the same, they will get a mate to buy it. If they were serious theyd ban the manufacturers adding the high content of caffine and sugar etc.
  21. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Haha not ragley then? Tonight I was able to drop the door handle out and change the lock barrel, so now have a lockable door haha, next job is new ignition barrel in. To say there isnt alot of movement behind the dials though..
  22. ShootingEgg

    BASC Training Courses

    No issue with drive time, but not every one can justify £300 plus fuel plus accommodation.. Obviously thats jist my opinion.
  23. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Only just saw this oowee.. I plan to take you to the game fair remember... You can ride shotgun.. 😉
  24. ShootingEgg

    Poults or exlay

    Anyone know of any going spare, looking to add to my shoot due to losses.. Im based in North Somerset
  25. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Hope so.. Will definitely be able to use it as I go. Then once its cleaned up I will sort out a fresh coat of paint on it, might even make inside and out the same colour haha