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  1. 100% yield would be the determining factor.. I'd guess it's a case of land mass Vs number and like you say the yield.
  2. I didn't say three would end the world. I said the UK a line down the centre of Scotland and England with enough power in them would pretty much take us out.
  3. 3 would render the UK waste land if dropped in right places
  4. That's if it hits it's mark, they will have anti everything around him . If some one popped off they'd probably have anti stink system...
  5. I'd not want to find out but yeah I'd not be at all surprised...
  6. If you drop a big metal jacket that goes booom on his home then he would go into arcade game mode and button bash the hell out of the nuclear system
  7. I'm not asking for anyone's head. Leader of the opposition made a big statement and a massive mountain out of it knowing local elections were about to happen, clever tactics. Now may back fire. You could argue that anything that happened in no 10 was work with cake.. I know my brother in law had to work in office all through lockdown with others, did he break law by having a coffee at 11am when maybe another co worker had one?? You could say that is what both parties have done, worked together from day 1 and had a drink or some food at some point together. So in effect bubbled as they like to call it
  8. Not sure quantity matters here.its clear in images and video he was in a house/ office full of people drinking a beer. Rules are rules or are we going down the route of if its Tories it's bad if it's labour it's okay?? Personally I don't really care what they did. It's being blown out or proportion but if he broke rules or laws etc then he has to be held accountable. I could speed 12 times you could speed once, does that mean you don't get the penalty as you only did it once.
  9. So much so he also had drinks and a meal with friends/ colleagues when he shouldn't have .. just because he says he will stand down means jack ..
  10. Yeah that's the worrying part. Nothing to lose what will he do.... Also thought you'd not clicked the link ðŸĪŠ
  11. The Russian dictator will reportedly nominate hardline Security Council head and ex-FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev to take control of the invasion while he is under the knife. that is the first paragraph from the link 👍ðŸŧ so basically this is saying he has cancer and when he has operation he will put someone in place to cause the chaos he started
  12. So many game farms I've spoken to are saying they are keeping this year's laying stock and then using them again next year... Due to the lack of birds from France. Only thing I can think of it being is a cost of import is so much cheaper. But that's just a guess.
  13. ShootingEgg


    On a light note though
  14. In short, everywhere is the same. No birds from France means whole country is short
  15. ShootingEgg


    What ever happened or was done, it's actually I think a bit of a step back for us as shooters, as I think he backed us and fought our corner. Coming from a rural background and when the GL fiasco happened he was very much on the shooting side. A stupid mistake that he made and to be fair to him he has accepted and gone on record saying he was an idiot for doing so. And as he is elected he cannot be "sacked" so he did the right thing in resigning.
  16. So where should the unkrainian army have facilities? You do realise that if we were hit in this country that bases are next to civilian homes. If the homes got hit here would that be the UK using human shields?? Think about what you type maybe.... War will always have a civilian cost. And Russia if you look at Mariupol are not targeting military units, they are hitting fire and seeing what they hit. Or is that fake news when they show scenes from that city because no one carp'd themselves when the missiles struck.
  17. Are the bends physically part of the pipe or can they be taken off?. Would be easier to run it down a straight length then re attach the bends
  18. Your guess is as good as any I think on that one. Would you say the aggressor was the one in wrong. Or could something have lead them to be the aggressor. Much like now, Putin says he is going into the Donbas which has for a fair few years been in conflict. He is saying he is going into support his people.
  19. Joys of war, we only get shown what our media want to show. Not as bad as the Russian state media, but still we only see what they(MSN) air
  20. I will take this please.
  21. Never forget that some people lack common sense ðŸĪĢ
  22. Seems that if Putin can't get in to the industrial park he is just going to starve them out. Change of tactic this morning by him.
  23. You didn't add the permission part.. you just said if you deemed safe.. I just added the with permission bit for you 😁
  24. Great rifle at a great price.. good luck with the sale
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